19 Best Hamster Treats of 2020 (Reviews & FAQs)

Do you have the best and perfect diet for your small pets? Can you keep your hamsters stay healthy and have a long life? What is the best food for the hamster out there? Keep reading to the end of this post to find the best hamster treats for your small animal. Let’s start!

What Are The Best Hamster Treats?

Your hamsters deserve love and affection like other lovely pets. And such, they deserve to enjoy palatable treats.

Hence, many manufacturers create treats for pet owners to choose the best item.

These products have specialized formulas that contain vitamins, minerals as well as nutrients for hamsters.

Treats are a balanced diet, ensuring the health of your small pets.

Best hamster treats can develop the bond between the owner and the hamster.

You observe whether your pet favors the treats or not; you also know what your pet likes and does not like.

Pet owners should learn the ideal diet and safe foods to give your pet as treats.


It would be best if you choose an organic hamster treats for your pets.

They are nutritious and healthy.

Manufacturers always try to improve their quality products to attract pet owners.

They pack all the natural ingredients and the right nutrients, offering essential nutrients for hamsters.

What is the best food for hamsters? Check for the treats, whether they are made of whole grains, carrots, and more.

Natural ingredients are suitable for hamsters’ digestive system.

Purchase organic food to contribute to the best diet for hamsters.


Rodents need something to gnaw and chew all day long; hence, you should give it a tasty and crunchy hamster treat. And for this, these treats put hamsters’ teeth to good use.

Hamster savoring his treat

Along with hamster toys, crunchy treats help relieve cage boredom.

You can easily find a tasty and crunchy treat in both pet stores online and stores near you.

Keep in mind that the taste and flavor are also significant to hamsters.

Promote bonding between the owner and pets

You should spend time with your pet daily while feeding them favorite treats.

If you contact and frequently interact with hamsters, they will be acquainted with your smell and play with you.

It is the signal that they start trusting you.

Best Hamster Treats to Buy in 2020

eCOTRITION Yogies for Hamsters

The best hamster treats suits for all small animals. It supplies nutritional needs as well as tastes your hamsters.

We are sure that your pet will love the treat well.

The eCOTRITION Yogies have cheese flavor what pets like best. Also, it is made of sugar, real yogurt, and other nutrients.

The healthy hamster treats provide your rats with the high levels of calcium that they need.

Further, it is easy to digest as it contains yogurt. So, it supports a healthy bowel movement as well.

You should give it to your hamster twice per day. Remember, you still feed your pet with regular foods daily.

Highly addictive for your furry friends! Love it! It is mainly created to give your small four-legged companion a healthy and long life.

It is the blend of many nutritious ingredients, such as seeds, nuts, vegetables, and more.

Bear in mind that you have to store it in a dry and cool place, avoid sunlight.


  • Good taste and smell
  • Easy to digest
  • The bag comes with a re-sealable top to help keep them fresh


  • The only downside to Yogies is that their heat sensitive. These treats do tend to stick together if they get hot.

Vitakraft Hamster Treats

With two flavors (strawberry, apple honey), these hamster treats are good tastes for small animals.

If you are looking for a good taste for hamsters, it is the top choice.

Further, the Vitakraft product is packaged with health benefits.

You can rest assured that your rats will not refuse such a strawberry and apply honey flavor.

Often, hamsters naturally love crispy and crunchy foods.

The sticks and drops are formulated to fortify vitamins and nutrients for animals. Don’t hesitate to choose the treats for your hamster.

The pets contain vitamins and minerals, and your furry companion can enjoy healthy treats.

We are sure that your hamsters will addict the healthy treats if given in proper amounts.

No products found.

FarmerDavePetSupply Small Apple Slice Treats

These healthy hamster treats are created, grown, and packaged in the USA.

They contain enough nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for pets. Your cute furries will get to enjoy the great flavor.

The ingredients are entirely natural and free from pesticides for your hamsters’ safety. Also, they are hand-harvested and carefully selected.

Hence, it is incredibly high-quality. Believe the quality and give it to the rodent.

What’s more, the treats satisfy the instinctual chewing behavior for lovely hamsters.

Offer the item to the pet, it helps your small animals combat boredom effectively and improves overall good dental health.

Thus, if hamster parents are finding the right treats, they can’t go wrong with this one. The hamster foods are also a good source of natural fiber.

That’ll maintain a healthy digestive tract of your rodent. Opt for it; your pet can get all the benefits of locally grown treats.


  • Safe and natural components
  • You can use it to feed many species and pets, not only hamsters, but also for mice, rats, and so on.
  • The quality and flavor will make your pet never get bored of it.
  • A perfect option for those who are looking for healthy hamster treats.


  • The higher price might deter clients from purchasing it.

Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Seeds for Hamsters

Your hamsters will be happy when you give their favorite treats.

Good news for pet owners, the Sweet Harvest treats are not harmful to your pets. If your pet likes chewing his fence, the item is just for you.

These hamster treats are pumpkin seeds, so they provide your small four-legged companion with a well-rounded diet without causing unwanted consequences.

You can give your pet treats to supply essential minerals required for the animal.

Also, the food is delicious. Your hammy can not reject it. It is suitable for pets that like chewing, such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more.

The re-sealable pouch helps store the treats well. In short, the item is an excellent source of nutrients to boost pet growth and support its health.


  • The re-sealable plastic pouch for convenient storage
  • Balance nutrition for your pets
  • Wholesome nutrition source, comprising minerals, vitamins, etc.
  • Suitable for small animals


  • Give in a proper amount. If you allow your hamsters to eat too much, it may become a choking hazard for small pets.

Kaytee Fiesta Veggie Cranberry Treat

Why both clients and hamsters are so happy with the Kaytee product? It is a good blend of seeds, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Besides, the treats are designed to satisfy all small animals, even the pickiest eaters.

You can find hydrated and dry nuts and seeds in it.

The healthy snack is perfect. Many customers leave excellent reviews that it is fresh and crunchy, unlike many other treat bags. At Kaytee, the animals’ well-being is the primary concern.

Treats provide the hamsters essential energy they need to remain healthy and active.


  • Tasty and nutritious food for pets
  • Encourages exercise, relieves boredom and anxiety
  • Contain a tasty variety of scrumptious ingredients
  • The delicious taste and smell attract the pickiest eater.


  • The hamster treats have not yet certified with the Non-GMO project. But it is a small problem.

JARDTEC Non-GMO Dried Mealworms

The item will not let you down. To store and maintain its freshness, you should put the treats in the fridge.

The package has a zip lock that keeps the item fresh and easy to reseal. Thereby, it retains the nutritional value.

These treats are one of the most popular products for pets; they have excellent size and lack of filler.

It is a good source of essential protein that supports all living creatures.

You know mealworms help boost the protein intake and pets’ immune system.

Give your hamster these healthy treats as a reward in cold days. The taste of natural mealworms makes the pet not reject it.

461 Reviews


  • A good source of protein for your hamsters.
  • It is easy to store and keep fresh
  • Healthy and no preservatives


  • Some pet owners are unhappy with the smell when the first opening it.

Small Animal Pro O’s Whole Grain Treats

Similarly to other good hamster treats on our list, this one too is a high protein that is necessary for your small animals to grow appropriately.

Made from whole grain, it is one of the most delicious foods for hamsters. The flavor will make your pet fall in love with the item.

The package is sealable so that pet owners can maintain the food well. You easily follow the feeding instruction that the brand recommends.

Don’t worry about quality as your pet reaction will give you the best answer. Give it to the hamster 1-2 times per day.

The whole-grain product meets all requirements of the best hamster treats, praised both the taste and texture.

If you want to surprise your picky pet, try using the tasty treats. Hamsters are not able to refuse.


  • Whole-grain and nutritious snack
  • Enriched protein
  • The price is excellent for all you get.


  • Don't feed your pet too much if it is not active

Oxbow Simple Rewards Timothy Treats

You are a new pet owner, you don’t know what is best to feed your cute animal. Opt for the Oxbow product. It is small and has a crunchy texture.

We believe that hamsters will love to gnaw at the treats. Together with the texture, the food has an irresistible taste, helping to stimulate your hamster to chew and good for dental health.

Also, the treats are made of timothy grass hay that is fiber-rich as well as high-quality. Your hamsters love the timothy flavor, and the product is just for it. Also, fiber is very important to gnawable animals.

It would be better if you use timothy treats to enrich your pet’s diet.

Pet owners can use the hamster treats when training small animals. It allows you to interact and play with them.


  • Reasonable price
  • Re-sealable bag for longer preservation
  • The timothy hay created these treats can be enjoyed by many animals, such as hamsters, adult rabbits, etc.


  • Your rodent may ignore some of the ingredients

Sunseed AnimaLovens Apple Strudels

Your pet will love these good hamster treats since the first time you introduce him/her to them.

Even when the animal becomes ill, these treats are still on the top of its list.

About the Sunseed AnimaLovens product, it is a nice size and gives for good behavior or for something to nibble on. It does not have a strong smell, and it is a real apple flavor.

The combination of real fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain ingredients creates a tasty and nutritious food. Compared to other treats, the ingredients list is pretty natural.

These cookies give a fantastic mix of crunchiness and flavor to serve pets. Also, it offers a balanced blend of vitamins (A, E, D), calcium as well as iron.

160 Reviews


  • Natural ingredients (salt, sugar, ground wheat, etc.) for your friendly hamsters to munch on.
  • Super crunchy and palatable for your pet
  • The oven-baked food for promoting dental health in rats
  • Great source of vitamins, calcium, and minerals
  • Free from GMO ingredients
  • Minimal preservatives


  • If you have a small hamster, the treats are hard and take too much time for chewing.

Sleek & Sassy Nutritional Diet

The mix of nuts, fruits, and more will satisfy your pets. Its main ingredients are whole corn, dehydrated banana and carrot, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts.

The recipe adds more essential minerals and vitamins to pets’ diets. It is healthy and safe for your hamsters because of its natural treats. Your cute animal will not resist the combination as well.

As a responsible pet owner, you should choose the delicious pets foods for them.

We think it is one of the excellent hamster treats if you are in the market to look for an item for your well-behaved hamsters.

What’s more, the item is crunchy, it is suitable for hamsters to bite and chew.

Hence, the treats are useful for your pet’s dental health. With this food, your hamsters will not feel bored in their cages.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Good for hamsters' teeth
  • Add more vitamin and mineral to the pets


  • Some pet owners have complained that these treats are way too big to be eaten.

Johnson’s Nutty Treats for Hamsters 

Johnson’s Nutty treats are one of the best hamster treats for taming. They are yummy bars that are favorite things for your pet to nibble on. It is the delectable mix of nuts, seeds, whole-grains, honey.

Hence, it is a great complement to food with a well-balanced diet for hamsters. The item is a great way to treat your furry little friends.

If you are going to plan to train your pet, the wholesome treats will make the training process more comfortable.

Your furry companion is always happy when you offer it the food. It will not say no to the delicious item.

All in all, Johnson’s Nutty Treats for Hamsters is healthy, owners can feed the pet anytime with it.

No products found.

Henry’s Hazelnut Stix Hamster Treat

The treats can meet all the requirements of the owner and hamsters. It is made of hazelnut and says no with artificial flavors and colors. Also, it is healthy and natural as it has no preservatives.

If you are looking for good hamster treats for your overweight pet, it is an excellent choice. It contains no fruit, sweeteners, and easy to digest.

This option is generated to promote a healthy and long life in your furry friends.

However, remember that feeding the hamster once or twice daily is enough.

To maintain the treats, you store it in a cool and dry place. You can put it in the fridge to keep its freshness.


  • No fruit or sweeteners, good for obesity hamsters
  • The product is suitable for hamsters as well as for mice, rats, etc.
  • The palatable flavor and easy to chew


  • No fruit chunks are added in it

Kaytee Fiesta Healthy Toppings Mixed Fruit Treat

This list could not be complete without an item from the Kaytee brand. It is a perfect food to add your hamster’ regular diet. The brand offers many products combining of good flavor and crunchiness.

These hamster treats are a perfect balance of palatability and nutrition for your pet. Also, the mixed fruit offers flavored treats for hamsters.

This is the reason why Kaytee has won the interest and trust of most pet owners.

The chewable and nutritious treats are suitable for small hamsters to enjoy for hours. It has enough essential vitamins, protein, and nutrition.

If you are having a hard time interacting with your furry friend, the food can act as a mediator between you.


  • Tasty and delicious treats
  • Ideal for playtime and bonding between you and the pet
  • Made from real fruit
  • Satisfies small hamsters' need to chew and bite
  • Perfect with regular meals or as a training treat


  • Do not make the mistake of completely relying on the treats to meet up your hamster's nutritional needs.

eCotrition Small Animal Cheesie Chews

Another item from the eCotrition brand, it is particularly generated to satisfy the distinct nutritional needs and tastes of hamsters and other small animals.

The treats have a cheese flavor that your furry companion can not refuse.

Furthermore, it provides the essential levels of nutrients that hamsters really need. Because it is a type of snack, you never give it to your pet as a sole source of nutrition.

3,553 Reviews


  • Formulated with real cheese flavor for a great taste hamsters love.
  • The fun-shaped chews for pets
  • The item follows a good recipe that can be enjoyed by rodents (hamsters, mice, and more)


  • The cheese can melt quite fast if you store it improperly.

Small Pet Select Healthy Snackers – Pumpkin

We are sure that most rodents love these treats. The foods have a crunchy structure.

It is delicious, so it can satisfy your pet need to gnaw. No additives, preservatives as well as binding agents. Perfect!

It is fantastic because these healthy hamster treats are palatable. Give your pets the item in the morning as a way to exercise and entertain.

Hence, the treats can help your cute companion relieve boredom. Further, all the ingredients used are natural with clean human-grade pumpkin, oats, and fresh hay.


  • Beneficial to the pet's health
  • Use for training hamsters
  • All-natural ingredients
  • The products ensure the highest quality.


  • It has a very short shelf life and susceptible to moisture retention if packed improperly.

Versele Laga 3 Pack of Complete Crock Apple Treats

You want to give hamsters a reward, opt for this item. It has a crispy outer shell that will not let your pet down.

Chew, chew, and chew for hours without boring! Like its name, the product from the Versele-Laga brand also contains apple, enriched with vitamins and Omega 3. No adding sugar, the treats are easy to digest.

Hamsters are cute and excellent small pets, so it is worthy of giving them a gift. Select this tasty and healthy snack for hamsters and other rodents, and it stimulates their gnawing.

If your pet has good behavior, don’t hesitate to reward him/her. You are afraid that these snacks can spoil hamsters. But you are wrong.

Bear in mind that it is only healthy snacks, not the main diet. The product is packed with ingredients and nutrients beneficial for rodents.

8 Reviews


  • Offer your pet a proper healthy diet
  • No loaded with sugar and preservative
  • The treats are fortified with vitamins and minerals.


  • Some say that these packs are high cost.

BWOGUE Hamster Chew Sticks 

This is one more wonderful product in the best hamster treats. It comes with pure natural apple and pcs colorful chewable wood sticks.

Your hammy will love these great sticks, and you definitely will become the repeat customers of the brand.

These sticks size is suitable for adult hamsters and little rats. Besides, the sticks are both thick and thin.

The product is good for small pets’ teeth growth and lets themselves finding a bit of fun as well.

Pets will leave no wasting since the taste is very excellent.


  • The colorful sticks attract pets well.
  • Natural ingredients
  • An excellent way to break hamster cage boredom for your pet living alone
  • Suitable-sized chewy treats to promote dental health and jaw strength in young hamsters.
  • Available in different sizes


  • Pet owners should maintain these treats carefully.

Sugar Gliders U.S.A. 8 OZ. Yogurt Drops

As advertised, these yogurt treats for hamsters are among the best picks.

The quality of the product is good, and when opened, you can notice that it has a pleasant smell.

The yogurt drops are beneficial for the pets’ digest system.

Feeding instructions: You offer your pet approx 1/2 teaspoon of drops every other day. What about its ingredients?

The hamster treats are made of sugar, partially hydrated palm, kernel oil, nonfat yogurt, salt, artificial flavor, and so on. Moreover, it is made from the USA with a high technique.


  • Enriched protein
  • Great for hamsters, gliders, and other small animals.


  • It can stick together if you do not store it properly.
  • High price

Rosewood Boredom Breaker Natural Treat

The naturals double wood roll is your pet’s perfect “salad bar.” Why is it called double wood roll? It has two chunky rolls of carrot and parsley on the gnawable wooden roll. Also, the treats are great for dental health and reducing boredom.

The pet is ideal for hamsters and small furries.

Pet owners can hang in your pet’s home and hook the roll right onto a cage or wireframe area.


  • Made from pure natural ingredients
  • It is ideal to add daily to your pet's main diet
  • A long-lasting and challenging treat


  • It is not for rabbits that don't like parsley smell

FAQs on Hamster Treats

Is it safe to give your lovely hamsters treats?

Remember that moderation is very vital. Good hamster treats are perfectly safe to give your pets. You can let pets eat have tasty treats as a healthy diet.

Opt for the best item and suit the small animals’ needs. Do not feed them too many treats in a short space of time to avoid health problems.

When you feed a healthy treat, make sure that your rats empty the food bowl before adding more. Bear in mind that not allow the animal to eat its favorite things.

Giving your hamster treats right

Hamster foods offer balanced diets for all pets. They come in with different shapes that look like biscuits or cereal, help animals easy to bite and chew.

Often, these foods are made from vegetables, seeds, etc. that are good for the pet’s health as well as the digestion system.

How much should you feed your hamster?

According to the PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity, they suggest that the owner should feed hamsters 10 grams of the food. And you divide it into twice a day.

Of course, you need to take note of what the cute animal likes eating. Take after your pet and take note of its appetite.

How much food should hamsters eat? Also, you have to consider the pet’s size. If it is young and small, you should adjust the amount of food.

When do you give your hamster treats?

There are different opinions around the common question. Many think that it would be better if people feed the pet in the evening when it is active.

However, it is not exactly true. It is only suitable if it is a wild hamster. It goes out at night to search for food.

Because your pets are domestic, living in the hamster cages, you should never leave the uneaten treats to rot overnight. Let the hamster eat food during the day.

Remember, provide fresh hamster treats and snacks. And you should offer hamster treats and food that are enough for their activities throughout the day.

Moreover, providing fresh water for pets is necessary. You wash the drinking bottle at least once a week. Use filtered water so that it is safe for the hamster.

The Last Words

Selecting an ideal item for your hamsters is not easy. However, hopefully, the list of the best hamster treats we suggest can help you give your pet a healthy diet.

Your hamster will always be protected well. The top products above will never let you and your pet down.

You have other hamster treats that are not mentioned on the list, don’t hesitate to share with us. Furthermore, if you need more tutorials on hamster care guide, don’t please let us know.

Feel free to leave your opinions and comments below or contact us directly. We are glad to listen to from you! If you find this post useful, don’t forget to share it.

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