25 Best Hedgehog Carrier in 2020 (Reviews, FAQs & Buying Guide)

For larger animals like dogs and cats, it should be easier to choose a nice carrier to carry them on your trip. These carrier bags seem to be fit well in any car and they are safe too.

However, it is such a problem for any smaller pet owner to get them on vacation since we can’t easily pack their cages in the car and they need extra attention from us.

Fortunately, we don’t have to worry anymore since there are lots of carriers that are made for small animals like hedgehogs.

These carrier bags are really a savior thanks to their convenience, comfort, and safety they bring about. Hence, it is recommended that you should buy one for your hedgehog.

In this article, we would like to provide you the most basic things about hedgehog carrier to consider, a review list on highly rated products, so that you will have no difficulty finding the one that is just for you.

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5 Customer Picks: Top-Rated Best Hedgehog Carriers in 2020

Leeotia Small Pet Carrier Bag Animal Outgoing Bag with Shoulder Strap Portable Travel Handbag Backpack for Hedgehog Hamster Mouse Rat Sugar Glider Squirrel Chinchilla Rabbit (Medium, Blue)
Living World – Pet Carrier for Small Pets, Large
Rypet Guinea Pig Carrier Bag - Portable Breathable Outgoing Bag for Guinea Pig Hedgehog Squirrel Chinchilla and Other Similar Sized Animal
Kaytee Take Me Home Travel Home Medium, Colors Vary
Leeotia Small Pet Carrier Bag Animal Outgoing Bag with Shoulder Strap Portable Travel Handbag Backpack for Hedgehog Hamster Mouse Rat Sugar Glider Squirrel Chinchilla Rabbit (Medium, Blue)
Living World – Pet Carrier for Small Pets, Large
Rypet Guinea Pig Carrier Bag - Portable Breathable Outgoing Bag for Guinea Pig Hedgehog Squirrel Chinchilla and Other Similar Sized Animal
Kaytee Take Me Home Travel Home Medium, Colors Vary
Price not available
Price not available
Price not available
Leeotia Small Pet Carrier Bag Animal Outgoing Bag with Shoulder Strap Portable Travel Handbag Backpack for Hedgehog Hamster Mouse Rat Sugar Glider Squirrel Chinchilla Rabbit (Medium, Blue)
Leeotia Small Pet Carrier Bag Animal Outgoing Bag with Shoulder Strap Portable Travel Handbag Backpack for Hedgehog Hamster Mouse Rat Sugar Glider Squirrel Chinchilla Rabbit (Medium, Blue)
Price not available
Living World – Pet Carrier for Small Pets, Large
Living World – Pet Carrier for Small Pets, Large
Rypet Guinea Pig Carrier Bag - Portable Breathable Outgoing Bag for Guinea Pig Hedgehog Squirrel Chinchilla and Other Similar Sized Animal
Rypet Guinea Pig Carrier Bag - Portable Breathable Outgoing Bag for Guinea Pig Hedgehog Squirrel Chinchilla and Other Similar Sized Animal
Price not available
Kaytee Take Me Home Travel Home Medium, Colors Vary
Kaytee Take Me Home Travel Home Medium, Colors Vary
Price not available

Top Best Hedgehog Carrier Reviews of 2020

Pevor Hedgehog Backpack Carrier

The Pevor Hedgehog Backpack Carrier is such an excellent choice for you to carry your little hedgehog anywhere.

It has a mesh window that allows airflow to come inside the bag and gives your pet a spot to see outside.

Made of sponge and there are two sizes for you to choose from. They provide a long strap attaches to the bag so you can carry it easily.

Moreover, this bag is so simple to wash by machine.


  • Very soft
  • Multi-functional bag
  • Have a good shoulder strap
  • Can be washed by machine


  • It doesn’t resist water.

Mummumi Small Pet Outside Bag

The Mummumi Small Pet outside Bag is designed in small and large sizes, with two colors to choose from.

This hedgehog carrier is the combination of cotton, fleece, and nylon, so it is very safe and comfortable.

The elegant inside allows your hedgehog to have a nice sleep and a feeling of protection.

Moreover, the bottom has a pocket in order to keep some accessories if needed.

They also added a mesh window to improve the ventilation and provide the vision for your little friend. It is easy to carry thanks to the shoulder strap.


  • Two sizes and colors
  • Small pocket for accessories
  • Good materials


  • Not waterproof.

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Leeotia Portable Travel Handbag Backpack for Hedgehog

The Leeotia Small Pet Carrier Bag is truly the carrier that you should consider.

Made of plush material that is warm and safe, but still has the style and modern.

It comes with two styles and two sizes that will make you stand out from the crowd. The zip allows your pet to easily get in and out the carrier.

The manufacturer included the plastic mesh so that more airflow can get into the bag. Also, it is comfortable for you to carry your hedgehog with the shoulder strap.


  • Zip provides a way in and out
  • Soft plush material
  • Can use the washing machine


  • Not moisture-proof.

Avianweb Small Pet Kangaroo Pouch

The Avianweb Small Pet Kangaroo Pouch is a good hedgehog carrier backpack made for baby ones only, and this hedgehog carrier pouch will provide enough comfort and warmth for your pet.

You can easily hang this light and a small pouch on your chest for a period of time, move from place to place without any stress. It is made of a magnificent anti-pilling fleece and chew-resistant so it will not fray.

No products found.

Bee Line Industries Rodent or Sugar Glider Carry Bonding Pouch

This hedgehog bonding pouch from Bee Line Industries is amazing. Though it is small and can only have space for one pet, it functions well. Made of polar fleece, and the window is filled with vinyl-coated polyester, it helps the pouch to resist most damage from inside and outside.

They made the inside so comfortable and cozy so your hedgehog will enjoy being in it.

Furthermore, this carrier can be washed and dried by machine, which saves some precious time for you.

No products found.

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Hamster Rat Hedgehog Carrier, Portable Traveling Hangbag

The Hamster Rat Hedgehog Carrier Bag comes with two colors: blue or camouflage.

This carrier bag is large enough so those who have more than one hedgehog can be a relief.

It is made of soft cloth, velvet material that will provide your furry friend a comfortable place.

Besides, the mesh is big and that helps better ventilation. The shoulder strap is also included.

No products found.

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Power of Dream Shoulder Bag Travel Comfort Carrier     

This carrier is for those who need the durability of the product.

Being made of durable and soft polyester, it can be used for years. Besides, they made it possible to easily wash and dry by machine.

The added shoulder strap helps you and you’re a pet to find comfort. The front mesh window allows your cat to breathe naturally and to have a good view spot.


  • Good ventilation
  • Durable material
  • Hand washed and machine washed is possible


  • Low zipper.

DETOP Pet Carrier Bag for Hedgehog

The DETOP Pet Carrier Bag is designed for a small pet and is suitable for your hedgehog.

It is very convenient and comfortable because they used the soft sponge to allow airflow and keep warm.

This carrier bag also comes with a mesh window to improve the ventilation.

Moreover, it is a hedgehog carrier airline approved unit, so this should be a good choice for a long trip.


  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Enough airflow


  • Not water-proof or moisture-proof.

Exotic Nutrition Travel Companion Bag

This pet carrier is a classical one that will meet your demand. The base is very sturdy, water-proof and easy to clean.

With the nylon shoulder strap, it is now easier to carry your hedgehog with you.

They also added a mesh window to get enough airflow and create a view spot for your friend to see out. Also, it is totally machine washable, so you have no worry.

No products found.

Living World Hagen Pet Carrier

For hedgehog owners who don’t want to utilize the fabric carrier bag, the Living World Hagen Pet Carrier is suitable for you. It is made of strong plastic material and is designed to remove all the risk.

With many holes around the bag, it is well ventilated and snug for your hedgehog, but still make sure that your pet can’t get out.

Moreover, it has a durable structure and can be carried easily.


  • Plastic material
  • Flexible size
  • Good ventilation


  • Not for the adult hedgehog.

The Kozy Kritter Multi-Color Flower Seamless All Fleece Sugar Glider bonding Pouch

The Kozy Kritter’s hedgehog bonding pouch is a very nice carrier to have.

It is made of fleece that is sturdy both inside and outside, so your pet will be safe.

The pouch has many colors, making it more colorful.

A mesh window with a zipper to ensure good airflow for your hedgehog. Additionally, it is 100% washable, which is very convenient.

3 Reviews


  • Strong material
  • Mesh-area
  • Machine and hand washable


  • No view spot.

Cherry Ann’s Pets Hedgehog Snuggle Sack

This Cherry Ann’s Pets Pet Snuggle Sack will bring about comfort and snug for your hedgehog.

They designed the flannel top layer and on the sack’s side, the anti-pill fleece.

Therefore, you will find no fabric after washing.

Also, this sack is tear-resist and can be turned down or laid flat. Machine wash is possible.

No products found.

RYPET Portable Outgoing Bag for Hedgehog

Although it aims for hamster, the RYPET Hamster Carrier Bag is truly a good choice for your hedgehog. The size is suitable for a baby or adult hedgehog.

Made of oxford cloth and a thick aluminum film, it is waterproof, moisture-proof and also provides a cozy and safe shelter for your friend.

Plus, the coated mesh window is for good ventilation inside the bag.

The shoulder strap is adjustable, so you can fit in your way. Besides, the design is very simple but fashionable, and we can fold it for storing if necessary.


  • High-quality material
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy to store


  • Confusing zipper.

Penn-Plax Carrier for Small Animals & Birds

The Penn-Plax Carrier comes with a simple and elegant design. This pet carrier is made of solid plastic to bring about safety.

With the large door, it is easy for your hedgehog to get in or out of the carrier. The ventilation is ensured so you have no worry.


  • Plastic material
  • Flexible size
  • Good ventilation


  • Not for an adult hedgehog.

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Kaytee Me Travel Carrier-Small, Medium, Large

This Kaytee Me Travel Carrier is perfect for those who travel by airplane.

It has good size for a common hedgehog, and you can put in it a small food dish and a water dish. The design is simple and slight that can meet your demand.

The cage and the base are fitted together to ensure safety.

It possesses a plastic perch and a handle for carrying. Its parts can be detached but they are also easy to assemble.


  • Suitable for airplane
  • Simple design


  • Your pet might not turn inside.

Trixie Transport Box Pet Carrier

The Trixie Transport Box Pet Carrier is made of sturdy plastic material, and the design is simple. The construction is solid that makes sure safety.

The top of the carrier can be opened easily to put your hedgehog in.

A space inside is just good enough for any hedgehog. A thin small handle is added for easier carrying.


  • Sturdy base
  • Flexible size
  • Good ventilation


  • Your pet can get out from the top.

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IRIS Small Animal Carrier

Well-designed and stylish are what we can say about the IRIS Small Animal Carrier. This one is made of strong plastic to ensure safety.

However, it is very lightweight and beautiful.

There are 3 doors that your hedgehog can use to get in the carrier and this also helps the ventilation.

We can see through the top to check our pet’s status. It also allows us to fold down for storage.


  • Strong plastic
  • Can be folded down
  • Good ventilation


  • Not for the adult hedgehog.

LINE-S Portable Small Animal Carrier Cage for Hedgehog

The LINE-S Portable Small Animal Carrier Cage is made of soft EVC material that will protect your hedgehog from any damages.

There are many holes in the carrier’s body that make it has enough airflow.

The size is perfect for a comfortable and cozy place. The base is pretty sturdy, and the pads are foldable, which is very convenient.

No products found.

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Bluemachine Travel Handbag for Hedgehog

The Bluemachine Pet Carrier Bag is very stylish and modern.

Made of coral fleece, it keeps the warmth for your pet while having an exquisite appearance.

Mesh windows allow good ventilation. Also, it can be cleaned easily to help you save some time.


  • Warm and cozy
  • Good ventilation


  • Tight space.

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KINTOR Small Animal Portable Breathable Outgoing Bag for Hedgehog

The KINTOR Hamster Carrier Bag has a stylish design with many colorful patterns. They created a full clear side to give your pet a view to the outside.

Holes on the body help to increase the airflow.

Pads are removable and washable.


  • Removable and washable pads
  • Good ventilation


  • Small size hedgehog only.

Kaytee Hamster Come Along Carrier

The Kaytee Hamster Come along Carrier appears with a general style. However, the design is pretty strong, stable and large.

It creates a comfortable and secure environment.

They included the mesh windows to improve airflows for your pet.

The interior is made of clean-up vinyl so the cleaning should be easier.



  • Good material
  • Easy to clean
  • Well-ventilated


  • Zippers problems
  • No color options.

Petsfit 16 X 9 X 9 Inches Pet Carrier EVA, Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

This Petsfit carrier comes with a good size for a hedgehog. Your pet can easily go in and out of the carrier using the big zipper door.

It is made of high-quality EVA material to prevent damages.

There are many holes in the carrier’s body for ventilation and it gives your hedgehog nice visibility. Besides, it can be folded for storage purposes.



  • High-quality material
  • Easy to storage
  • Well-ventilated


  • Zippers stuck.

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Kaytee Off to School

This special carrier should be a good hedgehog carrier to choose from. The look is fancy and interesting with a bus model.

They designed the front door that can be flipped down for safety reasons but also simple to put your pet in.

Multiple accessories are included in the bus such as the water bottle.



  • Fun accessories
  • Flip door


  • For short distance only.

IRIS Extra Small Animal and Critter Carrier

The IRIS Extra Small Animal and Critter Carrier has a perfect size for your little hedgehog. The word that best describes this hedgehog carrier should be well-made.

It also looks very nice with a stylish and simple design.

The top can be seen through so you can check your buddy’s status anytime without any difficulty.

They also added lots of holes around the carrier to ensure good ventilation for your hedgehog.

A water bottle is put inside the carrier so your pet can easily drink whenever it is thirsty, and this will help you a lot in case you are busy.

It comes with two possible colors to choose: blue and pink.

This well-constructed hedgehog carrier offers the best experience and safety for your pet. Also, it is able to strap into a seat belt while traveling by car, which is very helpful. Plus, you will find that there is no problem cleaning this carrier.


  • An added water bottle
  • Well-designed
  • Good ventilation


  • For small hedgehog only
  • Not many colors.

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Ware Manufacturing Twist-N-Go Carrier for Small Pets

The Twist-N-Go Carrier for Small Pets from Ware Manufacturing is such a great idea for carrying your hedgehog.

It has a perfect size that fits your hedgehog, and enough room to move around safely.

This carrier should become a new home for your hedgehog.

It is also very good for ventilation thanks to the scratch-proof screens on two sides of the bag.

These screens also provide a place for your hedgehog to look outside. Besides, it is made of strong nylon that can suffer damages, and therefore, ensure your pet’s safety.

In the meantime, we can store it easily by just folding it whenever we don’t use it.

The cleaning is easy, but you need to be careful in order not to damage the carrier.

We recommend that you shouldn’t use the machine to wash it.

There are three options for choosing: small, medium and large.


  • Three styles to pick
  • Scratch-proof screens
  • Easy to store


  • No soft materials
  • It can be damaged by machine.

How to Get the Right Hedgehog Carrier Bag?

Best Hedgehog carrier

1. The important features when looking for the best hedgehog carrier


Safety is always the number one priority we need to focus on. Because hedgehogs are so easy to be hurt, they need extra safety from us.

You will not want your pet to get into any trouble while traveling with you, for example, lose blood circulation or hard to breathe.

Therefore, your bag must be made of high-quality material and have a sturdy design to suffer any damage.

Furthermore, it is essential that the carrier bag you choose can supply enough airflow for your hedgehog. Because if not, it can lead to different consequences that affect your pet’s health, which is what you don’t want.

Thus, a good hedgehog carrier bag should be the one that meets these demands.


Your hedgehog would enjoy a comfortable and cozy place while going out with you. Consider the bag that has enough space for it to easily turn around.

For you, take note of the product that has an adjustable strap, so you can reconfigure it and that will help you to carry it all day long without any stress.

It should also need to have a view spot for your hedgehog to see the world outside.

Convenience and longevity

Supposing we use the bag with a high frequency, it is essential to find a bag that is suitable for wash cycles but also durable to use time to time.

The one that has a fleece bottom is worth considering because they decrease the time needed to wash the whole bag.

2. How Can We Test the Best Hedgehog Carrier?

If the product is from Hong Kong or China or places using smaller sizes as well as different standards for manufacturing, there will be a need for worrying.

After all, in those countries, the standards for animal care are actually quite different from ours.

Thus, before actually letting our precious hedgehog in, we need to do a proper test on the carrier.

Before doing anything else, you should look for signs of hidden hems that were double seamed in.

Next, you should check if it has wide mesh screen, which will be quite great for the viewing pleasure of the hog.

Then, you should be checking if the bag’s elements are sewn together with the tight stitch method, which will be hiding all the seams.

Of course, there is also the need to see if it is waterproof or not, as that can make quite a difference.

Finally, make sure that you know how exactly easy the bag is for cleaning. See if it can be set into your washing machine properly.

To do this, make sure to look for additional features such as a removable strap. Additionally, there is also the option of checking if you can wash it through cold water.

3. Our Picks

Pevor Hedgehog Backpack Carrier-Buy now

Beyond every other feature, we chose this bag for its high-quality materials. The fabric that the creators stitched the carrier from makes it quite durable, perfect for long-lasting uses.

Thus, it can be the best cozy little house for your pet. In addition, there is also the fact that the back is indeed quite big.

As a result, the hog will be able to have more than enough room so that he can be as active as he wants throughout the trip.

That’s not all, the creators have proven that they are indeed quite careful with the design choices. Yes, I am talking about the breathable mesh.

This thing will be great for the viewing experience that your hog will be enjoying.

Of course, it is also undeniably great for airflow, making the hog feel as comfortable as possible during the long trips.

When traveling, I am sure that no one wants the hog’s limbs to be wrapped in any kind of string.

Due to being made from the highest quality of material, you can be sure that this case will never happen for this particular carrier.

All the seams of the carrier are properly hidden thanks to its creators sewing together all of its elements through tight stitches.

The design also takes convenience in mind as the bag is equipped with quite a smooth zipper.

This zipper will never make it difficult for the owner to open and close the carrier and let the pet get out.

In addition, thanks to its smooth nature, the zipper will never be stuck.

The carrier has two available sizes, meaning it is used for numerous other small pets such as hamsters, mice, chinchillas, etc.

buy now from amazon

Also Great: Avianweb Small Pet Kangaroo Pouch: Buy now

This carrier is quite versatile thanks to its capability to provide a cozy and warm place that your small pet can easily get in and hide.

It has some detachable lanyard, allowing you to carry it around for quite some time. Thus, you will be able to have a lot more bonding experience with the pet.

The carrier has some hanging loops that are quite resistant to chewing as they have tensile strength reaching about 300 lbs.

In addition, its high-quality material is also double-layered, which helps tremendously against all the fraying and pilling.

Crafted by someone who clearly loves small pets, the bag’s size is just large enough that it is comfy for the majority of small pets.

Of course, it not being our editor’s pick means that there is something not so great about this carrier. This is due to the fact that it does not have any clip or D-Ring that can help with the safety of the pet.

Thus, for the vulnerable ones, you will need to harness them or constantly keep them under supervision.

buy now from amazon

Maintenance Guide

Use cold water to wash this carrier, remember to employ a gentle cycle through mild detergents as well as ½ vinegar cup.

Doing so will surely soften, clean, and even deodorize the carrier completely. The breathable mesh offers quite a lot of ventilation. However, you still should be careful and sometimes let the hog breath naturally.

After you have washed the bag, there will always be a need to dry it. For this carrier, when you want to dry, remember to tumble dry it on low temp.

Of course, you can always use the traditional way of drying that is drying by hanging. Nonetheless, you should always keep in mind that dryer fabric sheets are always off-limits.

FAQs on Best Hedgehog Carrier

Hedgehog Carrier

Is there any room that can be used for food as well as water storing?

Yes, there is always some room that you can use to store the food. The creators have used some cut-outs from paper towels to make little beddings.

However, it is not at all advisable to keep water in the carrier.

Additionally, these carriers are not designed for long-term comfort. Thus, you are not at all supposed to keep the small pets in them for too long.

Will there be the case of the mesh being chewed through?

Yes, there certainly is a risk of the mesh being chewed. However, this can only happen if you have been keeping the pets inside the carrier for too long.

After all, it was made from some quite great materials, limiting the damage as much as possible.

Will the hedgehog be comfortable in the bag?

Yes, the hedgehog will certainly not feel any discomfort if you keep them in the carrier for a limited time.

However, if you want to, there is always the option of adding in a small fleece blanket, which will certainly make him even more comfortable than he already is.

How much room is available inside the carrier?

The small-sized bag is at 6.3 inches of width, 6.7 inches of length, and 1.2 inches of height.

The large-sized bag has a width of around 10 inches, a length of around 7.9 inches, and a height of around 1.6 inches.

Thus, the carrier can be a great fit for almost small pets such as small rabbits, sugar sliders, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs, chipmunks, squirrels, hamsters, etc.


Having an appropriate hedgehog carrier is a very crucial step to travel successfully with your pet. Because hedgehogs are so fragile, we will need more consideration when buying a carrier bag.

We believe that after reading this article, you are now confident to get an excellent carrier by yourself, using the guides above. You can also try the items on the review and have your own idea.

Always bear in mind that the best hedgehog backpack must be safe, comfortable, and convenient to maintain and durable.

Plus, consider the pet’s characteristics, type of the bag, your destination and how you are going to go there, so you would have a better option.

Whatever your choice is, it should be the bag that helps you and your hedgehog to have the best experience.

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