20 Best Hamster Accessories of 2020 (Guide & Reviews)

Breeding hamsters has been growing for about 5 years.

No one can explain in detail the attraction of small animals but perhaps owning tiny, plump and warm cotton is something very wonderful.

Not too picky, easy to feed and extremely friendly, these are the characteristics that have helped hamsters become companions of many people.

Many people think hamsters are boring pets when all they do is eat nothing more. But if you are one of them, then I have one more reason to assert that this article is necessary.

No hamster can live happily and develop normally without meeting the needs.

Healthy living space and of course impossible to get the necessary hamsters accessories.

A whole colorful world is waiting for you ahead

That is why in the process of raising this animal, in addition to the best hamsters food, you also need to learn about other items such as cages, toys, beds, etc.

Compiled from the opinions of many hamsters worldwide, the accessories listed in the list below have somewhat confirmed the quality and performed very well its role.

Hopefully, that will be a great reference channel for you to help you take better care of your hamster.

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How do we pick the Hamsters Accessories?

The first thing to keep in mind and a vital warning: If you accidentally buy an accessory that your hamster uses, it may not only be a waste but also a danger, Dangerous for animals.

Of course, your hamster will live in the condition of “under house arrest” at the strictest level because no one has left little cotton ball is free to run and jump in the house then.

Thus, to pick correctly, you will need a list of mandatory accessories for your hamster to live well in captivity, including cages, food feeders, waterers and litter pans.

Hamsters also need entertainment, so toys with some other items like carriers, beds, and playpens are also impossible.

To buy pet goods, I always choose a reputable online store (because I am quite lazy and my time is limited). And Amazon.com became my most chosen place.

Reviews from global users will give you a multi-dimensional perspective on the product. Keep an eye on it with your hamsters for smart choices.

There will be many different factors so that each user can decide what is a perfect hamster accessory.

However, you also need to be aware that there are no general standards and that the decision is up to you.

1. Size

No accessory is perfect enough to fit all hamsters.

You can easily get confused when looking only at the appearance of the product to choose from. Too big. Too small.

This is to reduce the effectiveness of the product and in some cases even put your pet at risk.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take a look at some online reviews and read the opinions of other customers or contact the manufacturer directly for exact information on the dimensions of the accessories.

Nobody wants your cute hamster to suffocate just because he swallowed a part of a cage, right?

2. Material

The starting point for hamsters is the rodents, which is why their mouths must work continuously.

They will chew anything around because of instinct and also to limit the overgrowth of teeth.

Because of this, when chewing, they will indirectly absorb the materials used as accessories and inside their bodies.

So if you are cheap or any other reason to choose a product that is full of toxic chemicals, you’re directly killing your little friend.

My advice to you is that accessories are made from either Eco-friendly or all-natural ingredients.

3. Usability for the owner

Many requirements will be set out in this criterion because each person will build their standard system. But in the end, who doesn’t want to own affordable, long-lasting and easy-to-maintain accessories?

This will save you a lot of time, money and effort.

4. Effective use

Depending on the type of accessory, there will be ways to evaluate the effectiveness of individual use.

I have categorized the products into groups to give you the most comprehensive view.

Cage and playpen

These are obligatory accessories to provide a hamster with a daily living space.

No one can keep it in a bowl or confine them with other animals.

Cages need to ensure the ruggedness to resist the constant chewing, chewing of the hamster.

The material to be exported is metal.


Many things can be used as toys for hamsters such as balls, wooden branches.

Toys that meet the requirements given in the “Materials” section should be selected.


Neither too big nor too small. Carriers need to make sure they have a soft lining to accommodate them.


This is a tool to relax hamsters. They need to be soft, warm and not take up too much space in the cage.

In addition to the things I mentioned above, many other accessories need standards. But what do you think if I let that be the part of our interaction? Let me know your opinion.

How We Test Hamster Accessories?

Checking for accessories after buying is very important because once installed, they will accompany your hamster directly in daily life and daily life.

“Did I get the right item that I ordered?” That’s the first question you need to ask after receiving the item.

A common disadvantage when buying online is that only when receiving the item can you confirm whether it is right for the ad or not.

Try to pay close attention to materials, dimensions, and installation (for cages, pens, etc.).

If there are any defects caused by the manufacturer or manufacturer, you may contact the seller to return the product.

Do not wait for negative feedback if these products initially do not work as expected.

Give them and your hamster’s time to get to know each other. Who knows, a bright future is waiting ahead.

For some supplies such as cages or playpen – items that are subject to constant hamsters, they need to be durable and strong so they do not move or break while the pet is playing or running in it.

For some items used to chew, you need to monitor closely from the beginning.

If they cause hamsters to have negative health problems such as abdominal pain, loss of appetite, diarrhea, etc., immediately isolate these accessories and take them to the vet immediately.

This is a matter of survival, not merely entertainment.

You also need to pay attention to the shelf life, the warranty period to get the most effective use.

Once you’ve found the right things, you can allow him to use them alternately, so as not to get bored.

Top Rated Hamsters Accessories Reviews

Kaytee Igloo Hideaway

Hamsters are extremely shy and fleeing animals and thus have become their most instincts. Kaytee, a “giant” in the field of pet accessories, has grasped this trend to launch Kaytee Igloo Hideaway.

Made of durable plastic, this hideaway is the place where uncle cannot be better for your hamster.

The vents are designed above to help the air circulation and create the best conditions for you to observe from above.

Space up to 8 inches allows your hamster to do anything, even make himself a nest.

10,777 Reviews


  • Made of durable plastic material
  • Easy to clean
  • Vibrant colors, attract the attention of pets
  • Spacious entrance, great living space


  • Sometimes inadvertently become the perfect hiding place for your pet

Kaytee Run-About 7 “Hamster Exercise Ball

The image of hamsters put in balls has become a symbol of cuteness and a privilege for those who have chosen to nurture the animals.

One of the highlights of Kaytee products is that the material used is very high quality. And Kaytee Run-About 7 “The Hamster Exercise Ball is no exception.

The durable plastic layer helps prevent your hamster from biting or escaping.

It is also a protective shield that absorbs all the impact force during the move. of your cotton candy so you can explore it anywhere.

There are many colors for you to choose from light blue, yellow, and pink to white.

The ventilation layer is an unforgettable highlight.

It helps to release steam so that your hamster does not overheat.



  • Smart transparent design helps you control all activities of the hamster
  • Super-durable plastic that is hard to break despite falling at any height
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Can be used as a temporary shelter if you want to clean the hamster cage


  • Cannot be used directly under sunlight
  • Need supervision of farmers during use
  • The relatively small diameter (about 7 inches) is not large enough for all types of hamsters

Kaytee Tubes and Tunnels

As a system of 2 tee tubes, one U-Turn tube, 6 connector rings, and other 2 elbow tubes, Kaytee Tubes and Tunnels is guaranteed to keep your hamster busy for hours.

Easy-to-install loops with a total length of up to 2.25 “diameter also provides you with infinite connectivity.

The bulging design minimizes the angle that can hurt your pet. And once again, the hard plastic material that Kaytee uses becomes a commendable point.



  • Durable plastic material, clear design, help increase the ability to observe the operation of the hamster
  • Easy to clean
  • Vivid colors help stimulate the curiosity of the hamster
  • Infinite connectivity


  • Although it is not the majority, some feedback from some customers have shown that the tubes are sometimes difficult to connect and require the care of farmers when using.

BWOGUE Pet Small Animal Hideout

What do you think about giving your hamster a 5-star hotel to stay? If you can’t close your pet a quality cage, let BWOGUE do it for you.

This is a two-story hideout with dimensions of 17 x 7.5 x 15cm made entirely from natural wood.

Smart design with a dining trough, a system of stairs up and down, 2 layers for a living … That’s more than enough.

Besides, you can completely fold this product to save space when not in use. Is this the perfect replacement for rigid cages?

879 Reviews


  • The material is completely safe for hamster health
  • High strength, easy to clean
  • Easy to fold to save space
  • An ideal hiding place for your pet hamster


  • Not suitable for large hamsters.

Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel

If you need a tunnel to increase your pet and hamster interaction, then Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel is the right answer for you.

Made of stretchable plastic, this tunnel can be maximized in case he/she wants to exercise a bit.


  • Stimulating natural tunneling instinct
  • Super durable material
  • High resistance to fouling, easy to clean


  • Easy to tear if your hamster is too naughty or gnawing continuously.

HenryDong Summer Cool Small Animal Hamster Bed

Is this a bathtub? Or a bed? All are not. Simply a bed in the shape of a bathtub designed by HenryDong.

Besides the special shape, the work made from ceramic material will ensure maximum comfort for your hamster as well as help them feel cool when temperatures rise too high in the summer.

This product will be a great addition if you want to turn your hamster into a masterpiece of cuteness.


  • Special shape
  • Ceramic material is extremely safe
  • Multifunctional: in addition to a bed can also be used to store water or food


  • Fragile if subjected to a strong impact force
  • Pretty small size (15.6cm × 9cm × 5.4cm), can't be used for large hamsters.

Kaytee Hamster Potty

Training your hamster to go to the toilet in the right place is one of the most difficult steps in the feeding process.

Partly because of embarrassment, partly because we cannot determine the period they want to go to the toilet; the cage suddenly becomes a reluctant toilet.

This makes us sometimes face a myriad of unpleasant odors.

And Kaytee Hamster Potty was created to be a specialized tool for this task.

For each potty, you get a free sample of potty litter and a sifting scoop

Plastic lid placed on top helps minimize waste generated during use. It is true that small and extremely useful!


  • Size suitable to place in any position, including in a hamster cage
  • The design ensures hygienic, easy to clean and hygienic
  • Transparent lid, easy to observe


  • The coupling between the potty and the lid is loose after a period of continuous use.

Stock Show Small Pet Outdoor Walking Harness Vest and Leash Set

Nobody wants to keep their hamsters in a cage for a long time.

This will directly affect the health of the hamster, especially the normal development of the legs as well as make your pet bored.

But how can that tiny cotton ball be able to freely walk and still be in our control? A set of Harness Vest and Leash will help you do that.

Cotton fabric with extremely soft lining makes it possible to use anytime, any weather conditions.

The leash is long enough to cause no awkwardness during the move. Along with that 2 stickers will help you easier to use.

Stock Show products can be used to walk pets as well as a unique outfit for them.


  • The high-quality fabric ensures maximum comfort when exercising
  • Very nice design
  • Easy to wash


  • 2 stickers used for adhesion loses its effectiveness after a period of use

Kaytee Perfect Chews for Hamsters

Hamsters teeth grow very fast. Therefore, they sometimes need to chew toys to protect their oral cavity from the overgrowth of teeth.

Kaytee Perfect Chews for Hamsters can meet the requirements of the most demanding hamsters.

You will see wood balls, wheels, a wood log and a block extremely scientifically combined in a kaboob string. This gives your hamster the freedom to choose.

Metal hooks are simple but can help this product to integrate any type of cage.


  • Raw materials entirely from natural wood
  • There are hangers to fit many types of cages
  • Easy to change when a part is broken


  • Leave wood chips after a period of use
  • Too big for small hamsters

Hamster Chew Toys

If you need a chew toy system to satisfy your naughty hamsters, the AuniFo kit will be a great choice.

Called the product because there will be 10 pieces contained in it. Your pet will be trained in all ways you desire.

Watermelon Balls, Bell Roller, Dumbbell, Unicycle, Square Molar Block with Rope, Bell Swing, Pine Nuts, Climbing Ladder, Seesaw, and Molar String. And you know what? All of them are made from natural wood.

Strictly controlled from the source to the production process, you can be confident of its safety when chewing your hamster.


  • Environmental friendliness
  • Healthy and safe
  • Beautifully designed
  • Excellent customer service (30 days money back and up to 12 months warranty)


  • Leave wood chips after a period of use

UEETEK Banana Hamster Bed House

Smooth and completely relaxing. UEETEK gives your hamster a lovely banana-shaped bed.

Made from fleece combined with premium cotton and filled with sponge, this product makes sure your pet is warm throughout the winter.

2 hooks are designed in two corners to help you easily connect the product with any type of cage.

Bright colors and beautiful designs will help turn it into an ornament in many cases.

62 Reviews


  • Comfortable
  • Good for small pets
  • It shields pet from heat
  • Beautiful colors easily attract pets


  • Size different from the normal measurement

GalaPet Small Animal Hamster Cage Accessories and Toys

This will be the second set of products I introduce in this list.

Not only include chew or exercise toys such as exercise wheel, wooden bars and hanging chew string, GalaPet also provides hamsters with a solid water bottle.

All products have washers and wing nuts and will be the perfect complement to your wire cage.


  • Can be used for many different purposes
  • Means for exercise


  • Only suitable for small cages

Hamster Ladder

Brilliant as a rainbow, this ladder will stimulate your curiosity and attract your hamster from a great distance.

Plus, it can provide shelter for your critter to sleep most naturally.

The best thing about the product is that it’s made entirely of wood, so you won’t have to worry about durability or safety when your hamster uses it.


  • Made entirely of natural wood and contains no preservatives, safe to chew
  • Long term use


  • Easy to get dirty
  • Leave wood chips if gnawed much

GNB PET 94 Pcs DIY Hamster Tunnel and Playground Module

Integrated with “GNB Pet Super Large Hamster Cage” or “GNB Pet Ultra Large Hamster Cage”, GNB’s tunnel and playground system will help you maximize your hamster’s maneuverability.

Made of hard plastic, users will not have to worry about its durability if your mouse is too excited and continuous use.

Especially, the connecting pipes are directly connected without glue, nails or screws.

The ledge system is enclosed inside and the product is completely transparent to help you witness the process of your hamster transforming into a climbing athlete.


  • Durable material
  • Pet-friendly and user-friendly
  • Transparent design convenient for monitoring process
  • The ability to pair infinite


  • Limit use with large mice because the diameter is only 2 inches

Wooden Hamster House

The product is a two-story building made entirely of natural wood. You will not have to worry about it causing harm to the animal’s body during use.

Two-in-one design. The lower floor of the house can be separated.

This means that when you buy a Hamiledyi’s hamster house, your pretty baby will own up to two places where he is extremely sure.

Also, Wooden Hamster House has a sleeping nest, balcony, pet food basin, and fitness area.


  • Completely natural materials, environmentally friendly and hamster
  • Anti-odor
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Smart design


  • Leave wood chips after a period of continuous use

Winter Warm Bird Nest House Bed

This bed has a very simple design with a cashmere cloth that is stretched between the two axles.

The warm softness that they bring will help your hamsters have a deep sleep.

Especially you can increase the challenge of getting it at a certain height in the cage.

It is risky and maybe your hamster has the talent to dance?


  • Thick plush fabric provides a soft, warm bed
  • Bright colors attract attention


  • Too simple, so it is easy to be boring if used regularly
  • Pretty hard to clean

RYPET Small Animal Play Tunnel

There are up to 3 lines to start the game. This tunnel from the RYPET manufacturer allows many of your pets to participate in the campaign at the same time.

Covered with polyester blended cotton, you won’t have to worry about durability.

Inside the product, there are plastic rings that help the tunnel maintain its shape.


  • High-quality fabric, environmentally friendly and your pet
  • The plastic rings hidden inside help the product from being deformed after a period of continuous use
  • Nice and elegant decoration


  • The size is quite short, easy to cause boring

Habitrail OVO Studio

This is an extremely ambitious product of Habitrail when its versatility can almost meet all your requirements.

You can install it in any way as long as your creativity allows.

The studio is made of hard plastic and transparent so you can be assured of durability as well as observes your mouse easily during the move.


  • Small playground for small pets
  • The roof is retractable
  • Easy to clean


  • Food changes cause spillover in the environment

Kathson Pet Small Animal Hideout

This is the last hideout I introduce to you on this list. And as they often say, “What’s important comes last,” this small house has perfection rarely found in similar products.

Still loyal to wood, but the highlight to bring this product to the No. 1 position is the diverse services that it offers.

You will not be able to find another hideout with a slide for your entertainment hamster.

Inside the living space, there is a bell. Besides, there are ladder and climbing wall allows your beloved hamster to do more exercise and keep him healthier.

The assembly is extremely easy when almost you just need to put the plates into the notch. And boom. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete your project.


  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-odor
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Multi-purpose use.


  • There are so many features that sometimes confuse your pet

Xiaolanwelc @ 2017 Wood Rainbow Upturned barrel Hamster Toy

This toy is made up of a seesaw with lots of doors to allow your hamster to freely enter and exit.

The product is made of wood so the durability and safety are greatly improved.


  • Suitable for all types of hamsters
  • Safe material
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Easy to get bored

Our Picks of the Cute Hamster Accessories

best hamster accesorries

The following selections are aggregated from my personal opinion as a person who has a special interest in the hamster as well as a lot of user reviews around the world.

1. Kathson Pet Small Animal Hideout

For every hamster, a shelter must always be filled in the # 1 position on the things-to-buy list.

So out of the 20 products I’ve listed above, none is more worthy of kathson Pet Small Animal Hideout.

This small house possesses the most important feature that any user wants in the accessories they have spent money: environmentally friendly and safe for the pet itself.

Wood materials are carefully selected, undergoing a rigorous production process to produce a durable product with a long shelf life and can withstand continuous rodents.

But not only that, it’s more than a place to stay. With this hideout, your mouse can roll, climb, crawl, hide … and everything else for entertainment and body movement.

Separate areas such as slides, climbing walls are scientifically designed to turn it into an extremely comprehensive product.

The bell is a subtle highlight of the kathson that I personally extremely like. “Small but effective”.

We will be attracted by the jingle, not just the hamster.

2. Kaytee Run-About 7 “Hamster Exercise Ball

If you want a transport that is both safe and comfortable or just looking for a place to “tuck” your hamster into so you can free up his hands, then Kaytee Run-About 7 “Hamster Exercise Ball would be the perfect answer.

Still, an assertion of Kaytee’s position in the field of pet accessories, the plastic material used is a guarantee of durability and certainty.

The breathable system is scientifically designed to help the air inside the ball always match the body temperature of the hamster.

And finally, the transparency of the product helps you to monitor all activities of the pet. Let your hamster walk around the big house yourself!



There is no certain standard you conduct maintenance of hamster accessories because depending on features as well as different types of products will have different methods.

For hamster cages, you need to pay attention to hygiene regularly, especially where the hamsters may poop or urinate.

You should also dry them out as soon as water spills. A dry, cool and clean living environment will help your hamster have good health.

Along with that, food and drink bowls also need to be quite careful.

You need to change the water every day so that there is no sediment in the bowl.

Try to fill your hamsters with a new food container to ensure that bacteria do not arise as well as ensuring a safe environment for your pet.

The waste generated during hamster activity can be synthesized and discarded after 2 to 3 days of use.

Don’t take reasons too busy to facilitate your laziness. This process does not take more than 2 minutes.

Hamsters’ toys are maintenance-free because their damage levels will be much greater under the constant impact of chewing caused by hamsters.

You can wash them after every pet playing or with kaboob like Kaytee Perfect Chews for Hamsters, disassemble and replace the blocks if they are damaged too much.

The carrier has many different types. We recommend buying the foldable version for your convenience when being carried outside. Also, if they have an inner cotton lining, they need to be easily removed for washing.

And finally, it would be flawed to skip the bed. This is probably the place where hamsters will be most used during living.

You should clean them regularly by washing them because these products are usually made from cloth.

FAQs about Hamsters Accessories

Do hamsters like to hideout multiple layers?

This depends on a lot of factors. You should carefully observe the behavior of your hamsters because it shows a lot of pet personalities.

While most hamsters love to run and climb, a few choose to lie still most of the day.

If your pet is active, a multi-story sitting house with lots of services will be a great fit.

Besides, the hideout also needs to ensure that it matches the size of the pet.

A cage that is too tall can cause your small hamster to fall and be injured if he tries to climb.

In contrast, a small cage will feel cramped when your pet is active.

Do hamsters need light at night?

This is an important issue because it contributes to the habit of living for your pet.

It is best not to change the cycle of day and night in the normal life of the hamster.

The origin of this animal is still a rodent with a cavernous instinct.

Meaning they will stay in the cave for 18-20 hours a day and only go out in the morning to feed for a few hours.

You should not turn on the light when it is dark because it is not necessary.

If you want your hamster to be more comfortable, a dim lighting system can be a way to make both sides comfortable. But who knows, hamsters are sensitive and especially to light.

Should we let hamster sleep together?

This is a very sensitive issue because when your affection for your pet grows to a high level, the attachment can be considered inseparable.

The answer is you should not sleep with them for your safety.

With a hamster, you are like a giant. Sometimes your arms alone can crush him.

Hamster’s living hours are also quite different from us when they don’t sleep much at night.

So sleeping together entails a lot of other high demands like your hamster must know how to use the toilet in the right place and not bite indiscriminately … Are you confident you can do it?

Can you potty train a hamster?

This is entirely five feet of your performance. Hamsters are quite intelligent animals.

The sooner you start the training, the more they will listen to you.

A potty pot in the corner of the cage along with some motivational rewards will help their bowel movements go into orbit soon.

Please be patient. And you will no longer have to clean up their waste!

Can I put a blanket over a hamster cage in winter?

This is necessary when temperatures drop in the winter. They help reduce the amount of heat released to the outside.

Cover the cage first with a layer of newspaper and then a blanket or a thick layer of fabric.

But you should also note that if the room where you put the cage has a fireplace or air conditioner, this will accidentally overheat your hamster. And this is no good either.

How long can you leave a hamster in a cage?

It can be said that the smaller the hamster cage is, the less time he should spend in the cage.

They need to have fun and exercise regularly. Outside the cage, they can walk, run, explore, and play.

So, if your pet’s cage is not big enough to contain his toys, you should not keep him in it for more than 3-4 hours.

And if there are all kinds of hamster’s cage accessories for him to practice such as tunnels, toys, chew toys, etc., he still needs to communicate with the outside society.

In this case, 10 hours will be the maximum. Otherwise, he will become antisocial and unfriendly.

Should we shower for hamsters?

Unlike domestic pets, you can freely bathe them, but hamsters are not.

Only when your pet is soiled with toxic substances that are difficult to remove or anything sticking to the fur, then use water to bathe your pet.

Wondering why you should not bathe a hamster? This small animal is normally very healthy in the living environment if properly cared for.

However, their resistance is not as high as that of larger animals.

Using water to bath the baby will remove essential oils to smooth the hair in their body to produce, leading to tangled hair, bit and dry skin of the pet.

Besides, a daily wet bath is very easy to cause colds and pneumonia for hamsters that make them weak and may die. Therefore, if not necessary, do not wet bath hamster.

Instinctively, a hamster can clean its soft fur itself if the coat is only covered with regular and non-toxic dirt.

Usually, farmers will prepare sand dedicated to rats to bathe them.

This sand can be purchased outside the store, supermarket accessories for pets, very easy to find and can be used again and again, saving your costs.

A bath with sand, when you put the mouse inside this space, as long as they roll a few times, the dirt has fallen out of the pet’s body.

It’s as simple as sticking on mouse hairs that cannot be removed like chewing gum, and then you just need to use that sticky scissors to cut it.


Taking care of pets is not easy, choosing the right accessories are even more difficult.

This article has been collected from many sources to provide a list of best accessories for hamsters.

However, if it does not match nor has something wrong, do not hesitate to tell us. Your opinion is the motivation to help us improve.

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