25 Best Hedgehog Houses in 2020 (Reviews & FAQs & Buying Guide)

Let’s go to find out the best hedgehog houses…

Are you surprised that after buying the best hedgehog cage, you still need to buy a hedgehog house for your pet to live comfortably?

Well, inasmuch as we are creating tight friendships with hedgehogs, we must be aware that the animals are widely wild so we must offer to them habitats that almost mimic their natural homes.

Hedgehog houses are usually smaller than the cages, so it’s true that a hedgehog house will fit inside a cage with ample space to spare.

Hedgehog cages are often transparent but hedgehogs being animals that have chosen to live solitary lives require areas to hide, and the best hedgehog houses fit the bill.

With the market offering many hedgehog houses, most pet parents find it challenging to navigate through the market to select the best hedgehog house.

We’ll always keep our promise of granting the guidance that will only direct you to the best hedgehog houses for the comfort and safety of your prickly friend.

When it comes to hedgehog houses, there’s always something for everyone since the market features products ranging from natural hedgehog houses to luxury hedgehog houses.

Besides, this article will enable you to identify both the best indoor and outdoor hedgehog houses available at budget costs.

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Factors to Consider Before Selecting the Best Hedgehog House

It’s impossible to find the best hedgehog house without putting enough emphasis on some elements.

However, I can assure you that you’re likely to take the best hedgehog house home if you consider the factors below;


  • Keeping in mind that the tiny hedgehog you recently acquired will grow to the size of a little porcupine, it always makes sense if you go for a large hedgehog enclosure.
  • Also, the best hedgehog house should be large enough to allow for easy maintenance.


  • Most hedgehog houses do not cost much, so the pricing shouldn’t be a big concern to you.
  • However, for the sake of not bringing inconveniences to your budget, you should allocate some money that you can afford for you the best hedgehog house.


  • The best hedgehog house should have features that ensure long life hence helping you to cut the cost of unplanned purchases.
  • An ideal hedgehog home should last for at least two years.

The use of the hedgehog house

  • Indoor hedgehog houses tend to be smaller when compared with the outdoor hedgehog houses.
  • This is because indoor setups always offer small spaces that cannot accommodate large hedgehog houses.


  • The materials that are used in the construction of a hedgehog house determine how long the pet enclosure is likely to last.
  • Also, the materials used to build the best hedgehog house determine the level of comfort the pet gets.

Type of the hedgehog house

  • Different pet parents have different preferences when it comes to choosing the best hedgehog houses.
  • Some pet owners like natural hedgehog houses while other pet enthusiasts go for hedgehog houses made of synthetic materials.
  • Furthermore, other hedgehog owners are split between deciding on either purchase outdoor hedgehog houses or indoor hedgehog houses.


  • The comfort of your friend with the brittle-like body remains paramount in determining the lifespan of the pet.
  • Like I’ve already mentioned earlier, the level of satisfaction of any hedgehog house depends on the material that the manufacturer used.

Other pet owners preferences

  • Apart from a vet, another person who will grant you candid advice based on his/her experience with a cage is a seasoned pet owner.
  • You can sample customers’ preferences in the product rating and reviews section.

Easy maintenance

  • You indeed love your pet, but you also have other tasks to do to make both ends meet.
  • For this reason, you need to pick a hedgehog house that doesn’t consume much of your time when it comes to the maintenance.

Availability of a warranty

  • A warranty remains your sure safeguard to manufacturers’ faults that are evident to the buyer after the purchase.
  • A warranty assists pet owners in obtaining compensation when a pet product’s company makes a mistake that compromises the functionality of a hedgehog house.

Let’s move on the best hedgehog houses which are picked by our beloved customers.

Customer Picks: 5 Top-Rated Best Hedgehog Houses Reviews 2020

This article gives a detailed best hedgehog houses for 2020 that will guide you in finding ideal housing units for the pets you adore. Also, we have provided a shopping guide that’s aimed at helping you to identify the right features for an excellent hedgehog house.

We have provided links to the Amazon products that we have reviewed to enable you to view other specifications before deciding on the best hedgehog house that suits your needs.

However, we haven’t given the prices of the products reviewed because we realized that the costs keep on fluctuating from time to time.

In addition, most of the 25 best hedgehog houses in this article have high discounts and warranties.

List of Best Hedgehog Houses in 2020

Currently, there are more hedgehogs living in our homes than the number of hedgehogs present in the wild. In fact, it’s unlikely for you to spot a hedgehog in the wild if you live in the US.

However, some people have animals with spines in their gardens without their knowledge.

Having stated that more hedgehogs live with humans these days, it’s modest to accord the solitary mammals with the products that allow them to nurture their instincts.

The best hedgehog houses are among the necessary things you should provide to your pets to ensure their well-being.

Best Wooden Hedgehog Houses

Kathson Natural Wood House for Hedgehogs

Even though caging hedgehogs denies them the freedom they enjoy in the wild, we should strive to give the small animals the best hedgehog houses that mimic their natural habitat.

The house is made of wooden material just like the log cabins that hedgehogs frequent in the wild.

The hedgehog house is a real pick since you can take it to out to any large bush where hedgehogs live and trap a prickly friend.

The pet can enter the house through the door, and there’s a window for an exit if danger looms.

Product Benefits

  • Eco-friendly since it’s made of natural materials.
  • The large door and the window enhance ventilation.
  • Being wooden, the house resuscitates the pet’s natural instinct.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Convenient for cleaning and other maintenance.
  • The wood material is safe for chewing.

Hamiledyi Natural Living Wooden Castle, Small Animal Playground Chew Toy

Who said that pets couldn’t live in story-buildings? Well, here’s a natural deluxe that provides a hedgehog with a place to hide, especially during the day.

The twin story deluxe offers the areas of playing and hiding, thus aiding in preventing unwanted weight gain.

Forget about all other things! The house looks much appealing to the eyes, making me fancy seeing the architect to design my own home in the future.

Product Benefits

  • Made of natural materials for safe chewing.
  • Spacious enough for the pet’s exercise.
  • Sturdy materials for durability.
  • It’s versatile so it can also work as a pet’s toy.
  • Excellent habitat for small animals.
  • An affordable price.

Wooden Hamster House Natural Bark

Small animals often use the same houses, so what’s suitable for a hamster is likely to be excellent for hedgehogs.

The best hedgehog house is made of sturdy tree bark to ensure a durable life.

The natural hedgehog house for small animals has two holes to give the pet a clear view of what’s outside the enclosure.

No products found.

Wooden Hamster House and Hideout Exercise Natural Nest with Toys

The long name isn’t meant to confuse you but to give some highlights about the Product Benefits of purchasing a habitat that many pet keepers consider as one of the best hedgehog houses.

Today, many pet owners are ignoring basic houses and going for pet habitats that grant comfort, exercise, and safety.

Fortunately, this hedgehog house meets all the desires and other luxuries.

Product Benefits:

  • A comfortable spot for hiding.
  • Natural material for safe chewing.
  • Enough holes for the pet to peep through while hiding.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • A convenient pet home for easy maintenance.
  • The package includes vital pet toys for secure exercise spree.
  • The removable bottom enhances convenience in other activities within the house.

Best Hedgehog Hideout Houses

BOGUE Small Animal Hideout House Deluxe with Two Layers

To me, this has remained one of the best hedgehog houses of today because it allows the pet to perform what the pet likes.

From the look of the indoor hedgehog house, you can see that the habit suits nearly all your pet’s needs.

The amount of space available is immense, and the animal can choose to hide if it doesn’t want to be seen.

Product Benefits

  • The beautiful pet house is both easy to assemble and to collapse.
  • Ample space for exercising.
  • It’s a non-toxic wooden material that’s safe for chewing.
  • Amazing color display in the painting of the house.
  • The house also suits gerbils and hamsters.
  • Several holes on the structure for both exit and ventilation.
  • Durable materials for a sturdy product.

Corner Fleece Forest Hideout for Hedgehogs-Accessories and Toys

For pet owners who have limited spaces for indoor hedgehog houses, here’s the small animal habitat you can look up to.

Moreover, It comes with hedgehog toys to have fun.

Don’t worry about colors because there are close to four options for your selection.

The triangular in shape best hedgehog house has two sides of visible wire mesh and one penetrable side.

The house enables the pet to achieve partial hiding desire, but you can still see the animal from two other sections.

Product Benefits

  • Four different colors to choose from.
  • The three metal works provide for easy attachment.
  • A versatile habitat that can serve nearly all small animals.
  • It grants the pet a chance to exhibit its hiding habit.
  • The house offers adequate sections to view the pet.
  • The top is also covered to give the animal a false idea that it has hidden.

Small Pet Select Handmade Castle Tunnel Hideout

Whenever I’m buying a pet house, I always make sure that the materials in use are free from toxic chemical treatment.

Unlike many other best hedgehog houses, this tunnel is purely made from the hands of individuals with creative minds.

You can expect the house to be free from mechanical faults that manufacturers often commit.

The fully wooden house provides a comfortable spot both for resting and hiding.

Space is adequate, and the ventilation is equally conducive.

No products found.

Niteangel Twig Tunnel Small Animal Hideout

The twigs are hand-woven to make a fantastic small animal habitat that encourages your pet to chew more to attain a healthy standard of teeth.

I consider this product as one of the best hedgehog houses because it comes with hedgehog toys and other accessories meant to ensure the well-being of your pet.

Product Benefits

  • Offers safe chewing to your pet.
  • The habitat also suits other small animals like rabbits, hamsters and pet rats.
  • Perfect ventilation.
  • It comes with toys that assist your hedgehog in conducting the exercise.
  • The floor is made of water hyacinth fiber, so the production of the house reduces the presence of the aquatic weed.
  • The full package comes along with other accessories that are beneficial to any pet.

Kaytee Chinchilla Hut Hideout

Hedgehogs can take ages before getting used to their owners so the small animals will tend to be shy at the beginning.

This is one of the best hedgehog houses that grants the pet the chance to hide at will and to come at the prickly creature’s pleasure.

At first, I thought I could make something like this house on my own, but when I tried, I came up with exceptional construction, but it wasn’t near perfection.

I also realized that the choice of my wood in the construction could be toxic to the pet.


Product Benefits

  • The house is equally suitable for other small pets, including mice and hamsters.
  • The pinewood is non-toxic so the pet can chew safely.
  • Other five sides are closed to allow the pet to practice its hiding habits.
  • The sizeable front hole enables the animals to see events happening outside.
  • An amazing discount for pet owners buying from Amazon.
  • A durable home for the hedgehog.

Best Indoor Hedgehog Houses

Indoor Hedgehog Houses

Prevue Hendryx Hideaway Grass Hut

Just with sisal tassels, the best natural hedgehog house is made to match the money you have in your pocket.

The hedgehog house is made strong that can make someone wonders how fiber can do great work.

Apart from offering your pet a natural hedgehog house, the habitat guarantees the small animals safe chewing, thus ensuring healthy teeth.

Besides, the indoor hedgehog house provides the pet with an opportunity to hide at will.


Product Benefits

  • The hut is made from natural materials, which make it friendly to the environment.
  • Sisal tassels are safe for chewing.
  • The cost of this natural hedgehog house is affordable.
  • The two holes enhance ventilation within the habitat.
  • In case the pet is cornered within the cage, the two holes give the pet the option to evade any danger.
  • The hut can work well for other small animals like mice and hamsters.

Natural Grass House for Hedgehogs

They say that what is good for the gander is good for the goose.

The wise say cannot be wrong with any of the hedgehog houses which accommodate other smaller pets easily.

The natural hedgehog house seems to be firm, thus ensuring a durable life.

The indoor hedgehog house has a large room to enhance the comfort of the hedgehog.

However, this best hedgehog house can equally work an outdoor hedgehog house, especially when you want to supervise the pet’s activities in a large area.

Product Benefits

  • Suitable habitat for hiding.
  • It offers a safe chewing experience.
  • Easy to assemble and fold.
  • A comfortable house for a safe stay.
  • The hut is well-ventilated.
  • A sturdy natural hedgehog house.
  • Affordable price.

Prevue Pet Product Wood-Mouse Hut

Most pet products manufacturers are these days, putting adequate effort towards ensuring that the animals enjoy some freedom of playing and movement.

The hedgehog house has enough sheltered sections to provide a partial chance of hiding.


Product Benefits

  • The best hedgehog house is suitable for your pet’s indoor activities.
  • A standard location for hiding.
  • The natural hedgehog house is compatible with other smaller animals, including gerbils and mice.
  • A large crawl hole allows the pet to peep while hiding.
  • The large corner opening makes maintenance and access easy.
  • The wood material can improve the health status of your pet’s teeth.
  • A comfortable place for your pet to sleep in.

Best Large Hedgehog Houses

Kaytee Woodland Get-Away Large House

My hedgehog, Maxi, has this house and the pet likes, especially after getting out of the cage.

During my time in monitoring my pet’s movements, Maxi, plays in the fenced compound, and eventually retires in the house when exhausted.

I consider Kaytee Woodland House as one of the best hedgehog houses because it works well for outdoor activities of the pet.

Besides, the wooden house offers the pet with chewing experience.

I also like the hedgehog house because it comes at an affordable price yet still a quality product.

Product Benefits

  • A comfortable home for your pet.
  • It’s made of natural wood for safe chewing.
  • Also ideal for other small animals like hamsters and rabbits.
  • It encourages playing since the pet can get out of the house and exercise at will.
  • The house enhances the hiding instinct for the solitary pet.
  • Spacious habitat.
  • Eco-friendly house for your pet.

ONEM for Small Animals Natural House for Hedgehogs

For both indoor and outdoor activities, here is one of the best hedgehog houses that grants your favorite pet a space to play.

With the large door, your pet is always free to exercise and explore within the restricted area.

The window is designed just like the ones we have in our human homes provide some light and fresh air.

Product Benefits

  • Made of natural wood that’s safe for chewing.
  • The natural hedgehog house is durable.
  • Ample space for both comfort and playing.
  • Large enough to accommodate large pets like a squirrel.
  • A suitable hiding habitat for small pets like gerbils and rats.

List of Other Best Hedgehog Houses We Review

Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel System, Small Animal House

The pet you keep sometimes needs the time to be just alone and enjoy amazing games while soloing.

However, you need a unique hedgehog house that illicit the small animal to be creative and make fancy exercising moves.

Many pet owners rate Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel System among the best hedgehog houses since the habitat is large enough and has a tunnel that encourages the pet to formulate endless puzzles.

The fully wooden hedgehog house creates the ground for safe chewing thus shaping the teeth of the hedgehog.

Product Benefits

  • The habitat houses two stories for your pet’s maximum exercise.
  • The fully wooden material gives the house a natural look.
  • With the tunnels and puzzles to formulate, the house is the number one source of entertainment.
  • Spacious for enough exercise.
  • Safe for chewing.
  • Also appropriate for other small pets including hamsters and gerbils.

Hamiledyi Natural Living Tunnel System

Here’s another natural hedgehog house that enhances both the comfort and the exercise desire of your pet.

The small animal habitat is an ideal indoor hedgehog house that can offer you an interacting opportunity with the pet.

The twin house is made of wooden material to encourage the pet to chew more, thus ensuring healthy teeth.

The tunnel that links the two best hedgehog houses provides a heighten entertainment for the pet that has freedom of roaming around.

14 Reviews

Product Benefits

  • It offers a long period of great fun for the pet.
  • The natural hedgehog house design adds aesthetic value.
  • Encourages foraging instinct of your pet because there are options of climbing.
  • The tunnel formulates puzzles for the pet hence encouraging the mental growth.
  • An affordable price.
  • Very friendly to the environment.
  • It’s also an ideal habitat for other small pets like mice and hamsters.

Kaytee Tree of Life 3-in-1 Pet Habitat for Small Animals

How do you feel when you pay for one product and end up receiving another two?

The feeling must be great, right? Well, upon buying the best hedgehog house, you also get other pet accessory meant to improve your pet’s experience within your home.

For instance, the removable dish will help you feed your solitary friend.

Product Benefits

  • It has a built-in exercise wheel to keep the pet fit.
  • The bonus removable dish saves you the cost of buying another dish for the pet.
  • Made of the durable plastic material for long life.
  • It has adequate space to ensure the comfort of your pet.
  • The single hole permits fresh air in.

Here is the list of hedgehog running wheels

WOWOWMEOW Pet Foldable Small Pet House

The plush polyester fabric makes the pet habitat serves both as an indoor hedgehog house and an outdoor hedgehog house.

I guess this is what your pet needs for cold winters as you also save some money since you won’t use lots of heat after acquiring the house.

Product Benefits

  • Available in many sizes.
  • The removable cushion can create more space for the pet.
  • Also ideal for several small pets.
  • Easy to fold hence portable.

Ware Manufacturing Natural Willow and Grass Pet Hut

How about willows and grass as the primary materials in the construction of the pet house?

The best hedgehog house gives the surety that environmental degradation has no place to happen.

The animal habitat also provides the pet with a taste of its natural home.

Product Benefits

  • The natural hedgehog house is Eco-friendly.
  • It offers the room to nurture the hiding instinct of the hedgehog.
  • Its versatility allows you to use it both as hut and a sleeping area for the pet you keep.
  • No need for assembly.
  • You can equally weave one so long as you have the requirements.
  • It’s safe for chewing.
  • The hut permits the pet to play often.
  • It makes a good nesting ground for other animals.
  • A fantastic discount on Amazon.

Prevue Hendryx Hideaway Grass Ball Large

I’m even defeated how to categorize the natural hedgehog house, but I’m pretty sure that the creativity can serve at least two purposes for your pet.

I bought one for my pet, Maxi a few months ago and I see my prickle friend utilizing it as a toy.

Creative hedgehogs use the natural hedgehog house for their hiding adventures.

Product Benefits

  • It’s 100% natural hedgehog house.
  • Versatile since it’s both the best hedgehog house and at the same time a toy.
  • With many holes, the pet finds it both convenient to enter and exit the house.
  • Safe for chewing.
  • It promotes the hiding instinct of hedgehogs.
  • Also ideal for other smaller pets like hamsters and guinea pigs.

Prevue Hendryx Grass Tunnel

Here’s another natural hedgehog house that can both be classified both as a toy and the best hedgehog house.

The grass tunnels form the best platform for burrowing to the solitary animal.

The naturally woven grass house makes a comfortable home that your pet habituates without flinching.

Product Benefits

  • The two tunnels are 100% made of natural grass.
  • An ideal home for burrowing for other small animals including ferrets and hamsters.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • Also good for nesting.
  • The grass is safe for chewing.

Ware Manufacturing Hedgehog Den

If you are keen to supervise your pet play in a secure area within a house, here’s one of the best hedgehog houses that can help you execute that plan.

Besides, the natural hedgehog house comes when already assembled, thus making it convenient for immediate use.

I have been wondering you’re the indoor hedgehog house is called a den and the habitat doesn’t belong to the lions and other big cats. Well, I’ll figure that out.

Product Benefits

  • An ideal location for viewing your pet play.
  • It comes when already assembled.
  • It grants your pet permission to do what it likes.
  • An ideal spot for hiding.
  • It’s made of sturdy materials for long life.
  • The natural wood is safe for chewing.

Twin Critters Handcrafted Cave Bed- KubbiHog for Hedgies

What a cozy way to let your hedgehog live with this precious indoor hedgehog house? Most other hedgehog manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on the durability of the habitat, but Twin Critters have seen it reasonable to mind about comfort before any other thing.

This best hedgehog house is made of natural wool to ensure that your pet remains warm during the cold winters.

The design is impeccable since it creates a dark end where the hedgehog can burrow and pursue its instinct of hiding.

Product Benefits

  • A large space that can accommodate hedgehogs of different sizes.
  • The natural hedgehog house is made of 100% wool for enhanced comfort.
  • Low cases of contamination as toxic chemicals and synthetics aren’t in use.
  • A beautiful hedgehog habitat to add aesthetic value to your house.
  • An amazing handcraft work.
  • It encourages burrowing instincts.

Spring Fever Indoor Water Resistant Beds for Small Animals

For a long time, Fever Springs manufacturer has been serving dogs and their young ones, but this is a product that several of animals we keep.

If you’re looking for big space, then don’t look further than this hedgehog house that equally guarantees the comfort of your pet.

Product Benefits

  • A comfortable home for the pet.
  • It’s a versatile pet house so other small animals can be accommodated.
  • It comes in five different colors.
  • The removable mat is easy to wash.
  • An ideal spot for hiding.

FLAdorepet House Bed Cute Small Pet House for Hedgehogs

To reduce massive energy consumption during cold winter seasons, FLAdorepet House is an ideal hedgehog house that supplies some natural heat to keep the pet warm.

What’s even better is the design that keeps the pet wants to spend more time inside.

Besides, the product can act both as a pet house or a pet hammock.

Product Benefits

  • A comfortable home for your prickle friend.
  • A warm spot for cold winters.
  • A cozy bed where the pet can have a rest.
  • A nice location for hiding.
  • Quality materials in use for durability.
  • A great design for a beautiful home.

FAQs on Hedgehog Houses 

As usual, we cannot write any piece without featuring FAQs where give feedback to the queries you asked from us.

We urge you to continue asking your question with the surety that you’ll receive the response in our next publication.

How does a hedgehog house look like?

After giving the difference between a hedgehog house and a hedgehog cage earlier, it’s now time to tell you some common features of the best hedgehog houses.

A hedgehog house can either be natural or synthetic depending on the material used in its construction.

Furthermore, we can either have an indoor hedgehog house or an outdoor hedgehog house.

It depends on your preferences and the functionality that you want to achieve with the specific pet habitat.

An ideal hedgehog house should have the following features;

  • Spacious
  • Well-ventilated
  • Natural for a safe chewing
  • Allows for exercise
  • Durable
  • Affordable and worth the cost
  • Meets a specific functionality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Offers convenience both in the assembly and collapsibility

What should you put inside a hedgehog house?

A hedgehog house shouldn’t have much content inside bearing in mind that the housing mainly provides the ground for hibernating.

One of the things that you shouldn’t attempt to put in or near a hedgehog house is food because it can attract predators that can devour your pet.

I recommend you to serve the best cat food for hedgehogs. However, the food should be in a separate shelter that offers easy access.

Having said that a hedgehog house is a spot for hiding and resting, it’s also important to note that the units should grant your pet with an opportunity to exercise.

Here are the other items you can find in the best hedgehog house;

  • Hammock for comfort
  • Toys for playing
  • A source of heat for warmth
  • Natural chews (Amazon Link) for healthy teeth
  • Beddings
  • Water around

Where is the best place to put a hedgehog house?

It’s worth knowing that hedgehogs were previously nocturnal animals that were only visible in the parks, cemeteries, forests, and gardens.

The main reason why we buy the best hedgehog house is to enable us to trap unsuspecting hogs and convert them as our pets.

Having said the purpose of a hedgehog house, it’s clear that we have to identify a spot where we can capture the solitary creatures, thus saving us the cost of buying a pet.

The right location for placing a hedgehog house should be;

  • A place sheltered from strong wind
  • Should be dry to enhance comfort
  • A section with no water-logging history
  • Slightly dark parts
  • Natural locations, especially under shrub trees.

When is the best time to place a hedgehog house out?

The intention of placing a hedgehog house is to try and land a pet through proper trapping skills.

The season doesn’t matter provided that you have laid your trap well, you will attract your fancy pet.

In the winter season, you can land a distressed or sick small animal that needs warmth.

The best time to take your best hedgehog house out is in the summer when most hedgehogs do not hibernate thus increasing the possibility of catching the solitary mammal.

What’s the best hedgehog house to buy?

We’ve given a review of 25 best hedgehog houses to make your selection easy and quick.

There’s no specific hedgehog house that he can advocate for as the best hedgehog house, but any hedgehog setup with these features is considered appropriate for your pet;

  • Specious
  • Natural
  • Warm
  • Well-ventilated
  • Provides for a hiding spot
  • Affordable
  • Convenient maintenance
  • Durable

When is the right time to clean a hedgehog house?

The ideal time to clean your hedgehog house is in the middle of the spring when most hedgehogs tend to hibernate.

The timing is great because hedgehogs mainly nest during summers thus making it easy to trap the small animals.

How big should the best hedgehog house be?

As we have already mentioned, an ideal hedgehog house should be large enough to accommodate even number of hedgehogs in the wild.

The ideal hedgehog house plan should measure at least 17 cm by 13cm by 12 cm.

However, when you’re looking for a luxury hedgehog house then the measurement can reach 27 cm by 26cm by 49 cm.

As you know that there are many varieties of hedgehog breeds including the dwarf African hedgehog, so you should choose a hedgehog house dimension depending on the type of the pet you want to keep?

What beddings suit the best hedgehog house?

For hedgehogs that live in the wild, you can leave it to them to make the interior of the house during the nesting period.

However, when you want to trap a pet, you need to make the inside of the house as cozy as you can possibly manage.

The best materials for bedding are always natural because they nurture the wild instinct of the pets.

Here are some materials that you can use as bedding for hedgehogs;

  • Corn cob
  • Fabric
  • Wood shavings
  • Paper beddings

Last Words on Hedgehog House

Recent studies show that the population of hedgehogs is steadily rising in urban setups while declining in parks and other natural habitats.

With this increase in number in urban areas, it’s clear that most pet enthusiasts have taken to keeping hedgehog, thus helping in the conservation of the prickly animal.

Hedgehog houses make it easy to trap the pets that would climax the level of entertainment in our homes, You should care for hedgehog also.

The article has reviewed 25 best hedgehog houses that are currently ranking high in online markets such as Amazon.

We have equally shared the buyers’ tip that will guide you into purchasing the best hedgehog house for the well-being of your pet.

In the last section, we have featured FAQs and provided answers in each case.

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