Best Dog Clipper for Thick Coats: Make Your Dog Love Trimming Fur

Certain pups like poodles or chow chows grow along with their thick fur.

This outfit will get thicker if not treated regularly. The stringy hair can get tangled and matted.

Not only your dog will experience worse shedding, but you also will be having more cleaning and finding the hair clumps to do.

Trimming dog hair

That is when you need a good kit of hair clipper to trim the hair.

The best dog clipper for thick coats will help you groom your pooch more effectively.

Since the market is flooded with models and features, we really stick with —– for our poodle.

Keep scrolling to see why this hair clipping kit catches the blues eyes of many pet parents.

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The Best Dog Clipper for Thick Coats Reviews

Wahl Arco SE professional cordless pet clipper

Wahl Arco SE professional cordless pet clipper


  • Type: Cordless
  • Charge time: 75 minutes
  • Battery life: 80 minutes
  • Blade size: #9, 10, 15, 30, 40
  • Length: 6.75 inches
  • Weight: 7.9 ounces
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Guarantee: 30-day Money Back

For many reasons, this clipper is in favor of many dog owners. The product has been around since 2007 and remained the old winner until today.

Manufactured under the European standard, there is nothing to say about this device but quality.

Battery life

This heavy-duty look-like coat clipper offers a cordless machine that can run up to an hour and a half. It comes with two battery packs to switch and charge when one dies down.

The point is this device will clip until the power is entirely dead. To change the battery, all you have to do is to pop off the bottom to snap on the fresh one.

Unboxing the package, you will find a charging station design to accommodate the machine at all time.


With the mass of 7.9 ounces, it comfortably stays in your hand. The feel on it is quite sturdy and solid, similar to holding a smartphone but stiffer despite the plastic housing.

No overheating

The best selling point is the machine will not get overheated. Now, this is what we truly appreciate. Many concerns of heat had come to us in the other brands of dog hair cutter.

It is the fear of burning your hand or even explosion that deters you from grooming your pup. With this Arco SE, you can totally rest that fright aside as it does not plan to heat up even after hours running.

Key features

Jumping to the specs side, there is a world of function to mention.

You will get five detachable blades to come with the machine. Switching between the sizes takes one click on the flip dial.

This versatility allows you to practice on dogs with thick coats. The blades include fine blade, pro blade, coarse blade, diamond blade, and two non-adjustable blades. All come in one powerful unit.

With the ability to perform about 5,500 strokes per minutes, you are able to glide through bushy hair in no time.

That was how we shaved our Tony the poodle’s hair when he got rash skin from allergies.

Well! Tony was a rebellious chief in his mission against all hair clippers. You can guess how hard it got to convince such pup to agree for a hair trimming section.

This is what happened:

As he caught what was going on, he was nowhere to be found. But we managed to detect his irresistible scratching sound behind the toilet door.

So, all set on the table and Tony had to face his most obnoxious business. What caused him to hate it was the scary noise from the clipper. We had expected him not to let us get through the job nice and neat.

It was a heck no

He realized himself the clipper was not hurting him, yet not producing any noise. The Wahl tended to give almost zero sound during the glide. And Tony ended up giving up his rebellion.

And that is the topmost thing that makes us totally fall for this device.

But those are not all

Wahl clipper is a cordless device. It arrives in a zipper pouch with all the supplements you need to maintain the product.

The box includes

Wahl Grooming Kit

  • 4 guide combs
  • The Wahl dog hair clipper
  • A charging station
  • 2 drop-in rechargeable batteries
  • Charging Cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • Blade oil

Who can use this Wahl SE Professional Dog Hair Trimmer?

We found the machine is beyond friendly to both DIY groomers and specialists.

For home dog parents, the device is absolutely easy to use. It doesn’t take more than one step to get the clipper to operate. To trim a few dogs, the battery life has offered a significant working time.

In a let clinic, this high-end trimmer can handle the workload as great as a heavy-duty machine. However, for legs and body, we recommend a corded clipper for more efficiency.

You never believe these are the best dog combs help to protect your furry hair.

Where can you clip?

We reckon that this pet hair trimmer is suitable for the most part of your pooch.

The five blades can glide from face, ears, neck, belly, legs, feet to touch-ups, layer shaving, fetlocks, bridle path and even whiskers of felines.

At one point, we only suggest using this machine on medium-sized dog breeds like Poodle, Corgi, Bichons, Terriers, Shih Tzus, and also on cats.

Get your pup friended with the Wahl clipper

Can’t say how much we love this machine. We are glad to have found this Wahl to wear Tony’s fear of hair clipping away.

If you are a first-time groomer, we guarantee this device will be a perfect entry-level gadget and you even can find best dog nail trimmers at a reasonable price.

Also, we did find some downsides though they don’t affect the quality of the clipper. We only wish the machine had been made of aluminum or any metallic element to make it shock-resistant.

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Nonetheless, there is no more imperfection to impede us hitting the check-out button. We hope you will have an outstanding experience with this clipper, like us, too.

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