25 Best Guinea Pig Water Bottle Reviews in 2020

It’s difficult to overlook the role that water plays in living things.

It doesn’t matter whether the living thing is a tree or an animal, water will keep on running our lives.

The essential nature of water can be extended to non-living matters too, where machines and other equipment require the naturally existing substance to function effectively.

Having highlighted how necessary water is; we can now see how best we can serve drinking water to precious animals we keep.

Among the animals that find space in our homes as pets, are the furry guinea pigs.

They need to drink clean water to quench their thirst as well as support the digestion process in their systems.

In humans, water contributes to about 60% of our total body mass.

Guinea pigs, which weigh about 2.4 pounds, can drink about 100ml-200ml of water each day.

In other words, guinea pigs can drink the volume of water that is equivalent to 20% of their body weights.

Just like us, the water we give to our pets should be clean and fresh to keep these special animals healthy.

However, it can be a toll order to serve guinea pigs clean water if we don’t have the right equipment for the purpose.

For those reasons, pet enthusiasts have designed guinea pig bottles to specifically serve your furry friend and other small pets.

In this article, we have taken our time to review 25 guinea pig water bottles to minimize the time that you spend in conducting your research.

We have also provided Amazon link to each product reviewed to help you view more specifications and the current prices.

We hope the article will be helpful in your desire to grant the pet a healthy life.

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Top-Rated Guinea Pig Water Bottles Reviews

Water equalizes everything for all animals and even human beings because we take it for the same biological reasons.

Since we cannot let our pets to wander to water points such as wells and rivers for this essential commodity, we have a duty to avail it using the best available containers.

In this article, we’re reviewed some of the quality guinea pig water bottles that are available on the market to help you make narrow down on your selection.

All the products have links to Amazon, where you can see more details and specifications.

We haven’t included the costs of these products because they keep on changing and can make this piece to convey false information, especially when the prices update.

RentACoop No Drip Small Animals Water Bottle

The method of conveying this valuable resource to your pet matters a lot.

Clean water can get contaminated even before your pet drinks it if you use the wrong equipment.

RentACoop is a perfect guinea pig bottle that will safeguard water loss through unnecessary drips.

It’s also important to serve your pet water in equipment that is easy to use and doesn’t allow backflow of water.

Finally, the equipment is designed in such a way that makes it easy to refill its content.

No products found.

Kaytee Chew Proof Water Bottle, 26-Ounce

Kaytee Company has shown consistency when it comes to the construction of pet products.

With this adorable design of guinea pig water bottles, the company is once again standing tall among other manufacturers.

No products found.

Lixit Top Fill Water Bottle for Guinea Pigs and Small Animals

Here come numerous capacities that you can select for your pet.

I’m pretty sure that the sizes featured can match your pet’s water consumption level.

But that isn’t all, the animal you keep for fun and companion needs quality equipment that ensures a healthy living.

No products found.

Super Pet Chew Proof Water Bottle

I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen this kind of water bottle in many homes with pets that you visit.

The reason why many homes opt for it is due to the fact that a durable chew-proof glass is in use.

The bottle is also designed with a double-ball bearing to prevent dripping instances.

No products found.

MZA Small Animals Hanging Water Bottle

The design, in a way, resembles the jugs or the blenders we have at our homes.

This design alone belongs to humans and should show how quality the product can be to your pets.

The guinea pig water bottles are available in four eye-catching colors that would surely improve the beauty of your pet’s cage.

No products found.

Lonni Hamster Water Bottle 125ml

What an adorable water bottle design? Some people think that this design is too cool for pets, and in their opinion, the water bottle deserves human use than for pets.

However, pet enthusiasts like you know why your young animals should be treated with quality items.

The entire kit is proving healthy for pet use since it resists dust accumulation.

It isn’t only the health aspects that the manufacturers paid attention to, they also factored on features that contribute to durability.

No products found.

Dahey Silent Ceramic Drinking Water Bottle

It appears as if the noise that pets make while drinking is infuriating some people.

Apart from holding a large volume of water, ceramic guinea pig water bottles have proved to be less noisy in quiet nights.

The container has a feeding mechanism that ensures that the water stays clean and helps pets to remain healthy.

It also goes without saying that the design makes the water more accessible to our lovely animals.

This is one of the guinea pig water bottles that are highly recommended for trips.

No products found.

ITODA Hanging No Drip Pet Water Bottle

Here’s is another technology where the designer came out with creativity to place a stainless steel rollerball, which releases water when a pet licks it or pushes it.

Even though it appears that water can get out of the bottle with any slight touch, floors with this kind of guinea pig water bottle always stay dry.

With the careful sealing design, you can be sure that no leaking will occur.

In case you need more safety measures, a hang-on bracket snap can be screwed on the bracket.

The design on the top makes refills happen with ease.

That isn’t all with this water bottle, there are many other benefits as you are going to discover below.

No products found.

Lixit Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

There has never been a doubt about the quality of items Lixit Company makes, and you can expect the status quo or even higher with this water bottle.

The bottle is a perfect size for it has a capacity of 16oz.

With its massive volume, the water bottle is ideal for dwarf rabbits, ferrets, and even guinea pigs.

Never be scared to use it for outdoor activities because the plastic material can withstand extreme weather.

No products found.

MUDUOBAN Livestock Tool Pet Water Bottle

It isn’t only about giving your pet water; the essential resource should be conveyed when clean and safe for consumption.

Whatever guinea pig water bottles you choose, ensure that your lovely pet access uncontaminated water for a healthy living.

This is another water bottle with massive hygiene features.

No products found.

Kordon Oasis Rabbit Water Bottle

Though it’s named after rabbits, the water bottle is equally perfect for other small animals like gerbils and guinea pigs.

The double ball-point design is one of the features that contribute to its sturdiness.

From the graphic alone, you will find it easy to know the animals that the equipment serves.

The water bottle has a stainless steel drinking tube that prevents chewing as well as resisting rusting.

No products found.

POEPETPOP Small Animal Water Bottle Automatic Ceramic

This is an igloo neither should you confuse it for an animal potty, but it’s a unique design for a small animal water bottle.

Unlike other guinea pig water bottles that need attachment features, this is a container that you only need to place on the ground and leave the rest to your adoring pet.

Still talking about unique features, the water bottle is made of a sturdy ceramic material, which adds weight and prevents your lovely pet from overturning it.

If you value your sleep and cannot stand the noise that pets make while drinking water, then this item is for you as it will maintain quietness even when the pet is quenching the thirst.

No products found.

Lixit All-Weather Rabbit Water Bottle, 64oz

The plastic material in use is resistant to all weather, thus making the container to be among the guinea pig water bottles for every season.

In addition, the material for construction guarantees durability and at the same time makes the bottle ideal both for indoor and outdoor use.

A great design that has a wide mouth, which makes refills easy.

The wide mouth feature also makes it convenient for washing the interior section of the bottle.

The capacity is large enough to allow your multiple pets to quench their thirsts.

No products found.

Oxbow Dripless Water Bottle 450ml

This is a product from a family-owned company, which has met nearly every instinctual behavior of small animals.

Mention them all, from hiding to chewing and claying; this guinea pig water bottles have you covered.

Coming to the bottle itself, the design is attractive and can make you want to mimic it in your water dispenser.

It’s an amazing thing to provide the pet with a water bottle that brings the fun.

No products found.

PROKTH 3-In-1 Small Animal Water Bottle

There’s no iota of doubt that water and food go hand in hand.

It’s, therefore, a big addition to your pet’s cage if you can find a container that can accommodate both the two things for your lovely animal.

Unlike many other guinea pig water bottles, this kit has a base that supports the water container from falling or even shaking.

The design makes it easy to change the water that quenches your animals’ thirst.

No products found.

Kordon/Oasis ( Novalek) Bell Bottle for Small Animals

Here’s something unique for your pet in various ways.

Unlike many guinea pig water bottles s, this container is constructed from breakage resistant crystal styrene to enhance durability and gives value for your money.

The purchase of this item comes with numerous benefits as the container is accompanied by other products.

On top of the water bottle, a plastic bottle cap with powder coating that ensures uniformity of colors in your animal cage.

No products found.

Lixit 8oz Water Bottles for Small Animals

It seems that holding water isn’t all, guinea pig water bottles makers are each working on features that can make their products appealing to users’ eyes.

This container isn’t an exemption, the adorable graphic of pets on it, makes it attractive.

The stainless steel tube helps in two ways.

First, it limits your pet from chewing the container.

Secondly, it prevents rusting hence making the bottle to last long.

No products found.

Little Giant Small Animal Cage Water Bottle Opaque

An adorable piece of art to add beauty to already attractive guinea pig water bottles.

The result is that the decoration that comes with this container contributes to the overall beauty of the pet’s cage.

The 32oz capacity is what a pet owner keeping more than two one guinea pig needs.

However, the company which has constructed this water bottle, also has similar containers but of lower volumes.

Convenience in attachment and durability are almost guaranteed.

No products found.

Guardian Little Pet Automatic Drinking Bottle

If you go for this small animal water bottle, you’ll surely get more benefits that you’ve paid for.

It’s one of the pet accessories that promote your furry friend’s natural instinct in several ways.

If your pet lacks a nesting place in its habitat, then be sure that this guinea pig water bottles will avail it.

A hideout and a resting place where your pet can lounge are other provisions that this item accords your pet.

No products found.

Lixit Chew Proof Flat Back Glass Bottles

With this product, Lixit Company is showing its pursuit to eliminate harmful plastic guinea pig water bottles.

It’s the presence of BPA in some plastic materials that cause many manufacturers to begin embracing glass material in the construction of water bottles.

Apart from being a chew proof product, this guinea pig water bottle provides convenience in various aspects.

For instance easy assembly, cleaning, and installation. Besides, it’s one of the guinea pig water bottles that perfectly serve various other small animals.

No products found.

Living World Eco+ Water Bottle

The fact that it’s made of a recycled glass puts it among environmentally friendly products, but it’s the capacity of water that it can hold which makes it many people’s favorite.

The installation is easy and it equally resists dripping.

Since it comes equipped with a water level indicator, you can be sure when the bottle needs refilling.

Besides, it’s made of a transparent glass that allows you to see the content.

No products found.

Lixit 16oz Water Bottles for Guinea Pigs, other Small Animals

Apart from relieving your pet from thirst, this is a sure way to decorate your guinea pig habitat.

The numerous colors that the company design is all great to make the guinea pig water bottles admirable.

The availability of floating turtle water level reminder makes it easy to know when to refill the container.

The volume is adequate to sustain your pet even in a hot climate.

No products found.

Kaytee Clear Water Bottle 32-Ounce Extra Large Size

With this guinea pig water bottle, you can kiss goodbye for the problems associated with leaving your pet thirsty due to untimely refills.

It’s the floating duck that accompanies the container that will remind the user when to observe refills.

Being an extra-large guinea pig water bottle, you can expect one refill to last long, especially if you’re keeping a single pet.

The massive volume also makes it ideal for slightly large pets like rabbits.

No products found.

Animal Water Bottle for Guinea Pigs

Now, here’s a medium guinea pig water bottle that can work perfectly in quenching the thirst of your furry small creature.

For pet owners who already have cages manufactured by Midwest Company, will adore how the two products complement each other.

This design is great for improving the general beauty of your pet’s home.

The amount of water the container holds can be adequate even for pet parents rearing more than one guinea pig.

The most important part is that your little rodent doesn’t need schooling to use it.

No products found.

Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

Keeping a high standard of hygiene is basic for every pet we keep, the requirement will an overwhelming one when it comes to small animals like guinea pigs.

This is another guinea pig water bottle, which will not let the water drip inside your pet’s cage.

Its simple installation makes it one of the best guinea pig water bottles s that never gives users a hard time when it comes to handling. Also, it’s an eco-friendly item that poses no danger to our environment.

The bottle isn’t only great for guinea pigs alone; it equally works perfectly for other small animals like hamsters, ferrets, and bunnies.

No products found.

FAQs on Guinea Pig Water Bottles

Guinea pig water bottles have proved to be the best equipment that we can use to convey water to our pets without worries.

Without using the right guinea pig water bottles, your adorable pet could end up consuming contaminated water, which may result in negative health issues.

Ignoring the use of guinea pig water bottles to our lovely small animals can cause a serious mess in the cage.

For instance, when you give water to the pets in open equipment, they may end up pouring it on the floor hence causing the entire habitat to become wet.

Let’s start FAQs now…

FAQs on Guinea Pig Water Bottles

My guinea pigs have damaged numerous water bottles by chewing the spouts. What is the remedy?

The best way to solve this is by buying guinea pig water bottles with metal tubes.

While still on that, stainless steel tubes are preferred because they don’t rust easily.

However, opting for aluminum tubes, which are soft metal, may not bring any remedy as your pet can easily continue with the habit.

It’s also advisable to ensure that fresh clean water flows from the bottle to stop the pet from getting distracted in the chewing behavior.

How do I do my refills after buying the best guinea pig water bottles?

Though water bottles are designed differently, the method of their refills are largely the same.

You can add water by unscrewing the lid and removing the lid then you pour the liquid in the bottle.

After you’re done with the procedure, cover the lid, and then screw it firmly.

Are some guinea pig water bottles coming with batteries like some sellers are indicating?

No, never let anyone deceive that guinea pig water bottles s are designed to use battery.

If we were to have batteries in our pet’s water bottles, the lives of these precious animals would be in danger.

All you need to know is that guinea pig water bottles s are nearly the same with containers that human use, but they’re made robust to last long.

Can I use guinea pig water bottles s to give water to other small animals and birds?

Yes, most of the accessories for small animals have features that allow them to be shared.

Normally, animals such as pet rats, hamsters, hedgehogs, and ferrets use the same products.

However, don’t use a water bottle on guinea pigs only to transfer the container to other pets because that can cause avoidable infections.


After reading this article, We’ve pretty sure that selecting the best guinea pig water bottles will never present challenges to you.

We have made every effort to do essential research to enable you to buy only the best product that can elongate the lives of your pets and enhance healthy living.

We must emphasize the fact all the 25 guinea pig water bottles are quality products, but we want you to play your part by going through all so that you can make an informed selection.

We’ve also provided links to each product for you to view other details, including the cost, which keeps changing.

It’s our wish that your furry pet is about to have one of the best guinea pig es water bottles that will make life both comfortable and sensible for them.

Do your part now for the love of your pet.

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