20 Best Betta Fish Plants in 2021 (Guide & Reviews)

Keeping pets is one responsibility that everyone wants to experience, and none is looking forward to rearing pets that may consume much time.

There’s no doubt that betta fish tops the list of pets that offer convenience to their keepers in terms of general maintenance.

Another candid thing is the fact that betta fish helps improve the appearance of the décor more than all other animals.

One way of ensuring that the aesthetic value of your fish habitat remains admirable is by introducing some attractive plants.

While other people are only keen on enhancing the beauty of their pet’s aquariums, live betta fish plants have offered some biological benefits to our swimming friends.

What matters is that you should provide to your aquatic pet the most appropriate betta fish plants with gainful value.

For aesthetic reasons alone, pet parents usually go for synthetic betta fish plants, but animal enthusiasts who want their pets to gain prefer live plants.

It means that a pet owner can only have two preferences when it comes to betta fish plants– either to use live plants or synthetic plants.

Some people prefer referring to synthetic plants as “fake plants,’’ a term that other pet lovers find displeasing.

Betta fish plants are equally essential because they provide grounds for hiding, relaxation, and playing for our fish.

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Factors to consider when selecting a suitable betta fish plant

Since there are only two ways to do it, a pet parent will make the considerations based on the type of betta fish plants he/she needs.

It means that a pet owner who’s interested in live plants has varying selection criteria compared to counterparts who want fake fish plants.

We have therefore highlighted the considerations depending on which kind of betta fish plants you choose for your pet.

Considerations for synthetic betta fish plants

  • Material

Fake betta fish plants are usually made of plastic, though others that are made of silk and other different textile materials.

Lovers of synthetic plants are very fortunate because they can do their selection from various textiles and plastic materials.

  • Size

We advise that you should only go for fish plants that your pet aquarium can accommodate.

Remember, you also need some space for playing and recreation needs, so you shouldn’t let the fish plants to accumulate much space.

  • The sensitivity of your pet

Silk betta fish plants are always pleasant to see but they are also a source of sensitivity issues for many of our swimming pets.

An ideal fish plant shouldn’t cause any irritation to your fish.

  • Color

The main purpose that synthetic fish plants serve is to help decorate both the fish aquarium and your entire home.

It’s, therefore, important to choose colors that promise to make the habitat attractive.

  • Durable

Depending on the material used in the construction of synthetic betta fish plants, you can easily determine how long they can last.

Plastic plants are sturdy and can last longer than other fake plants made from other fabric materials.

  • Cost

Synthetic betta fish plants are usually affordable no matter the material used in their construction.

The costs of these plants should be the least source of your worry in the entire aquarium.

Besides, once you purchase them, they can last forever thus saving you from creating a constant budget for the course.

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Factors to consider when choosing live betta fish plants

Best Betta Fish Plants

Unlike in the earlier category, live fish plants require careful considerations because they can come with both harmful and beneficial effects.

For instance, live betta fish plants that had been used in the previous aquarium may harbor pests and diseases.

Here are a few things to consider before deciding on ideal live betta fish plants;

  • Position of the tank

Live betta fish plants will dictate you in the right position to place your pet aquarium.

Remember, live plants are mainly photosynthetic and thus require sunlight for the sake of the process.

The tank carrying live fish plants should be placed at locations that receive sunlight.

  • Season

It’s a massive factor to consider bearing in mind that various plants have specific sunlight rays requirements.

For instance, tropic plants will need 12 hours each day to receive sunlight but some seasons promise less exposure to this essential requirement.

Failure to grant live plants with the right light intensity could force plants to consume much oxygen from water at the expense of the lovely pet.

In the absence of adequate light intensity, you should consider availing LED light around the tank.

  • Size of the tank

Pet parents using small tanks may be required to change the sizes of the containers from time to time depending on the extent of the plant’s growth.

An ideal tank should be roomy enough to accommodate both the pet and plants.

  • Growth rate

Individuals who are keen to give their tanks the initial vegetative appearance will go for plants that grow rapidly.

However, if you cannot put up with regular pruning, then plants that grow slowly are your portion.

  • Parasites and diseases

Always be on the watch to ensure that the plant you bring is free from parasites and diseases.

One way to do this is by washing the plant thoroughly to eliminate any incidence of your pet’s home getting contaminated.

  • Budget

Live betta fish plants usually cost more than their fake counterparts, so you should be ready to incur a slightly high expense.

  • Easy to wash betta fish plants

Live plants are known for their delicate nature, so pet parents need to handle them with care if they don’t want to replace them soon.

It makes a lot of sense to choose plants that don’t break easily when fish owners are washing them.

  • Type of feeders

It’s also important to establish the mode through which betta fish plants use in the uptake of nutrients.

Fish plants can either be column feeders or root feeders, so you should take your time to select the type that suits your needs.

Column feeders obtain their nutrients through their rhizomes while root feeders gain nutrients using their roots.

Betta Fish Plants

choosing live betta fish plants

Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus)

Java ferns are proving to be the solution for aquariums in rooms lacking adequate light.

A single plant has about six leaves and the number can increase within a short time to provide your pet with a great ground for hiding.

This plant offers easy to use for pet parents, who don’t have to supply constant fertilizers and special substrate for it to thrive.

All you need to provide is freshwater and the plant will either submerge fully or partially.

If you’re enthusiastic about tropical live betta plants that feed through column mechanism, then your search is likely to end here.

The shipping of these plants takes place every Monday and Tuesday.

Anubias Barteri

This is another live betta fish plant that continues to gain fame for the thick lush green leaves it possesses.

The leaves are free from toxic materials, so your pet cannot only hide within the thick foliage but are also free to bite the leaves.

Anubias Barteri works perfectly for individuals who have placed their aquarium within rooms.

It means that the plant can thrive well away from the window because it doesn’t require excess light.

The technology used in grafting the plant remains admirable because it keeps parasites like snails and diseases at bay.

Besides, the plant that derives its nutrients directly from water won’t require you to provide sophisticated substrates for it to flourish.

Even though it has thick green leaves, those leaves don’t grow overnight, so you shouldn’t be worried about the duty of trimming them regularly.

479 Reviews

GreenPro Amazon Sword (Echinodorus Bleheri)

If you don’t take a second look, you can easily confuse this live betta fish plant for spinach leaves that we eat in our diets.

The broad and thick leaves are offering an excellent ground where your pet can hide while also taking a nib.

It’s mainly recommended for people who are just beginning their careers as betta fish owners.

The ideal position where it should be placed in is the rear sections, where the plant provides an attractive environment around your pet’s habitat.

This pet plant has been approved by various authorities, including USDA.

Moreover, prior to the packing, a thorough inspection is carried to ensure that the quality remains high.


6 Narrow Leaves Anacharis

Some pet owners have told me that the leaves of this live betta fish plants look like that one of cannabis.

Well, I am not an expert in that field for me to either deny or acknowledge, but all I know that the leaves are narrow.

It’s one plant that your pets will like, but you should get ready to fulfil some requirements that allow it to thrive.

The growth of Anacharis highly depends on the substrate and CO2 supply is also recommended, though it isn’t mandatory.

Anacharis plants are popular with betta fish vases because of their ability to consume nitrate, thus helping to eradicate algae.

If you want a plant that can grow to form a forest within your pet aquarium, then Anacharis will fit the bill.

However, you’ll require a spacious tank for the rapid growth to take place.

37 Reviews

Java Moss Stone Pad

The versatility of this betta fish plant is what keeps people to continue to buy it for their pets.

It’s one plant that will work perfectly with all kinds of tanks and make a haven for your aquatic friend.

Provided that you can access freshwater, the plant’s growth will be easy and almost ready to happen.

Besides, you will not need a special light source to make it flourish inside your fish habitat.

If you like to attach it to driftwood, rocks, or even background moss wall, you can be sure that it will work to provide an environment where your pet can hide.

Its pattern of growth that involves an attractive spreading makes it create a beautiful habitat for your adorable pet.

No products found.

Elodea Anacharis

Even though this betta fish plant comes from South East Asia, USDA has approved its use within the country.

Like many other imported plants, Elodea Anacharis finds it difficult to grow when the temperature is extreme, so you’re advised not to make orders during summers and winters.

The plant has a reputation for increasing the level of oxygen in your fish habitat.

Besides, it plays a massive role in eliminating algae since it sucks nitrates.

In case you have issues with snails, this might not be the right plant for your pet’s aquarium.

Its use in fish ponds has also proved valuable since your swimming pet can take a nib at will.

Caring for this plant is easy as you can either choose to submerge it or let it settle at the base of the habitat.

Aquatic Art 3 Betta Fish Balls

These are natural marimos that are harvested in European seas, so you can be certain that there isn’t the use of pesticides and dyes that can be toxic to your lovely fish.

In addition, the balls undergo three essential steps to eliminate any substance that can cause contamination.

The level of intelligence in betta fish is high, and they’ll surely love to play with the balls in the aquarium.

These balls will keep your curious betta fish engaged throughout the time within the adorable enclosure.

Also, the balls play a vital role in the decoration of the aquarium.

For whatever reason that causes your displeasure with the balls, you can be sure that your whole money will be refunded.

The marimo balls help to remove nitrate and phosphate, thus making it hard for algae to thrive.

With all the benefits that the balls bring, including adding oxygen content, their maintenance isn’t involving.

For instance, fertilizers and CO2 aren’t needed for their existence in the tank.

No products found.

Hygrophila (Hygrophila Corymbosa)

Hygrophila has proved its efficiency when it comes to creating puzzles for your intelligent betta fish adventure.

The plant can grow to massive heights, so it requires big tanks that can accommodate it.

As a root feeder, you’ll provide it with a substrate to offer support and aid its growth.

The plant can endure extreme conditions that do not have sufficient light energy.

It has broad leaves that make an ideal spot for both relaxation and exploration.

Planterest has made a significant reputation in the plant industry for the past three decades, so it’s easy to trust its services.

This plant can take a week without dying during the shipping period.

Java Moss (Vesicularia Dubyana)

Here’s one of the most flexible betta fish plants that will grow well under varying temperatures.

However, it’s mysterious how it doesn’t have roots that still choose to settle at the bottom of the tank.

There’s no doubt that these plants make your pet feels home since the appearance matches the real habitat of fish.

Besides, the plants do well in providing layers where the pet can play and hide.

It’s ideal vegetation for pet owners who want to cover the substrate and create something unique.

Besides, the live betta fish plants provide a spot where fish can rest and hide.

Greenpro Live Aquarium Plants

It’s through culturing that makes these betta fish plants to remain both fresh and live throughout.

The plants can grow under varying environmental conditions but tend to flourish in places with low light access.

Betta fish owners like these plants because they are easy to take care of, and at the same time, Anubia promises to accord your pet a healthy life.

The plants are non-toxic but firm enough to endure aquatic life for long.

If you want your aquarium to look appear dense, then you shouldn’t shop further than these live betta fish plants.

Overall, the acquisition of these plants will put your pet habitat to achieve a high standard of decoration.

Marina Betta Orchid Aquarium Plastic Plants

It’s only insects that can detect that this is a plastic plant at once, but you and I will keep guessing.

The pink color makes the plastic betta fish plant completes what it was intended for- decoration.

Unlike other plastic plants, Marina Betta Orchid poses no danger to the lives of creatures inhabiting your tank.

If you thought that the adorable color will soon fade, then you’ll be in for a long.

The maintenance is easy and the durability of this affordable plant is guaranteed.

It’s perfect with nearly every aquarium but most tank experts recommend it for ½ gallon containers, which mainly hold betta fish.

CNZ Aquarium Décor Fish Tank Decoration Plastic Green Plants

It’s amazing how the designer has blended purple and green colors to come up with adorable betta fish plastic plants.

The good part of it is that a single purchase will hand you a pair of these artificial plants.

Since the plants are made of a sturdy ceramic and quality plastic material, your expectation of acquiring a long-lasting product is fulfilled.

Never worry about the size of your tank, a pair of 8 inches plants are great for any aquarium.

If you thought that these quality betta fish plants will cost more than the earth and heaven, then you have some relief.

The amount you need to improve the decoration of your aquarium is affordable.

Blue Spotted Elephant Leaf Betta Plant

Whether you choose to keep your pet betta in a large bowl or aquarium, this artificial betta plant will not disappoint you.

The plant comes when it’s already attached to its resin weighted rock base for firm placement.

Something that the designer of this plastic plant achieved is to give it the natural appearance that will massively help to improve the decoration of the cage.

The position of this plant in your tank is very flexible as you can put it at the rear, middle, or in front.

Given that it has numerous broad leaves, it’s all your friend with fins needs to hide and enjoy some unlimited relaxation session.

Besides its durability, you only need cool running to rinse it before putting it in use.

126 Reviews

COMSUN 10 Pack Artificial Aquarium Plants

Here are artificial betta fish plants that will put your imagination to an endless test.

With ten plants in a single purchase, you’ll need some space to accommodate them both inside and around your betta fish aquarium.

One great thing concerning these plastic betta plants is the fact that they give you a lot of options when it comes to their positioning.

Like all other artificial plants, they do not release oxygen and CO2, which may affect the overall life within the habitat.

The plants are ideal for planning because they won’t grow and force you to acquire new tanks.

No need of thinking about maintenance costs to avail lighting systems, CO2, and even fertilizers for their growth.

Despite the low maintenance cost, the way these plants will help to beautify your pet’s aquarium is limitless.

QUMY Large Aquarium Plant Artificial Plastic

AQUMY designers have excelled in creating a combination of vibrant colors that will no doubt enhance aesthetic spark to your tank.

The plastic betta fish plants are what pet parents, who don’t want any form of intoxication in a tank, need to provide to pet betta.

The base of these adorable plants is somehow heavy to withstand ordinary currents that can test their firmness.

If you look at the plants, you see how the leaves have been given the red color, which effortlessly brings the ultimate decoration.

The adorable layered stems are a source of exploration for your curious pets, which will complete several puzzles.

It’s amazing how you can achieve what appears natural at a low cost and with limited maintenance.


SunGrow Plastic Aquarium Plant Set

Here’s a solution to keep messy accessories and wires away from the frontal view.

These are the ideal plants that will stay at the façade of the aquarium and add immense beauty to your pet’s habitat.

The plants are shipped already attached to heavy resin weight for anchorage.

A pack comes with three betta fish plants with silky leaves that can stimulate your pets to activity, and without any irritation.

If you thought that the plants are only admirable during the day, then you need to see them at night under the exposure of background lightings.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll love how the green leaves keep glowing.

These plants are ideal for aquariums whose sizes range from 5-20 gallons, given that the attractive decors are 10 inches tall.


Penn Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank Plant

Here’s a unique plant that has the purpose of promoting a healthy living environment for your pet betta.

Unlike most other plants that are submerged into water, this one comes with its substrate and stays on top of the aquarium.

It does the role of purifying the water and at the same time absorbs your betta fish wastes to create a healthy habitat.

In many ways, the plants create a cycle that’s almost similar to the one fish have in their natural habitats.

Experts recommend it also for goldfish and white cloud minnows.

It’s easy to clean and it proves to be of the betta fish plants that serve several purposes for aquariums rather than beauty alone.


Sea Lilly Blue

If you don’t want color blue, then you should be ready to put up with either crimson or white betta fish plastic plants.

It’s easy to detect when there’s algae infestation, you’ll see the plants turn pinkish. Algae invasion can be controlled using mild soap and hot water.

The existence of these artificial plants is inspired by the collection of delicate sea creatures that resemble feathers, which live in the South China Sea.

Since they are just 4 inches tall, they are ideal for nearly every aquarium.


Silk Aquarium Decorations

Silk betta fish plants have continued to prove how versatile they are in both freshwater and marine water.

Their texture is also great for betta fish, which get more stimulation to remain active in the tank.

The fact that it’s made of silk and plastic materials ensures that your pet betta remains safe, as no toxic products are released.

Plants are arranged in a manner that inspires betta fish to explore, thereby reducing boredom.

One of the greatest things about the package is that when you make one purchase, the order comes with five attractive plants.

Uniclife Strip Coral Plant

This artificial betta fish plant brings back the memory to your friend with the fins of a sea landscape.

Its glowing nature makes the aquarium attractive hence helping in decorating your house.

It doesn’t matter where you want to place it, the plant is okay with both saltwater and freshwater.

A resin base on which three plants stand is also available for the sake of anchorage.

The glowing appearance can last for long since the plant resists fading. Its safety emanates from the fact that it’s free from toxic material and odorless.

Availing this beautiful betta fish plant is a sure way of making your pet happy.


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FAQs on Betta Fish Plants

Betta fish plant

Are betta fish compatible with bamboo plants?

Yes, Betta fish and Bamboo plants supplement each other within their habitat.

The droppings that betta fish release aid the growth of the plant.

On the other hand, betta fish also gain from the plant because it has a place to hide.

Besides, Bamboo plants also release oxygen that the fish use for gaseous exchange.

What are the ideal plants that can be placed inside a betta fish tank?

The type of plant doesn’t matter; the bottom line is that betta fish feel comfortable in their niches when there are plants.

Whether fake plants or live betta fish plants, your pet will appreciate the decoration and the hideout that plants create.

 Where can I buy live betta plants?

If you cannot find live betta plants in pet stores closer to you, then you can be sure to find them on online platforms such as Amazon.

In this article alone, we have reviewed 11 live betta plants and provided links that can help you to buy them.

Are live plants important to betta plants?

Yes, live betta plants make the pet habitat look natural hence stimulating its instincts.

Besides, live betta plants are a rich source of oxygen that your pet needs to remain fresh in the aquarium.

What should I put inside my betta fish aquarium?

Ideal betta fish aquariums have a capacity of at least 5 gallons, thus can accommodate several other betta fish accessories.

After putting plants, you’ll still have a roomy space to utilize for decoration purposes.

Besides, the tanks are always spacious to accommodate betta fish toys.

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The importance of betta fish plants cannot go unnoticed if you’re enthusiastic about your friend with colorful fins.

Betta fish plants play an instrumental role when it comes to decorating the tanks to mimic what the natural habitats posses.

Without betta fish plants, your pet might lack sufficient spots for hideouts and other natural instincts.

It should be noted that the common problem that beleaguers betta fish are related to stress; the plants are vital in combating stress.

In this article, we have reviewed 20 betta fish plants, where the first 10 are live plants.

The remaining 10 are mainly artificial plants made of either plastic, silk, or other synthetic materials.

Each product has a link to Amazon to help you to see more features, including the prices that keep changing.

Remember, you might be fortunate to bump on offers that numerous pet companies usually feature at Amazon.

As usual, we welcome your feedback because our resolve to help you keep healthy pets is undying.

Also, if you have pet-related questions, feel free to share them and we’ll be more than pleased to offer remedies.

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