23 Best Guinea Pig Accessories in 2020 (Reviews)

Guinea pigs are slowly becoming one of the pets that many animal enthusiasts keep in their homes.

Unlike in the past, where guinea pigs were mainly kept by scientists for purposes of researches, now these adoring animals are finding kind treatments as they are equally regarded as pets.

It isn’t just the look of guinea pigs that make them adorable, but how they socialize with their human owners is equally great.

However, your pet will not enjoy life to the fullest if you don’t provide guinea pig accessories, which are meant to bring comfort and make the pets’ habitat attractive.

After reading the views of various guinea pig owners, we found it our task to help these animal lovers to accord their pets fulfilling lives.

We have, therefore reviewed 23 guinea pig accessories that will help you to better the lives of these dear pets.

Indeed, life can never go on without acquiring these guinea pig accessories and supplies.

The accessories cover food, homes, and even toys. So, tell me if any domesticated animal can exist without the three items I have listed? It’s worth noting that guinea pig accessories and supplies are not only restricted to the three categories, but they’re a lot.

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Factors to consider before you bring a guinea pig to your home

To avoid future disappointments it’s better, to be honest about what keeping a guinea pig requires.

Unlike fish that you only need a setup and food supply to get started, these small animals require some commitment and real passion from their owners.

If you were planning to buy one for your child, then you should be ready to take care of the adorable pet, should your child disown it.

Before getting one home, learn a few facts about the animals you keep admiring in other people’s homes.

Guinea pigs are social animals

Unlike other rodents like hedgehogs, guinea pigs thrive well when they are living with their partners.

A human company will not make life complete for the animals with soft furs.

It’s necessary that you make a budget that can accommodate at least a pair of pets to lower loneliness.

The pets also enjoy human company a lot, so after bringing one home, you should make time to bond. After all, why should you budget for a pet when you know that you don’t have time for it?

A guinea pig’s lifespan is somehow extended

I began by alerting you that keeping a guinea pig requires real commitment because it’s a long journey.

The pets are not like other rodents whose lifespan average at around two years. Guinea pigs can live beyond six years.

It’s important to point out that if guinea pigs are left in the hands of children, the little ones can give them up earlier even before their lifespans elapse.

It’s the responsibility of the dedicated adult owner to ensure that the pet doesn’t experience dangerous challenges.

Guinea pigs eat massively

It’s good to be aware that guinea pigs may be small in sizes, but their overall food consumption remains remarkably high.

The chances are high that if the rodents aren’t either sleeping or playing, then you can be sure that they are feeding.

Timothy hay is guinea pigs’ main diet, and the pets seem to enjoy it a lot.

A guinea pig is capable of devouring a whole cup of fresh vegetables and an eighth of a cup each day.

Experts always advise that guinea pig food supply should be unlimited, especially Timothy hay.

Guinea pigs poo a lot

I know you expected this, I mean after feeding them with unlimited meals, you should be ready for the task of cleaning.

It’s natural for animals to empty their bowels after enjoying the meals.

The frequent pooing means that you should dedicate at least one day in a week to conduct serious cleanings.

Guinea pigs give birth at very young ages

It’s highly likely that if you buy a female guinea pig, it will be an expectant mother.

It takes a female guinea pig around three weeks to conceive and give birth.

The worst part is that it takes an expert to distinguish between a male and a female gender.

If you don’t want to end up bringing an expectant female, then insist on taking two males.

In a scenario where you’ve taken a male and a female, it’s highly likely that you could end up becoming a breeder.

Think of a situation where a female guinea pig giving birth every month and the female offspring joining in the race.

The noise is inevitable

It may not be as loud as the hornbill, but be prepared for some sounds that may not be pleasant to everyone.

Since guinea pigs are social animals, it would be folly to expect them to be silent.

The animals make some vocalize noise that a committed owner will get used to as time goes.

Unlike pigs that grunt, the sound of these pets is referred to as ‘wheeking’.

Guinea pigs mostly make the sound when they are out of guinea pig supplies such as Timothy hay.

Sometimes, the pet can make the sound to get your attention.

Guinea pigs need routine grooming

The beauty of these animals cannot just come effortlessly; the owners must be doing something to improve their appearances.

The grooming exercise can range from combing to washing and tooth care.

Without a proper mechanism in place, your pet might just have overgrown teeth, which can both be harmful to the owner, and at the same time, painful to the pet. Also, you need to trim your pet’s nails regularly to ease its movements.

The combing exercise is necessary because it enables you to eliminate tangles and mats.

Grooming is impossible if you don’t have the right guinea pig accessories and supplies.

Guinea pigs equally need vets when they are unwell

All pets deserve the same treatments because we keep them due to the deep passion we have for them.

The same well you always invite a vet to assess your dog or cat issue, is the same way you need to do to your lovely guinea pig.

Even though guinea pig supplies are playing a significant role in keeping the pets healthy, we still need a vet to identify specific issues.

Indeed a vet is very instrumental in ensuring that your guinea pig lives its entire lifespan.

Guinea Pig Supplies & Accessories for Beginners

Guinea Pig Supplies & Accessories for Beginners

Having now known what guinea pigs are, we can now move ahead and learn items that you need to avail to your pets for them to live happily.

We often refer to these basic and luxurious requirements as guinea pig accessories or simply as guinea pig supplies.

Whatever you cannot find within the local pet shop, you’ll definitely get it on Amazon, and that’s the reason why all the products we have reviewed have links to this famous market.

As a rule, we normally carry out thorough research about equipment that our pets use to establish their safety level.

Here is the review of 23 guinea pig cage accessories;

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Midwest Cage

Even though the pet will be living within your home, it still needs to have its own enclosure.

Midwest Company has been handy when it comes to making quality homes for the pets.

The habitat is all your pet need for fresh circulation of air.

No products found.

Kaytee Igloo Hideaway Mini

Apart from acting as a home to your pet, this guinea pig accessory is what the rodent you keep needs to exhibit its hiding instincts.

It’s worth acknowledging that your pet sometimes needs to stay on its own, so the hideaway comes in handy for the activity.

It depends on the number of guinea pigs you keep; you have the choice to select from various sizes, including the mini, giant, and large.

No products found.

Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

What a cozy guinea pig cage accessory to accord your pet! Like other rodents, guinea pigs enjoy creating puzzles by navigating through tunnels.

It makes sense if you only avail a comfortable tunnel, which will make your lovely pet to enjoy the activity.

After the entire exercise, you won’t stop admiring your pet relaxing at the entrance of one of the famous guinea pig accessories.

It can accommodate more than one pet at a time.

No products found.

RYPET Guinea Pig Harness and Leash

If you thought that only dogs and bearded dragons need leashes to accompany you, then you need to think again.

Guinea pigs sometimes accompany owners for short walks in the park and other areas.

The leash and harness are equally important guinea pig accessories when taking your pet to exhibitions and shows.

No products found.

FLAdorepet Small Pet bed

No animal will resist an offer to have a comfortable life. Not even yourself! Here is a soft small animal bed that will make your pet have peaceful relaxations after the meals and exercise.

Not only are these guinea pig cage accessories soft, they are also warm to make the rodent confront the cold winters.

No products found.

Prevue Multi-colors Playpen

Guinea pigs are playful small animals that need ample space to show their skills.

It’s through playing that these small animals attain their physical exercise desire.

When you have this kind of playpen, you can be sure that most of your pet’s toys can be accommodated.

The playpen also helps the guinea pig to play in a restricted area where other animals within your home cannot harm them.

Apart from the benefits, it gives your lovely pet; this is a massive guinea pig accessory that will help to decorate your house, given that it has multiple colors.

No products found.

Cage Cleaner for Guinea Pigs

It’s another guinea pig cage accessory that your pet cannot do without.

Having mentioned earlier that guinea pigs spend most of their time feeding; it’s easy to predict what comes next.

Their affinity to food will make them poo and urinate a lot, thus prompting you to clean the cage often.

At least once in a week, you’ll require these set of guinea pig accessories to ensure that your pet’s habitat remains tidy.

The question on whether you can use your household brush for the same purpose; it makes sense using the right tool for its specific duty.

No products found.

Hay Feeder for Guinea Pigs

Just like human beings from various areas have their staple meals, guinea pigs have made Timothy hay their main food.

It now calls for a better mechanism to place the hay to prevent the precious food ending up, mixing with the pet’s wastes.

Hay feeder is another guinea pig accessory that you need to have in your pet’s cage if at all you value hygiene.

Besides, the equipment ensures that no hay is wasted.

No products found.

Small animals chew toys

Guinea pigs are enthusiastic when it comes to playing, and pet toys are making their hobby successful.

Here’s a guinea pig accessory that ensures your pet access at least ten toys.

It’s a massive guinea pig cage accessory considering that it comes with chew toys, which play a role in preventing overgrowth in teeth of your pets.

From the appearance alone, this is an animal gym that helps in both grooming and exercise.

The two activities are vital in promoting better health in pets.

No products found.

WOWOWMEOW Guinea Pig Bed

Guinea pigs live an almost similar lifestyle to that of humans, only that the pets are using smaller guinea pig cage accessories.

Like many other rodents, guinea pigs are nocturnal animals that will spare their nights for some activities and sleep in the daytime.

When the time to sleep reaches, your pet won’t require your guidance to head straight to the cozy bed.

It’s on this bed that you cannot stop admiring how guinea pigs are such attractive small animals.

No products found.

Guinea pig fleece cage liner

Since guinea pigs are already naturally attractive, it’s your effort to improve the animals’ surround so that the overall beauty can rise.

Guinea pig fleece cage liners are perfect guinea pig accessories that will ensure that every guest who visits admires your pet’s cage.

No products found.

Guinea pig essential manual

Every other guinea pig accessories and supplies are meaningless if you don’t have this guide.

Keeping these rodents can be engaging, that you may need to refer somewhere from time to time for your pets to live healthy lives.

The guide will help you to navigate you through practices that are expected from a guinea pig owner.

Besides, you’ll learn training and other ways of caring for your pet to enable the small animals to live until their conclusion of lifespan.


  • It shows you how to care for guinea pigs.
  • It provides some training courses.
  • It spells to you what a guinea pig owner should do.
  • An affordable book that every guinea pig owner should have.

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Kaytee Perfect Chew for Guinea Pigs

Whatever chewing arrangement you select for your pet, it should provide some exercise to the animals.

If you give your pets their chew on the floor of the cage, you could end up letting the chew products to mix with animal waste leading to contamination.

Kaytee has designed a perfect chew for guinea pigs and other small animals in a way that honors both hygiene and health standard.

The chews are essential in helping to keep the teeth in the right shape.

Kaytee has also emphasized on colors, which improves your pets’ appetite even to chew more.

No products found.

Ware Manufacturing Small Animals Grooming Kit

It’s during grooming that a pet builds a stronger bond with its owner.

Investing in grooming kits is a sure way of making your pet appear like a domesticated animal.

Ware Manufacturing is handy in making sure that pet keepers access the kit, which remains one of the essential guinea pig accessories.

The package contains a pair of scissors, a comb, and a shaving blade.

The comb will help to remove the tangles in your pet’s fur, while the scissors will help to trim the guinea pigs nails.

No products found.

 HOMEYA Pet Small Animal Hanging Hammock

Guinea pigs are animals that like pleasure, and they cannot help hide that fact.

After spending most of their time playing on the floor, guinea pigs will want to spend on an elevated point.

These hammocks, which can be attached to the cage, provide guinea pigs with a spot to relax.

No products found.

 eCotrition Snak Shak Edible Hideaway

Here’s one of the guinea pig accessories that make your pet to perfect the skill of multi-tasking.

The accessory is both a tool for playing and a place to help your pet to maintain the growth of its teeth.

If you don’t look it carefully, you could mistake it for a log that is being curved to make a traditional boat.

It also looks like a heavy thing, but you’ll be amazed at how light it is.

The accessory will enable your pet to master the habit of hiding while also blunting its teeth.

No products found.

Kaytee Run-About Ball Mega Clear

Nothing makes pets happier than the opportunity to exercise anytime they want to.

It’s even better if such opportunities promise safety to the pet.

Without any doubt, this is another guinea pig accessory for a cage that your pet should have to combat boredom.

No products found.

RentAcoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

After taking its meal, your guinea pig will need water to support its digestion.

If you give your pet water in open equipment, the whole cage could become wet throughout.

For the cage to remain dry and your pet to quench its thirst, this is the guinea pig cage accessory to support you.

Guinea pig water bottle is must necessary to encourage your pet to joy.

No products found.

Arm and Hammer Super Absorbent Cage Liner

Keeping your pet’s home clean is one thing, and keeping the bad smell away is the next thing.

In truth, you cannot keep the odor away completely, but you can limit the bad smell from coming out.

With this guinea pig accessory, you good to go in your plans to make the cage fresher.

No products found.

Beware of Guinea Pig Warning Sign

Guinea pigs are small animals which can take your guest to recognize that you are keeping them.

For that reason, you need to alert them of your pet’s presence so that they can take caution.

The warning helps your guests visiting with their pets to prevent scaring your lovely guinea pig.

No products found.

Guinea Pig Mom Shirt

Even if you are a male owner, the services you give to the pet makes you appear to be the pet’s mother.

This is one of the guinea pig accessories that are appreciating the effort of a pet owner.

Buy one shirt and show the rest of the world that you’re a proud owner of guinea pigs.

No products found.

Mkono Potty Trainer Corner Litter Box for Guinea

There’s no way this guinea pig accessory can miss in your guinea pig supplies list, considering the frequent rate of pooing in these pets.

I must admit that potty training guinea pig is something that’s tricky, and in many cases, it’s bound to fail. However, trying won’t cost you much.

The ultimate goal is always to try to keep your pet’s cage as tidier as possible.

It’s a massive joy of you can realize that objective with the support of your dear pet.

The potty trainer has features that make its attachment to the cage easy.

It’s one of the guinea pig accessories that will ensure that a high standard of hygiene is maintained within your pet’s habitat.

No products found.

Borang Wood Perch for Birds and Small Animals

It isn’t just birds that like to perch; many other animals prefer staying on vantage points as they monitor their surroundings. Guinea pigs aren’t exceptional to this luxury.

The small animals will like to stay in raised areas, especially if the floor of their cages have wastes.

No products found.

This article has most of the accessories that your pet will need so that their lives may remain healthy, but the products aren’t restricted to only these.

Create enough time the same way you value your pet and find out how your efforts can make your lovely animals’ lives to continue nourishing.

All the items that our smooth-haired friends use are categorized under guinea pig accessories.

There’s no chance that our pets can do without these accessories since the products are essential for their lives.

While some pet parents can make a few guinea pig accessories on their own, a large number of the products can only be bought from reputable markets.

FAQs on Guinea Pig Accessories

Welcome to your favorite spot, where we answer each question you pose to us. With our knowledge about each kind of pet, we try to offer you the best possible and relevant answers.

We also conduct our research to ensure that the feedback we offer is helpful to your pets. Besides, most of the feedback we give is directly from pet owners who keep the specific pet.

Is guinea the origin of guinea pigs?

It’s a question that has troubled many people. I know that tourists in that nation have asked the guide to take them to where they can see the cradle of guinea pigs.

The truth is that guinea pigs do not originate from any of the three African countries bearing the name ‘guinea.’

Guinea pigs were first discovered in South America. A theory suggests that a British explorer took one pet to Europe via Guinea hence the name.

Some people have also suggested that the animals could have been from Guyana, which is in South America, but people pronounced the name as Guinea instead of Guyana.

Are guinea pigs related to pigs?

The name pig should not make you think that guinea pigs and the pigs that farmers keep are related. What do you think about dragon and dragonflies, are they related?

Even though they share many common English terms, guinea pigs will remain rodents while the pigs are not.

A male guinea pig is known as boar while a female is called sow; these terms compare with the ones used in pig farming.

The main thing that guinea pigs and pigs have in common is the squeaking noise.

Are guinea pigs getting along with rabbits?

Ignore the rumor that guinea pigs and rabbits get along well. It isn’t true unless you want to see rabbits bully your lovely guinea pig. Also, rabbits and guinea pigs have varied needs, so keeping them together doesn’t make any sense.

Lastly, rabbits have some diseases that could easily affect guinea pigs and vice versa.

What’s unique in the creation of guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are similar to other rodents in many aspects, but if you are keen enough, you can spot the difference.

Guinea pigs have odd toes, which aren’t in uniform. The front feet have four toes, while the rare feet have only three toes.

Why do guinea pigs rub their chins or cheeks on things?

Guinea pigs are known for their habit of scent marking things to help them feel familiar with their homes.

The pets have a reassuring feeling when they smell themselves on stuff.

Pet experts advise that you should never do wholesome changes in your guinea pigs cage because that exercise might make your pet feel like a stranger.


Having the right guinea pig accessories is both fun for the pet and its owner.

Guinea pig cage accessories are meant to make life easy for the two parties, hence working wonders in improving the bond between the pet and the human owner.

Everything that your pet would need is well categorized under guinea pig accessories. They range from food, toys, to habitats. A pet with every guinea pig cage supplies is likely to live a longer life than the pet without.

These guinea pig accessories are also designed to help you take care of your pets in the right way.

The accessories make your work easy, thus giving time to take your attention to other activities.

The article has covered most of the guinea pig cage accessories to make your selection easy whenever you want to buy anything for your pet.

We have provided links to all products to make you see the specifications and price change. Note that all the products reviewed have not followed any specific order.

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