20 Best Betta Fish Toys of 2021 (Complete Guide & Reviews)

Even without adding more accessories, betta fish alone are enough to give your house a natural and unmatched decoration.

This decoration can improve further if you avail all betta fish toys to your glowing friends.

Experts warn that fish that don’t exercise are more susceptible to disease than the ones with the right toys.

With that said, you’ll realize that the ball is squarely lying in your court, so it’s upon you to do the right thing and ensure that your swimming friend remains healthy.

Betta fish are known as intelligent animals, but that intelligence keeps pushing them to explore their surroundings.

The curious pets find their adventurous mission fulfilled if their owners provide them with ideal betta fish toys.

By now you must be aware that betta fish are territorial pets that don’t like sharing their habitats, especially with fish from the same gender.

Situations such as territorial protection make it safe to let each betta fish live in its own aquarium.

Without companions, your guess can be as good as mine that these aquatic pets will need betta fish toys to thrive.

It’s these toys that will stimulate your pet to swim often hence giving you a chance to watch them on many occasions.

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Factors to consider when buying betta fish toys

Given the delicate nature of these fish, pet parents are advised to pay more attention before you bring any item of playing in tanks.

We have highlighted some considerations that you need to make to ensure that your pets deserve betta fish toys.


Even though betta fish are known for their activities, it could take you long before you notice their movement in the absence of betta fish toys.

Betta fish toys have a way to inspire mobility in your aquatic pets.


Having mentioned how delicate these water creatures are; it’s important to ensure that rough objects and materials with sharp edges don’t get within your pets’ enclosure.

It’s because such objects may inflict injuries that bring pain and can even result in fatalities.

#Natural instinct

Never think of making your pet learn many new tricks; just reconcile it with its natural instincts.

The process is easy, especially when you provide betta fish toys that encourage pets to exhibit their natural instincts.

#Absence of dyes and other toxic chemicals

It isn’t complete if we talk about the safety of our pets without mentioning dangerous chemicals.

Dyes and some chemicals are toxic, thus can end up leaving with an aquarium without its occupant.


We’re still emphasizing how betta fish are delicate, so any product that supports their lives should come from reputable stores.

We recommend that you buy items from recognized pet stores or Amazon.


Materials that are used in the construction of betta fish toys will determine how long the playthings can last.

We’re sure that you won’t enjoy buying these items every now and then.


Betta fish toys usually don’t cost too much money, but even if they do, they give value for their worth.

Simple budget allocation will be the end of boredom in your pets.

#Size of the tank

Of course, you cannot buy more items than your pet’s aquarium can accommodate, so make sure that you know your limit when it comes to capacity.

On the other hand, we advise that you avail large tanks for your pets to create enough space for exercising.

#Aesthetic value

Betta fish toys aren’t only meant for your adorable pets, they also play a vantage role in making our houses attractive.

Putting more betta fish toys means that your house and the tank will become more colorful.

Betta Fish Toys Reviews

Betta Fish Toys Review

We saw it fit to review these betta fish toys in 10 categories to make it easy for your understanding.

In each category, we’ll review at least two products that will make life in the tank splendid forever.

Aquarium Plants are equally betta fish toys

Are you wondering how plants can become toys for pets that we keep? Just think about your childhood how you used to enjoy climbing trees for fun and you’ll realize that the plants give the same experience to our adorable betta fish.

It doesn’t matter if you provide the lovely creature with an artificial plant or a live betta fish plant; the result will almost be the same.

However, for the sake of making the habitat look more natural, we recommend a live betta fish plant to serve the purpose.

Our recommendation shouldn’t mean that we vilify fake plants; we are aware of various benefits that artificial plants have over live plants.

For instance, they don’t harbor diseases and parasites the same way live plants do. Besides, their maintenance is easy and they are durable.

We prefer live plants because they are a source of oxygen to our pets and they also consume CO2 that our pets emit.

If you’re enthusiastic about fake plants, then you need to select the ones with silk leaves because they’re soft on our pets’ bodies.

All plants are setting massive grounds for hiding for betta fish.

Here are our two selections under this class;

Anacharis Elodea

Whether you’re keeping your betta fish in a pond or an aquarium, this live plant will serve your pet well.

The plant can take beyond three days during shipping without going bad, so its endurance is what makes it to find a space in this article.

For this plant to nourish well, you need to avail requirements such as moderate temperature, CO and a substrate.

However, your betta fish will still find more gainful things if you take it to a tank.


  • Source of oxygen that inspires your pet to be active
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • It stimulates the pet to exhibit its natural instincts
  • Ideal for several water tanks
  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly
  • It’s great for lounging
  • It helps to achieve beautification goals


  • It has several requirements

QUMY Artificial Betta Fish Plants

In case you find keeping live betta fish plants tiring, artificial plants will suit your bill.

These are the kind of plants that will enhance the beauty of your pet’s habitat without requiring you to provide some essentials as live plants do.

Furthermore, fake plants bear no chance of causing any form of infestation to your lovely pets.

If you take a look at these plants, you won’t stop admiring them and the designer made every effort to make them bring out the real instincts of your aquatic friend.



  • Ideal for improving the taste of your décor
  • They are free from parasites and disease
  • They offer convenience maintenance
  • A great site for hiding
  • They are durable


  • They do not contribute to the fight against algae

Leaf Hammock for relaxation

Providing your pet with fresh water isn’t all, the betta fish needs somewhere to relax after making some vigorous movements.

Leaf hammocks can be handy when it comes to finding for your pet betta places to lounge after an eventful day.

Here are our two products for this category;

SunGrow Leaf Hammock for Betta Fish

Now that you’ve established that plants can be betta fish toys; you should also be ready to agree that any part of a plant can serve the same role.

Since betta fish like shallow water where they can easily slide to the surface for more oxygen, leaf hammocks are the real spot for staying away from the depth of the tank.

With a suction cup, it won’t take you long before you fix this brilliant betta fish toy for relaxing.

Its appearance gives the tank the much-needed natural beauty, which works well in ensuring aesthetic value is achieved.

No products found.

Zoo Med Betta Leaf Hammock

Like the product that we have reviewed above, Zoo Med Leaf Hammock is another betta fish toy that has almost the same design.

However, the manufacturers are different and you may find the products varying in prices.

It isn’t clear between Zoo Med and SunGrow, the company that first designed the product that has a deliberate intention to make your pet feel at home.

But judging with the number of reviews on Amazon, Zoo Med Betta Fish Hammock carried the day.


Floating logs are great hideaway spots for betta fish

One reason why people find betta fish captivating is because of the fact that they spend most of their time near the surface of the water.

This means that you can have a view of your beautiful pet betta as much as you wish.

After taking time displaying itself before your sight, you need to create for it somewhere to relax at the depth of the water tank.

Floating logs are powerful betta fish toys when it comes to securing a serene place for relaxation in an aquarium.

Floating logs are perfect places for a hideout for betta fish when they are done with displaying themselves at the surface of the water.

Remember, apart from swimming, betta fish usually dedicate their time to lounge on leaf hammocks just beneath the water level.

It’s at these floating logs where your pet will feel secured and safe from any form of invasion.

Besides, they also act as ideal dens for sleeping and nesting after playing.

There’s no doubt that floating logs are instrumental betta fish toys with a hole where the pet can feed from.

Find our two products for this category;

ECH Aquarium Decoration Hollow Tree Trunk

No matter the size of your tank, this is an adorable betta fish toy that will appeal to the sight of your pet.

It’s made of quality non-toxic resin that can withstand fading both in saltwater and freshwater.

Apart from you and your lovely pet, your guests will not stop admiring the amazing decorations.

Nothing can stop you from taking home this magnificent betta fish toy, which is ready for use. Besides, your maintenance isn’t required at all.

However, make sure that this flammable aquatic shelter doesn’t come close to fire because it will burn.

No products found.

Zoo Med Floating Betta Log

Here’s a perfect betta fish toy that your pet will definitely love to find within the small aquarium.

It’s designed for a two-gallon tank and it comes with a hole inscribed on it for feeding.

If you are keen on alleviating stress and boredom in a pet’s enclosure, then this log will perform the trick.

The use of this betta fish toy is limitless; you can trust it with brooding, playing and feeding the lovely pet.

For a moment, forget about the admirable natural appearance of the log; your pet will surely have more exploration to do with it.

One of the adventures is making glowing bubbles while taking some rest.

All definitions will reveal to you that the designers of the floating log came up with a product that won’t make your betta fish feel like a captive pet.

No products found.

Sinking Betta Logs are equally great

Having already mentioned that betta fish love to stay closer to the water surface, pet owners need to work on mechanisms that can make these adorable creatures no to miss any fun underwater.

Sinking logs are continuing to prove that they are the best betta fish toys that can make your pet have some attachments to the depth of the water tank.

Once you avail the toy, you’ll begin to see your pet moving in and out of the accessory most of the time.

The next thing that betta fish sinking logs provide is a decent hideout, which will make your pet feel secured.

It’s worth acknowledging that betta fish also get an opportunity to sleep and relax while perfect their natural instinct of hiding.

Here are the two products we have reviewed under this section;

Blue Spotted Betta Log

The manufacturer of this log refers to this ornament as a ‘betta fish paradise,’ and you’ll surely find that it isn’t a misplaced phrase.

This sinking log offers a beehive of activities for your pet betta, including hiding and resting.

Once you purchase this betta fish toy with a natural appearance, you’ll not lack where to place it since both bowls and tanks can accommodate it.

Provide other accessories such as a small mirror and a leaf pad alongside it for your pet to have a complete enjoyment.

Ensure that you wash in a running cool water before placing it inside your pet’s habitat.

Don’t worry about your betta pet having full fun, you’ll equally find it captivating watching pet displaying its colorful body in and out of the ornament.

No products found.

Zoo Med Sinking Ceramic Betta Log

Is there any pet you keep at home that has no product from this company? The dedication that Zoo Med has put when it comes to improving every aspect of our pets’ lives, is worth some applause.

Before you even get to know what’s concealed within its interior parts, the magnificent natural appeal will not escape your attention.

The designer made sure that its naturalistic appearance is making it to rank among the best betta fish toys for decorating an aquarium.

It’s surprising that the powerful creativity has ended up with an easy to use betta fish accessory.

The imported product will no doubt give value for its cost.

An ideal location for lounging, hiding and playing for your dearest friend.

No products found.

Moss Balls to stimulate your pet for hunting

If you compare the life in the wilderness, you’ll realize that betta fish are dedicated hunters that make calculated efforts to catch their prey.

Betta fish are known for their affection for small insects and larvae, which form a significant part of their diet.

Since betta fish have to fend for themselves in the wilderness, you’ll most likely see them try to dig the surface of the water in the search for a delicious larva.

I’m pretty sure that you would not fancy seeing your pet abandon the special instinct of hunting.

Moss balls have played a considerable role in reconnecting our adorable pets with their famous natural instinct.

Since the balls mainly float on water, you’ll admire seeing your lovely pet betta confuse the balls with their favorite prey.

If you ask about one of the best betta fish toys that will fight boredom in the enclosure by making your pet engaged, then I’ll definitely recommend this one.

Remember, you should keep squeezing the ball from time to time so as to stop sinking.

Our ideals products under this category are as follow;

Marimo Moss Balls

Marimo balls are very versatile since they can be put under several classifications, including betta fish toys.

Despite being live betta plants, you’ll be relieved that they don’t need additional light and CO2 for their survival.

The package comes with six marimo balls that can last for your pet longer than you can anticipate.

Another great thing is that you won’t need fertilizers to support the growth of these excellent betta fish toys.

Marimo balls aren’t the only plaything for your pet, they will help decorate the habitat, giving it a naturalistic taste.

Besides, the balls have proved to cause no harm to our environment hence safe for our aquatic pets.

No products found.

Aquatic Arts Betta Fish Balls

For the love of your shining friend and the aquarium, these are natural betta fish toys that will give the entire habitat a natural appeal.

The balls may only be three but, their quality and how they stimulate your pet to exercise is the main thing that matters.

The manufacturer is highly convinced that the balls will offer satisfaction to your pet and promises a 100% refund in case you witness any disappointment.

The technology that’s used to eliminate parasite and diseases has three steps to ensure that no contamination happens inside the tank.

No products found.

Betta Hoops for enhanced exercise

Betta hoops are some ideal betta fish toys that you should try to include if you’re interested in seeing your pets in a jolly mood.

Since you’re now aware that betta fish are intelligent animals, you should not worry about how they will use the toys effectively.

One of the important parts with betta hoops is watching your pet’s fins pass through the hollow section.

If you’re lucky enough, you may find your new aquarium already fitted with this betta fish toy.

Even though betta loops are important in your pet’s life, most dedicated pet products manufacturing factories have not embraced the idea.

So all the two products we’re reviewing are from a single manufacturer and you’ll love them.

Zoo Med Laboratories Betta Bling Mermaid with Hoops

I’m not sure if mermaids exist in real life but I’m aware how they have enriched mythical stories for generations.

Zoo Med is trying, by all means, to be part of the narrative by granting these water creatures an ornament with the image of mermaids.

What amazes me is that betta fish are such celebrities to the extent that they have bling like US rappers such as Lil Wayne and Nelly.

The betta fish toy is constructed in China, and your intelligent pet will not have any difficulty enjoying its use.


Zoo Med Laboratories Betta Bling Tiki Girl with Hoops

As a massive soccer fan, I’ve often heard people call the pattern of play that Spanish giant, Barcelona plays as tiki-taka.

That is the description of a free-flowing soccer match that will leave you entertained.

Away from soccer, we now have Tiki girl bling as an ornament to promote exercise in your pets.

Just like soccer, you can be sure that both the participants and viewers are feeling entertained with the activity.

I recommend hoops for pet parents who want to see how their pet bettas are endowed with talents and skills that will leave you happy as your pet stay fit.

Like mermaid hoop, this is another imported product that promises a convenient use.

38 Reviews

Use a small betta fish mirror

If you thought that you’ve witnessed it all when it comes to natural instincts of betta fish, the presence of a mirror will show you that you haven’t seen it all.

Betta fish are famously referred to as fighting fish due to their nature to defend their territories.

The habit is more common with male betta fish that cannot afford to put up with their own gender in the same tank.

Interestingly, male betta fish are getting along pretty well with fish of other breeds.

The introduction of a small mirror in the aquarium will reveal to you how betta fish are ready to use all energy to safeguard other males from trespassing in their territories.

For humans, mirrors are tools for assessing our degree of attractiveness while for our aquatic friends, the same objects are betta fish toys for exhibiting real instinct.

Remember, don’t use any other mirror, but try to grant your pet the mirrors that are specifically designed to them.

SunGrow Betta Mirror

Inactivity in betta fish has always been cited as the cause of obesity in our swimming pets.

When you avail a mirror in an aquarium, there’s no doubt that your pet will begin to exercise thereby promoting its well-being.

Even though betta mirrors are put to use to see territorial behaviors in our pets, experts encourage the use of these betta fish toys because they are believed to be lowering aggression.

The manufacturer is strict when it comes to the period that your pet uses a mirror.

They recommend that mirrors shouldn’t take beyond five minutes in an aquarium if you don’t want to see your pet stressed.

All in all, this mirror has proved to be a source of entertainment for betta fish.

For instance, these pets enjoy seeing their reflection on the mirror larger than their actual sizes.

It’s no longer a secret that betta mirror can alleviate boredom when used in the right way.

No products found.

Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror

Somewhere within this article, I had posed a question if you know any pet that doesn’t have accessories from Zoo Med.

I’m almost certain that there’s hardly any as the company has directed every energy towards giving our pets meaningful lives.

The only problem with products from Zoo Med is that they have scanty information in the description area.

However, that shouldn’t worry you because our in-depth research involves collecting the opinion of various pet parents who have used the product.

The best part of this betta fish toy is that it comes with an exercise ball that will inspire the pet to practice more often.

Once the fish sees its fin in the mirror, it’s stimulated to practice more because it enjoys seeing itself.

Just like many other betta mirrors, this accessory will also stimulate the natural instinct of your pet.

Remember only to place it in an aquarium for just a few minutes each day so that you can save the pet from a stressful experience.

No products found.

Ping Pong Balls for Keeping in the Right Shape

Balls seem to be one of the most powerful betta fish toys that help to prevent your pets from becoming overweight.

Earlier in this article, we had already reviewed moss balls, now it’s time to highlight other balls that serve the same purpose.

When betta fish see a ping pong ball floating on water, they quickly think that it’s their food, which is usually on the surface of the water in the wild.

In short, ping pong balls bring out the curious attitude of betta fish, which in turn makes them hunters.

Here are the products we have under this category;

Luffy Nano Betta Balls

Watery pets have a strong appetite for moving things around their habitats.

These balls come handy to fulfil your pet’s desire to explore its enclosure with the help of a ball.

The process of moving with the ball makes betta entertained ensures that they maintain their right body shapes.

Don’t confuse these Nano balls for betta eggs, the balls are green and a package has ten of them for an enhanced exercise.

Another advantage is that the easy to maintain balls are helping in cleaning the tank naturally.

No products found.

Double Fish Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Balls

Raphael Nadal and Serena Williams are multi-talented in tennis but betta fish are ready to show them that tennis is also possible in water with the help of ping pong balls. Again, this package comes with ten balls.

The manufacturer gives you up to 30 days to register your frustration to receive your refund for dissatisfaction.

However, you can be sure that the balls are made of quality materials to inspire your pet to grab some entertainment session.

Betta Fish Caves

Sometimes betta fish don’t show satisfaction when offered logs as the main site for hiding.

In such a case, the solution can only be betta fish cave to some safety mentality to the pet.

These betta fish toys are often placed at the rock bottom of tanks to offer a place for relaxation and sleeping.

Pen-Plax Nickelodeon SpongeBob Pineapple Aquarium

I know you’re wondering how pineapple decorations are applicable to a natural habitat of a betta fish.

The use of SpongeBob is effective in making children learn about pets at a tender age.

There’s no channel that children watch more than they do to Nickelodeon.

Since it’s made of sturdy resin, it will float on both freshwater and saltwater hence providing a den for hideouts.

The toy has passed several inspections and, therefore, deemed safe for use. No child can resist a Nickelodeon product!

No products found.

SunGrow Betta Fish Cave

Let your pet betta not deceive you that it doesn’t value privacy.

It’s the quest for privacy that makes most pets make hideout options as their solace area.

What this betta fish toy offers differently from the rest is that the pet feels more secured in its hideout.

If you’re a betta fish breeder, then this is a perfect toy for your need because it’s at the bottom of the tanks.

Since it’s a coconut shell in a dome shape, it gives the aquarium the desired natural taste.

No products found.

Betta Fish Guide Books

To maximize the use of all the betta fish toys we have listed above, you need to have some guide materials to educate you.

These pets are delicate and any slight mistake can leave you with a tank without an occupant.

We urge you to read enough materials for you to accord your pet the best and healthy lives.

Aqurium Care for Bettas

This is an e-book that will enable you to learn entirely everything about betta fish.

From their origin to how to make the right selection; the guide will prove handy if you’re interested in learning from an expert.

It’s affordable and worth your time.

No products found.

Betta: Your Happy Healthy Pet

The book by John Tullock was first published in 2006, but it’s has been revised almost every year to accommodate emerging needs.

If you’re a fan of color photo and you need refreshing information about ‘’Siamese fighting fish,” then know that this is an ideal guide for you.

No products found.

FAQs about Betta Fish Toys

FAQs Betta Fish Toys

Why are betta fish toys essential?

It isn’t easy to ignore betta fish toys if you’ve resolved to grant your pet a fulfilling life.

Betta fish toys serve our pets in the following aspects;

  • They break the monotony of boredom in the tank
  • A perfect way to exercise
  • A way of improving the quality of a décor
  • Stimulation of instincts
  • For relaxation
  • For brooding
  • To enhance comfort
  • For mental growth

What things should I avoid when buying betta toys?

Due to the delicate nature of betta fish, we had earlier advised that you should make all your purchases from reputable pet stores or a distinguished online platform like Amazon.

The following items are not offering safety to your pet;

  • Toys with sharp edges
  • Rocks and shells
  • Products without proper reviews
  • Contaminated sand from the beach
  • Objects made of metals

Why is my betta fish not eating?

First of all, you should acknowledge that betta fish are light feeders that can only consume food which is equivalent to the size of their eyes.

Moving forward, new pets may have a low appetite until they get used to their new habitat.

Lastly, establish your pet’s favorite delicacies so that what you provide doesn’t go into waste.

Bettas mainly feed on pellets, frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp and flakes.


Like other small animals, betta fish are able to live beyond their optimal lives if you provide the right betta fish toys.

It’s clear that all the activities that betta fish conduct, depending on the type of toys that you avail.

As usual, we have provided links to all products that we’ve reviewed to enable you to see details and other specifications.

It’s our tradition not to include the cost of products because they keep changing from time to time hence can be a source of misguidance.

We urge you to at least grant your pet betta toys under every category that we’ve listed.

Betta fish toys will inspire adorable pets to exercise more and relive wildlife even if they’re living in captivity.

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