25 Best Hedgehog Cages in 2020 (Buying Guide & Reviews & FAQs)

If you choose to be a hedgehog owner, you’ll find the experience offering an endless learning opportunity aimed at making the lives of pets better. The first requirement that can ensure the comfort of your hedgehog is by acquiring the best hedgehog cage.  

Being small animals, hedgehogs are often showing signs of sensitivity if you don’t provide them with the housing units that suit them.

It’s, therefore, important to provide them with the cages that meet their environmental needs.

Apart from comfort, you need a cage to ensure the safety of your pet is guaranteed whereby no other animal can invade and harm the helpless hedgehog.

Also, a cage ensures that the mammal with a furry belly doesn’t escape from the confinement.

Whatever the hedgehog cage you select, it’s prudent to ensure that it mimics the appearance of the natural habitat of a wild hedgehog.

The ventilation should be ample to let fresh air and sunlight in.

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Types of Hedgehog Cages

We feature some factors that you need to consider before buying the pet enclosure for you to hand your prickly friend the best hedgehog cage.

Hedgehog cages can be classified according to the material that’s used in their constructions. The material in use also determines the durability of the best hedgehog cage.

Here are the commonest types of hedgehog enclosures that you’ll find on online markets including Amazon;

Plastic Storage Containers

  • Plastic hedgehog cages are quickly becoming pet-keepers’ favorite, thanks to their affordable prices.
  • Besides, cages made of plastic materials are lightweight hence enhancing portability during your movements with the pet.
  • Other pet parents frequent plastic hedgehog cages because the enclosures are both easy to clean and disinfect.


  • Pans are the other enclosures that people have started regarding as the best hedgehog cage in the recent past.
  • The cages are mainly 6’’ deep thus cannot aid a hedgehog that tries to escape.
  • Pans come in both plastic and metal materials, but most pet enthusiasts prefer going for plastic pans.

The reasons why plastic pans are famous among pet owners are because the plastic pans cannot rust thus lasting longer. Unlike metal pans, plastic pans don’t conduct heat, so cannot cause electrical-related problems to the pet.

Also, plastic pans don’t have wires on their bases that can trap the feet of the small mammals.

Wire Cages

  • Though most parts of these cages are made of wires, the bases are often solid to enhance the comfort of your prickly friend.
  • Wire cages offer great ventilation hence ensuring that there’s a constant flow of fresh air.

Glass Aquarium 

  • Previously, aquarium cages were meant for fish and reptiles, but the concept is now working perfectly for mammals too.
  • However, the limited capacity of an aquarium shouldn’t be at least 20-gallon.
  • The larger space provides ample area for your exercising pets.

Wading Pools

  • Pet owners who like supervising their hedgehogs prefer using wading pools, but the enclosures can only work if you have adequate space.
  • The concept doesn’t cost much because all you need is wading pools that children use while playing.

Factors to Consider Buying the best Hedgehog cage

Buying hedgehog cages

Finding the best hedgehog cage hasn’t been easy especially for amateur hedgehog keeper, but we are here to make your selection easy.

This article has a purpose of guiding pet owners on how to select the best hedgehog cage in a market that’s flooded with many confusing pet products.

Here are some factors that you need to put more emphasis in order to come up with the best hedgehog cage;


As we had mentioned earlier, the material that’s used in the construction of a hedgehog cage determines how long a hedgehog house can last.

The materials also have a big say on the cost of the best hedgehog cage.

Most importantly, the type of material in use dictates the safety level of your pet.


  • No one goes to the market and buys an item oblivious of the reality that he/she will make the identical purchase after a short time.
  • Always go for the best hedgehog cage made of sturdy materials to ensure longevity.

Size of the hedgehog

  • The size of a hedgehog will direct you in selecting the ideal size of a hedgehog cage.
  • For instance, pet owners who have dwarf African hedgehog will not need a larger hedgehog cage the same way other pet enthusiasts with giant hedgehogs require.

No matter the hedgehog size, it always makes sense to go for hedgehog cages that offer ample space for your lovely pet.


  • All living things require a constant flow of air to allow for gaseous exchange to take place for fresh air to reach the hedgehog as waste air gets eliminated from the surrounding.
  • Proper ventilation also permits the entry of sunlight that supplies the mammal with some natural nutritional elements.


  • The primary way to safeguard your pet from evasions and escape is by selecting the most appropriate hedgehog cage that fulfills safety standards.
  • The best hedgehog cages always have no features that can harm your pet.


  • For the love of your rodent, you should be ready to incur even higher costs to ensure that the pet lives in a quality house.
  • However, it’s prudent to stick to the budget that you had allocated, but in the end, you should get value for the money you spend.

The article further takes to Amazon online market where we help you to earmark 25 best hedgehog cages to limit your decision only on perfect products.

Besides, PetlifeBuzz gives links to all the products we have reviewed to help you check for other features and specifications.

However, you’ll notice that we haven’t listed the prices of the cages because the costs keep on fluctuating from time to time.

It’s also important to note that we haven’t followed any order of superiority in our list of the best 25 hedgehog cages.

That’s to mean that cage No.5 might even have minor features when compared to the cage we have reviewed last.

Customer Picks: Top-Rated Best Hedgehog Cage Reviews

The above hedgehog cages are handpicked by our customers, and highly customer satisfied with the money you spent on it.

With confusion always arising whether a hedgehog cage can be interchanged with a hedgehog house, we find it prudent to explain to why the former is important.

Furthermore, a hedgehog cage and a hedgehog house are not the so you cannot use one instead of the other.

25 Best Hedgehog Cages in 2020

Based on the factors we have highlighted above, we have come up with a list of houses for the small mammals that are considered as the best hedgehog cages.

The article will enable you to make a quick selection of quality products on Amazon online market.

Here’s a list of hedgehog cages that are worth your consideration;

Best Wooden Hedgehog Cage

PawHut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Cage

Being a pet vet, this is the cage that most of my clients have started using.

Personally, I don’t own one, but I like it because it’s made of a wooden material that makes the cage appear natural.

The designers of this fantastic cage never disappointed because they created a solid end where a shy pet can hide during the day and emerge at night.


Product Benefits

  • Made of natural wood thus igniting the real instincts of the pets.
  • The best hedgehog cage has a solid clean bottom that guarantees comfort.
  • Presence of two large doors enhances easy access.
  • Adequate space for exercising.
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Hedgehog Cage with Accessories

Hedgehog Cage and Accessories by MidWest

First, it’s important to acknowledge that having the name of an animal in a cage’s title doesn’t restrict the enclosure to a single species.

Now, this is the cage I’ve been balancing in keeping varied types of rodents including ferrets, guinea pig, and sometimes hamsters.

However, I now use it for the new hedgehog that I brought home recently.

I consider it as one of the best hedgehog cages because it satisfies my pet’s needs and I bought it nearly at a half price on Amazon.

22,515 Reviews

Product Benefits

  • Spacious.
  • It offers enhanced viewing.
  • Easy to assemble and collapse.
  • Convenient for cleaning.
  • Sturdy wire mesh for long life.
  • Removable top wire mesh for quick access.
  • It has a play area and care area which are separated by the hinged door.
  • The bottom is made of PVC canvas to enhance the comfort of the hedgehog.

Here is the best hedgehog food you can choose for your loved one.

Ferplast Pig Cage Included accessories

Here’s the best hedgehog cage for pet parents whose animals like climbing.

The cage that has many compartments increases puzzles to your pet thus enhancing mental growth.

Besides, the existing large space makes it easy for the hedgehog to observe some exercise thus eliminating occurrences of unwanted weight gain.

3,114 Reviews

Product Benefits

  • The removable base makes it easy to clean.
  • Easy maintenance, thanks to the opening front door that allows for quick operations.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • The solid base makes the cage secure for the solitary animal.
  • Spacious thus can accommodate accessories like hay feeder and drinking bottle that come with the cage.
  • The wire-net structure at the top of the cage allows for convenient viewing.
  • It’s made of a durable plastic material and painted wire mesh for longevity.

Large Hedgehog Cages

Living World X-Large Cage

Proper ventilation is a top requirement for everyone who wants to venture in the art of keeping small pets.

The Living World X-Large Cage is a secure pet house designed to ensure the well-being and comfort of the little animal you keep.

8,330 Reviews

Product Benefits

  • A solid plastic base for the comfort of the pet.
  • The upper wire frame offers excellent ventilation.
  • A balcony for another raised comfort.
  • Durable plastic and a sturdy wire frame for durability.
  • It’s an enclosure that secures the pet from evasion and escapes.
  • The top can open for easy access.

Living World X-Large Deluxe Hutch

Even though the name bears the word ‘Hutch’, it shouldn’t make you think that it’s only meant for rabbits.

The cages come in three distinct sizes thus giving you the option of selecting the one that suits your pet most.

I’m a big fan of spacious products because they allow pets to exercise more.

If you find the cage not big enough for your preference, you can opt to buy two then combine them into one huge house.

8,330 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • It’s spacious thus convenient for your hedgehog’s exercise needs.
  • The upper wire-mesh section enhances proper ventilation.
  • It’s made of sturdy materials to make the cage have a long life.
  • Easy to clean materials.
  • Effortless assembly
  • A quality product at a realistic price.
  • A manufacturer’s warranty.

Here is the list of Best Wooden Toys for Hedgehogs

Kaytee Extra Large Hedgehog Habitat

My friend bought this cage for his three-year-old hedgehog that had started showing displeasure for the previous cage.

He told me that he went for the cage because it allows his pet to exercise without the necessity of his monitor.

The fact that it can accommodate large rabbits makes the cage convenient for a young hedgehog that rejoices in doing exercises.

Product Benefits

  • It has a comfortable shelf where the pet can perch for pleasure.
  • A non-steady ramp leading to the shelf to prevent the pet from falling.
  • The top is spring-loaded for an easy opening.
  • It’s made of durable materials for long comfortable life.
  • It’s versatile thus can be used for other small animals.
  • Effortless cleaning with the cage possessing round corners.

Small Hedgehog Cages

Yaheetech 52 Metal Small Animals Hutch

Seeing the name of a rabbit in the cage’s title should not worry at all because the unit is versatile thus can suit various small animals.

The security and the safety of your pet are enhanced, thanks to the wire mesh that surrounds all the other dimensions except the bottom.


Product Benefits

  • It’s a very sturdy cage given that it’s made of metallic materials.
  • The iron wire is painted to combat rusting.
  • A total of five shelves to heighten the level of comfort.
  • 5 ramps that aid your pet from falling during the climbing sessions.
  • The X-large cage is all your hedgehog needs for the exercise purpose.
  • The three doors allow for easy accessibility.
  • High safety of the pet in the cage.
  • A beautiful cage to find a space in one of your rooms.

Ware Manufacturing Pet Cage for Small Animals

The best hedgehog cages come in three distinct sizes thus giving pet parents the option of selecting the cages according to the space available.

This cage is built to ensure proper circulation of air thus promoting the well-being of your pet.


Product Benefits

  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable base for your hedgehog.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • It’s easy to clean since the cage is simple.
  • Versatile hence can be used for other small pets too.
  • It comes in various colors.
  • It’s easy to assemble the simple cage.
  • Sturdy materials in use for long life.

Prevue Pet Product Small Animals Cage

Before giving it the second look, you would think that it’s a baby’s bed.

The pet you choose to keep should enjoy the comfort and amazing products just the same ways your baby do.

Apart from the beautiful appearance, this cage has sturdy stands that ensure the habitat never falls on the pet thus limiting hazards.

Product Benefits

  • The locking wheels can penetrate through small spaces.
  • A magnificent design to make your house admirable.
  • The heavy-duty tubular stands ensure a proper anchorage of the cage.
  • The wire mesh is coated with non-toxic powder to limit infections.
  • It has two handles making it convenient for travels.
  • It offers maximum safety to the relaxing hedgehog.

Travel Small Bag for Hedgehogs and other small pets

Having established that your hedgehogs also need some outdoor exercise, you won’t need an entire cage to take the pet out.

The travel bag becomes valuable at the time when you need the solitary animal to go and seek for some outdoor adventures.

Also, the bag is handy during exhibitions and even the sale of the pet.

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile hence it’s also ideal for gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs
  • Small enough for a convenient transportation
  • The presence of ventilation features enhances the pet’s comfort
  • The appearance is beautiful to make you presentable in places where pet owners meet
  • Made of durable materials to last longer.

List of Good Hedgehog Cages

Below are the list of good hedgehog cages and their reviews.

Prevue Small Animal Cage with a Blue Tub

Prevue Hendryx is putting sufficient emphasis to ensure that their products are durable and match the needs of the small animals we keep.

Previously, this well-designed cage was costing much, thanks to Amazon that gives a 20% discount to the online buyers.

It’s not the price that matters but the quality of the habitat.

The spacious cage has painted wire mesh on the top section to ensure a healthier gaseous exchange.

Product Benefits:

  • A reduced cost on Amazon.
  • A sturdy cage for life longevity.
  • A deep solid tub for comfort.
  • The lock wheels for portability.
  • The wire mesh offers clear visibility.
  • The non-toxic powder coating disinfects the lurking germs.

Midwest Double Unit Cage

The fact that hedgehogs are considered as solitary animals doesn’t mean that your prickle friend doesn’t need a large space for exercise.

The cage offers the pets that exhibit climbing instincts to play on higher heights.

This double cage is convenient for use since it compares with the shopping trolleys we use almost on a daily basis.

If you like traveling with the little rodent, the cage with wheels will satisfy your adventurous desire.

Product Benefits

  • Well ventilated.
  • Spacious area for exercising.
  • Sturdy materials for durability.
  • The wheels with locks that make the cage maneuver within small spaces.
  • Ideal for exhibitions and travels.
  • The pans safeguard the pet from making dangerous landing should it fall.
  • Secure enough to prevent the pet from escaping and predators from intruding.

List of Cool HedgeHog Cages

Below are the list of cool hedgehog cages and their features.

Prevue Pet Small Animal Cage

Pet owners mostly enjoy the opportunity to view and come close to their pets frequently. That feeling has been heightened, thanks to Prevue Cage.

The cage grants your hedgehog a larger area for exercise thus eliminating incidents of suffering from obesity.


Product Benefits

  • A secure area for your pet to live in.
  • A solid base to prevent a possible entrapment of your pet’s feet.
  • The two doors ease the handling the hedgehog.
  • A large area of exercising in the basement.
  • A ladder to help the rodent climb up and retreat down without dangerous landing.
  • Sturdy materials in use result in a durable product.
  • You have the option of selecting from a single cage to three cages.
  • The cage is easy to clean and use.

Midwest Wabbitat Folding Cage

From the factors that you need to consider before bringing your desirable cage to your place, I told you that the best hedgehog cage should be simple thus allowing a convenient cleaning.

Here’s a cage that might look sketchy and skeleton, but it meets nearly of the standards thus deserving a place in your home.


Product Benefits

  • It’s lightweight hence convenient for transportation.
  • It has two access points for swift maintenance.
  • The base is made of a sturdy pan for both durability and comfort.
  • The grid wire mesh ensures that fresh air always reaches the pet.
  • An effortless assembling even without the help of tools.

Kaytee My First Home Giant Pet Habitat

Kaytee manufacturer has been relentless in the pursuit to provide pets with befitting houses.

The giant pet habitat is another exhibition showing that indeed we can have a presentable housing catering for nearly all the needs of a hedgehog.

Product Benefits

  • The two shelves are sections where a hedgehog can get comfort.
  • The top and front doors grant easy access.
  • The safety ramps leading to comfortable shelves eliminate incidences of dangerous falling of the hedgehog.
  • Tab locks and Chew Proof Latches enhance safety.
  • The solid base ensures the comfort of your lovely hedgehog.
  • Spacious enough to satisfy nearly every pet’s needs.
  • Well-ventilated
  • It’s made of sturdy materials to ensure durability.

List of Cheap Hedgehog Cages

Prevue Multi-Color Small Playpen

After buying hedgehog toys, the next phase is to identify a hedgehog housing that’s ideal for supervised sessions of play. Though not very secure, the Playpen has helped in solving the problems related to inactivity that leads to a hedgehog gaining more weight than necessary.

The best part of this cage is the fact that you can buy two of them to expand the size of the playing unit the same way I do to my pet.

8,479 Reviews

Product Benefits

  • Highly affordable.
  • The multi-color makes it beautiful.
  • Ideal for pet parents who want to monitor their hedgehog playing.
  • The steel mesh material doesn’t rust hence enhancing the durability of the cage.
  • Lower chances of infestations since the steel mesh is coated with non-toxic substances.
  • It’s spacious and presents the option of enlargement.

LANGXUN Metal DIY Small Animal Cage

After bringing a pet home, you should know that the animal isn’t your captive so you shouldn’t stay far from your pet.

The best way to build a close relationship with the small animals is by acquiring the best hedgehog cage that can allow you to come in contact with the pet like LANGXUN Cage.

I always encourage my clients to stay close to their pets or release them to their natural home if they cannot find time for the adorable animals.

I find this cage exceptional given that it’s built to cater for a monitored playing session given that the unit doesn’t have a top.

4,946 Reviews

Product Benefits

  • Spacious to encourage exercise in animals
  • It’s visible thus making it easy to view the pet.
  • Made of a ventilated steel mesh
  • Also ideal for other small animals like hamsters and guinea pigs
  • It’s both easy to clean and assemble
  • A pocket-friendly cage.

Other Pet Hedgehog Cage Reviews

Below are the pet hedgehog cage reviews and product features.

Ferplast Hamster Cage

The name may be bearing hamsters, but that doesn’t mean that the use of this cage is restricted.

After a whole day of activities, I bet what you need is to get a chance to interact with your little rodent.

The cage gives you the opportunity to view your pet from every direction except the base.


Product Benefits

  • It offers a clear view from every direction.
  • The two-floors create space for playing small mammals.
  • The wire net on the upper part ensures proper ventilation.
  • A transparent plastic bottom for comfort.
  • Several sections within to satisfy your pet’s needs.
  • Durable materials for a sturdy cage.

Prevue Hendryx Black Cage

One feature that most pet parents give emphasis is the availability of large space.

This is because they care about the comfort of their pets.

Also, large spaces guarantee hedgehogs chances of exercising thus eliminating incidences of obesity.

It’s easy to confuse Prevue Cage with other furniture that you have at home if you don’t pay much attention.

Besides, the cage is versatile thus can be used in rearing other pets including reptiles and amphibians.

6,983 Reviews

Product Benefits

  • Three comfortable shelves for resting.
  • Plastic ramps for secure climbing.
  • High visibility of the pet.
  • Two doors for easy access.
  • It saves space since the height is longer than other dimensions.
  • The lock wheels make it convenient for travel.
  • Durable materials in use hence a sturdy cage.

MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Home Kit

I know by now you’ve acknowledged that various small animals can live in a cage that doesn’t bear their names.

Even though the name directs us to rabbits, this is another best hedgehog cage that has caused numerous pet owners to tender their orders via Amazon online market.

Because hedgehogs are widely nocturnal animals, it’s prudent to find a slightly dark location to place the cage so that you don’t tamper with the comfort of your pet.

Other features are geared to improve the safety, security, and the well-being of the solitary mammal.


Product Benefits

  • Very versatile thus can be used for other animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, and Chinchillas.
  • It’s large hence offering a large and comfortable area for playing.
  • The assembly of the cage is easy and doesn’t require any tool.
  • It offers quick access both sideways and from the removable top.
  • A manufacturer’s warranty for one year.
  • Solid and deep bottom for enhanced comfort.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Animal Cage

Provided that you don’t include certain modifications, Midwest Critter Animal Cage remains one of the cages that you can assemble with ease.

With your two hands, it won’t take long before you the entire cage.

However, I prefer a helping hand to ensure that the assembly is done perfectly.


Product Benefits

  • A 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 4 locking wheels that can maneuver within limited spaces.
  • A double door for easy maintenance.
  • An adjustable comfortable shelf.
  • Leak-proof top making ideal even for the outdoor rearing.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • Cost-friendly.
  • A sturdy cage.

Hedgehog love to play with these wheels.

Homey Pet3 Tier Cage

I tell you! Being a pet vet gives me a rare opportunity to see various kinds of the best hedgehog cages in the homes of my clients who often call me for routine monitoring of their pets.

I must admit that the cage appeared to me as a refrigerator with a sketchy body when I first looked at it.

I was wondering why it couldn’t find space in the kitchen or other places meant for food.

Upon checking it, I saw some sophistication that for sure makes it stand among the best hedgehog cages.

What really amazed me is that with such brilliant design, the cost of the cage remains within reach.

Product Benefits

  • It has a wonderful appearance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • A well-ventilated cage.
  • Its assembly doesn’t need any tool.
  • Non-toxic coating to combat germs.
  • Two comfortable shelves for relaxation.
  • The locking wheels aid the movement of the cage.
  • It comes in various colors including brown, pink, and green.

Living World Deluxe Habitat  Pet Cage, Standard

In your pursuit to find a comfortable and safe home for your favorite pet, here’s a cage that’s built to satisfy both the pet’s and the owner’s needs.

I’ve to admit that Living World Deluxe is one of the cages that I’ve seen lately in my clients’ homes, and for sure, I’m falling in love with it.

There are various sizes of the best hedgehog cages that the company features, but the Standard cage is what is ideal for pet parents who are just beginning to rear hedgehogs.

I highly recommend it because the manufacturer has met most requirements that determine the best hedgehog cage.

8,319 Reviews

Product Benefits

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy access for maintenance via the opening top
  • Enhanced ventilation to improve comfort
  • The cage is safe from any invasion from other domestic animals
  • An easy to clean animal house
  • A durable plastic bottom to minimize irritation.

Tespo Pet Playpen for Small Animals

Like I had said previously, our pets should be given the opportunity to play so that they don’t add unhealthy weights that can lead to obesity.

However, the exercise session of any pet requires your supervision so that you can correct any mistake and danger that come.

Besides, a monitored exercise helps to improve the bond between the pet handler and the small animal.

Without an ideal cage, it’s almost impossible for a pet to have a meaningful exercise drill.

Tespo Pet Playpen is one of the best hedgehog cages that ensure humans and pets stay closer.

Product Benefits

  • The 36 panels create a large cage that can accommodate even a playing dog.
  • This cage has the option of expansion thus can meet your desire.
  • The presence of anti-slip pieces makes it hard for your pet to fall dangerously.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It’s made up of sturdy materials.

AmazonBasics Small Animal Habitat

I’m not sure if the product is manufactured at Amazon but I’m aware of its availability on the superior online market.

The best hedgehog cages exist in three distinct sizes to provide you with an option of picking based on your pet’s preferences.

Personally, I bought the standard size of this cage and took it as a birthday gift to my elder sister.

Eight months later, she called me to inform about her hedgehog unusual behavior when put in other cages compared to my gift.

The manufacturer must have paid too much attention to the pet while building the cage.

Product Benefits

  • Well-ventilated to ensure proper gaseous exchange.
  • A place for hiding for the solitary mammal underneath the balcony.
  • Ideal for other small pets including hamsters and gerbils.
  • No need for any tool during its assembly.
  • Spacious area for the pet’s comfort.
  • A ramp for accessing the balcony.

Best Hedgehog Cage FAQs

Hedgehog cage FAQs

In this section, I’ve sampled a few questions that most of our readers asked recently.

Kindly take your time and see the answers so as to find a way to remedy such situations if they prevail.

Also, you can ask your question via our e-mail address petlifebuzz@gmail.com and read our response in the next publication. You can also comment on our articles and we’ll surely find time to reply to you.

Why does my hedgehog cage smell?

The truth is that hedgehogs do not smell bad the way the common rats we fight to eradicate from our homes smell.

However, if you don’t pay more attention to the sanitation of your pet, the lovely animal is bound to begin eliciting foul smell.

Here are the five things that can cause the best hedgehog cage to smell;

  • Poor ventilation in a damp place.
  • Failure to remove the animal’s waste regular.
  • When you fail to perform the routine cleaning of the cage.
  • Failure to exchange wood shavings and other hedgehog’s beddings.
  • If you ignore washing the hedgehog after spending in a filthy cage.

What temperature should a hedgehog cage be?

A hedgehog cage should remain as dry as you can possibly afford because wet habitat can cause the pet contract diseases and infections.

The ideal temperature for a hedgehog should range between 23˚C-25C˚ for the optimal performance of the body of the pet.

What does a hedgehog cage need?

A cage is where your hedgehog spends most of its time, so it needs to meet certain requirements if you care about your pet living its entire lifespan.

Here is the list of things the best hedgehog cage should have;

  • Adequate space to allow the pet exercise. It’s understood that in the natural habitat, a wild hedgehog can cover up to 7 miles in a single night.
  • Toys to play with including wheels.
  • The floor should have some covering like wood shavings.
  • A place to put the source of heat.
  • An area to place food and water.
  • Should have enough ventilation.
  • Should be easy to clean.
  • Should have features that can stop an adventurous from escaping.

How should I keep my hedgehog cage warm?

Once you’ve brought a pet home, it’s your primary duty to ensure that it lives under favorable environmental conditions even if you’re incurring some costs.

However, heating the entire house can be expensive especially during the winter with the ever-present pet shivering.

The best way to heat the best hedgehog cage is by the use of heating pads that are often placed under the cage.

How big should my hedgehog cage be?

The bigger the cage the better! We cannot restrict you about the maximum size but the minimum best hedgehog cage should measure 24”× 24”.

How should I insulate my hedgehog cage?

During winters, it’s important to ensure that the heat you supply to the pet’s cage isn’t lost easily.

Plastic cages can be bearable but hedgehogs find it hard to retain their heat in metal cages especially when the temperature outside the cage begins to diminish.

I insulate my wire cages with coroplast and find my hedgehog stay warm always.

How do I keep my hedgehog cage clean?

A clean hedgehog cage dispels any chances of foul smell so we should purpose to ensure that our pet’s habitat stays clean. Here’s a list of things you can do to make sure the cage stays clean;

  • Clean the cage at least twice a week.
  • Use puppy pads on the floor to entrap the animal’s wastes.
  • Remove the waste as soon as the hedgehog releases them.
  • Change the floor covering at least once each week.
  • Wash the hedgehog’s toys after every two days.
  • Wash your pet when you feel it’s dirty.

How do you heat your hedgehog’s cage?

The best hedgehog cage should provide for heating mechanisms for the pet to stay warm even in cold weather.

However, you should only heat one section of the cage so as to give the hedgehog the option of escaping when feeling overheated.

Here are the four possible ways to heat a hedgehog’s cage;

  • Use the heating lamp even though it’s bound to disrupt your pet’s sleeping schedule.
  • Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitters are the favorites of many hedgehog owners because the emitters produce the heat without releasing the disruptive lights.
  • Use the affordable ceramic space heater.
  • Heat the entire house altogether, but you should be aware of the cost.

Do you keep your hedgehog in a cage?

Don’t laugh at this question because the question isn’t funny!

Hedgehogs are categorized under captive pets so it’s easy to do their maintenance when they’re living in cages.

Keeping the pet in other sections which aren’t restricted can lead to the disappearance or the attack from the predatory animals.

It’s equally important to note that hedgehogs live a solitary lifestyle so you should never consider rearing it together with other animals.

What do you use as your hedgehog beddings?

After buying the best hedgehog cage, you should move a step further by selecting the bedding that will cover the floor thus providing the pet with comfort and warmth.

Here are the materials that most people use as beddings in their hedgehog cages;

  • Wood shavings
  • Paper beddings
  • Fabric beddings

What’s a hedgehog cage liner?

  • These are fabric materials that are made to make the cage become cozy for the pet.
  • You can either buy hedgehog cage liners on Amazon or simply opt to make one for your hedgehog after buying the cloth materials.
  • I’m not aware of the reason but I see most hedgehog cage liners are blue in color.

As our tradition, we always sample the questions that our readers frequently pose to us and give our response.

We take our time and ensure that we get opinions of experts in the pet industry before we table our FAQs.

The ultimate decision on the best hedgehog cage lies on you. Remember, we can only offer guidance and advice but the pick remains your prerogative.

As always, we’ll purpose to do our work well to help you give your pet a befitting life.

Final Words On Hedgehog Cages

Hedgehogs are slowly becoming contemporary pets, but most owners experience difficulties to accord the little mammals befitting lifestyles.

With the help of other pet experts, we have taken our responsibility of giving the advice to ensure your pet live comfortable, healthy, and long life.

We have reviewed 25 best hedgehog cages to help you make a quick pick when you go to the market.

Besides, we’ve provided links of each product to Amazon to enable you to buy cages at great discounts and worthy warranties.

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