25 Best Hedgehog Litter Boxes and Pans of 2020 (Reviews & FAQs)

Are you looking for Best Hedgehog litter box?

Many of us who already have kids will tell you that a baby will remain pleasant to play with until he poops.

The mother won’t mind playing with her little loved one, even in such a nasty status, but other people will.

The reason why experts settled on hedgehogs to pet ahead of many other rodents is that the small animals with spines do not have wastes with an offensive smell.

Even though hedgehogs’ poops lack odor, we need to find a way of making it easy to clean the cages and other sections where our pets live.

It’s never been a good idea to let your hands touch not even your wastes, but also other animals’ excretions too because such actions my leave you with regrettable infections.

For the sake of cleaner habitats for your pets, you need best hedgehog litter boxes to enable you clear natural messes that your hedgehog may cause.

With the best hedgehog litter box at your disposal, you’ll surely find cleaning the pet’s cage and other housing units easy and enjoyable.

However, the best hedgehog litter box won’t achieve its effectiveness when you don’t use reasonable litters as your pet beddings.

Remember, when it’s convenient to clean your pet’s home, you create more time to play with small animal and to do other chores.

As our tradition with any other pet product, we know our duty in ensuring that you only land the best hedgehog litter box in the crowded market.

We have therefore done a review of 25 best hedgehog litter boxes for you to make easy selections.

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Customer Picks: 5 Top-Rated Best Hedgehog Litter Box Reviews 2020

The products that we have carefully selected are durable and have passed the other standardization tests thus fit for your pet’s use.

Besides, many of the best hedgehog litter boxes reviewed here are either in my hands or with the people I closely interact with.

We have also featured some factors that you need to put into consideration before settling on an ideal pet litter box.

In each product, we have bulleted benefits of purchasing the specific hedgehog litter box, especially from Amazon.

List of 25 Best Hedgehog Litter Boxes in 2020

In the pursuit to maintain a high level of hygiene, there’s a need to have the best hedgehog litter boxes to ensure efficiency.

This article has reviewed 25 best hedgehog litter boxes with links to Amazon market where you can view the products well before making a decision.

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Lock-N-Litter Pan for Small Pets

I bought mine with the mind of using it in clearing my cheeky hamster’s mess, but I found it too big for such a small creature.

I almost discarded it before realizing that it was the ideal litter box for my forgotten hedgehog.

For hedgehogs and other slightly larger pets, I regard this cleaner as one of the best hedgehog boxes for the pet with spines on the body.

However, small pets like hamsters and guinea pigs need something much smaller than this product.

Product Benefits:

  • It’s made of durable plastic to ensure long life.
  • The plastic material is resistant to odor and stain, thus making it sturdy.
  • The low entry feature is a plus.
  • It’s easy to clean, thus convenient to use.
  • The box offers compatibility to be attached to any wire cage.
  • It’s deep enough to hold your pet’s refuse.
  • It has a lock that prevents messy content from spilling.
  • It’s simple but made in a design that appeals to our eyes.
  • Its versatile nature makes it fit for other small animals like rabbits and chinchillas.

Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan for small animals

Though they come in numerous colors, I find the yellow product too familiar in the homes that I frequently visit.

I like the color yellow because it will force you to be clean even if you don’t want to or else your dirty nature will be visible for those who care to see.

I bought one for my pet, Maxi, and it never fell below my expectation.

Yes! Everything worked the way I had anticipated.

However, I had to be creative enough to dig three holes around the edges to enable for quick attachment to the cage.

Product Benefits:

  • It comes in assorted colors
  • It’s durable.
  • It never harbors an unpleasant smell.
  • I rate it among the best hedgehog litter boxes because it offers a convenient cleaning.
  • The design makes it easy to prevent the pet’s messes from escaping.
  • Durable material for long life.
  • It’s made in the US, so it meets all safety standards.

Mkono Potty Trainer Corner Litter Box for Small Animals

I finally found a litter box coming with holes drilled already so I don’t have to make my own uneven holes to attach on the cage.

I like the fact that this best hedgehog litter box is made of plastic material to discourage my pet from chewing the box with messes.

In addition, the potty comes with hooks to make attachment easy and to prevent the kit from sliding inside the cage.

The only limitation is that the litter box doesn’t suit some adult small pets.

However, it comes handy for several species of hedgehogs, including the famous African pygmy hedgehog.

Product Benefits:

  • The price is affordable.
  • It’s made of durable plastic for long life.
  • It offers versatility in use as baby rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs also using it.
  • Quick free shipping even though it comes from a different country.
  • It provides for easy maintenance.
  • The removable grid floor ensures that your pet’s feet do not come into contact with its poops.

ZOOPOLR Cage Litter Box Potty Trainer for Small Animals

I bought one six months ago for my rabbit, but I never used it on the intended pet when I realized that my hedgehog, Maxi, badly needed a litter box.

Even though I never bought it for my hedgehog, I was never at fault because the litter box served its purpose of ensuring that my hedgehog residence remains clean always.

Even if I wanted to use the box that occurred to me as one of the best hedgehog litter boxes on other small animals, it will still fit the bill.

However, the potty won’t work for very small animals such as baby rabbits and hamsters.

I’m also afraid to tell you that this is not the potty you should look for if you have an African pygmy hedgehog.

Product Benefits:

  • The best potty to help you train your hedgehog to manage its own messes.
  • The high-quality plastic material is sturdy thus ensuring durability.
  • The presence of holes and hooks make it easy to securely place the litter box in the cage.
  • The messes cannot escape to your adorable pet’s feet, thanks to the removable grid floor design.
  • Ideal size for other small animals such as adult rabbits, ferrets, and adult chinchillas.
  • It comes in different conspicuous colors that your pet will surely love.


Erlvery DaMain Triangle Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box

As a pet vet, I receive more calls than many medical doctors working in some of our busy hospitals.

At one midnight, a client called me and explained a condition that was certainly showing her hedgehog had suffered some infection.

I suggested to the client to change her pet’s litter box, but she declined to cite that she loved the box almost the same level she adored her pet.

The following day I went to see the pet, but with a strong curiosity to see the litter box that my client never wanted to discard. She explained to me how long and efficient the box had served her.

I managed to convince to replace it, but with the same model which she reluctantly agreed for the sake of combating infections.

With her praises on the product, I had no option but to place Erlvery Potty among the best hedgehog litter boxes.”]

Product Benefits:

  • The sturdy plastic material for durable use.
  • It’s easy to clean thus offering convenient service.
  • It comes with holes already drilled and hooks in place for secure placing in a cage.
  • It comes in numerous colors thus giving you an option to pick your fancied color.
  • The availability of a wire panel floor keeps the messes from reaching your pet’s feet.
  • It’s also ideal for baby rabbits, ferrets, and young guinea pigs.

Even though some litter boxes bear names for other pets, it’s important to note that the products in this piece offer real versatility to pet parents and their pets.

For instance, a litter box with the rabbit name is equally ideal for other small animals including, hedgehogs.

GloednApple’s 1 Pcs Pet Small Animal Litter Tray

The first time I saw a set of three products in one package, the litter boxes resembled with the utensil’s rack that I bought during my campus day.

I bought the three, and I never missed what to do with each considering that I keep a variety of pets.

I loved it that a single purchase was enough to cater for my hamster, a hedgehog, and the baby rabbits I’m expecting a few weeks.

The only caution I can give you is that you need to take the measurement of your pet’s cage before buying, or else, you might end up obtaining a product that’s too small for your pet’s needs.

Product Benefits:

  • Sturdy plastic material for long life.
  • It’s ideal for training your pet to master the use of a potty.
  • It comes in various attractive colors.
  • It’s easy to clean hence offering a convenient use.
  • Versatility.

Marshall Pet Product’s High Back Ferret Litter Pan

At my first glance, it never occurred to me that the litter pan could fall in the category of the best hedgehog litter box.

It looked too big, and I was afraid that the box could end up consuming much space that my pet madly needed.

Before long, it dawned on me that the kit was showing all features of perfect fitness.

My pet began to locate where the potty was even when the lovely hedgehog was not confined within the cage.

The litter box saved me much time because days could pass without spotting my pet’s drooping.

I fell in love with the product because it was granting me more time to play and monitor the pet.

Product Benefits:

  • The market features several colors.
  • The litter box is designed to nurture the bathroom habits of your pet.
  • Being a product manufactured in the US, it meets all standardization requirements.
  • Quick shipping.
  • A high number of reviews from other customers.
  • It has a deep height to accommodate your pet’s back.

Kaytee Tall Corner Litter Pans with Quick Locks

I always ensure that my pet’s cage or any other place my hedgehog use as the home is as comfortable as I can possibly manage.

When I introduced this best hedgehog litter box in my pet’s cage, it’s the spot my lovely Maxi chose to conduct its messes.

Does it mean that the box was the ugliest location in my pet’s cage for Maxi to consider it as the pooping spot?


Product Benefits:

  • It’s compatible with all wire cages.
  • It’s equally suitable for rabbits and ferrets.
  • The backside is tall enough to qualify this litter suitable for deep base habitat.
  • It’s made of durable plastic for long use.
  • A wonderful product at an affordable cost.

IRIS USA Small Animal Litter Pan

I can’t remember a home that I visited that never had a litter box at the corner.

What pains me most is that we put some litter boxes that do not have an adaptation to suit such a place.

With this best hedgehog litter box in the market, pet parents will now have a litter box specifically designed for the corners of cages.

Product Benefits:

  • It comes with a scoop for cleaning pet messes.
  • The design fits the corner of any cage.
  • A durable plastic material.
  • Odorless.
  • Stain resistant material.
  • Versatile use for various small animals.

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Lock-N-Litter Pan for Small Pets

The advantage of keeping different kinds of pets is that you cannot go wrong when you purchase any pet product.

I had my hamsters in mind when I bought this litter box, but it turned out that the kit was oversized for my small pets.

I don’t always lose it when it comes to pets, so I opted to try the potty with the hedgehog, and I never regretted making the purchase even though I remained indebted to the hamsters.

It’s important to pay keen attention to the dimensions of any pet product that you buy lest you end up taking an item that you won’t use.

I was lucky that my gamble in the purchase worked because I acquired the best hedgehog litter box, but your fate may be different.

Product Benefits:

  • It’s made of stainless and odorless plastic.
  • The locking feature ensures that your pet’s wastes do not spill.
  • It offers convenience in attaching to any wire cage.
  • An easy to clean litter box.
  • A simple design for convenient use.
  • They come in various colors.

Interpet Limited Long John Litter Pan

Early in the year when I decided to visit my friend in Kenya, I allowed my pet, Maxi to accompany me for the long trip, but I was in shock to realize that I had forgotten my pet’s litter box in the US.

I was quick in thinking so I went to Amazon to check a product that can be shipped within a few days to Africa.

Trust me! It took just four days for the best hedgehog litter box to reach me.

Rather than the shipping efficiency, I was impressed to acquire a potty that my pet took just two days to get used to it.

1,086 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • A product from the US that can cross many oceans to be used in other parts.
  • The durable plastic material guarantees long life.
  • It offers convenience in training your pet to use it.
  • Your pet’s messes cannot easily spill, thanks to the high points.
  • Availability of built-in hooks makes attachment easy.
  • An affordable price for a quality product.

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Mkono Small Animal Cage Litter Box

During my stay in Kenya early in the year, I learned that the word ‘Mkono’ means a hand in the Swahili Language.

Could it mean that manufacturer adopted the name ‘Mkono’ to indicate that their products come in handy?

Well, this is one of the best hedgehog litter boxes for both pet parents whose hedgehogs spend more time in the cages or outside any restriction.

However, you should be very alert because the comfort that the box brings to the pet can make your hedgehog turn it its home.

Product Benefits:

  • It has hooks for easy attachment.
  • The removable grid design ensures that a pet’s poop doesn’t spill.
  • The quality litter box is durable.
  • An easy to maintain the product.
  • Also ideal for other small animals like guinea pigs.

Ware Manufacturing Critter Litter Small Pet Training Kit

I have a client who always calls me in every project she starts in her pet yard.

It’s a good thing to consult because any gamble you make can lead to a loss of precious pet life.

She’s numerous pets, but one thing that I noticed is that she has this litter box in the cages of more than four distinct pets.

My attention quickly shifted on inquiring the reason why she decided to use one model of a litter box.

You might not like the pan, but the scooper is a necessity for any pet parent whose pets use cages.

I also liked the part that it comes along with a sample litter to help you start potty training your pet.

Product Benefits:

  • It’s made of durable plastic for long life.
  • You can lock it to a cage to eliminate chances of the litter box overturning.
  • It comes with a potty training manual.
  • It offers versatile use to accommodate hamsters, guinea pigs, and gerbils too.
  • A reasonable cost for a wonderful product.

WYOK Plastic Pet Toilet, Small Animal Litter Tray

Even though the manufacturer isn’t very famous, I must admit that this one of the best hedgehog litter box and for other small pets.

This is one litter box that can serve your small animals including guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits.

I like the design that gives it an admirable view from any point.

It’s needless to commend the availability of hooks for secure fixing in a cage.

Product Benefits:

  • It comes in numerous colors.
  • You can easily disassemble it for travel.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • The material is environment-friendly.

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M-Aimee Square Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box

With my hedgehog quickly growing, I had to figure out a way of acquiring the best hedgehog litter box that can support a tall animal.

This litter box had earlier worked well for son’s rabbits.

I like the fact that the litter box can hold the pet’s messes without spilling.

Besides, I always see my pet looks comfortable and composed while on the box.

Product Benefits:

  • The fitted hooks help in the attachment.
  • An ideal box to potty trains your pet.
  • It also suits other small animals like guinea pigs, chinchillas, and large rabbits.
  • Sturdy plastic material for durable use.
  • It’s easy to clean thus helping in maintaining hygiene.
  • It has enough height that can accommodate tall pets.

Misyue Square Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box Pet Pan for Small Animal

I have now seen this litter box for a considerably long period, and I must not ignore its existence.

Pet parents who use it have revealed to me that their pets learn how to use potty swiftly.

I haven’t confirmed their verdicts, but it’s still clear the product is among the best hedgehog litter box.

I love this kit because of its white color that compels any owner to observe cleanliness.

Besides, I like the design that allows it to maintains the beauty while the pet sits on it.

Product Benefits:

  • It’s made of sturdy plastic for durable use.
  • It has screws attached to it for the sake of fixing.
  • An easy to clean litter box.
  • Also ideal for the guinea pig, chinchillas, and ferrets.

Vivian Triangle Potty Trainer Corner Litter Toilet for Small Animals

It will call for more attention to notice the difference between this litter box and the one Fashion club has in the market.

I don’t how to tell who mimicked the other, but both boxes grant our pet the service and functionality that we expect.

If I’m given a chance to buy it, I wouldn’t hesitate but I will be in a dilemma on where to use it.

The name is Vivian, Right? My son has a rabbit called Vivian, so by default, the litter will go to the rabbit section.

However, I must emphasize that the litter box equally suits hedgehogs and other small animals the same way it does to rabbits.

140 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Durable plastic for long life.
  • The portable pad enhances floor protection.
  • Since it’s triangular in shape, it saves space.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It offers convenient use.
  • It could be what you needed to potty train your pet swiftly.

Prevue Pet Products SPV488 Litter Pan

As the say goes, what’s good for a gander is equally good for the goose.

This litter box was initially designed for rabbits, but it now suits hedgehogs, in the same manner, it does with the rabbits.

After seeing it in a pet exhibition I attended earlier in the year, I concluded that the pan is among the best hedgehog litter box if you are operating within narrow spaces.

The fact that it’s triangular in shape contributes to its space-saving capability.

98 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • It’s available in assorted colors.
  • It has hooks for secure attachment to the cage.
  • It saves you the much-needed space.
  • The impact molded plastic is durable.
  • It offers easy cleaning.

WYOK Litter Bedding Box Pet Pan for Small Animals

One thing that I like about pet products is the fact that many manufacturers making quality products keep on propping up.

Do you also like it that there’s no monopoly in the pet product market?

This is the best hedgehog litter box for the pets that have stayed with you and already used to you.

By default, the pet will find itself using it because the litter provides a good area for perching.

However, you should discourage the pet from spending a lot of time near its wastes.

Product Benefits:

  • The strong plastic material enables it last.
  • The design is awesome.
  • It’s a perfect litter box for several kinds of small pets.
  • The metal mesh prevents your pet’s feet from getting into contact with its messes.
  • Excellent customer care from the manufacturer.

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Quality Cage Crafters Metal Litter Box

Whenever I see this litter box, I experience mixed reactions.

I’m both excited and feeling angry at the same time, but the best hedgehog litter box hasn’t much reason to contribute to my anger.

My high school colleague bought the box for his rabbit, but his pets escaped leaving with no option, but use the product on another pet.

I advised him to give it to the hedgehog, and he still appreciates my counsel.

The price could be slightly high, but the quality is guaranteed as the name suggests.

Product Benefits:

  • Durable.
  • A quality product for the pet.
  • Versatile use.
  • Highly rated in the market.
  • Your pet’s feet cannot touch its messes.

Kicode Pet Corner Toilet Litter Pee Tray Box

I must confess that I don’t have a cat pet that calls my name, but my wife has two in our household.

My wife bought this litter box before she got a job transfer but left it at our home before using it.

Since she went to her new job station with her pets, I decided to use the Kicode litter box to potty train my hedgehog.

I discovered that Kicode is just another best hedgehog litter box that should find space in our homes.

My wife returns home every end month, but I can see she gave up her cats’ kit to my pet.

I’ll find a way to compensate her adoring cats with toys soon.

No products found.

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KAMEIOU Toilet Bedding Box

Whenever I see this litter box in the homes of clients I visit, my memory shifts to baby class evening tuition I accord my young daughter regularly.

Look at the name! it has all the vowels and the same letters are neatly arranged in the right order.

Having spotted the AEIOU in the name, I was proved right when I realized that the best hedgehog litter box is as easy to use as the vowels. At least Michael Jackson said that in their hit family song.


Product Benefits:

  • It’s made of durable plastic and sturdy stainless steel grid panel.
  • Easy to fix and collapse.
  • 100% guarantee of compensation within 30 days.
  • Also suitable for guinea pigs, bunny, and ferrets.
  • It’s highly rated in the market.

Kaytee Small Animals Critter Litter

On top of possessing the best hedgehog litter box you have now, it equally makes sense acquiring the critter litter.

Cleaning a pet’s house shouldn’t consume a lot of your time, so the kit ensures that its minute drop is capable of performing its function ten times.

It means that the amount of time you’ll be spending clearing the messes will be lowered by at least 30%.


Product Benefits:

  • A perfect way to start potty training your pet.
  • Also ideal for other small animals like ferrets and rabbits.
  • It absorbs moisture.
  • A drop dissolved in water is effective enough to clean about ten times the area.
  • A quality product at an affordable price.

GroceryHouse Pet Toilet for Small Animals

This is the third product I’m reviewing having litter boxes with nearly the same appearance in this article.

The truth is that all of them are falling and the category of the best hedgehog litter box.

I will leave the other two out of talk for now and delve on the GroceryHouse’s product.

For the starters who are just beginning to potty train their pets, here’s a perfect litter box that will ensure your pet’s messes do not escape.

Product Benefits:

  • A durable plastic material.
  • Elevated corners to aid in preventing the pet’s messes from spilling.
  • Enhanced hygiene since the box is easy to clean.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Also suitable for patios and balconies.

MD Trade Cage Litter Box Potty Trainer for Small Animals

It looks more of a home than a toilet, but I still like pet litter boxes that give our treasured animals comfort while attending to their call of nature.

The other vital aspect is the fact that the litter box is large enough to accommodate your hedgehog thus making potty training convenient.

Product Benefits:

  • The best way to potty train the pet.
  • A long-lasting plastic material.
  • Also suitable for rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs.
  • Easy to clean.

Here are the best toys for your hedgehog.

Our readers’ favorite section, FAQs will never miss in any of our publication.

We’ll endeavor to respond to all queries you direct to us for the well-being of your pet.

As expected, the article contains only the best hedgehog litter boxes to help you make your purchase without taking much time.

FAQs on Litter Box for Hedgehogs

FAQs on Litter Box for Hedgehogs

How do you choose the right litter box for your pet hedgehog?

In this article, I’ve tried to help you select the best hedgehog litter box in a market that’s crowded with identical products.

I still find it necessary for you to know the aspects you need to check for you to land the best hedgehog litter box, especially on Amazon.

Here are a few features that you need to asses if at all you want to obtain the best hedgehog litter box;

  • Price: You can only buy what you can afford. However, buy a litter box that gives real value for its cost.
  • Size: There are several species of hedgehog, so you need to buy a box litter depending on the size of the hedgehog you rear. However, large litter boxes are preferred because they give room for the growth of your pet.
  • Comfort: It won’t be easy to potty train a pet that feel irritated in the litter box.
  • Easy to clean: You won’t need a hedgehog litter box that consumes all your time to clean, right?
  • Durability: Most litter boxes are made of plastic materials that ensure a long life. Plastics are free from odor and also resist stain.
  • Space: The amount of an area a litter box can take depends on the shape. Triangular best hedgehog litter boxes take the smallest space.
  • Functionality: An ideal litter box should allow convenience in use.
  • Versatility: Buy a litter box that you can use on other pets in an event that your hedgehog isn’t there.

What kind of litters can I use in my best hedgehog litter box?

Some hedgehog litter boxes come with litter sample to guide you on the material you can use as the ideal litter bedding.

In rare occasions, a litter box will come already with the litter when you buy it.

While most of the hedgehog litters are available in the market, you can also formulate natural litters for your pet.

Remember, the type of litter you use dictates how easy you can clean the pet’s litter box.

What is the price of the best hedgehog litter box?

The best hedgehog litter boxes come at a cost, but you can be sure that every pet parent can afford them.

These prices keep changing, so I can only give the estimate costs.

The market, especially Amazon features something for everyone, so the amount you have can help in obtaining an excellent litter box.

From $5- $70, you can get the best hedgehog litter box depending on the quality of material in use.

Remember, the shipping fee can inflate the price of a hedgehog litter box if the product is coming from another country.

Can I use other pets’ litter boxes for my hedgehog?

Yes, you can. Most of the litter boxes are versatile in their use, so you can use them for various types of pets.

If you carefully check the products I have reviewed here, you’ll notice that most of the litter boxes are meant for small animals.

However, it’s not good to use a litter box that you had previously used for another pet because you can pass infections to your hedgehog the other pet was suffering from.

If you must use a second-hand litter box, ensure you disinfect it until it’s free from any germ.

The best litters for a hedgehog box include;

  • Aspen Shavings
  • Fleece
  • Paper beddings
  • Pelleted beddings

How can I train my hedgehog to use its litter box?

This is the part that most hedgehog owners look up to.

It demands patience because it can take a longer time than you had estimated.

Here are the three steps that will allow your pet to learn how to use the potty quickly;

  • Select only the best hedgehog litter box.
  • Ensure that you are using the right size of the litter box.
  • Do not keep on shifting the position of the box.
  • Put the right litter in the box.
  • Make the box as comfortable.
  • Clear your pet’s messes as soon as possible.

How long can it take my hedgehog to learn to use its litter box?

Like I had already said, the learning calls for real patients.

It also depends on the type of hedgehog you have in your cages.

It always takes pet hedgehogs less time to potty train than the hedgehogs recently captured in the wild.

It’s advisable to begin potty training your pet while young to achieve quick success.

You remember the say that goes: You cannot teach an old cat new trick? Besides, you need to allocate ample time for this step to happen swiftly.

The process can take from 2-8 months.

If your pet is taking more, know that you aren’t doing something right.

Which kind of bedding material you should never use in your best hedgehog litter box?

  • Hay
  • Straws
  • Sawdust
  • Pine Shavings
  • Cedar Shavings

We recommend that you follow the links given before buying any product.

Ensure that you check the entire product’s specification so as to land litter boxes that suit the size of your pet.

Final Word

There’s no any other way, you cannot keep a hedgehog without being in possession of a hedgehog litter box for your pet to live a comfortable life.

Availing the best litter box means that you will spend a little time tidying your pet’s house.

This article will make it possible for you to select the best hedgehog litter box for the pet with spines.

We have carefully chosen to provide the best hedgehog litter box that will allow your lovely pet to learn how to use its potty with convenience.

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