25 Best Bearded Dragon Accessories 2020 (Beginner’s Guide)

Pet parents who aspire to keep reptiles have recently resolved to have bearded dragons ahead of other cold-blooded animals.

The habit of having bearded dragons as pets is becoming rampant because the desert dwellers don’t need many requirements. Besides, bearded dragons bear nearly no harm to the owners.

Before selecting a bearded dragon as your reptile pet of choice, you need to be aware of the basic needs that will satisfy the well-being of your lovely small animal.

Most of these items are affordable and enhance the comfort of the desert dwellers, thus lengthening their lifespan.

This article will reveal to you the products and where you can find them. Also, we’ll show you the Product Benefits of purchasing the specific bearded dragons’ accessories.

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The Buyer’s Guide when selecting bearded dragons’ accessories

Here are a few factors that you need to consider before choosing bearded dragon cage accessories for your pet;


  • It’s important to prioritize and only begin with the essential accessory when starting to keep the reptile.
  • You can buy other items that your pet can do without later.


  • Amazon market has bearded dragon accessories of varying prices that can accommodate every pet owner.
  • Always try to strive and limit yourself within your budget.
  • However, you can dig a little deep again if you discover you forgot a vital accessory.


  • The comfort of your pet is paramount, and without it, the pet risk suffering the immune-related condition.
  • Make the beardie feel at home.


  • No one can make an order for a pet from Australia only to persecute the pet.
  • The accessories you buy should never put the little creature’s life in danger.


  1. We had earlier indicated that hiding is part of the bearded dragon’s instinct.
  2. The reptile will feel insecure when exposed.


  • Bearded dragons obtain their nutrients by eating and basking.
  • It’s through basking that the appetite and calcium level in reptiles rise.
  • Also, the desert dwellers need to eat a balanced diet for healthy growth.


  • It’s a good decoration that makes the terrarium habitable, especially when it looks natural.
  • Besides, proper décor enables the reptile to exhibit its colors.

Source of heat

  • The desert dwellers do not only need heat to extract UVB and UVA light; they need to stay warm, especially in the cold summer.


  • Though they aren’t fans of climbing, you still need to provide them with toys for keeping fit and staying in good shape.


  • Having known that bearded dragons aren’t great climbers, it’s paramount that you grant them terrarium with big space on the floor.
  • The height should just remain average.


  • Most of the bearded dragon cage accessories make it easy to handle the pet without causing pain.
  • For instance, you need a leash to let your pet bask in the sun without escaping. Also, you need tongs to feed the pet.

Convenient use

  • The best-bearded dragon cage accessory should grant you easy utilization.
  • This should include cleaning and maintenance.

We have provided links to the Amazon market to enable you to see photos and other details before making up your mind.

It’s worth noting that bearded dragons need many accessories to ensure healthy living, and this article couldn’t cover all of them.

However, we have given details about the essential products and our candid experience with them.

25 Top-Rated Bearded Dragon Accessories Reviews 2020

Best Bearded Dragon Accessories

The desert dwellers have not been with us for long, so we saw it important to guide our readers on the requirements to keep the beardies.

As usual, we have featured 25 bearded dragon accessories to help you accord your pet’s healthy lives.

However, you should note that the products do not follow a specific order of importance.

Fluker Lab Bearded Dragon Medley Treat Food

At the time you bring a bearded dragon home, you might not know the meals that it finds tasty, so you need this bearded dragon cage accessory to unravel your pet’s preference.

A bearded dragon can also be choosy, so it’s standard to be ready with a variety of treat foods to meet the pet’s desire.

Fluker Lab Treat Food comes in different jars packed with distinct tasty blended insect treat to complete the protein composition to the lovely reptile.

Each jar contains either freeze-dried crickets, grasshoppers, or tasty mealworms.

One jar alone is enough to serve your pet for days, so the other jars will ensure that you don’t make a new order too soon.

57 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for training the pet.
  • It’s perfect for learning your pet’s taste.
  • An ideal source of protein.
  • The jars have different insects to match your reptile’s specific taste.
  • 8 Ounces in each jar can feed your pet for several days.
  • Affordable price for the quality meals.

Niteangel 2 Pack Breathable Mesh Reptile Hammock

For a complete terrarium, you need to consider including the triangular hammock in your pet basking area. Also, it’s important to take your time and identify your pet’s favorite spot to place the hammock and bring comfort.

The product comes with suction cups in its corners to make the placement easy in a terrarium.

As you know that bearded dragons aren’t perfect climbers, you shouldn’t fit the hammock too high.

Besides, putting it high would mean that your pet can fall while trying to climb, hence resulting in avoidable injuries.

No products found.

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium

Without a great enclosure, you won’t find the space to place all the other bearded dragons’ accessories.

Unlike chameleons and geckos, bearded dragons aren’t great climbers, so the desert dwellers value more space on the floor.

It means that whenever you’re selecting a terrarium, it should have a broader base than the height.

Since bearded dragons grow faster, it’s pointless buying the terrarium for baby reptiles.

It makes sense when you buy a larger enclosure that will serve your pet in different stages of growth.

Lastly, you would love a terrarium that’s transparent to allow you to see the pet.


Product Benefits:

  • It encourages exercise because of space.
  • Ideal for amphibians and other reptiles too.
  • The dual-door feature minimizes incidences of escapes.
  • The patented window improves ventilation.
  • The raised bottom accommodates the substrate perfectly.
  • A water-proof base.

Evergreen Pet Supplies 100W UVB UVA bulb for Reptiles

Bearded dragons are known for their love to bask in the sun in their natural habitats, but when in captivity, it’s their owners’ duty to provide a source of heat for the reptiles’ proper metabolism.

If you’re living in cold location and during chilly summers, you’ve no alternative but to avail a bulb to support your pet’s basking instinct.

Not every bulb offers a great basking experience, you need to find UVB/UVA bulb to accord your pet healthy basking.

UVA heat is responsible for appetite improvement in reptiles, thereby enhancing rapid growth while UVB light helps in the synthesis of calcium.

A bulb, therefore, remains a critical bearded dragon cage accessory.

No products found.

My Reptile Rocks: Adjustable Reptile Leash Harness

It’s always a blessing to live in warmer regions if you’re an owner of a reptile because it will save you some coins when heat emitters aren’t in use.

Leashes are other cool bearded dragon accessories that will help you hold the pet as it basks in the sun, thus thwarting any escape attempt.

Without a leash as bearded dragon tank décor, your pet’s life will be at risk since the bigger pets you keep can convert it into an instant meal.

Also, adjustable leashes are what you need when taking your pet in exhibitions and contests. Among all the other leashes, the Adjustable Reptile Leash is an ideal accessory for bearded dragons since it ensures comfort as you restrain your lovely pet.

Just like with your horse, you need a leash that comes with a harness for enhanced use and at a low cost.

No products found.

Zoo Med ReptiFresh Odor Eliminating Substrate

Identifying the right substrate for your pet is one way to make the pet comfortable and happy.

Being desert dwellers, substrates made of sand give bearded dragons the experience that can be compared with the one they obtain while in their natural habitats.

The substrate remains a vital content of bearded dragon habitat accessories because it covers the floor where the pet spends most of its time.

Besides, sandy substrates mimic the natural environment of the bearded dragons, thus encourage the reptiles to display their natural colors.

Moreover, you need a substrate that will dispel the odor in the bearded dragon tank décor for the comfort and good health of your pet.

You can explore more bearded dragon bedding options.


Product Benefits:

  • Last for beyond a year.
  • It grants the pet its natural environment.
  • It’s easy to maintain and service.
  • Nice bedding that eliminates the bad smell.
  • It makes the reptile to show its natural colors.

Zoo Med Economy Analog Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

With a source of heat to satisfy your pet’s basking needs, you need to have a mechanism for monitoring the fall and rise in temperature.

A thermometer is a requirement that ensures the temperature doesn’t go to the height that can cause risk to the reptile.

On the other hand, a thermometer will notify you when the temperature goes below what’s required.

Zoo Med Gauge is a plus for you because it monitors both the humidity and temperature, thus helping you to match your pet’s heat needs.

It’s for this reason why we find Zoo Med Thermometer as an ideal component of bearded dragon terrarium décor.

No products found.

Fluker Freeze-Dried Crickets

Earlier on we had featured a Fluker product used as a treat, but we are up again with a versatile pet delicacy. You can opt to use dried crickets as treats or staple meals.

Bearded dragons aren’t big fans of exercise, so there’s no point trying to test their foraging instinct by giving them live crickets.

Apart from basking, bearded dragons eat dried crickets to obtain calcium for their bone development. Also, dried crickets provide high-protein hence encouraging healthy growth in reptiles.

It goes without saying that dried cricket meals are sources of fat and fiber that contribute to the overall growth of pets.

To many pet parents, Fluker Freeze-Dried Cricket jars are must-have accessories of bearded dragons’ well-being.


Product Benefits:

  • Acts both as staple food and treats.
  • A great source of calcium, fiber, fats, and protein.
  • It can go for long without becoming stale.
  • Bearded dragon’s favorite delicacy.
  • Brilliant packaging.

Exo Terra Water Dish X-Large

Apart from giving your pet the right meals, you equally need to provide clean and freshwater constantly to ensure the proper metabolism in the reptiles.

Rather than metabolic processes, water helps to regulate the temperature, especially when it’s hot.

Not any container can be used in giving the reptiles water; they desire equipment that almost mimics their surroundings to drink from.

Even though there are baby bearded dragon accessories sizes; it’s a wise idea to go for the X-large dish to will support your pet in various growth stages.


Product Benefits:

  • Shallow enough to prevent drowning.
  • It features the natural colors of a desert.
  • It’s made in a way to stop bacterial contamination.
  • They come in four sizes giving the option to pick the one that suits your pet’s needs.
  • It’s coated to last for long.

Fluker 27002 Repta-Clamp Lamp

After buying a UVB bulb for the reptile, you still need to have a suitable fixture that will safely hold the bulb in place.

The Fluker Clamp comes in various sizes to match the sizes of different bulbs.

The clamp has a switch to enable the user to regulate the amount of heat reaching your pet.

It doesn’t matter whether a bulb is ballasted or not; the Fluker Clamp will ensure that your bulbs don’t blow easily.

Besides, the lamp offers flexibility that enables your pet to feel the healthy heat from any direction.

Lastly, the lamp can attach easily to any enclosure.

Product Benefits:

  • Various sizes of lamps to match every bulb.
  • It can easily be attached to the walls of all terrariums.
  • Flexible use within the enclosure.
  • It safely ensures that the bulbs live their entire lifespans.
  • The switch On/Off button brings efficiency.
  • Proper guidelines on its use.

Carolina Giant Half-Log Reptile Habitat

Sometimes bearded dragons don’t appreciate sophistications you accord them.

Like many other captive pets, bearded dragons like surroundings that resemble their natural homes to enjoy comfort.

If the parts of fallen trees can be used to improve the lives of animals, then it’s a good idea.

The half log is one of the bearded dragon habitats that makes the pets have a feeling they experience while basking in deserts.

Furthermore, the pet has a choice to show its hiding and camouflaging instinct while in the transparent enclosure.

No products found.

Fluker Buffet Blend Adult Formula

As already mentioned, a bearded dragon can be choosy, so the best way to handle them is by providing meals with a variety of tastes.

However, it can be expensive to buy several meals just to satisfy the pet’s taste, so many pet owners opt to buy blended meals.

It isn’t only about the taste; the buffet blend has numerous vitamins that contribute to the pet’s healthy living.

It’s worth noting that the reptile needs to bask to capture UVA light that’s responsible for the high appetite level.

Make sure your pet doesn’t overfeed since it can lead to overweight incidences.

No products found.

Exo Terra Lamp Holder Bracket

Even with light fixtures, your bulbs won’t fall in the right position. Some bulbs emit strong heat, thus requiring to be placed outside the terrarium.

With the help of the Lamp Holder Bracket, only the required amount of heat will reach the pet hence not putting its life in any danger.

It’s on this Lamp Holder where you can securely fit in the bulbs without fearing the risk of the bulb falling.

No products found.

Zoo Med Repticare Rock Heater

When it comes to caring for a bearded dragon, you need several sources of heat to enhance the well-being of the lovely reptile.

Apart from the heat from the bulb, you need the rock heater to obtain additional heat to meet your pet’s need.

The rock is two times stronger than cement, so you can be sure that it will last long. Besides, the rock materials conduct heat, thus ensuring that the pet’s basking desire is met.

Many pet parents like this product because it facilitates proper digestion in their lovely desert dwellers.


Product Benefits:

  • An ideal basking spot.
  • It’s made of durable rock.
  • It distributes the heat to the satisfaction of the desert dweller.
  • It’s ideal for indoor use.

Josh’s Frog Hornworms Habitat Cup

Another meal that bearded dragons like is hornworms; they will devour them the same way they do to grasshoppers and crickets.

Even if your pet likes them, don’t make it a staple meal because you won’t love the level of obsession once your reptile gets used to them.

A cup usually contains just 25 hornworms which cannot be adequate for a bearded dragon with an improved appetite.

The honeycomb-like package with its product might not be an ideal baby bearded dragon accessory because the bugs are bigger.

However, hornworms make one of the best treats for the reptiles.

No products found.

Exo Terra Pebble Waterfalls

Being desert dwellers, bearded dragons can drink water and stay for some period without experiencing thirst.

It’s better to find ways of improving your pet’s appetite for water to lower incidences of dehydration.

As we have pointed earlier, bearded dragons can be choosy and refuse to drink water from any container that doesn’t look natural.

Other pet owners take leaves with water droplets to encourage their pets to drink, but the activity may be involved, especially if you’re living in a city where you cannot find leaves easily.

The Exo Terra product has proved to be a perfect waterfall for a reptile tank that will enhance your pet to drink more. Besides, water works well in keeping the reptile’s terrarium humid during hot periods.

Getting the pebble waterfall is a bearded dragon tank décor idea of achieving a natural-like habitat.

No products found.

EONMIR Stainless Steel Feeding Tongs for Bearded Dragons

Tongs are not only important for beginners but a necessity for everyone handling reptiles.

Some people keep pets that they fear to touch, so tongs are the most appropriate mechanism to feed them. Also, other pets have not been fully tamed, so without tongs, they can bite.

The reason why most pet owners go for this bearded dragon accessory is that the kit keeps them from touching the scary worms.

The stainless steel tool is fitted with a rubber that keeps it open even when not in use.

No products found.

Koyal Wholesale Grapewood Branch

Who said that bearded dragons’ habitats don’t need decorations? These wood branches are known to act as an unforgettable present for big days like wedding, baby shower, and other key events.

The purpose of the branch to create a naturalistic beauty in the place you put it.

Forget about yourself and think about the bearded dragon tank décor to grant the reptile a semblance to their natural surroundings.

Though bearded dragons aren’t great climbers, the Koyal branch can train them to climb without painfully tipping. How about the matching of the wood and the appearance of the pet?

The little reptile will fancy camouflaging in the presence of this product.

No products found.

Zilla Reptile Habitat Lighting & Terrarium Heat Power Center

Without timing, you will find things going wrong both for you and the pet. You must acknowledge the fact that bearded dragons are delicate creatures, so you need to take more caution.

With the machines and equipment involved in a bearded dragon tank, you need a reminder to keep showing you what to do.

The Heat Power Center will record temperature and humidity hence helping you to know when to use heat source and when to withdraw them.

The time doesn’t matter; the equipment will work both day and night to help you accord the cold-blooded animal a worthwhile life.

The tool gives relief during power black-outs as your pet will still access the heat source.

No products found.

PIVBY Bearded Dragon Hammock Jungle Climber

The fact that beardies aren’t good climbers doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t observe the climbing exercise.

It’s the duty of the pet owner to find bearded dragon climbing accessories that cannot cause your reptile to risk tripping dangerously.

Beardies like natural colors and the bendable vines will offer a climbing camouflaging spot for the reptiles.

The suction cups fitted at interval ensures no harmful tripping occurs.

Indeed, the hammock remains one of the unavoidable bearded dragon climbing accessories because of the comfort level it enhances.

Product Benefits:

  • Made of natural material.
  • It offers safe climbing.
  • Also ideal for snakes, tortoise, and geckos.
  • A durable pet accessory.
  • It offers a spot for camouflaging.

Exo Terra Water Well Dispenser Reservoir

Wherever your pet lives, whether in a terrarium or within some space, your beardie needs to freely find drinking locations.

We have mentioned several times how bearded dragon can be choosy, so you should avail natural drinking areas to encourage the reptiles to quench their thirst.

This water dispenser is considered as one of the coolest bearded dragon accessories.

It’s visible that the product cannot cause spillage that can drown your lovely reptile.

What a way to improve the bearded dragon habit décor when you acquire this natural accessory!

No products found.

The Bearded Dragon Manual Paperback

Keeping bearded dragons can present challenges to a beginner, especially without an intelligent partner.

Beardies are originally from Australian deserts, so pet owners from other continents need to learn more about these desert dwellers to accord them great lives.

Bearded dragons were only introduced in the US in the ‘90s, so most pet parents are still learning the skills to support the pets better.

It’s, therefore, important to get the views of experts in various aspects that may affect the little reptiles. The 224-page book features the opinions of individuals who have dedicated their time to improve the plight of reptiles.

It’s from this manual that you can obtain the best-bearded dragon tank décor ideas for the comfort of your pet.

Product Benefits:

  • A worthy source of reference on how to keep the reptiles.
  • Not too voluminous.
  • The authors are passionate about pets.
  • Affordable.

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Carolina Designer Bearded Dragon Cowboy Hat

Forget about the gender of your beardie, but one thing is certain that they need a hat.

The heat prevents excessive sunlight from reaching their heads. How adorable the pets appear when wearing the hats!

No products found.

SunGrow Reptile Resin Cave

Just like other reptiles, the beardies always want to feel secure.

Of course, you’re providing security, but the little reptile may not feel it. Bearded dragons are susceptible to suffer from stress should their instinct show them danger.

To minimize this stress, you should grant the beardie a natural cave where it can hide and feel protected.

The inclusion of this kit in your pet habitat will improve positively the bearded dragon terrarium appearance.

No products found.

When you’re a guest, you’ll hear your host tell you to feel at home. It doesn’t change with a pet unless you want to depress them.

Considering that bearded dragons come miles away from their native land, the affordable price you can give them is a home that mimics their natural surroundings.

It doesn’t only work for your pet; the affordable view will attract your attention and amaze your visitors.

With this bearded dragon cage accessory, the immune system of the pet will improve as stress vanishes.

No products found.

To enable you to make the perfect selection, we have highlighted some factors that should be put into consideration. Those factors are vital in our Buyers’ Guide for making an informed decision.

We have FAQ related to bearded dragons. We encourage you to keep engaging us on the best ways of keeping your pets.

FAQs on Bearded Dragon Accessories

FAQs on Bearded Dragon Accessories

As usual, we keep the tradition of answering the questioned you asked us in this section. We feature a few questions and provide their solutions in our pursuit to help you take good care of your bearded dragon.

So long as you remain a pet parent, learning will be a continuous process.

The more you learn things, the more you’ll realize that you still have a long way to go. With us around, you should never worry because our passion meets yours.

Do bearded dragons like to live with their fellows in the same terrarium tank?

Unless you’re breeding young beardies below the age of one year are when you can put them in the same tank.

Bringing adult bearded dragons in one cage attracts endless fights, especially if there are males fighting to play a dominance role. If not for mating, the only friend that your beardie need is you.

Also, putting the desert dwellers in a single bearded dragon tank décor causes overcrowding and unnecessary competition.

How do you detect that a bearded dragon is dehydrated?

A dehydrated bearded dragon is physically visible since you can see flaccid skins and sunken eyes.

When you notice such signs, you can sprinkle the reptiles with cold freshwater or avail some drinking water in a natural container.

However, it’s not a good idea to keep a water bowl within a terrarium if you do not have monitoring mechanisms as it can raise the humidity level.

Do bearded dragons harbor Salmonella?

Yes, it seems Salmonella and bearded dragons are inseparable because of the mutual Product Benefits each enjoys.

However, to human beings, Salmonella remains the bacteria that are responsible for nearly every infection in the intestinal tract.

Luckily, most of the Salmonella human beings have don’t come from our pets but must fight infestation while handling our lovely creatures.

Here are the ways of controlling the population of Salmonella in your beardie;

  • Maintain a high level of hygiene in the pet’s habitat.
  • Bathe the pet at least once in seven days.
  • Wash your hands after handling the reptiles.
  • Seek the counsel of a vet.

Should I feed my bearded dragon every day?

Certainly Yes! If you aren’t doing so, then you should be aware that your pet’s lifespan is diminishing.

For healthy lives, a beardie should have an average of four meals a day. The feeding is more necessary in young reptiles that are growing and developing.

One of the main bearded dragon cage accessories we have dwelled on is related to food. If you provide meals to the pet, but it doesn’t consume them, you should know something is wrong, and a vet should be your next guest.

These are the things that interfere with proper feeding in the desert dwellers;

  • When sick.
  • During hibernation or when almost bromating.
  • If you’re providing them with what they don’t want to eat.
  • A suppressed appetite.

Is it a good idea to provide bread as a meal to your beardie?

A small proportion of bread isn’t bad for your pet, but heavy content of bread can cause swelling in the stomach hence some pain.

Bread does not have any nutrient value to a bearded dragon, so we don’t see the reason for granting it in the first place.

In this article, we have reviewed some cool bearded dragon accessories containing both the staple food and treats for the pets.

Which fruits should be incorporated in bearded dragon food accessories?

Bearded dragons like natural meals, so fruits are pretty much good with them.

Some of the bearded dragon cage accessories in this article have blended meals to match the taste of the choosy pets.

Nearly every common fruit is good for these pets except avocados, which are poisonous to them.


It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned or beginner in rearing these special reptiles, bearded dragon accessories remain denominators in the affair.

We have reviewed 25 Amazon products to enable you to buy them without confusion. The products are not listed in any order showing seniority and inferiority.

We have provided links to all the bearded dragon cage accessories to enable you to see more pictures and specifications. One thing that we haven’t included in the prices of respective accessories because it keeps changing.

Finally, we would like you to know that bearded dragon accessories aren’t only restricted to the ones featured here.

We have only tried to review the basic items that you shouldn’t do without, but there are other pet products that you can add to these.

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