20 Best Hedgehog Wheels & 5 Best Hedgehog Wheel Covers

Raising a hedgehog may appear to be easy stuff on the outside, but it actually requires exerted effort and tender love and care.

But that doesn’t mean a lovely hedgehog friend is a picky or demanding player.

It is merely because this friend will not feel enough with casual walking around the house or natural foraging journey. What it needs is a regular exercise to keep fit.

Probably it is waiting for some surprise from you. Come on! In the event of its birthday, gift it a hedgehog running wheel it craves.

Here we offer comprehensive insights into what you should prepare for this surprise present.

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Types of hedgehog running wheel on the market

Wire Wheel

Wire wheels are ubiquitous on the market. To know whether this friend is harmful or not, take a look at its profile right now


  • A plus point in this wheel is the safe tail design which eliminates the danger of hedgie’s tail getting pinched or stuck in the running wheel. Also, the cover adds extra security to the set, as well as makes cleaning less tiring and time-consuming.
  • It is rust-resistant and can stand the extreme heat or ceramic heater.


  • Cross bars and angled frames are dangerous since the pet can easily step off the wheel or get pinched when he is careless
  • There are spaces between the bars, which can cause harm and injuries to the feet of your hedgehog. Besides, accidents such as stuck feet or stuck limbs are common in this wire wheel.
  • When the wheel is rotating, it sends off squeaky sounds that are annoying to the ear.

Those limitations are not virtually impossible to circumvent. Instead, to optimize its operating condition, some will insert a fleece wheel liner to provide better protection for the pet limbs and feet.

Another universally-favored tip is to make sure your furball pal had its nail trimmed neatly before running on the system.

Flying saucer

  • This dish-shaped running wheel is loved for its flat running surface, which seems to be a lot safer for toes and nails than the other circular-based models.
  • This item is also famous for its silent spins and a reasonable spinning motion which makes running funnier and more enjoyable for hedgehogs.
  • On the flip side, the flying saucer catches feces and pee stains quickly, so the pet owners often have to spend time painstakingly clean it up.
  • The base is not very stable, and there is no guarantee whether or not it will fall over under vigorous use.

That said, people may want to opt for a hedgehog wheel with a litter box to be more convenient.

Bucket Wheel

  • Hedgehog bucket wheel features a solid running surface and two-way use.
  • You can either make it a free-standing device or clip it to the pet’s cage via a two-way clip attachment.
  • It is also not a disturber of sleep thanks to the whisper-quiet technology.
  • Sadly, what makes people reluctant buyers is the lack of anti-slip properties.
  • The feces and urine can be stubborn residue in the bucket wheel, so if you pick this one, be ready to deal with such annoyances.

Types of running wheel that you should avoid

Unless you are an experienced hedgehog guardian, it is very challenging to figure out if a product will deliver on its promise all the features previously advertised by the dealers.

Sometimes, asking the sales assistant is not the best way to solve this problem; instead, the only way is to accommodate yourself with necessary information about what is worth and not worth buying.

Mesh Wheel

Say no to wheels of this material since it catches the pet nails and causes bleeding while it is running.

Wheel with crossbars

Such complications can be dangerous if your hedgehog loses its balance and step off the wheel.

Center bars should also be a bad choice since they can rub on the back of your furball pet, especially when the pet is too large compared to the size of the wheel.

Which factors Guarantee an appropriate hedgehog running wheel?


This factor should be the priority in the buying guide as false size will lead to discomfort and less enjoyable running experience.

Study the dimension of the products carefully, including the diameter, the length, width, and height as to have a basic understanding of which size suits best.

Such information is adequately provided for each product. If necessary, you may well ask the sales assistant for more details.

Also, when bringing this model home, you may want to attach it to your hedgehog’s cage; thus, the size of the wheel should be compatible with the size of your hedgehog’s cage so that it can fit well on the closure to save floor space.


Many low-profile running wheels fools pet owners into thinking that these products would never break the hedgehogs’ legs or cause any injuries to their body while they are working out.

Safety features help you aware of the security of your pet. In the absence of this factor, there will be a higher risk of injuries that you have never contemplated.

Thus, it’s best to pick the one with a non-slipping, sturdy base to prevent your friend from tripping over.

Another available feature to improve security is feet and tail design. Some manufacturers have gone further with some internal ribs to increase gripping for the animals.

Hassle-free cleanup

The most offputting part when purchasing this product is the cleanup process.

Some delicate design requires users to wash by hand and is ultimately machine unwashable. So how to know when a hedgehog running wheel comes in handy with easy cleanup features?

The material will help determine this factor.

Plastic wheels, for example, will be easier to clean, merely by using soap or gentle dishwasher detergent.

Others may need more effort like pressure washing or extended hours of soaking in a unique disinfecting mixture.

Customer Picks: Top-Rated Hedgehog Wheel Reviews in 2020

List of Best Hedgehog Wheels in 2020 & Wheel Covers

Exotic Nutrition Silent Hedgehog Wheel Runner with Cage Attachment

This silent runner is a potential star in the list, outshining others thanks to its innovative design and all-inclusive functionalities.

It features a soft, solid running surface with no gaps or ridges that can hurt your hedgie, textured running tracks to prevent tipping or getting off the track, and several lovely bean-shaped openings to lend the wheel a funny outlook.

Key features

  • Safe running area.
  • Non-slip running tracks.
  • Walls are in black, a universally-loved color for hedgehogs.
  • Cage mount.

Love Pet Exercise Wheel for Hedgehogs

If yours is a cutie baby hedgie under 3.5 oz, this “mini-treadmill” proves to be a perfect option.

It is designed with safety features in mind, incorporating a super-thick disc wall design to ensure this system will not squeak or make noise that borders you.

Even though this is merely a toy, the material that constitutes its body is of the top-notch quality for lifetime use.

Key features

  • Ideal for small hedgehog friends.
  • Will not cause injuries.
  • A silent hedgehog wheel.
  • Sturdy design, with non-toxic material.
  • Diverse in color options.

Here you go for Large Hedgehog Cages

Giant/Large/Small Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel

This run-about wheel offers varied sizes to accommodate from tiny to giant spiky pals that all love dynamic exercises.

Like its previous counterpart, this item is a silent worker plus it has each of its wheels equipped with a two-way attachment clip, so the wheel can either be a stand-alone performer or get attached to a wire cage.


Key features

  • Ensure comfortable running for your hedgehog.
  • Solid material.
  • Various color.
  • Two-way usage.

Kaytee Silent Spinner Giant

Grab it now if all you are waiting for is a noise-free workout wheel!

The Kaytee Silent Spinner uses ball-bearing technology, so it will just operate without shattering your most peaceful moments.

Each wheel is made of high-quality plastic to be user-friendly for your friend’s feet, while the two-way design allows you to use it as a free-standing device or fasten it to the hedgie’s cage.

Key features

  • Three size options.
  • Durable plastic.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Safe and comfortable to run on.

BioBubble Whisper Wheel

We are confident that both you and your furball friend will love this lovely purple shade at first sight.

It is not only exceptional on the outlook but also highly appreciated in terms of operating features, not least the whisper quiet technology.

Safe, comfortable, and sturdy, this workout wheel is ideally suited to nocturnal pets.

Key features

  • Patented Whisper quiet technology.
  • Safe.
  • Durable and easy to clean up.
  • Supported by a non-tipping base.

Mojetto Comfort Wheel

As its name reveals, this option guarantees the delivery of topmost comfort for an enjoyable running experience.

It doesn’t take up much floor base since you can choose to clip it to your hedgehog’s cage instead of sparing a private space for its running.

Besides, the item follows a tail-safe design concept, with a solid running surface to make cleanup as easy as pie.

306 Reviews

Key features

  • Beautifully bright colors.
  • Easy to wipe out.
  • Two-way attachment clip for space-saving and security features.

Ware Metal Small Pet Tread Exercise Wheel

A hedgehog exercise wheel which can fit hedgehogs of any size or age is a rare, yet valuable offer.

This Tread Wheel protects your pet tails and feet, prevent injuries caused to their pine, back, and feet.

At the same time, it is made out of powder-coated metal wire to make it super durable and stand the test of time.

Key features

  • Come in all sizes.
  • Sturdy powder-coated metal construction.
  • Chew proof and durable.
  • Cleanup is no hassle.

Best Chew Toys for Hedgehogs helps to play the lovable animal.

Petacc Exercise Hedgehog Wheel with Holder

Here is what our testers say: “Thankfully, this 6-inch diameter wheel has been a source of motivation to keep my little hedgehog willingly busy doing his running, while in the meantime, it pleases me by not making any squeaky sound.”

A plus point is that this item is free of axels; thus rest easy your friend is nothing but healthier after each practice.

No products found.

SatisPet Flying Saucer Exercise, Running & Spinning Wheel

The super funny design of this exercise wheel will turn your hedgehog into an addict machine-based runner.

Noise is usually a rock-the-boat factor in every enjoyable experience, but this is not true for the SatisPet product.

Also, cleanup is the matter of throwing in with other dishes into the dishwasher.

Key features

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Gap-free running space.
  • Ultra-silent rotation.

Non-slip Disc Wheel for Hedgehogs Small Pets

This disc-shaped wheel brightens up your hedgie’s cage and adds more color to the corner of your house.

Made out of durable plastic, the exercise wheel is built to last and works either as a fitness instrument for little hedgie or as a sturdy base.

The 7.09-inch diameter will work well for a small to large-sized hedgehog.

No products found.

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Hedgehog/Chinchilla Exercise Wheel

This wheel is a lovely present for hedgehogs.

Featuring a running track of 12 inches in diameter and 13 inches in height, the model is covered in a black-and-red coating, making it incredibly catchy and fashionable.

Additionally, it is super easy to clean, both by using warm water, soap, mild detergent, and washing by hand.

No products found.

MCcage Running Wheel for Hedgehogs

Among the best hedgehog running wheels, this brand is renowned for being the most considerate and comprehensive in design, going with a see-through door to prevent your pet against falling out while the wheel is spinning.

This is a good reason to rest assured that your hedgie pet will be free from accidents.

You can attach this wheel to your hedgie’s enclosure, which is conveniently not space-consuming.

Key features

  • Offer lots of choices of colors.
  • Bright wheel cover.
  • Solid running track to ensure safety.
  • Reduced risk of falling or tripping.
  • Featuring 6-inch diameter, which is suitable especially for small hedgies.

Exotic Nutrition Flying Saucer Running/Treadmill Wheel

The flat dish-shaped body is a strong point in the whole set as it means your hedgie’s back doesn’t necessarily have to bend itself in an unnatural position, making it comfortable and less painful.

The powder-coated chew-proof metal adds to the durability while the built-in bearings grant this wheel with a perfectly quiet rotation.

No products found.

Sungrow Spinner Wheel for Small Pets

Happy enjoying your spikey friend making comfortable moves on this wheel! It encourages healthy exercises and fits in very well with your hedgehog cage.

The material is non-toxic, durable, and thus is safe for furball’s feet.

No products found.

Omen Handmade Wooden Hedgehog Wheel

This DIY hedgehog wheel is made entirely from natural elements and is not harmful to use.

Don’t worry if your pet gets overexcited and bites on the wheel as this activity does no harm at all.

Besides the smooth feel of this exercise wheel, what you will be most thrilled with is that the wheel can be reused as scrap wood, instead of making its way straight to the dumping ground.

No products found.

Faren Spinner Exercise Running Wheel

This hedgehog workout wheel introduces ball bearings technology, which means you can sleep several feet away from your hedgie’s cage without being disturbed.

The material is 100% environmentally-friendly, thick, and very stable thanks to the waterproof plastic.

No products found.

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Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel for Small Pets

This unique model is a fantastic option for a medium-sized hedgehog.

Its striking feature is the ability to keep your pet’s tail and toes totally safe from getting stuck or pinched.

Gratefully, having fun doesn’t necessarily involve generating loud sound.

Key features

  • 25 inch in diameter and 4.25 inch tall
  • Keep your hedgie running for hours without getting bored
  • Sturdy base
  • Noise-free operation.

Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Wheel

Make this your purchase and what you will get is just fun, fun, and fun.

This handmade exercise wheel earns a big thumb for its general provision of high-grade features: satisfaction, safety, comfort, and stability.

We couldn’t help but choose such a perfect combination for a review.

Key features

  • Open-wheel design
  • Durable wood backing
  • Silver vein powder-coated ring for optimal grip
  • Built to last a lifetime.

Lee’s Kritter Krawler Ball

Love a sparkling crystal snowball? Then get yours now!

This is absolutely an out-of-this-world exercise wheel with the ribs design to offer easy gripping, some little vertical holes for ventilation, and private exterior space to prevent the hedgie from feeling distracted by the outside.

Key features

  • Shatter-resistant plastic.
  • 10 inches in diameter, which is reasonably spacious for your pet to roam freely inside.
  • Extra features for the most comfort.
  • Free from injuries.

Kaytee CritterTrail Snap-On Comfort Wheel

The spot-on comfort wheel provides stimulating aerobic exercise for your little spiky friend while ensuring that he will be safe in a constrained, yet well-ventilated space.

The removable waste collector cup means you don’t have to painstakingly clean the wheel anymore.

Key features

  • Good for small hedgehogs
  • Available in assorted colors
  • Safe for pet’s paws
  • Easy to keep sanitized.

Top 5 Best Hedgehog Wheel Covers

Best Hedgehog Wheel Covers

Light blue Hedgehog wheel cover

This soft fleece wheel cover not only boasts an adoring look to the running wheel but also makes cleaning more comfortable than ever since.

Split it in your washing machine and wait for things to get done.

On the back of it, there is a waterproof layer to prevent the adhesive velcro from catching urine at the same to helps it last a lifetime.

Key features

  • Adhesive velcro
  • The available Deluxe wheel cover for extra security
  • Can attach it to the wheel easily
  • Patterned fabric.

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DesertHedgehogs Grey Forest Wheel Cover

The wheel cover is well-made and comes with a lovely design.

You have no difficulty in attaching it to your pet’s running wheel, so everything is simple cover-as-you-go.

Key features

  • With carrying sack and lap pad
  • Attracting design.

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DesertHedgehogs Basic Wheel Cover

Enjoy watching your hedgehog snuggling in the running wheel.

Many testers say that it fits very well and make a harmonious combination in every cage.

Key features

  • Easy cleanup
  • Perfect shipping service
  • High-quality fabric.”]

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DesertHedgehogs Deluxe Wheel Cover

Give your hedgie’s running wheel a new coating to make it look funnier.

The elastic works pretty well in holding the whole set in place, while the wheel itself is always in a neatly clean condition.

Key features

  • Less time-consuming cleanup
  • Machine washable
  • Durable with waterproof material.

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DesertHedgehogs Black and grey wheel cover

Your lovely hedgie will fall in love with the multi-colored paws printed on the inner side of the wheel.

Apart from its cuteness, the back of this item is waterproof, making it highly durable for extended use.

Key features

  • Suitable for small hedgehogs.
  • Fit well the wheel.
  • Durable and washable.

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Frequently Asked Questions on a Hedgehog Wheels

How to clean a hedgehog wheel?

A: Many hedgehogs are too overwhelmed with excitement to have a rest time off their wheel to head for the litter box. And cleaning up a poopy wheel is no picnic.

That’s why we need to pick up several tips to turn this task into an easy gain.

Easiest poop to scrape off is fresh poop, so be ready to sanitize the wheel every once a day in the early morning or late evening; otherwise, sticky residue will develop over time and cleanup is undoubtedly more tiring.

Many users may ask if it is sensible to pressure-wash their wheels.

And the answer is this method, despite being somewhat effective and quick in disinfecting your wheels, will likely to damage the ones that cannot handle tear well.

However, there are two more options to choose from


If you have to deal with stubborn feces on your pet’s wheel, you had better use a stiff brush to ward off as much as possible before soaking the wheel into soapy water or disinfecting solution containing Chlorhexidine.

This step will make the final rubbing less time-consuming.

When the wheel is fully submerged in the dirty water, take in out and place it in a large-enough tub for the rubbing process.

Although it is rubbing, mind not using too much force to scrub the surface as this can undermine the quality of use later on.

After rubbing off all the dirtiest spot, give the wheel a final rinse and let it dry in the sun.

Merely spraying

In this case, all you have to do is spraying the messy wheel with a powerful disinfecting solution and let it soak in water.

We usually suggest mixing vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together as these two substances are cheap and can be found easily.

How to make hedgehog wheel quiet?

A: When the hedgehog wheel wobbles, it sends out some noisy plastic sound, which is a pain in the neck. Take several simple steps to avoid it from bothering you.

First, use a plier to pop the plastic part on the outer side of the wheel. Your one hand will push the wheel at the back while the other will squeeze the plastic part till it gets dismantled from the wheel.

Then, apply one to two layer of transparent tape around the plastic part.

Remember to put the tape in front of the silver little square-shaped dot at the top of the plastic part.

Place a little bit of Vaseline, coconut oil, olive oil or vegetable oil on your fingers and rub it evenly over the tape.

This is to equip the wheel with lubrication so that when your hedgie is working out, the wheel will work nicely and smoothly.

How often do I have to clean the hedgehog wheel?

A: If possible, regular cleaning is the best option to keep the hedgehog wheel and your house in a sanitary condition. But there are other options as well.

Daily cleanup

  • This is the mildest level of cleaning, so it will not take you much time and effort to accomplish.
  • The task involves squirting down a few small patterns inside the wheel to get rid of dirt or pee stains, washing it off feces, sweat or any leftovers.

Weekly cleanup

  • If the wheel is under persistent use or if you notice some stinky smell from it, you should choose to refresh it once or twice a week.
  • And this time, there is no lighter cleaning as the one mentioned, but a thorough cleaning of the wheel will do instead.

How big should hedgehog wheel be?

A: Hedgehog wheel offers various sizes from 7 inches in diameter to above this level.

Even though your baby hedgy seems too small to fit with a large-sized exercise wheel, we still suggest purchasing the one with 12 inches in diameter or larger so that your friend can use it once and for all.

Hedgehogs grow quickly; thus, they will soon grow out of their wheel if it is too narrow in size.

How to fit hedgehog wheel covers to a trolley wheel?

A: Full-sized hedgehog wheel covers will seem impossible to fit but in fact, it should be tight fitting.

You just need to exert a little effort to stretch it over and make it go around and round gradually till it fits tightly to the wheel.

How can I make the wheel tilt?

A: The PVC and the fittings aren’t glued, so it may take little effort to get things done.

Use one hand to hold the feet of the stand and the other to grab the PVC part, which comes with drilled holes.

Then just fine-tune its position by pulling and pushing to the most suitable direction to your spiky friend.

How to fit the wheel back to its position after dismantling it for cleaning?

A: Grab and run the carriage bolt through the exterior of the wheel.

Then, adjust the small nut by running it down the carriage bolt and let it off when you feel it has already fit with the wheel.

Finally, you just reposition the two washers, the PVC arm piece, and the wing nut in its original place,

I don’t want to make the bearing wet while cleaning. What should I do?

A: One useful tip to handle this problem is to apply a piece of duct tape all over the bolt and around the zip tie so that it remains waterproof during cleanup.

You just have to make sure to remove the tape after you’re done with the cleaning.

Bottom line

Hedgehogs, despite their outward appearance and a spiky coating, are adorable creatures to keep by your side.

They are small, but are all passionate marathon runners who love the active workout, especially at night.

Understanding that, we advise you, hedgie lovers, to treat them to a piece of specialized fitness equipment that they must have been longing for.

In this review, we offer a broad array of the best hedgehog wheels and hedgehog wheel covers available on the market.

Is there any model you have added to your cart? If possible, we suggest picking the Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner as it features 12 inches in diameter, which is a standard dimension for all-sized hedgehog pets.

You can use this one for a lifetime without having to purchase a new wheel as your pet grows bigger.

If you are housing a chinchilla or a rat besides your spiky friend, let them share this running wheel together.

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