25 Best Bearded Dragon Hammock in 2020 (Reviews & FAQs)

Bearded dragon hammock is one of the essential accessories that you cannot deny your reptile unless you have the purpose of making your pet’s life uncomfortable.

The same way human beings need reclining beds for holidays and comfort; these desert dwellers equally do not feel relaxed when they maintain one position for a long time.

Even though beardies are not great climbers, the comfort that bearded dragon hammocks promise constantly entices them.

Bearded dragon hammocks do not only enhance relaxation in the small reptiles but also encourage exercise through climbing.

It’s through practice that beardies maintain their excellent body shapes and fight obesity.

Once residents of Australian deserts, bearded dragons are not determined to forget about their instincts.

The climbing of the hammock is beneficial to young beardies that want to master the art of foraging and hunting.

In this article, we have identified and reviewed 25 best-bearded dragon hammocks from Amazon.

Enjoy reading as you purpose to give your pet nothing but the best reptile hammock.

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Customer Picks: Top-Rated Best Bearded Dragon Hammock Reviews in 2020

After acquiring a beardie, the next thing is to accord it a comfortable life the best way you can.

There are a number of bearded dragon accessories meant to enhance the comfort of your lovely reptile.

Bearded dragon hammock is one of the main accessories that are responsible for the relaxation of your pet.

Top 25 Bearded Dragon Hammock Reviews

In this article, we have reviewed 25 bearded dragon hammocks which are considered as the best in the market today.

We have simplified your selection work by giving links for a specific product to the Amazon market.

We have not ranked the products according to their superiority, we feel that all products are critical to pet parents.

Best Bearded Dragon Hammock Reviews

Niteangel Bearded Dragon Hammock

Even in our farms, weeds give us an endless headache in finding the best elimination methods. The sea might possess many animals, but some plants in that ecosystem are not helpful to many aquatic creatures.

The creativity that Niteangel manufacturers formulated by going to the sea and picking a not-very-useful plant to enhance the recreational needs of a desert reptile.

The bearded dragon hammock is neatly hand-woven to display how to craft knowledge is beneficial to humans and the entire universe.

Another great thing is the fact that the hammock has a triangular shape hence saving the space within the terrarium.

Product Benefits:

  • It helps in putting to use the idle part of the bearded dragon tank.
  • An essential accessory that helps your pet to exercise through climbing.
  • It is slightly elevated to increase the level of comfort.
  • The suction cups and leather strings make the fixation easy.
  • Since it has a rough texture, your pet can rub its skin against it to cool any itchy feeling.
  • It can be woven to match pets of various sizes.
  • A beautiful hand-made product.
  • Also ideal for other small reptiles.

Triangular HuYaYa Bearded Dragon Hammock

It seems all the companies that make bearded dragon hammocks are targeting seagrass fiber to accord reptile pets comfort. Just like the product it has followed, HuYaYa bearded dragon lizard hammocks are hand-woven to form triangle accessories.

Availability of suction cups is leather ropes seals the challenge of fixing it. It isn’t beardies that enjoy relaxing this hammock, other small reptiles equally do.

The fact that it is made of 100% natural material makes the product to have a long life. The use of this bearded dragon hammock isn’t only restricted to small reptiles, but also other animals, including gerbils and hamsters.

Product Benefits:

  • It saves space because of the triangle shape.
  • Suction cups and leather rope makes its installation easy.
  • Durable.
  • It can accommodate several small animals.
  • It creates a comfortable spot for relaxation.
  • Its elevation grants your beardie an opportunity to exercise.

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Penn Plax REP701 Lizard Lounger, Perfect for Bearded Dragons

When it comes to the comfort of our pets, it’s easy to trust the work of hands than what machines can make.

Penn Plax also never wanted to be left out in the construction of a natural bearded dragon hammock that involves the use of seagrass fiber.

However, the shape is not triangular like the earlier hammock reviewed, but those who know geometry will tell you the large space that trapezoidal product creates.

With suction cups available, you will not lack the ideal spot to place the hammock for the comfort of your pet.

Besides, the hammock is a versatile product that can serve various pets we keep, including lizards and geckos.


Product Benefits:

  • It can be accommodated in various positions within the bearded dragon tanks.
  • It’s friendly to the environment as it involves the use of natural materials.
  • It offers versatile use for various animals.
  • It is sizable enough to grant your pet the much-needed comfort.
  • Another ideal spot for basking.
  • It grants your pet the opportunity to exercise more.

PIVBY Bearded Dragon Hammock Jungle Climber Vines

As pet companies are developing bearded dragon hammocks made of seagrass fiber, PIVBY companies met the status and added more features.

This hammock is equally made of bendable vine branches that will help your pet to hide and show you more camouflage-related instincts.

The branches have leaves that will allow your pet to exhibit their true natural colors.

Since every part of this bearded dragon hammock consists of natural materials, durability is guaranteed.

A hammock, together with vine branches and leaves creates more ground for your pet to exercise.


Product Benefits:

  • A natural and environment-friendly hammock.
  • It lasts longer.
  • It offers excellent ground for hiding.
  • The vines are bendable to fit into bearded dragon enclosures.
  • The vine branches increase the exercising space.
  • Also ideal for other small reptiles, including snakes and geckos.
  • A great warranty plan that assures you your money back in cases of faults.
  • Suction cups on the vine branches make it easy to fit the hammock.

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Wuhostam Reptile Hammock Lizard Lounger for Baby Bearded Dragons

As the say goes: what is good for the gander is equally good for the goose. Well, this is a lizard hammock that also gives an excellent result in bearded dragon leisure.

It is the versatility of this hammock that permits the user to install it in various positions of comfort to the pet that makes it popular.

After we are done with these bearded dragon hammocks, you’ll know all the shapes you feared in your math. Here, we have a polygon product, which is neatly woven to satisfy your pet’s comfort.

It’s one of the most admirable natural bearded dragon hammocks I know.

516 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • The natural materials are strong to grant a durable life.
  • It serves both arboreal and terrestrial pets.
  • It creates a good spot for basking within the tank.
  • An important accessory for exercising.
  • It’s easy to install.

Zoo Med Mesh Large Reptile Hammock

Zoo Med is continuing to show the concern they have for pets as they have manufactured pet accessories for nearly every animal.

The company seems to be stopping at nothing when it comes to the luxury and healthy living of our small animals.

Being a company that is seasoned in the construction of pet products, they have come up with this unique bearded dragon hammock.

Unlike other reptile hammocks, this one comes with a ladder that enables your pet to go arboreal with ease.

Also, this bearded dragon lizard hammock has defied slippery surfaces, thus can be fixed at any spot in the sliding glass tank.

Product Benefits:

  • It comes with a reptile ladder for easy climbing.
  • This can be fixed even on slippery surfaces.
  • It creates an ideal resting spot.
  • It’s great in helping you conserve space within a terrarium.
  • A versatile reptile hammock.

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Kathson Reptile Lizard Bearded Dragon Hammock Lounger

I like buying products that can serve various functionalities because it relieves me from filling my pet’s tank with too many accessories.

When you purchase this lizard hammock, you automatically have a lounger for your pet.

In this article, I have said it repeatedly that those who used to fear geometry will learn it here effortlessly.

I am sure that by now you are aware of a triangular shape.

Talking about that shape, here is another neatly woven bearded dragon hammock that you can either place on the floor or elevate slightly to help your pet to relax and exercise.

Product Benefits:

  • It is made of natural materials such as seagrass fiber.
  • It improves the beauty of the tank.
  • This can serve both as a hammock and a lounger.
  • It comes with suction cups for secure fixing.
  • A beautiful gym area for small animals.
  • The lizard hammock is also perfect for iguanas and geckos.

CDL Reptile Lizards Snake Hammock Lounger

Even though bearded dragons aren’t great climbers, they enjoy staying in comfortable elevated positions. Like other reptiles, bearded dragons climb, hide, or camouflage when they detect danger.

This is a lizard hammock that will ensure your beardie stayed relaxed and exercise while climbing up. Remember, inactivity can cause obesity in your reptile pet.

Since the product comes with two packs, you can easily create a gym with multi-levels to encourage the pet to train more often. Besides, the multi-level gym design prevents the pet from painfully on the floor.

With six suction cups, you can fit the hammock at any location within the terrarium.

No products found.

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KHLZ US Reptile Hammock Lizard Lounger for Bearded Dragons

It doesn’t matter whether the pet you keep is arboreal or terrestrial because this is another bearded dragon hammock that does not discriminate.

If your pet likes climbing to high points, you can create a multi-level jungle gym to enable your pet to exercise more. The durable hand-woven hammock is an ideal accessory for comfortable relaxation.

This is the first rectangular bearded dragon hammock we are reviewing here.

There is four sturdy suction cup that will help you to fix the lizard hammock on any surface.

Product Benefits:

  • It can serve various animals, including hermit crabs and geckos.
  • It suits both arboreal and terrestrial functionalities.
  • This reclaims wasted space.
  • It is another excellent accessory for exercising.
  • A comfortable place for relaxation.
  • Durable.
  • Compatible with different materials used in the construction of bearded dragon tanks.

Hammock for Bearded Dragon, Blue-green Lavender

Carolina Designers have been consistent in ensuring that pets live habitable lives with potential. Unlike most other hammocks we have reviewed, this is a reptile hammock made of Batik fabric for comfort.

However, it has suction cups just like other hammocks for secure fixing. Even though it’s not made from the famous seagrass fiber, it’s sewn with the help of human hands.

The shape is triangular, so it comes with three suction cups that allow you to fix high to conserve more space underneath.

I almost forgot to tell that Batik fabrics are machine-wash, so this lizard hammock will equally save you time.

Apart from comfort, the designers did some great work to make the lounger more appealing to the eyes.

Product Benefits:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Three suction cups for fixing.
  • Durable Batik fabric.
  • An attractive reptile hammock.
  • A product of the USA.

Chaise Lounger for Bearded Dragons

Most bearded dragons will not feel comfortable climbing elevated points, so you need to put their hammocks in the level they desire. This lounger is cozy and colorful much to your pet’s desire.

How about the adorable look of the lounger? Some pet parents I consider somehow jealous of their pets, keep on wishing that they had large accessories for themselves.

With this bearded dragon accessory, your pet has an ideal spot for natural basking.

The amazing colors encourage your pet to exhibit its color too. Its use isn’t confined to the enclosure alone.

Product Benefits:

  • It works for both outdoor and terrarium activities.
  • Easy to clean fabric.
  • A magnificent display of colors.
  • No incidents of your pet tipping down.
  • An attractive pet product.
  • Comfort is guaranteed.

SLSON Reptile Large Bearded Dragon Hammock

Among all reptile hammock made of seagrass fiber, I find SLSON one of the most perfectly woven bearded dragon hammock. Also, the hammock is larger to create space for resting.

The use of natural materials is what environmentalists advocate for it comes to the construction of pet accessories. Besides, the natural fiber causes the hammock to last long.

With the ropes that it comes with, you can easily install the hammock. The suction cups further assist in the installation.

Apart from bearded dragons, this hammock suits other small animals, including anoles and iguanas. It can be a perfect selection if your pet likes relaxing both on the floor and elevated points.

You can be fortunate if your pet likes climbing because fixing this hammock will ensure that more space is saved in the terrarium.

Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for reptiles of various sizes.
  • It offers an easy installation.
  • It conserves more space.
  • The perfect craft that adds beauty.
  • A durable product.

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Beangel Breathable Mesh Reptile Hammock, Triangular Hanging Net

They say that two is better than one. True to the common say, Beangel Company makes the market by granting two hammocks for a single purchase.

The breathable nylon net hammocks are made in such a way that they guarantee the pet’s comfort.

This durable reptile hammock is what you need if your beardie like resting in raised positions. Not only ideal for bearded dragons alone but other arboreal reptiles such as iguanas and anoles.

The three suction cups make it easy to fix this lizard hammock on the slippery walls of the glass terrarium.

Product Benefits:

  • One purchase comes with a pack of two reptile hammocks.
  • It’s great for arboreal pets.
  • Breathable net for proper air circulation.
  • Easy to wash material.
  • It’s made of durable nylon.
  • Easy to install on the sliding walls of glass terrarium.
  • Enhanced level of comfort.

Carolina Designer Dragons: Hammock for Bearded Dragons, Sugar Skull Fabric

Carolina designers have done some great work in ensuring that bearded dragons do not experience any difficulty in their pursuit to climb the reptile hammock.

The hammock is made of fabric materials that can be cleaned with the help of a machine wash.

Being a hand-sewn product, you can guess how long it can last. The beauty is irresistible, so acquiring it will help to decorate your pet’s habitat.

The quality of the lizard hammock can never be underestimated since it guarantees your pet sufficient comfort.

4 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Machine washable.
  • Soft comfortable fabric in use.
  • It aids in decorating the tank further.
  • Easy to climb.
  • It encourages the pet to exercise.
  • Easy to fix.

PETUOL Lizard Bearded Dragon Hammock set

If you are looking for a perfect decoration for your beardie’s enclosure, then this is one reptile hammock that will satisfy your desire.

Though the main hammock is made of seagrass fiber, many other sections are composed of synthetic materials to improve its aesthetic value.

Artificial vines and leaves complete the beauty of this bearded dragon accessory. Remember, the presence of vines and leaves is what can make the pet display its camouflage instincts.

No headache in its fixing since the artificial vines come with suction cups. Unlike many other lizard hammocks, this one is accompanied by several other items.

Product Benefits:

  • A single purchase makes you land a hammock and other accessories.
  • It creates an ideal spot for relaxing.
  • Well-decorated to add its beauty.
  • The main hammock is made of 100% natural material.
  • The human-made hammock is durable.
  • It creates a perfect place for hiding.

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Kathson 1 Pack Lizard Hammock for Lizard, Bearded Dragons

This is another product from Kathson Manufacturers, which is something showing the passion the company has for small reptiles.

Kathson is aware that after plucking bearded dragons from their natural homes, you need to provide them enclosures that resemble desert setups. The entire kit includes a hand-woven lizard hammock and artificial leaves.

After completing the process of installation, you’ll realize that you have a climbable lounger for your beardie. With the gym jungle, your pet will have a massive chance to exercise.

Besides, the hammock is comfortable for relaxation and basking.


Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for arboreal small reptiles, but can still satisfy terrestrial creatures.
  • It has an appealing decoration for beauty.
  • It provides essential exercise to the pets.
  • The hammock is composed of 100% natural materials.
  • Easy to fix.
  • It creates a comfortable place to relax.

Zoo Med 26389 Repti Giant Hammock

Hammocks are meant to make your pet feel comfortable to the point where stress isn’t evident. Caging reptiles should not mean that you also deny them leisure.

By providing ideal bearded dragon hammocks, you lower their home-sick feeling.

This hammock is for pet parents who like fabric materials over natural fibers. Besides, the hammock is large enough to accommodate even giant beardies.

It’s the hammock that if you buy for your young beardie, you can use it to serve the pet in various stages of growth.


Product Benefits:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Large enough to accommodate even huge pets.
  • Ideal for lizards and geckos.
  • It’s soft hence comfortable.
  • It comes with suction cups for an easy installation.

VYBDS Breathable Mesh Lizard Reptile Hammock

The triangular shape is synonymous with hammocks because it helps to reduce space within the tank for other uses. Also, you’ll reclaim even more space if you decide to use hammock made of nylons.

Another great thing about nylon hammock is that they can see the sunset days of your pet.

If you value exercise in your pets, then this is one of the hammocks you should avail of to the reptile.

Remember, beardies which don’t exercise become overweight quite often to the point that walking becomes difficult.

163 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • It helps in conserving space in the tank.
  • Easy to install.
  • Lightweight, thus easy to carry.
  • It urges reptiles to exercise more.
  • Breathable.

KHLZ US Reptile Hammock and Ladder Set Accessories for Large & Small Bearded Dragons

With the knowledge that bearded dragons aren’t great when it comes to climbing, KHLZ has done the right thing by providing ladders.

The beardies can, therefore, climb with ease without the worry of falling to the ground.

Remember, climbing is the simplest way for these reptiles to perform some exercise and avert chances of suffering from obesity.

The hammock is made of a breathable nylon net to encourage aeration, thus achieving comfort.

With six sturdy suction cups, you will have the freedom of fixing the kit anywhere within the tank.

Product Benefits:

  • The gym lounger encourages exercise.
  • It offers an easy installation.
  • It comes with a ladder.
  • It’s made in the US.
  • Breathable nylon mesh.
  • Also ideal for other desert dwellers.

OutyFly Mesh Reptile Hammock for Bearded Dragon Lizards

OutyFly manufacturers do not see the need of selling just a single hammock for an accessory that beardies use repeatedly.

You’ll only pay once and get a pack with two adorable bearded dragon hammocks. With the nylon mesh, comfort and durability will be a reality.

Besides, you can decide to use all the two hammocks to create a multi-level gym lounger to satisfy your pet’s exercise ambition.

The six suction cups together with metal rings to make installation easy.

118 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • It urges the pet to climb more often.
  • It provides a comfortable resting place.
  • The sturdy nylon mesh promises durability.
  • Easy to fix.
  • Ideal for iguanas, lizards, and geckos among other small reptiles.

GSYCL Hammock for Bearded Dragons

The challenge that bearded dragons encounter while in their natural habitats can be compared with the military life.

GSYCL saw it standard to design hammocks whose colors correspond to the environment of the jungle. Besides, the colors are helpful to pets that want to camouflage.

This is a unique product because it’s the first bearded dragon hammock made using a high-grade fabric to achieve comfort for your pets.

Since the hammock is triangular, it comes with three suction cups to aid in fixing. You can opt to raise it high to encourage the pet to climb more.

Product Benefits:

  • It comes in various jungle colors.
  • It provides an enjoyable spot for relaxation.
  • Easy to fix.
  • It saves space in the busy terrarium.

Hammocks for Bearded Dragons, Safari Fabrics

This is another bearded dragon hammock made of a different material from the other once we have reviewed in this article. The safari fabric makes the hammock to be a candidate of a machine wash.

The hand-sewn bearded dragon hammock comes with durable suction cups for easy fixing.

Once it has been installed, it creates a climbable sport for luxury and exercise. Another great thing about the reptile hammock is the fact that the color almost mimics the appearance of most beardies.

9 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Easy to fix.
  • Machine washable.
  • It encourages secure exercises.
  • Ideal for camouflaging.
  • Great for both arboreal and terrestrial pets.
  • A comfortable fabric material.

Fidget Gear Bearded Dragon Lizard Reptile Seaweed Hammock

This bearded dragon hammock creates sufficient area for your pet to enjoy relaxing since its long.

Though its texture is rough, that’s what reptiles need for soothing their bodies and shedding off their skins.

The hammock is a human-made product that has featured the use of seagrass to enhance durability.

If your pet isn’t a great climber, this hammock can work for you because it comprises of a multi-level gym lounger to encourage and make climbing easy.

It’s another bearded dragon accessory that won’t consume much of your time for installation.

No products found.

Aiicioo Lizard Hammock Lounger for Baby Bearded Dragons

Aiicoo Manufacturers gives you the opportunity to select a bearded dragon hammock depending on the size of the pet you rear.

You can opt to buy either the triangle S, Large or X-Large to accord your pet more leisure. The hammock is made of 100% seagrass, giving it a natural taste.

The great part of it is that it’s flexible, so you can place it in any position that your pet spends most of its time.

The option of installing the hammock in an inclining position helps to regulate the temperature of the pet though basking.

Product Benefits:

  • It comes in various sizes.
  • Great for the basking desire of your pet.
  • A simple installation.
  • Highly climbable.

UZEFULTOL Lizard Hammock Lounger for Large & Small Bearded Dragons

How have you read the name? I call it “useful” because that’s what it is. It’s another triangular bearded dragon hammock that can add Product Benefits: to your pet and the entire enclosure.

This is one hammock that I have seen and touched several times, especially when I am visiting my clients.

I visited a pet parent with this, and I liked how the beardie perches on it.

Apart from basking, you can feed while on the same spot. For the beardie to get on the hammock, the process will mean it climbs up, thus a perfect way to entice your pet to do some exercise.

Product Benefits:

  • Great in enticing the desert dweller to exercise.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Easy to fix.
  • A nice spot for basking and feeding.
  • A comfortable place for resting.

FAQs on Bearded Dragon Hammock

Selection of pet product sometimes bring headache to most pet parents, so we have included the buyer’s guide in the article to aid in the selection process.

We have also featured FAQ to aid you in finding answers related to bearded dragon hammocks. Enjoy reading.

Best Bearded Dragon Hammock

In this section, we feature the common questions that people in regard to bearded dragon hammocks. We have provided detailed answers to enable you to know how this vital accessory will help your desert dweller.

We are still open, so you can ask more questions through our e-mail address or in the comment sections. Check if any of your concerns has a solution. Welcome!

Must I buy a bearded dragon hammock for my beardie?

Every accessory listed for bearded dragons and other pets is essential, and without them, your pet will miss living a comfortable life.

Just like yourself, who find life unbearable without a bed, bearded dragons also need a hammock as a resting place.

Here are other things that a reptile hammock helps to do;

  • Exercise
  • Basking
  • Feeding
  • Hiding and camouflaging.

Where do I put the bearded dragon hammock?

Most bearded dragon lizard hammocks come with accessories for fixing, so you need to put it in a permanent location. You can place the hammock anywhere your pet likes within the terrarium.

This means that you need to take some time to learn your pet’s preferences before making a decision.

Most pet parents like putting their pet’s hammocks near the basking area.

The move helps the pet to escape from the basking spot to the hammock after gaining enough heat. Suction cups that come with hammocks will help you in fixation.

How do I hang a bearded dragon hammock?

We advise that you pay adequate attention to the suction cups that come alongside the hammock.

If you buy a hammock without considering the material used in the construction of your pet’s terrarium, you might find it difficult to hang the hammock.

Some suction cups fail to fix well with wooden and vivarium, so you need to be certain that cups you buy are compatible with the material of the tank. With the right suction cups, your work will be to mount them and just hang the hammock.

In a situation where cups cannot mount on the wall, you’ll be forced to use other means even if it reduces the appearance of your tank.

Superglue is a big NO because it will cause your pet to drowse after smelling. Silicone is another item that you can use but you can put it the tank out to dry because of VOC that can be harmful to the pet.

Final Word 

Like other bearded dragon accessories, reptile hammocks is basic if you want to accord your beardie a healthy and worthy life. As usual, we have identified 25 bearded dragon lizard hammocks from Amazon to make your selection easy.

Each of the products reviewed here has a link to Amazon to help you read other information and view pictures.

It’s important to note that the hammocks we have reviewed have not followed any order of merit. As a result, the position where we have listed each hammock does not show inferiority or superiority over the rest.

We want to emphasize that we have only selected the best-bearded dragon hammocks, and we do not have any preference. You can take your time and go through each product to help you make an informed selection.

We always advise our readers to buy from Amazon to secure warranties and earn discounts for products bought.

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