17 Best Bearded Dragon Toys in 2020 (Reviews, Maintenance Guide)

In the wild, bearded dragons spend a large amount of time in their life searching for food. However, when they are raised as a pet, all the basic needs are given, which means the time they try to find things to eat is decreased by a huge amount.

No activities to do lead to boredom and tiredness, and as a result, your bearded dragon will seem to be lifeless.

In this case, it is a good idea to find a bearded dragon toy that can stimulate them all day long. By playing with these fun toys, your little dragon will benefit from it, become happier and stronger, hence, they can have a better life.

If you succeed in providing your dragon with toys, you are somewhat a great owner.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to choose a good toy that will suit your bearded dragon as well as yourself.

There are multiple problems that can arise during the buying process.

Thus, this article will help you know the fundamental knowledge of how to pick up the best bearded dragon toy.

We also give a review of the products that we believe are the best for you.

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How Do We Pick the Toys?

To determine the greatest bearded dragon toys, we base on the most important criteria below:


When talking about any product, your pet’s safety is always put on the top and needs to be carefully considered.

We should only choose bearded dragon toys that are made of high-quality and non-toxic material. Besides, they should have some added features that improve protection such as a sturdy construction that can handle the pet’s weight.

You can also check to see if there is any popular brand that people trust when buying toys.

The pet’s nature

Bearded dragons love doing lots of activities, and each individual will have different characteristics. Therefore, it is crucial to understand your bearded dragon to the core, so you can choose the best toy for it.

Some prefer walking and exploring the world with its master, while others enjoy climbing as they would in the natural world.

On the other hand, many will just lay on the lounge and bask in the sun, or hide in any cave there is to have a comfortable experience.


The convenience that the toy brings about is also worth considering. Firstly, they must suit your bearded dragon’s tank, in order not to make your pet feels irritated. It must also have a great and beautiful design that will embrace your home’s decoration. Lastly, they must be easy for you to store when not in use or to clean after time.

How do we test them?

First of all, you need to check the quality of the material that is used to make the toy. See if they are the same as what they give in the description, if yes, consider if they are toxic or not.

Next, toys that used for physical activities need to be sturdy and well-designed. Therefore, you should check whether all the position is firmly attached and whether there is any small crack or any sign of abnormality on the product.

Finally, to see if they are easy to clean or store, take note of the toy’s design. Product with flat or smooth surfaces is usually easy to clean. The removable or foldable product will take less effort to store and also save some space in your home.

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17 Best Bearded Dragon Toys And Activities

WATFOON Adjustable Lizard Leashes Wings for Bearded Dragon

The WATFOON Adjustable Lizard Leashes Wings is what your beard dragon search for. Say bye to boring days and move on an adventure with this stylish and exclusive design.

It is very adorable with the black and white wing.

The WATFOON leash comes with different colors and has been tested from time to time to ensure the pet’s safety as well as comfort. The leather vest is soft and fits with the dragon’s body to avoid hurting him/her. Besides, you can easily adjust or put it on your pet.

The material is high-quality and durable. Moreover, being made of green material is the reason it is non-toxic and causes no harm to your dragon. This WATFOON leash would be a good choice for you.


  • High-quality material
  • Stylish and modern
  • 100% hand made


  • May not fit big size bearded dragon.

Carolina Designer Dragons Leather Reptile Collar

This Leather Reptile Collar from Carolina Designer Dragons is such a perfect toy. It is made of materials from two European countries: the blue Austria rhinestones and the Regaliz Spain leather.

Also, there are three neck sizes to choose from, depended on your bearded dragon’s size: 5”, 5-1/2” and 6”.

To prevent any damages to your little pet, they used the studs and the threaded screw which is attached to the leather.

This awesome Carolina Designer Dragons collar also comes with other designs such as the fire opal and will surprise anyone. No exaggeration to say that this is a missing part of your pet’s unique personality.


  • Materials from different countries
  • Elegant and stylish
  • Many sizes to choose from


  • May cause a little difficulty while moving.

Carolina Designer Dragons Chaise Lounge

This chaise lounge is another product from the Carolina Designer Dragons. The special thing is that the product is hand-sewn. It comes with a simple but stylish design as if a cozy place for your bearded dragon to have a rest.

Plus, the Carolina Designer Dragons Chaise Lounge is made of metallic fabric and includes a sturdy wire frame base which is on four strong feet, two soft pillows and a mattress. Blue gold is the main color.

Moreover, this chaise lounge can be used anywhere, inside or outside the dragon’s habitat, making it an interesting spot for your pet. The basking spot under the base can be used to avoid UVB that may cause harm to them.

Apart from that, this Carolina designer Dragons lounge is very easy to clean. Both the pillows and mattresses are suitable for machine-washed, and the base can be cleaned by chlorhexidine from the manufacturer.


  • Metallic fabric with a strong base
  • Suitable for inside or outside placement
  • 100% hand-sewn
  • Machine washable


  • There are some small-size spots due to hand-sewn.

Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Bearded Dragon

This awesome Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Bearded Dragon is such a plastic toy for your friend. It looks very great, and with the orange main color. It is made of vinyl material and is painted by the hands of skillful artists.

The structure is well-designed and sturdy that provides the best quality and safety for your bearded dragon. Besides, they used good material without phthalate and also added a hangtag.

This Safari Ltd Creatures toy could be a very good friend to your little dragon so he/she will not feel boring when you are not close to.



  • Well-designed and sturdy construction
  • Made of good material
  • Very lively


  • The color is somewhat too bright
  • Got melted if too hot.

Hamiledyi Reptile Hammock Lizard Lounger

For a bearded dragon, a hammock would be another good idea to consider. In the wild, they really enjoy lounging under the sun. This activity helps them find comfort after hunting day.

Having known this, Hamiledyi has created a hand-woven hammock that made of strong and soft material.

The Hamiledyi Reptile Hammock Lizard Lounger offers super ease and climbable lounger so your little dragon can enjoy. It also allows them to strengthen their bodies by doing the climbing.

This bearded dragon climbing toy also made to become a shedding place for your buddy.

We can attach the hammock to terrarium walls or anywhere that your dragon prefers. The structure is solid and hard to deform making it more durable.

However, it is absolutely harmless since there is no toxic to be found. Plus, it is easy to wash or clean.


  • Good materials, non-toxic
  • Great construction
  • Easy to wash


  • Small cave.

Aolvo Reptile Hide, Bendable Wooden Bridge

Another cool toy is the Aolvo Reptile Hide, Bendable Wooden Bridge. The main material is wooden fruit sticks that construct a small bridge for your buddy to move between two sides of the enclosure. Since it is completely natural, safety is guaranteed. Besides, your pet will love its natural origin.

The product is attached with a bendable metal wire that allows you to reshape it to the one you prefer, or just to fit the terrarium.

Your bearded dragon can also use it as a hideout to evade any danger. By doing mobilizing activities with the bridge, your pet should be healthier.

No products found.

WooyMoo Reptile Hammock for Large & Small Bearded Dragons

The next product is also a hammock delivered by WooyMoo. They have created a versatile hammock that can do the job of a sleeping bad while giving your bearded dragon an entertainment venue.

This funny spot allows your little pet to practice its climbing skills and take a rest whenever it is tired.

The Wooymoo Reptile Hammock is made of high-quality fabric that gives high strength and long durability. Although, its design is simple and creates a feeling of comfort. The hammock is able to adjust its angle to suit your friend’s characteristics.

On the other hand, you can save more space in your pet’s habitat by using this foldable hammock. One last point is that this bearded dragon toy is very easy to clean, which helps you save a great amount of time.

No products found.

Hong Wu Reptiles Hidden Cave Toys

Looking for a hideout to satisfy your bearded dragon’s instinct? The hong Wu Reptiles Hidden Cave Toys is here so your buddy can burrow down like it would in nature.

The design is simple but very strong with the main material is resin. It comes with a light brown color that makes us feel comfortable. This hong Wu cave will provide a safe and shade place to take a cover.

The door is big enough to get in and out easily while allowing the airflow to go in and assure good ventilation. Besides, hiding in the cave will make your pet feels relax, secure and remove anxiety which is very good for their mental health.

No products found.

Lunarable Bearded Dragon Pet Mat

The Lunarable Bearded Dragon Pet Mat is designed to give the greatest experience to your buddy. It has a rectangle mat shape with a vivid color to attract your pet’s attention. The non-slip backing will ensure it will not go anywhere, hence, bring about ease when using the product.

It is made of a pure polyester substance that will help display the colors beautifully, create the feeling of fun and fresh, but also very durable.

To follow the hot trend, they also used the most modern printing technology to have the best color possible.

Plus, you are able to use this Lunarable Bearded Dragon Pet Mat to serve more than just one bearded dragon. At the same time, you will find no difficulty cleaning the mat.


  • Clear image
  • Hot printing technology
  • No color fading


  • Not much activity to do with it.

VietFX Repti Hammock Habitat Decor

The next one is a hammock product comes from VietFX. The VietFX Repti Hammock Habitat Decor is very lightweight, just about 0.25kg and measures 30cm x 20 x cm x 10cm, which is large enough for your bearded dragon to lay on. It also provides a fascinating place to practice climbing skills.

It has a rectangle shape with multiple strands of rope intertwined together, so it is extremely strong but very elastic.

This feature not only gives the safety for your pet but also giving you an easy way to store it. All you need to do is simply fold up the hammock when not in use. You can also adjust the hammock to fit your bearded dragon’s habitat.

No products found.

OMEM Reptile Terrarium Décor Tree

As we all know, bearded dragons love climbing around different trees and looking for food. The OMEM Reptile Terrarium Décor Tree is a product that offers a play spot and a hideout for your little buddy.

They used the resin as the main material for durability, and they added some advanced simulations.

Therefore, the product is so real as if it is a living tree. It is good to know that we can put this into freshwater or saltwater, but the color still remains.

Moreover, with the light brown driftwood and the stout included, the environment around it should be more real.

The root is big, suitable for desert or rainforest habitat. Plus, thanks to the natural shapes, it is such a good bearded dragon toy for your pet but also a nice decoration for your sweet home.


  • Durable
  • Advanced simulation added
  • Can be put in a different environment


  • Take a lot of space.

Efaster Reptile Hammock Lounger for Bearded Dragon

This is another awesome hammock lounger product. This versatile hammock of Efaster offers lots of activities for your bearded dragon: sleep, rest or climb.

It is made of lasting nylon and breathable material which bring comfort and ease. The suction cups are large and with a sturdy design, it creates a strong bond and will not fall off from its position.

The Efaster Reptile Hammock Lounger comes in two sizes and ideal for widening your buddy’s space. Your friend will surely enjoy the vantage point after doing the daily exercise.

The manufacturer also included a very nice instruction to show you how to install it, which is a remarkable point.

No products found.

POPETPOP Reptile Feeding Dish

Feeding is a daily activity that we all need to do for our bearded dragon. It would be a mistake if we don’t count the feeding dish in.

The POPETPOP Reptile Feeding Dish is made of quality resin that prevents the dish from moving while your bearded dragon is eating. Also, it is a non-toxic and durable material that will cause no harm to the pet’s health.

The sturdy construction makes sure nothing spills out or overthrow but still provides enough space for a large amount of food or drink.

Its design is elegant and bright which would make the meal more delicious and digestive. Moreover, we can clean the dish without any problem.

No products found.

Remote Control Enclosure Plastic Bridge

The Remote Control Enclosure Plastic Bridge is a nice bearded dragon enrichment toys by Michio Niran. It is no heavy at all, just about 0.23kg. The design is modern and delicate that can attract your friend’s eyes.

Being made of high-quality plastic, the Remote Control Enclosure Plastic Bridge brings about safety and comfort bask place for your bearded dragon.

We can put it in the pet’s habitat for decoration purposes but also give him/her an interesting venue to come.

The bridge is pretty strong and stable for climbing exercise, and with the four suction cups, you can fix its position. The product is also easy to use and clean.

No products found.

Zilla Shale Rock Den

Bearded dragon enjoys basking, climbing and having a rest in a comfortable burrow. The Zilla Shale Rock Den gives your pet the opportunity to hide in such genius rock niches and satisfy its desire while having the safety.

The rock consists of different shelters and each one is made with a non-porous surface that is super easy to clean by using warm soapy water. They also resist bacterial growth so your pet will be healthier and the den is fresher.

On top of that, the natural design appears inside the habitat is also a remarkable point and will be very appealing to your pet. The top is such a place for basking and warm-up activity.



  • Natural appearance
  • Anti-bacteria surface
  • Easy to clean


  • For terrestrial environment only.

Lovinouse Triangular Hanging Net for Bearded Dragons

The Lovinouse Triangular Hanging Net comes with the pack of four hammock pieces. It is made of sturdy and stable mesh fabric to ensure safety. With the high elastic trait, it is easy to fold up the net for storing.

The suction cups are strong enough to suffer your pet’s weight and hard to fall off. But to make sure, you can put these suction cups into warm water and after drying it, you now have solid ones to use.

Made of nylon mesh material, this bearded dragon climbing toy offers an excellent surface to rest, lounge, bask or climb. We can reconfigure the height and position to create different exercises to your climber and keep it active, which means keep it healthier.

Furthermore, the Lovinouse Triangular Hanging Net is very easy to clean.

No products found.

POPETPOP Hamster Hammock Grid for Beared Dragon

Another hammock for the bearded dragon from POPETPOP that will surprise any owner. It measures 60 x 60 x 2.5 cm with the main material is hemp rope, which means this POPETPOP Hamster Hammock Grid is very eco-friendly.

Besides, this well-weaved product offers a sturdy net grid, so your little bearded dragon can practice daily physical exercise.

Furthermore, its structure is strong enough to suffer your pet weight, so there should be no danger while your pet is climbing on it. You can hang it inside the pet’s tank to increase more space for your buddy.


  • Sturdy net
  • Eco-friendly material


  • Trouble cleaning.

Our Picks & Recommendations

Zilla Shale Rock Den

We choose this product for its super cool natural appearance that can attract any bearded dragon. This makes it easy to become one of the most favorite spots of your friend.

Besides, the design is pretty good and it provides enough space for many activities such as basking in the sun or hiding in its space. With a reasonable placement, each rock will cover a different direction and help your pet feel more secure while having a rest in it.

The high-quality resin fabric is also a remarkable point. It makes a strong and durable product that is suitable for long-lasting uses.

Moreover, with the genius non-porous synthesis, the surface is safe from bacteria that may grow inside the terrarium. It means that when playing with it, your little buddy will not contact with bacteria, hence, decrease the ability to get sick by disease.

That’s not all about this rock den. The manufacturer also thinks of the user’s convenience and makes this bearded dragon toy easier to use and clean.

They have proven that the product indeed can be placed in a tropical or an arid temperature in the pet’s tank. This is really helpful since you don’t want to replace all other supplies in the terrarium to suit the toy’s condition.

Even though, this Zilla Shale Rock Den still has some flaws. It should not be used underwater because water may be stagnant and create a terrible smell. This rock den is also a little small for big size bearded dragon to get in.

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Also great: Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Bearded Dragon

This Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Bearded Dragon is a second pick thanks to the special idea. It is just like a replica of a bearded dragon that will be good to become a friend of your bearded dragon.

The materials are also very good with the lead-free and phthalate-free ability. Its construction is sturdy and durable for a long time. Besides, the product is individually hand-painted by artists from Safari Ltd. The liveliness is truly what makes your pet enjoy it so much.

Enjoying the article? How about checking out our guide on raising the hamster?

Nevertheless, it is somewhat smaller than you think and the color is not the same as any bearded dragon. Plus, because it is painted by hand, there should be some mistakes by accident. The heat is also a danger to this type of material.

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Maintenance guides

This is depended on what your toy is and its features.

For example, the feeding dish should be cleaned regularly with warm water to ensure the hygienic. This can be done weekly or even daily to prevent any disease.

Dragon accessories like trees or den are harder to clean due to their shape, but you can remove dust by using a small dust sweeper. After that, you can immerse it into the water and let it dry naturally.

Hammocks are different. If they are net type, it should be hard to clean by hand but you can put in on a flat surface, pour in warm soapy water and use a brush to scrub away dirt. If they are not, simply use the washing machine.

Supposing the toy is not from organic material, clean it as you clean the pet’s habitat. In the case of organic toy, you should replace the new one if they become decayed enough.

FAQs on Bearded Dragon Toys

1. Are toys really good for bearded dragons?

Yes, they will do the job. As mentioned above, your bearded dragon needs to do lots of exercises. Activities like that will make their muscles stronger and their blood circulation better.

Of course, they need not only physical activity but also a mental activity. These toys will definitely give them the demands they want, not just staying in their terrarium.

2. What kind of toys does bearded dragon enjoy?

This should be the question that anyone would ask. A lot of them enjoy an interesting object, so it is nice to buy them rock or tree decoration.

Furthermore, bearded dragon loves to discover the outside world, so why not buy your dragon an amazing leash and enjoy traveling with your buddy? This activity will also increase closeness between you two.

Moreover, on sunny days, bearded dragon prefers resting in a comfortable place, hence, isn’t it good to have a hammock that offers such experience? Plus, having a bridge for your bearded dragon to play with is not a bad idea.

3. Are these toys easy to use?

For some products, it is very simple to use after purchasing, such as the food dish or the mat. But for others, you should carefully read the instruction and follow them to make sure things go on track.

4. After purchasing the toys for my bearded dragon, he/she seems not to enjoy it. Is this normal? What can I do?

Fortunately, this expression of your bearded dragon is completely normal so you shouldn’t worry. They need time to learn about new objects and experiences, whether it is dangerous or not. It is the nature of their ancestors.

If you want to improve the situation quickly, simply putting another similar function accessory but with a new appearance. This should pull your pet’s attention to the new one, and unconsciously, they will think the toy is no longer an enemy.

Assuming this trick doesn’t work, it is better that you wait for a time before buying a new one. Remember, it can take time and effort but worth trying to give your pet the best things.

5. Do these toys have a lifetime?

Yes, each product will have a different shelf-life. For organic product, it is no doubt that its lifetime is shorter than the non-organic one.

Besides, the environment condition might also affect the lifetime of the toys, so you should carefully check to know when the decay happens.

Final thoughts

To conclude, as a bearded dragon owner, it is your responsibility to do the best things for your pet. Choosing a perfect toy is no exception and it will take a lot of time, money and effort.

However, you now have our great review and information to solve this difficult puzzle, so you will be more confident about your choice.

Always bear in mind the basic things to consider and deeply research on every bearded dragon toy before you make a decision. After all, you are the only one that can build a dream home for your little dragon and boost its happiness. Go now and make it happen.

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