17 Best Hedgehog Water Bottles in 2020 (Review & Guides)

Just like any other species on the planet, hedgehogs always need freshwater to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

They might not drink too much, but that is a must, especially in the summer.

Taking care of these guys require quite some dedication!

The point is that you will find your pet causes trouble when drinking water.

Many people use a dish that only makes more trouble to them, such as waste-contaminated or tip over.

Hence, to prevent all the mess that can occur, choosing the appropriate hedgehog water bottle is a very important task to a pet owner.

If you have no idea where to begin from and what are the best products to buy, read on this article and you will learn from our special reviews.

One thing for sure, your hedgehog will be happier and healthier with these products.

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How did we pick?


When it comes to buying a water bottle for a hedgehog, you should consider the capacity of the bottle. The size depends on lots of factors, for example, the number of hedgehogs you have.

Always be sure that the bottle you buy is large enough to handle as much water as possible.

This is also good for owners who are often outside and your pet is left behind. These water bottles will allow a vast amount of water supply when you are not at home. When the bottle goes empty, refill it as soon as possible.

You should also bear in mind the size of your hedgehog’s cage in order to buy a suitable one, not too big or too small.

Plastic and glass bottle

Purchasing a high-quality material is important even if it means you will have to pay a premium price.

The two main types we often buy is a plastic bottle and a glass bottle. You should only choose products made from these materials.

Meta water bottle

Plus, these water bottles must be durable, chew-proof and strong against outside forces from breaking it. Moreover, they must not become a place for acting bacteria. They must be toxic-free as well.

One more critical factor is that the water bottle you buy must be BPA-free because BPA is extremely hazardous, which can cause mental problems and cancer. Generally, glass and plastic are BPA-free.

However, you obviously don’t want to put your pet’s health at risk, so be sure to check this carefully.

Leak-proof construction

When buying a water bottle, we recommend choosing a device that is non-leaking. This trait will not cause a mess in the hedgehog’s cage every time you put it in.

We can think of two places that water can drip from – the cap screws and the last point of the spout. Please ensure the water bottle you buy has a tight seal, which can prevent drips.

In many cases, the nozzle uses a ball to prevent water from leaking when not in used, which is like a small lock. This mechanism should compact enough with the hedgehog’s mouth.

Leak-proof is a crucial function that needs to have if you want to save water and keep the hedgehog’s cage or the bedding dry.

Easy to clean and maintain

We always want things to be easier so we can have an easier life. Thus, choosing a hedgehog water bottle that will save your effort to care and maintain is essential.

Have a look and determine which water bottle could be regularly cleaned to prevent any possible contamination. It must be in the best condition after a quick wash even though a long time of use.


Think of the convenience that the water bottle will bring about to you, especially when you want to assemble the bottle in the hedgehog’s cage. Hence, you should buy a product that is user-friendly.

Some bottles can be hung on the hedgehog’s cage while others need a cord, metal hanger or a bracket. Some models come with a stand while others can adjust the height depending on your hedgehog’s size.

The options are various, so be sure to choose the one you find the most suitable and easiest to use.

Furthermore, you should choose the product with a good spring. This will help your pet to push it in and out with no effort.

Plus, don’t pick the one that has much resistance as the hedgehog might not manage to drink.


Hedgehog water bottles are not water bottles alone. Nowadays, manufacturers also create some unique features to their products to increase the rivalry. It can be combined with a bowl so you can feed your pet or a hideout so your pet can enjoy the fun.


The last thing to consider is your budget. No one would expect the glass water bottle has the same price as the plastic one.

Considering you don’t have much money to spend on, plastic stuff is a decent choice, though they are not durable or strong as glass bottles.

How we tested?

First of all, you should see if the water bottle is actually made of the material in the advertisement, also look for reviews of the product. There may be people who have tried the product and their opinions are precious.

After that, check if the cap is suitable for the bottle. This ensures you can close the water bottle properly.

Next, consider the mouth’s size, if it is too small, water can’t pour out and your pet can’t drink effortlessly.

Then you fill water in and let it on a dry surface, wait for a few minutes and see if the water leaks or not. If yes, it is a bad product.

One more time, fill the bottle with water, close the cap and shake, invert or squeeze it. This will determine the ability to hold water.

You can also keep the filled-bottle under cold condition, see if it breaks or expands or any abnormal status there is. The same method is applied for the hot condition can be used. Furthermore, pour hot water into the bottle can also detect the effect on the bottle.

To check if there are unwanted chemicals, fill the bottle and see whether there is a chemical change. This is a crucial step because it affects directly to your pet’s health. You must know if the water is safe to drink or not.

Different types of water are good to test the compatibility of the bottle. While some cause no sign of change, others could.

Lastly, check the design to make sure it can hold the water while hanging on the pet’s cage. After this point, you can now try the bottle and see if your pet can use it easily to access the water supply.

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Best Hedgehog Water Bottles

Choco Nose H128 Small Animal Hedgehog Water Bottle

The Choco Nose H128 Small Animal Water Bottle is made for small animals and suitable for your hedgehog. Its leak-proof design is patented so you can entrust your trust.

This water bottle comes with a nozzle that is able to resist leaks. Thanks to the feature, you not only can save water but also prevent water from coming out of the bottle even if your pet sucks the tube. The nozzle’s size is pretty fit so that your hedgehog will have no difficult drinking water from it.

Moreover, the materials they used are completely BPA-free plastic. No hazardous chemicals can be found on it, so the water will not be contaminated. This is such a great feature that assures the health of your precious hedgehog.

One more important thing is that it has a screw-on bracket, which allows pet owners to put it in the pet’s cage, at any position.

SCASTOE 350ml Pet Water Drinking Bottle

The next product is the SCASTOE 350ml Pet Water Drinking Bottle. This bottle is made of high-quality plastic to bring about the best experience. Its taps, however, made of stainless steel, so the water is not permeable easily.

Besides, SCASTOE 350ml Pet Water Drinking Bottle has a large capacity, up to 350ml. Hence, you don’t need to check the water level regularly, which saves you some effort.

The roof hole with a great design is very convenient for your pet whenever it needs to drink.

They also provide spring and wire attachments in order to make things easier. You can simply follow the instructions and adjust the position of the bottle to suit your pet.

ITODA Pet Water Bottles Drinking

Another great product is the ITODA Pet Water Bottles Drinking. The manufacturer used only non-toxic materials to create this awesome product. Plus, the materials are also tasteless, which will cause no ugly smell.

The bottle comes with a large capacity, about 350ml, which can supply water for your hedgehog all day long with just a single fill. With stainless steel ball at feeding mouth, your pet will find it easy to access the water while you have no worry that the hedgehog will damage this chew-proof mouth.

Furthermore, the water can’t be polluted through this mouth.

The design of the nozzle is perfect and can prevent water from leaking or dripping on the pet’s bedding. The top can be opened and closed easily, so you can refill the water or clean the water bottle effortlessly.

They also designed a hang-on bracket, so that you can adjust the bottle’s position, anywhere in the cage. You can also adjust the height of the bottle using a roller ball nozzle.

AOWA 1 Pcs Little Pet Water Drinking Bottle

AOWA 1 Pcs Little Pet Water Drinking Bottle comes with a great design. Its spout is made of stainless steel, which is able to prevent your hedgehog from biting.

The bottle itself is transparent plastic. Thanks to it, you can easily track the water level and decide to refill or not. Additionally, the materials they used are toxic-free, so you can have the peace of mind.

The excellent design of a rolling ball is a strength. It can automatically adjust to suit your pet based on the drinking water and avoid pollution to the water.

Moreover, the manufacturer used two snaps instead of one for greater security, which means it can suffer the weight pretty well while hanging.

No products found.

Exotic Nutrition Hanging Glass Water Bottle (6 oz.)

Exotic Nutrition Hanging Glass Water Bottle comes with a glass design that will not allow airborne bacteria to infiltrate the bottle.

The drinking nozzle and cap are made of stainless steel, so they have the chew-proof ability. This means the product will not be damaged if your hedgehog bites it. Also, its design allows you to clean and maintain in an easy way.

Furthermore, Exotic Nutrition Hanging Glass Water Bottle features a rubber stopper and a vacuum tube in order to prevent evaporation and spillage. We must say this is a very good idea.

No products found.

Small Pet Water Fountain Drinking Bowl Bottle

Another device comes from the Gaweb manufacturer. The Small Pet Water Fountain Drinking Bowl Bottle has a great design that will not let water drip on the floor or the pet’s base.

Stainless steel cap can resist the hedgehog’s bite as well as prevent dust or debris from coming into the bottle. The small nozzle helps your pet to drink water effectively.

Two snaps are able to hold the full-filled bottle, which means more secure. You can also arrange them in a different position, so your hedgehog can access the water supply.

No products found.

Sheens Water Bottle for Small Pet

Sheens Water Bottle for Small Pet has a delicate design. The ball completely fits the spout, allowing it to drain water while avoiding water from leaking out. This feature is brilliant for busy pet owners who don’t often be at home because the bottle can drain the water itself.

The capacity of Sheens Water Bottle for Small Pet is larger than other products, about 500ml, sufficient for all day long. With the help of a string, it can be hung on a cage for easy access.

Furthermore, it is very simple to install and use the bottle. You can open or close it for cleaning and refilling purposes. It is lightweight and can be a good idea to bring with you on vacation.

On top of that, they also built a filter core that removes pollution in the water, hence, healthier water.

No products found.

KayTee Water Bottle

KayTee Water Bottle by Super Pet is also a great choice for you. It measures 4.5 x 3.5 x 15 inches and is made of high-quality materials.

With transparent glass is the main material, you can easily check the water inside the bottle.

Plus, a floating duck can do the same mission. Besides, it is chew-proof, so you have no worry even if your pet bites it. Furthermore, the nozzle and the cap are made of stainless steel, which prevents bacteria and debris.

They also made the spring hanger becomes stronger, making it a reliable attachment. You can either place it inside or outside the pet’s cage or adjust the height to suit your hedgehog.

Living World Eco plus Water Bottle

Coming next is an eco-friendly product. The Living World Eco + Water Bottle is made of durable recycled glass with an innovative design that will satisfy any hedgehog. It can meet all the natural instincts of your hedgehog, even the more specific demands.

This water bottle comes with a drip-proof tube and a double ball-bearing.

There is also an indicator to determine the water level inside the bottle.

Moreover, it also has a super-strong spring attachment hanger in order to install on the pet’s cage. Not only that, its design brings about convenience when cleaning and refilling.

LinSHdi426 Pet Automatic Water Fountain Bottle

The LinSHdi426 Pet Automatic Water Fountain Bottle can be a nice option for you. Being made of stainless steel and plastic, the product contains no harmful substances and your pet’s health are safe.

This bottle’s design is also convenient for your pet whenever it accesses the water supply. The only thing to do is to lick the bead and water will pour out. Water can’t leak out because they created a leak-proof nozzle.

No products found.

Water Bottle with Floating Duck Reminder

The product comes with an unbreakable plastic design. You can easily track the water level using the floating duck inside the bottle. The nozzle is perfect for accessing the water supply while preventing debris.

The Water Bottle with Floating Duck Reminder has a ball to prevent leaking water. The manufacturer also provides a solid metal hanger that can hold the weight of water and itself. Hence, you can attach it to the hedgehog’s cage with no fear.

No products found.

She-love Cage Water Bottle for Small Animal

Another brilliant device comes from a She-love manufacturer. The She-love Cage Water Bottle for Small Animal comes with a transparent plastic body, so you can see through it and know the water capacity.

The design is good with the steel ball and stainless-steel nozzle, so there is no dripping and leaking water. It also resists chewing activity. Two buckles added to the bottle so you can firmly fix it on the pet’s cage.

POPETPOP Small Animal Castle Hideout with Water Bottle

A funny design product comes from POPETPOP. This device can be used for drinking, eating or sleeping purposes. It looks like a small pink castle with the plastic water bottle hanging outside. Your pet can easily access the water as you can adjust the hanger.

1 Reviews

FidgetKute Small Animal Water Bottle

FidgetKute Small Animal Water Bottle is made of high-quality stainless steel and plastic. This brings about a very hygienic and convenient product.

By using the ball valve design, not only water will not leak out but also your pet can easily drink water. Double buckles are attached to the bottle so you can fix it on the hedgehog’s cage.

No products found.

Fanmaosdf Automatic Drinking Water Bottle

The fanmaosdf Automatic Drinking Water Bottle comes with a special appearance. It is totally toxic-free because the material they used is PVC plastic.

Besides, the support base is steady enough to hold the bottle but also easy for you to take out. You can also adjust the tube’s angle to suit your little friend.

No products found.

S’ELITE Pet Water Drinker

Made of strong plastic, S’ELITE Pet Water Drinker is a suitable bottle for your hedgehog. There is no nozzle because they designed a trough instead. However, this structure is also good for drinking water. The manufacturer also provides an attach so you can hang the bottle on the pet’s cage.

No products found.

Studyset Water Bottle

Studyset Water Bottle is made of eco-friendly plastic with corrosion resistance. You will find no toxic chemicals in this product. The bottle is transparent, which helps you track the water level with no difficulty. Moreover, a rolling ball design is a great idea to prevent leaking water.

No products found.

Our pick and flaws

Choco Nose H128 Small Animal Water Bottle

The product is user-friendly, which is what we always love. Besides, the leak-proof outlet is another reason to choose this water bottle. The nozzle seems to be designed for hedgehog as it fits so well to any hedgehog. Plus, you can open or close the water container easily in order to refill water.

You will find it simple to use and maintain the product. On top of that, BPA-free is also a nice feature that we need to assure the pet’s health.

With all the features, the Choco Nose H128 Small Animal Water Bottle deserves to be the number one in this list.

Living World Eco + Water Bottle

The Living World Eco + Water Bottle comes in second place in our pick. It is because of the brilliant design that satisfies almost any natural demands of your hedgehog.

Another highlight is the material they used. It is totally from recyclable glass that contains no hazardous substances that might affect your hedgehog’s health. Not only that, the bottle itself is very durable and chew-proof.

Furthermore, the hanger and spring attachment are strong enough and will help you rest assure while hanging it on the pet’s cage. One more thing to consider is the convenience it brings about. Cleaning and refilling water is now easier than ever

They are the reason why the Living World Eco + Water Bottle is the hedgehog water bottle that you need to try.

Maintenance guides

The first thing you need to remember is that plastic models can’t suffer hot water, so you should not use hot water to sterilize. If you do that, they can get melted and deformed, which means you can’t use it anymore.

Hedgehog drinking water

For the water bottle, pay regular attention to the bottle’s status, whether it is full or empty. Always refill the water completely, then twist the cap tight enough in order not to leak water.

To clean the water bottle, follow the instruction below.

Firstly, prepare warm water and washing up liquid. Next, shake the mixture in order to remove loose debris. After that, gives the water bottle a good rinse with antibacterial soap and cold water, then scrub it with a brush or a pipe cleaner to ensure it is clean. Then soak the cap and nozzle using warm water and again, rinse them with cold water. Let it dry on a flat surface before using it again.

Also, you shouldn’t do this frequently. A simple rinse every few days or weeks is more than enough. Plus, it is good that you can add some Vitamin C supplement drops once a day.

FAQs on Hedgehog Water Bottles

Do hedgehogs drink water to stay hydrated?

Yes, hedgehogs drink water just as any living animal on the planet. A supply of clean water plays a significant role in the pet’s health.

Do hedgehogs easy to dehydrate?

Hedgehogs are susceptible to dehydration. Basically, they will not survive too long without access to a water supply. This process is faster if your pet does vigorous exercise, wheel exercise for instance.

How much water should a hedgehog drink?

The amount depends on the size and the age of your hedgehog. From experience, a baby has the water consumption around 60ml a night, while an adult drink less, around 30ml a night.

The amount is not much, but you should often check the water bottle to know its status and refill if needed.

What kind of waters should hedgehogs use?

There is one rule that applies to almost any animal. If you are not willing to drink it, then your little friend should not drink it too. Obviously, the water must be fresh and clean.

Hedgehog water bottle and bowl, which is better?

The answer is simple, and it is to use a water bottle unless you find a really good reason to use a bowl instead.

Bowls are normally cheaper than water bottles. It is good for a hedgehog that has not used a water bottle since it just like drink water in the wild. Besides, it can be good for a sick or elder hedgehog that finds it hard to drink from the bottle.

Nevertheless, dishes are easily contaminated by food in the cage.

Sooner or later, water in the bowl will surely get in touch with debris your pet makes while it plays around the cage. Besides, bowls are a favorite place for bacteria to grow. They can step on the bowl without any attention.

Consequently, the pet’s cage might get wet and you have to deal with it.

Meanwhile, a water bottle may be a little hard to use but can remove all the negative points above. It is thanks to the design that helps it to enclose the water inside the container.

Hence, water can’t be spilled out and also prevent loose debris comes inside.

What are the main parts of a hedgehog water bottle?

The bottle itself is the first piece, usually made of different materials such as glass or plastic.

Secondly, the nozzles are where your cute pet drinks water directly. They have different sizes and shapes. You should find the bottle that has a long nozzle so your pretty hedgehog can easily use it.

Next, the sphere at the last point of the nozzle is the place that your pet needs to push and get water. Making sure that this one works properly so water can get through.

Grids are optional for a water bottle. Nevertheless, experts recommend utilizing a product with grids in order to track the water amount that your pet drinks.

Lastly, hangers are very useful when used in the hedgehog’s cage. It has to be solid enough while hanging and creates a safe feeling for your pet.

How often should I change the water in a water bottle?

The answer to this question is daily. This action will prevent the water from getting dirty and ensure the freshness that your pet needs. Besides, old water can be a wonderful place for bacteria to grow. You don’t want your pet to get sick, do you?

What do you need to check after refilling the water?

Once you refill the bottle, have a look at a nozzle to make sure the ball mechanism is as its normal state. It is a nice idea to monitor your hedgehog to check whether he/she can access the water supply or not.

How can I accommodate the water bottle to the pet’s cage?

Nowadays, water bottle products provide hanger to help you attach to the cage easily. Should this not happen, you can try to utilize some cable ties to do the job.

However, pay close attention to the location you would like to put it in. You should not place it near the hedgehog’s bedding because water can leak and makes the bed wet.

Besides, the water bottle must be at an adequate height so your pet can drink water comfortably.


In a nutshell, fresh and clean water is very essential to your hedgehog’s health and well-being. Therefore, keeping your pet hydrated with the water bottle is a must-do task. Besides, it is not too expensive, so why hesitate to have one?

Just to remind you, the greatest water bottle should meet all the requirements that we mentioned above. Nonetheless, choices are many and it is hard to choose, but you can always refer to our best hedgehog water bottle review.

Be a wise customer to get the one that delivers excellent quality and the greatest features for your hedgehog. In addition, you can also find more information from Pet Life Buzz’s hedgehog care section.

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