25 Best Bearded Dragon Leash and Harness in 2020 (Reviews & FAQs)

Bearded dragons used to live only in the desert of Australia, but they’ve now found homes within our homes even in the US, UK, Canada, etc. countries.

Bearded dragons remain one of the most common reptiles kept as a pet in the world.

The domestication has not been a challenge considering that the small animals like living where humans are.

When bearded dragons aren’t within their cages/terrariums, you should get a mechanism of carrying and controlling them.

Just like the wild lizards in our homes, bearded dragons have delicate bodies that when not handle well, harm or death may prevail.

For the sake of handling the friendly reptiles, leashes and harnesses have been devised to ensure comfort to the pets.

The leash will help in preventing your bearded dragon from getting lost or availing itself as easy prey.

This article aims to make it easy to locate the best-bearded dragon leashes in the market. Because new products keep coming out, we find it ideal for giving you online links to the market to enable you to see every detail of the products we have selected.

Besides, most of the best-bearded dragon leashes have incredible discounts.

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Customer Picks: 5-Top Rated Best Bearded Dragon Leashes & Harness Reviews in 2020

For a few decades, bearded dragons have helped us to decorate our homes naturally.

The appearance of desert dwellers completes the definition of beauty, especially when the beardies begin to display their adorable natural colors. Once you get these reptiles, you won’t want to lose them.

Without proper control apparatus, your union with the pet may be short-lived.

For that reason, we found it standard to review outstanding bearded harness leashes to enable you to prevent the pet from escaping.

Bearded Dragon Harness Leash Buyer’s Guide             

As usual, we advise our readers on the ways of selecting the best-bearded dragon harness leash for their pets.

We understand that the market if full of identical products, which confuse pet parents, thus causing them to buy generic items.

Having already pledged to back you with information to help you keep your pet in the best way possible; we are glad to share with you the buyer’s guide.

Remember, the guide has identified factors to put into consideration before purchasing a beardie’s harness leash.


It’s prudent to choose a bearded dragon harness leash that guarantees comfort to the reptile you keep. The material used in constructing the harness should be soft on your pet’s body.

Consequently, you need to select a durable material to reduce the frequency at which you buy the product.

I recommend leather for harnesses and nylon for the leash.


There are several aspects of security when keeping a pet.

For instance, poor adjustment options can cause your pet to strangle.

Likewise, a weak leash will allow your reptile to escape hence finding a path to danger.


Only buy a bearded dragon harness leash when you’re aware of the purpose you want it to serve.

The outdoor products should have long leashes to create spaces for your pet’s movements.

Equally, when you want to train your pet to walk well, it’s advisable to buy the right product for the duty.


The reptiles have varying chest sizes depending on their age.

It’s essential to measure your pet’s body before deciding on the product to select.

Besides, the Amazon market features baby bearded harness leash to accommodate the young beardies.

#Adjustment options

Most harness leashes are versatile due to adjustment options they have in them.

Such adjustments can make a harness to suit both adult and baby bearded dragons.

Besides, buying a product with several adjustment options enables your pet to transit various stages in the same harness leash.

#Height of the user

The length of the leash will depend on how tall the user is.

Tall pet owners should buy harnesses with long leashes.


Most bearded dragon leashes have wings to add beauty. Consequently, bearded dragon harness leashes with wings make the shy pets feel like they have hidden.


After establishing your pet’s favorite color, you can replicate the taste on the accessories, including the leash harness.


It’s prudent to go for pet items that you can easily access. Inquire if shipping of your favorite bearded dragon leash happens in your region.


Always try to stick to your budget, but ensure that you secure a top-quality product.

Also, you’ll find the buyers’ guide and FAQs toward the end of the article.

Best Bearded Dragon Leashes and Harnesses

Consequently, we are aware that bearded dragon harness leashes are great tools for outdoor activities, so we had both you and your pet in mind.

We have carefully selected bearded leashes that allow your pet to accompany you for the walks in the park.

Besides, some bearded dragon leashes in this article have offered immense experience as far sunlight basking is concerned.

Bearded dragon harness leashes with wings have allowed beardies to exhibit their camouflaging instinct as the pet can attempt to hide from their fears.

Bearded Dragon Leash and Harness

T-Rex Inc. Reptile Black Leather Xtra Large Harness

I have an online friend who keeps bearded dragons in Australia for commercial purposes. He obtains them from the desert then takes the small reptiles to his home for training.

He pointed to me that it’s almost impossible to train a bearded dragon when you don’t have a leash.

He likes using this leash because it comes with a harness in the package. Besides, this harness features several colors that make it easy for him to differentiate his animals.

Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for other small animals like lizards and iguanas.
  • It comes in various colors.
  • A perfect way to make your pet walk well.
  • An excellent tool for supporting the reptile’s basking ambition.
  • Easy to use.

FunPetLife Small Pets Harness and Leash Angel Wings for Bearded Dragons

I knew this harness previously as a mouse control tool, but I’ve been seeing it in the homes of reptiles’ owner for sometimes now.

The angel-wing design shouldn’t make you scared that your pet is soon getting a promotion to glory, but rather a design of comfort.

With this harness, your pet can naturally enjoy the sunlight without the fear of escape. Besides, the long leash will enable you to walk your pet as you build a closer relationship with the pet.

Furthermore, the harness with its long leash is what you need when taking your beardie to contests and exhibitions.

Product Benefits:

  • Can be adjusted to fit both the necks and breasts of small animals
  • The locking clip links the harness and the leash hence ensuring safety.
  • Great for the outdoor activity with the pet
  • The nylon cloth brings comfort
  • The 122cm long leash is enough for individuals of varying heights
  • Also perfect for other small pets.

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Soeenaper Lizard Leash Adjustable Reptile Harness

Some bearded dragon harnesses are massive in such a way that they cover the entire body of a reptile. But the reptile’s body is another avenue for obtaining Vitamin D3 nutrients, so it should be left exposed.

With comfort, this kit leaves the body of your pet bare, thus encouraging basking.

Apart from basking, the leash and harness allow you to hold your pet during outdoor activities, thus minimizing the incidences of escaping.

With this bearded dragon leash, your pet can only go to the locations you want.

Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for other small animals too
  • It freely adjusts, so limiting the chances of your pet getting strangled
  • Long leash measuring 31 inches
  • An ideal tool for training the beardie
  • Great customer experience when you buy it from Amazon.

OgleRPets Lizard Leash, Black

Grammar tells me that the word “ogle” means to admire sexually, but for this case, the name comes because it’s a product of OgleRPets Industry.

However, it remains a great leash for bearded dragons that makes desert dwellers attractive.

The leash and harness cover the neck and chest of the pet hence minimizing pain while handling your four-foot friend.

The design makes it ideal for training your pet to master some skills.

Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for taking a walk in the park.
  • It grants your pet comfort.
  • They come in various sizes, so you can be sure to get even a baby bearded dragon leash.
  • Adequate directives to guide you on how to get the bearded dragon leash that suits your pet.
  • Also excellent for other small animals.
  • Good price for the user-friendly pet accessory.

JASSINS Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

For the love of colors, this bearded dragon harness display different colors that can further make your pet attractive.

Remember, the beardies at times, show their natural colors to ape their surroundings.

Colorful pets and colorful harness, what a match!

The designing of this lease is superb because you can even use it to lift your pet without causing pain.

Unlike many other leashes that focus on the neck, this leash puts more emphasis on balancing the body of your lovely pet.

Product Benefits:

  • They come in various colors.
  • It stimulates beardies to exhibit their colors.
  • Ideal baby bearded dragon leash.
  • Adjustable 40 cm leash to match different heights of handlers.
  • Perfect for training baby bearded dragons to walk.
  • Also suitable for other desert dwellers.

KUDES Bearded Dragon Leather Harness Leash with Cool Wings

Here’s another bearded dragon leash with wings that your pet can enjoy wearing. Just the same way humans like leather items, the designers had in mind the experience pets get when being dragged.

The bearded dragon accessory is made of soft leather and nylon rope to diminish any chances of the pet getting hurt.

When you like going outdoor with your pet, it’s this leash that guarantees your beardie comfort. The fact that it’s made of leather ensures that it lasts for long.

The adjustment clip on the leash enables you to select the length that suits you. The wing design gives the leash and harness a beautiful appearance.

Product Benefits:

  • Comfortable handmade leather.
  • Non-toxic nylon leash.
  • Creative design with wings.
  • Long leash to fit the different height of the handlers.
  • Also ideal for other small animals like geckos and iguanas.

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Dayan Cube Adjustable Lizard Harness Leash

Individuals who keep beardies are always passionate about colors just like their pets. Manufacturers aren’t letting these two partners down as they keep unrolling products with amazing colors.

Not only the color will entice you to the leash, but also the long rope will allow your pet to roam at a greater distance.

If you’re still afraid of handling reptiles; this leash is for you as you gain familiarity.

I must mention the comfort the harness grants the pet that makes many pet experts consider it as one of the great baby bearded dragon leashes.

124 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Long leash.
  • The easiest way to train a baby bearded dragon to walk.
  • Comfortable harness.
  • Amazing color display.
  • Also suitable for other small animals.

WATFOON Adjustable Lizard Leash, Leather Harness with Cool Wings

If we wait further, we will see companies designing bullet-proof vests for pets. That was on a light note, but you can see we already have an adorable vest for bearded dragon and other pets.

The design shows us the concern the manufacturers put on the comfort of the pets. The bearded dragon leash with wing will make your pet look like a flying bat.

Apart from the great colors, this bearded dragon accessory meets safety standards given that it’s handmade.

You can adjust the leash according to the size of your pet as you take your reptile friend for some outdoor fun.

Product Benefits:

  • It’s handmade to make it suit your pet.
  • Soft leather material for comfort.
  • Long durable nylon leash.
  • Adjustable leash to satisfy the user’s desire.
  • Ideal baby bearded dragon leash since it has the wing-design.
  • Also perfect for other small reptiles.

Serdokntbig Harness and Leash Angel Wings for Bearded Dragon

It seems that angel wing design is almost becoming irresistible in bearded dragon harness leashes. The looks have been amazing, so we can expect more beardie accessories to have wings.

The best part of this leash is that its harness isn’t too large to inhibit the pet’s basking desires. The thinness nature of this leash makes it easy to install on your pet.

With this leash, you can train your pet new skills or just bond as you strengthen your relationship.

The comfortable bearded dragon harness will be irresistible as it will grant your pet with opportunities to go outdoor for fun and nutritious basking.

Product Benefits:

  • Conspicuous colors.
  • Beautiful angel wing design.
  • Perfect for training your beardie.
  • The design is great for carrying your pet as you walk.
  • The harness adjusts to your satisfaction.
  • Its installation is simple.
  • Made of durable materials.

JackS Reptile 4Ft Iguana, Bearded Dragon, and Lizard Leash Combo

If you are not sure about the choice of leash and harness for your pet, this is an excellent kit for you as it can serve your desert partner.

Whether for a walk in the park or basking in the sun within your compound, the leash serves its purpose.

The best part of this bearded dragon leash is the comfort it brings to the pet.

The fact that it’s adjustable makes it equally an ideal baby bearded dragon leash.

You can always adjust the leash to level with your height.

No products found.

GBSELL Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

Individuals who want to give their pets restrictions in a larger space have an answer in this bearded dragon harness leash.

Both the lengths of the leash and harness are long enough to accommodate a giant old beardie.

However, you still have the option to adjust the harness to suit a baby beardie.

It isn’t only bearded dragons that enjoy being regulated with this kit; it equally works for other reptiles like lizards and iguanas. If you want to use it to train a young beardie, you aren’t wrong.

Besides, you can use it to prevent your pet from escaping while traveling.

No products found.

Lesencen Leather Harness Leash for Lizards and Bearded Dragons with Wing

Bearded dragon leashes aren’t just meant for holding the pets, but should add decoration to our pets to make them admirable. With an outstanding leash and a cowboy hat, nothing beats the beauty of bearded dragons.

This is another leash that will ensure your pet remains attractive to you and your guests.

I can keep the story about modeling pets aside; the leash with a buckle is what you need to lower the impact when pulling your pet.

Besides, when you buckle it well, the pet doesn’t risk getting strangled.

What a way to walk your lovely beardie with the leash!

Product Benefits:

  • Comfortable on the body.
  • Perfect for walking your bearded dragon.
  • The buckle can adjust to accommodate pets of various ages.
  • Durable leather harness.
  • Also ideal for other small reptiles.

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Tzou Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

One thing with most of these bearded dragon leashes is that they’re made in the same, something that can make you wonder if they come from one manufacturer.

That should worry you because companies only use designs that improve the functionality of the accessories.

Tzou is a great leash that promises the comfortable handling of your reptile.

You can choose to either carry or lead your pet to memorable destinations.

Furthermore, you’ll be spoilt with the option of colors to select.

Product Benefits:

  • It handles the pet comfortably.
  • An 80cm-long leash.
  • The harness adjusts to match your pet desire.
  • Great for making your young beardie learn how to walk.
  • It works well with other desert dwellers too.

L Adjustable Lizard Harness Leash

For beginners, it can take you a little longer to realize the color your pet adores most.

Knowing your pet’s favorite color is essential in helping you customize the accessories to the taste of your beardie.

When it comes to bearded dragon harness and leash, you should identify the colors that make your wonderful pet happy.

Again, quality should define every item you bring for your pet. This is a leash with a metallic chain and detachable buckle that securely holds a small reptile.

Besides, a 65m-long leash gives the beardie an adequate space to roam.

29 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Also, an excellent accessory for other small reptiles.
  • You can adjust the harness to your preferable limit.
  • Several colors to choose from.
  • A quality product for the pet.
  • The detachable adjustment brings convenience.
  • Long leash.

BLSMU Reptile Leash Bearded Dragon Harness

Now, for pet parents who have adult bearded dragons, this is a perfect harness and leash for you.

It can even work with baby alligators if you have one. It’s soft on the skin to enhance comfort on your reptile with scales.

The design that incorporates shining chains enhances the attractiveness of your beardie.

I mentioned that it’s ideal for adult pets, but with the adjustment options, your young bearded dragon is equally sorted.

It’s a fantastic accessory for leading your pet and curtailing attempts to escape.

No products found.

Mokook Adjustable Leash Harness for Lizard and Parrots

Several pet owners have asked how a bird’s harness can work for reptiles. Well, most of these pet’s products are versatile and are made to cater to different preferences.

The leash is durable as it’s made in a design that stops the pet from chewing it.

Because it’s mainly made for parrots, you can guess the number of words the bird will shout if it weren’t comfortable.

Besides being soft, the harness is light on the pet. The most crucial part is that it lets the pet breathe freely.

Product Benefits:

  • It can serve both birds and reptiles.
  • Durable.
  • It makes breathing easy.
  • It’s light on your pet.
  • Easy to use.

CEEYEERA Reptile Nylon Rope Leash Harness with Wings Costumes for Lizard Bearded Dragon

Another excellent product for enthusiasts of bearded dragon harness with wings.

The best part is that wings are of various sizes to meet the ages of different beardies.

Instead of the conventional harnesses, this kit comes with vests of several sizes and each package will hand you three pair of vests.

It’s on the vest where the leash is attached.

Never expect the appearance to depreciate with time. The fact that the wings are made of a leather material ensures that they don’t fold.

Right from a baby beardie stage to an old pet, this leash is a great one for photo sessions.

No products found.

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Matoen Adjustable Lizard Leash Bearded Dragon Leather Harness

If you’re keen about getting bearded dragon harness leashes with wings, you are fortunate because they are many in the market. Matoen Manufacturers are keeping their promise of granting quality pet products.

The leather material is soft on your pet’s skin hence creating comfort.

The durable nylon leash will ensure that your pet is under control and prevent attempts to escape.

It doesn’t matter if you have an adult or a young beardie; adjustable options enable the harness to accommodate all stages of growth in bearded dragons.

No products found.

BeiXiaoFen Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash Bearded Dragon Harness

Even though you might have a problem with saying its name, its use is the opposite.

With this comfortable bearded dragon leash, your pet’s fear will be low hence limiting scary moments that can make it try to escape.

Apart from being soft on the pet’s skin, it’s equally light to carry.

If you make frequent walks in the park with your reptile, this is one of the fantastic bearded dragon leashes you can put on the pet.

Even for the basking in your backyard, this product fits the bill.

No products found.

NiceWave Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

Life in terrariums and dragon enclosures can be annoying for bearded dragons, so it makes sense to find a way of breaking the boredom.

NiceWave harness leash provides with a chance to enjoy a good time with your pet in outdoor setups.

Still, this leash is an ideal accessory to allow your pet to obtain the nutrients from the natural sunlight when under your control.

The quality hasn’t been compromised in any way with the product to meet the expected performance.

No products found.

OYEFLY Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

When it is not winter, you need to devise ways of reducing the cost of heating your reptile enclosure.

Invest in great bearded dragon leash to grant your lovely pet an opportunity bask in the sunlight under your watch.

The harness is worn on the neck and covers the front legs, thus holding the pet comfortably.

The fact that the harness is adjustable makes it easy to handle your beardie at various stages of growth.

No products found.

IDS Adjustable Leather Reptile Harness Leash

Without a perfect harness, it’s pointless having a great leash for your beardie.

IDS allows you to obtain a comfortable leather harness but gives you the option of going for the leash of your choice. But, there’s no fault in buying the leash together with this harness.

After buying a leather leash, you are sure that it will take long before it gets old.

However, it’s prudent to select the size that suits your pet.

The adjustable leash makes it ideal for beardies of various sizes. Furthermore, the harness works well with other small reptiles, including lizards and geckos.

Product Benefits:

  • The harness comes with a long leash.
  • The harness is adjustable.
  • A comfortable harness.
  • A durable leather material.
  • Also work with smaller animals, including iguana and lizards.

Supdriver Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

Pet owners who are enthusiastic about reptile harness leash that holds the entire pet’s chest in position will be happy to see this product.

This set of bearded dragon accessories works well with pets of varying ages.

If you like colors then this company is working in your favor as it features numerous color that you and your pet will like. With this bearded dragon harness leash, you are set for a fantastic walk with your adorable pet.

Product Benefits:

  • Great for training young reptiles to walk.
  • The harness adjusts to the limit of 40 cm.
  • A 120cm leash rope.
  • It comes in various colors.
  • Comfortable for the pet.
  • Equally ideal for other small animals.

Yonger Adjustable Pet Small Animal Reptile Lizard Harness

The design isn’t unique from other bearded dragon harness leashes that we have already reviewed here. Just like other products, this bearded dragon accessory is what you need for outdoor fun activities with your pet.

Besides, it provides a great opportunity for your small beardie to learn how to work.

With this bearded dragon leash, you can switch the bulbs at daytime as you let your pet gain Vitamin D3 naturally. Also, you have the option to select the color that your pet likes most.

Product Benefits:

  • Comfortable for use.
  • Ideal for walking a pet.
  • Also great for lizards and geckos.
  • Perfect for making young beardies learn how to walk.
  • Affordable price.

MeiAOBest Pet Harness Chest Strap Walking for Lizard Bearded Dragon

Finally, we have a funny and unique bearded dragon harness that’s tied between the front and rear legs.

This means that the product balances the entire body of the reptile. The durable nylon leash keeps your pet from escaping your control while walking the beardie.

The accessory works great for letting the desert dwellers bask naturally.

This harness leash not only works for bearded dragons but equally offers useful services to other small pets. Various adjustable options make it convenient for pets of varying ages.

The metal clasp completes the beauty by joining the leash and the harness.

No products found.

In this section, we feature answers to questions that most of our readers have asked. Most of these questions are related to bearded dragon harness leashes.

However, we are open to any other issue related to pet products.

FAQs on Bearded Dragon Leash and Harness

While identifying the 25 products, we prioritized the safety and security of your pet. Furthermore, we identified some special accessories to serve the young bearded dragons.

We were still successful in reviewing the versatile products that can help beardies of various ages together with other desert relatives.

Each product has a link to Amazon to allow you to see the prices and other details. We are always open to serve you; as a result, never hesitate to contact us clarification.

Bearded dragon harness

How to make bearded dragon leash?

Even though most home-made products don’t come out great, people with craft knowledge have proved that they are equally up to the task in the production of pet’s equipment.

However, the construction of bearded dragon leash DIY has simple to enable anyone to execute.

Here are the easy steps for making a leash at home for your pet;

  • Avail materials such as a ruler, straw, a pair of scissors, and thin but strong plastic. Other materials include other thin rope and hot glue.
  • Cut the straw into two pieces.
  • Establish a strong base by connecting the two tubes side by side using the hot glue.
  • Attach the rope in the middle of the tube using the hot glue.
  • Pass the rope through the hole in the tube.
  • The rope should be fed into the open tube to make two loops. It’s at the loop where the front legs of your beardie will pass through.
  • Now you can take the card and cut it. After fine-tuning the edges, make three holes in the middle.
  • It’s the time to weave to create the option of loosening and tightening the arm of your beardie.
  • The ninth step is to allow your pet to wear it, and you are good to go.

Can you walk your bearded dragon using the harness leash?

Absolutely yes! The best way to walk a bearded dragon is with the help of a harness leash.

However, you’ll have to honor other factors before setting for a walk. Among the things to consider are the temperature, availability of the treats, and the pet’s desire.

During the walk, you should pay keen attention to ensure your pet doesn’t consume poisonous insects.

How do I use bearded dragon leash?

Buying a product is one thing, and using it is the next thing. There’s no standard way of using bearded dragon leashes as they are made differently.

However, we advocate that you buy bearded dragon leashes that come with easy to understand manual guides.

Here are the few rules of using a beardie leash;

  • Always clean after use.
  • Make the adjustment on the harness according to the size chest.
  • Never use the leash while your pet is within the enclosure.
  • Use a leash that has the colors your pet likes most.
  • Use the bearded dragon harness leash to train a young beardie walk well.
  • Ensure that your pet has a leash when basking in the sun to abort incidences of escape.
  • Ensure that the leash creates comfort.

Do bearded dragons like leashes?

Of course, no one will like anything restraining your freedom.

However, after leash training them, they will get used to them. Some pets feel excited when they see leashes because they know that outdoor activity is loading.

Have you ever taught a bearded dragon to wear a leash?

No, I haven’t. I don’t keep a beardie, but I have six lizards and an iguana that have the same instinct as bearded dragons. Just like lizards, beardies learn how to wear their leashes quick without disturbing their handlers.

Final words…!

We cannot see any other better way of handling bearded dragons without harness leashes. We have therefore identified 25 products from Amazon to enable you to take your pick without confusions.

Also, we have provided a few details about the reviewed bearded dragon leashes together with the Product Benefits of buying them.

Because the prices keep fluctuating on Amazon, we have not indicated the cost of each product, but we have provided links to the market. The links will also help you to view more specifications and features.

Last update on 2021-11-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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