20 Best Hedgehog Bedding in 2020 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Hedgehogs spend most of the time playing in the cage, which necessitates the need for strengthening sanitation standards and improving comfort.

One accessory that checks off both criteria mentioned above is the best lining to be placed inside the cage to work as a cushion and a tool to entertain the little friend.

Keep reading for the information! You will find your favorite option among our contenders for the best hedgehog bedding.

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Why is Hedgehog Bedding a Must-Have Accessory?

Hedgehog supplies are a must accessory to grow them healthy.

The living space inside the enclosure may not always appear to be a smooth, soft surface for a comfortable sleep all through the day and night.

Just imagine as it is like when you have to lie on a rough chair for a long time.

That’s why you tend to cushion the chair, and similarly, we cushion the hedgehog’s house with hedgehog bedding.

This material is placed at the bottom of the cage to soften the surface on which the hedgies sleep and play.

Understanding the necessity of hedgehog bedding, you should come to purchase high-quality bedding so that your friend feels cuddled and cherished.

Another reason why our hedgehog pets treasure this bedding is that they are allowed to feel the same level of comfort and joy as when they live in their natural environment.

You should learn that hedgehogs live in grasslands and woodlands where they can wander around freely from day to day and travel from plains to plains, which is absolutely more life-rewarding than being kept in a restrained space.

To liven up the monotonous pace of life in the enclosure, you can’t have a better option but to provide hedgehogs with a delicate material that can be burrowed into.

However, if we merely choose the bedding for the ornamental purposes, then, there are numerous decorations that work more efficiently for the aesthetic look of the cage.

But the main point is that bedding is good at controlling odor and somehow helps with eliminating dust and wood debris always to keep your pet’s cage in a sustainable state. It can also absorb liquids and protect the little friend.

Ideas for DIY Hedgehog Bedding

Hedgehog beddings are hand-made from different kinds of material. To have an idea of how each works, scroll down

Newspaper Bedding

Surprise! You may have known about some common materials used for hedgehog bedding such as pine shavings, cedar shavings, etc. But the newspaper is an excellent material.

This is for those who prefer a money-saving solution for the bedding.

In other words, making use of shredded paper for hedgehog bedding is a smart and efficient choice because this material can be found anywhere around your house.

It can be placed at the bottom of the cage as a protection base to lie on.

Although its absorbent qualities are no match for other high-quality materials on the market, it can still absorb urine or water bottle leaks to a certain extent.

Arranging it inside the cage is effortless, and you can also change the bedding frequently to ensure the best living quality.

Shredded cardboard

We suppose you will find this DIY material useful and handy.

Cardboard is thicker than paper, and it is clean to be used as bedding. Consider taking the cardboard from some shipping boxes in your house.

Indeed, we love it when we can come up with a novel idea of how to recycle this cardboard from the boxes instead of throwing it away.

Anyway, the cardboard is not harmful provided that the ink from which it is processed is safe for health.

Aspen wood chips

Aspen wood chips will make nice bedding when used in junction with other types of bedding.

They are no harm to the hedgehogs’ health and durable enough to last long.

Plain paper Bedding

As for plain paper, we recommend picking those soft papers which are free from no toxic aromas and harmful ink.

Cut them into small pieces and go ahead to see how they function.

Fleece Bedding

Fleece hedgehog bedding is a popular option to think of when deciding to buy hedgehog bedding.

What makes it so well received by users is that it is a high-quality and soft material.

Although it catches dust quickly, this only flaw cannot tarnish the overall perfection of the material.

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Hedgehog Bedding Materials – Which one is worth buying and which one is not?

FAQs Best Hedgehog Bedding

Kaytee Soft Granule Blend

This is what you may want to look at among numerous suggestions for the best hedgehog bedding material as it works well as bedding.

We usually give nice comments for the absorbent qualities and a soft feel it manifests. Compared to other wood options, this can be a bit more advantageous to buy.

Pine Shavings

Pine Shaving is not a stranger in the list for hedgehog bedding material because most of the products we choose to appear in our review are made from this material. It is ideal for small hedgies.

Natural pine shaving is good for health and doesn’t come with the aromatic oils as well. It is completely safe for the respiratory system of your little friend.

Cedar Shavings

Okay, if the thought of buying hedgehog bedding made from cedar shavings ever races through your mind, it’s better to abandon it. Why? Simply because it is not good enough or is dangerous, to be honest.

Cedar shavings have one competitive edge when it comes to the price since they are very affordable. Some are rather cheap compared to the standard ones on the market.

They are easy to find, as well. But for all we have gathered from our testers, such shavings are toxic in that they are likely to cause respiratory and allergic problems or even potential liver changes.

Some people can’t stand the aroma it sends out as well.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Hedgehog Bedding?

Odor control

As discussed above, hedgehogs are very active during the day and night when they play hard and sleep well.

They can also make the cage smelly because of their urine, feces, or sweat, so it is best to have odor control abilities to help the bedding last longer.


Hedgehogs just feel pleased with everything unique you give it, including this hedgehog bedding.

Therefore, it can’t complain about the safety features of the bedding. But never wait till the hedgehog expresses its dissatisfaction with the bedding you purchase.

When shopping for one, remember to check which material the bedding is made from. We mean whether the material is natural or not and whether it contains additives or harmful chemicals.

Absorbent qualities

It is like the odor control quality, which makes the hedgehog bedding a worth buying product when compared to others without this valuable offer.

With this incorporated, you can save time and effort of frequent cleaning as well as handling the smelly urine.

Because this is made with comfortable use in mind, you should embrace it for the most enjoyable user experience.


For better peace of mind, go for one which is dust-free. When the bedding is too dusty, it makes maintenance difficult and time-consuming.

But besides this tiring task, it can pose health impacts for hedgie’s lungs.

If you are allergic to dusty stuff, there is no reason to endure this product.


Most people ignore this planet-friendly feature of hedgehog bedding. But we think the importance of a product is both user-friendly and eco-friendly shouldn’t be underestimated.

How to know when a product is eco-friendly?

You should look into the material as some will be 100% biodegradable and can even be recycled as compost for gardening purposes.

Type of Bedding

This factor defines the quality of the bedding you buy.

Stay away from cedar shavings if you don’t want your friend to experience breathing problems and allergies.

We suggest having the paper-based beddings because they are not only safe but also efficient to use. They have excellent waste absorbent qualities and odor control properties.

Besides, they are commented to be soft to snuggle in. The hedgehog will love it, we assure you.

Our Customer Picks: Top-Rated Best Hedgehog Bedding Reviews in 2020

Best Hedgehog Bedding Reviews – Top 20 Winners

Monster Pets Carefresh Natural Premium 60 Ltr. Soft Pet Bedding

Carefresh Natural Premium Soft Pet Bedding ranks first in order of preference because this bedding is the safest and healthiest one for hedgehogs, made from reclaimed pulp waste so that it is free from odor.

Don’t you know it is super absorbent and can incredibly absorb liquids from pet urine and water bottle leaks? Then, the enclosure will always be dry and clean.

No products found.

Carefresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding Confetti, 10L

Try the Carefresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding Confetti for a more habitable hedgehog habitat along with planet-friendly benefits because it is biodegradable and compostable.

The material is natural wood fibers which originate from nature and thus are green and healthy.

It counters the nasty moisture problems by absorbing moisture to keep your friend always comfortable and clean.


Product Features:

  • Natural material.
  • Absorbent paper base.
  • Moisture problems tacked.
  • Affordable.

Dr. Hemp Natural Pet Bedding

Let Dr. Hemp lend you a helping hand with the care-taking process of your hedgehog.

You can be relieved knowing this product from Dr. Hemp is an excellent high-quality with natural material which accompanies incredible resilient Product Features.

Low dust and low palatability contribute to an overall flawless product.

No products found.

Kaytee Aspen Bedding Bag

If you are looking for some wood shavings, here is what you need.

The Kaytee Aspen Bedding Bag offers shavings from hardwood.

In this product, dust is a far-fetched problem because the material was intended to be clean of dust and other debris to ensure the well-being of the animal.

Product Features:

  • Wood shavings
  • Less dusty than other products
  • Free from aromatic oils or inks.

Carefresh Shavings Plus Pet Bedding

This Carefresh comes with extra shavings to serve you better. With a pack of 69 litter, it is 60 percent more absorbent than shavings alone.

And can be used for varying bedding changes. The Product Features of unsurpassed odor control keep the hedgehog bedding ammonia-free and comfy.

No products found.

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Pestell Box Small Animal Bedding

That hedgehog bedding sends out the smell of aromatic oils will be considered a limitation of the manufacturer because users don’t expect their pets to inhale this scent.

With this bedding, you will never encounter this unwelcoming problem. It lasts long and guarantees a healthy and safety state of your hog.

Product Features:

  • No aromatic oils which can pose allergic problems
  • Made from natural fibers.

FiberCore Natural Eco-Bedding

This bedding brand takes pride in having an appreciable number of repeat buyers, which means it has been very well received.

The product is made of recycled paper so that it averts the potential trigger for allergies.

Also, it is dust-free and will add optimal comfort to the enclosure.

112 Reviews

Product Features:

  • Superb odor absorption abilities
  • Free of dust
  • Hypoallergenic Product Features
  • Planet-friendly.

GuineaDad Fleece Liner Bedding

Nothing can beat Guinea Dad Fleece Liner Bedding when it comes to the best bedding specifically made for cold winter months.

It comes with a burrowing pocket sleeve for the hedgie to snuggle in.

The liner is absorbent and washable, so it’s a perfect selection to go for if you don’t have much time for the frequent maintenance or if you prefer reusable bedding.

No products found.

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Absorption Corp Carefresh Pet Bedding, Confetti, 25.7-Liter

Carefresh Corp Pet bedding is the safe, friendly and fun bedding for you and your pet.

It brings the pet’s house to life by adding color to your hedgehog’s living space and making it a peaceful corner to burrow in.

It helps suppress ammonia formation, which is crucial for a long and comfortable life. The colors are non-toxic to the pet as well.

No products found.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Bedding 49.2L

Are you hoping to find a super soft, absorbent bedding? If yes, we highly recommend this Kaytee White Pet Bedding which is safe because it absorbs 2x more liquid than wood shavings.

Besides, the soft fluffy texture offers a nice living surface to sleep on.


Product Features:

  • Odor control guaranteed.
  • Dust Free for effortless cleanup.
  • Absorbs up to 6x its weight in liquid.
  • Healthy and safe for the pet.

Small Pet Select Premium Soft Paper Bedding

This paper bedding is of great value and very worth buying. We assure you that you cannot look elsewhere for a pet bedding of this size and in this cost.

Small hedgie friends don’t expect to get lost in the vast expanse, so this is a good option to go for.

6,425 Reviews

Product Features:

  • Ideal for small pets.
  • Safe material which is free of harmful chemicals and additives.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Absorbent.

Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding

Upon unboxing the package, you may be impressed by the brown paper bedding which feels as soft as silk with the material being unbleached virgin fiber – 99% dust free and highly absorbent.

The paper is not from recycled paper or any toxic residues, making it safe to use for hedgehogs.

No products found.

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Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding for Small Animals

How to make your hedgehog love its home more. The answer is simple: you should beautify the enclosure by adding accessories and above all, bedding.

With this Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding, your hedgie can take a deep dive into a pool of cozy crumbles and enjoy hours of relaxation.

In the meantime, you are allowed to care less about the cleanup.

Product Features:

  • Soft, cozy paper crumbles.
  • Provide utmost comfort.
  • Unbleached and baking soda-free.

RentACoop Hemp Bedding

Hemp products are grown in such a manner which many usually call “Let nature take its course” This means there are no pesticides or insecticides that otherwise can harm hedgie’s health.

You and your pet deserve the best; thus, this will promise to provide a moisture-balanced, airy, comfy living space for the small friends.

Product Features:

  • Good smelling.
  • Superior ability to absorb moisture.
  • Safe material.

Critter Care Ultra Bedding by Healthy Pet

This will give your hedgehog a real buzz during his time in the living quarters because it is soft and fresh.

It goes with a long-lasting odor control effects and is superiorly absorbent to use.

No products found.

So Phresh Natural Softwood Small Animal Bedding

This is a nice blend of spruce, fir, and pine shavings. There are no chances of hedgehogs inhaling the dusty air from the bedding as everything has been made to protect the friend’s delicate respiratory system.

Therefore, you can rest easy by now.

No products found.

Kaytee Pine Bedding for Pet Cages

This is the best bedding for hedgehog cage since it Product Features a hedgehog-friendly construction with natural, dust-free material from pure pine shavings, and helps eliminate any wood debris or dust getting out from the ordinarily ill-processed material.

No products found.

Living World Pine Shavings, 2500-Cubic Inch

This hedgehog bedding comes from 100% natural pine which proves its good intention of looking forward to offering hedgehog users the most comfortable, fresh sleeping and playing surface by inhibiting the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria.

Its fluffy feature makes it ideal for burrowing and nesting material as well.

No products found.

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Standlee Hay Company Flock Fresh Premium Poultry Bedding, 25lb

This is brought to you by one of the most credible brands the STANDLEE HAY COMPANY.

This bedding is a must-have product that consists of chopped straw, alfalfa, and zeolite and can be a good option if you want to employ it for gardening purposes later.

No products found.

The Chicken Chick Sweet Coop, 5lb Bag

This Chicken Chick Sweet bedding is good at absorbing moisture, and you have already known less moisture means a fresher, cleaner living environment.

Besides, it is 100% healthy and naturally for long use with your little hedgehog.

Product Features

  • Excellent absorbent qualities applied to moisture, ammonia, and odor.
  • Naturally made.
  • Keep the enclosure sanitized.

FAQs about Best Hedgehog Bedding

Best Hedgehog Bedding

While the hedgehog bedding is straightforward in its usage and purposes, there are some problems you probably encounter during the trial experience.

We, therefore, are right here to offer a helping hand with all these matters.

Are aspen shavings safe?

Before answering, you should know that the danger of all types of shavings lie mainly in the aromatic oils and the toxic scents emitted.

Moreover, hedgies have a weak respiratory system which is highly susceptible to damage caused when it is too curious to resist inhaling this smell.

What’s more, some low-quality shavings give off dust wood debris that can quickly get stuck within the eyes of your little hedgie.

However, these are the cases in conventional shavings but not in aspen shavings.

In aspen shavings, you will not feel the artificial scents of wood which encompass a host of harmful chemicals, namely the phenols. They are friendly to hedgies ultimately.

Aspen shavings are worthwhile for the money you spend, and they optimize to the best potential after extended use.

Never will you have to complain about the allergenic problems or things like that because they have exceptional odor control qualities.

Can hedgehogs have pine bedding?

To know whether it is safe or not, look for the existence of phenols in the production process.

Phenols are a common cause of irritation in the hedgehog’s body.

These substances contain a particular form of acid which poses a high risk of health problems in the lungs and trachea.

Unfortunately, pine shavings are not only dangerous but also loaded with phenols. Then, you know whether it is advisable to pick it.

I have bought the pine bedding and realized how harmful it is to my pet’s health. What should I do?

Well, it is hard for us to offer an ultimate solution to this problem except for advising you to change to a new product for the hedgehog.

But we know that’s not what you expect to hear so that we will suggest an alternative found from kiln-dried pine — using heat as a method to keep bacteria and toxic chemicals at bay as well as to create an overall cleaning effect.

How often should I change my hedgehog’s bedding?

There are no fixed rules when it comes to hedgehog cleanup; thus, we can only tell you to follow your nose.

Some hedgehogs are too active to sit still in one place, sleeping and then waking up for mealtime. Some will keep wandering for hours on end inside the cage and performing different activities.

It’s not to mention those animals that defecate uncontrollably.

That said, whenever you feel the obvious going down in the sanitation state of the cage, then think about changing the hedgehog’s bedding.

Should I look for a hedgehog bedding with odor control capabilities?

All the way, yes! Why not when this is an extra feature that adds to the convenience of use? Imagine the messy state in bedding without that technology: full of urine smell, water leaks, sweat odor, etc. after long use.

How unpleasant it is!

On the contrary, if you pick one with built-in odor control, it can absorb the urine and manage the stinky smell.

Can my hedgehog eat its bedding?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

However, don’t be too afraid of this matter as few hedgehogs develop the habit of chewing on the bedding.

I have provided that the bedding doesn’t have sharp edges to hurt the hedgehog and doesn’t contain toxic components to hurt the little friend’s health.

Can I add some dried leaves to the bedding?

We don’t have any reasons to advise against this action, but we are just going to remind you of the fact that adding too many of these things into the cage can make it messy and go against what you have expected at first.

More often than not, we use dried leaves because we want the cage to be cozier to live in.

Bottom line

To make it easy for you to choose the best hedgehog bedding, we have offered a roundup of 20 most outstanding performers on the market that suits the pricing requirements, convenience-of-use standards, and quality.

We hope that you have picked the most pleasing one for your lovely friend at home.

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