25 Best Rabbit Bedding in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Rabbits one of the cutest and wonder indoor pets that are brimming and pampering souls.

If you are planning to buy an adorable bunny as a furry friend for your home, then you need to take special care tips and hacks.

Keeping a rabbit at home seems easy but yet it is worth challenging to care for.

These wonderful companions need ideal bunny’s essentials that give enough of a cozy, comfortable and caring environment.

You need to pick the right kind of pet essentials to provide bunnies secured and protected shelter.

Unlike other pets, rabbits also need specific care tips as are soft, adorable species with a lifespan of 10 years.

If you are planning to adopt a rabbit, then you need research about them in brief over the internet and list up the care items and essentials.

Such a necessary pile for bunny’s adoption will help keep your furry pet happy, and healthy.

In this blog, we are explicitly focusing on the Best Rabbit Bedding, but prior to this, we will also help you to with great hacks and tips to care for them.

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Things to Consider When Buying Best Rabbit Bedding

Safe Housing (Both Indoor and Outdoor) 

  • As there are many types of homes and cages available in the market to keep bunny safe, comfortable and protected.
  • You need to choose the right kind of bunny home that according to your rabbit size, its requirements with enough space to explore, and exercise.
  • Whether you are using the bunny cage for indoor or outdoor, but it should be finely finished, chew-proof, eco-friendly, and pet-friendly and inherited of all pet essentials.

Fresh Food and Water

  • Like us, rabbits also need fresh food prior to a balanced diet.
  • They need to balance nutrients to meet their body requirements.
  • Even rabbits also have their dietary choices and need food in frequent durations.
  • If you have a baby bunny, then alfalfa hay is quite ideal for feeding.
  • And if you have an adult rabbit then timothy hay, grass hay or oat hay are essentials.
  • Feed them in a clean rabbit feeder. Apart from fresh green hay, you can supplement them with fresh vegetables and fruits diets which are precisely rich in fiber content.
  • Water is a basic necessity for living beings, and you need to provide them with clean water in the feeder bowl every day.

Little Litter Box Is Mandatory

  • As rabbits have the natural inclination to poop and pee, so you need to place a medium-size litter box which is quite shallow in design where they can poop up easily.
  • You can also put the pet safe mat or newspaper sheet in the base of the litter box.
  • As rabbits can be trained a bit so you can encourage them to poop and pee inside litter box only with such habits.

Provide Them Enough of Space

  • Unlike other pets, bunnies also need a place to run, exercise and explore, which helps them in both physical and mental stimulation.
  • You can offer cardboard castles boxes as they can spend a lot of time chewing it up and making new doorways and holes to run and play.
  • Yes, You can also buy chew-proof of rabbit toys to make them more giggly and happy.

Groom Your Bunnies

  • As these are cute furry pets, they love to keep themselves clean in frequent measures.
  • But you also need to keep them and their living space clean to avoid unnecessary health issues.
  • As rabbits go with shedding cycles twice a year, it is so prior to brushing them up with soft rabbit comb.
  • You need to clean excessive dead fur from their cage as well.
  • Otherwise, the ingestion of it can create problems for them.
  • You need to clip/cut the nails of rabbits as they can hurt themselves while running and playing.

Savvy Vet Care Is Important

  • As all pets need a basic health checkup, vaccination, to avoid health issues.
  • You need to be aware of all rabbit’s habits of eating, drinking, pooping, and peeping so that you can know it better how your bunny’s health is.
  • If you find any change in their regular behavior, then take them to the savvy vet care center.
  • You also should know the rabbit disease and illness issues for a more healthy life.
  • It is also essential to keep update at veterinary centers about ears, eyes, teeth, and gut illness issues and other related symptoms.
  • Your pet behavior and mood will also help you to judge your pet’s health.

Rabbits Have Language And Behaviour

  • All animals have unique language and behavior that need to be understood by us.
  • If you have a rabbit, you need to understand its essentials to make them happy and healthy.
  • Their common language signs are cuter then it seems, which include, binkies, nose, bonks, and flops which justify their behavior as well.
  • These natural rabbits’ languages will help you know to know your pet.
  • And all these understanding points and tips mentioned above will help you and pet to have a trusting, caring and loving relationship together.

Types Of Material Used In Rabbit Bedding

Well to provide comfort and cozy surroundings to cute and adorable bunnies is quite easy yet needs proper handling and caring tips.

You can use different types of raw materials to comfort your furry friend such as

  • Newspaper.
  • Softwood litters like pine shavings or sawdust.
  • Paper pulp bedding material.
  • Wood pellets.
  • Paper pellets.
  • Straw and hay.
  • Cardboards.

Now let me review the 5 cheap and best rabbit beddings which are picked by our customers.

Customer Picks: 5 Top-Rated Best Rabbit Bedding Reviews 2020

Let me review all the 25 products with their features.

List of 25 Top Most Rabbit Bedding in 2020

Below we have listed a few of the Best Rabbit Beddings that provides enough comfort and coziness to your bunnies

List of Best Rabbit Bedding for Winter

FLAdorepet Rabbit House Bed Mat Cushion for Winter Warm

This colorful is opted by most of the small pet owners so it is considered as one of the Best Bedding for Rabbits offer to dominate comfort bed with the fluffy environment.

And perfectly suitable in winter to keep your rabbit warm.

75 Reviews

Product Specifications:

  • The material used in bed house for bunnies is fluffy fleece with pp cotton nylon fabric that gives comfort and warm resting place.
  • It keeps pet cozy, secure and comfortable in cold and winter days.
  • The fleece bed is anti-slippery, and waterproof nylon fabric keeps heat preserved.
  • It gives the small pet an individual private space that can also be placed in a pet home.
  • The measurable dimension of this rabbit bed is M diameter 12.5inch*Height 5inch.
  • This is suitable for small animal pets like bunnies, squirrel, chinchilla, hamster, hedgehog, guinea pigs, etc.

FLAdorepet Rabbit House Bed Cute Small Animal Pet Winter Warm

This is one of the thoughtful yet Safe Beddings for Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchilla, squirrel, the hedgehog is ideal to use individually or with the cage with other pet accessories.

FLAdorepet Rabbit bed is perfectly suitable in the winter season.

Product Specifications:

  • The bunny bed cum house nest comes in the proper size of Width:9 Length:9 Height:10, that offers a small animal good place to rest, next and exercise.
  • Special material used in this nesting bed is soft, fluffy inherited with quality fabric and fleece that keeps the pet warm and cozy.
  • This is a beautiful homely shaped structure bedding suitable for Rabbits, Squirrel, Chinchilla, Guinea Pigs, Rats, etc.
  • It comes in super cute fluffy texture with the strawberry design that is liked by pets and looks fantastic in indoor locations.
  • This gives your pet a private, cozy and dark space to rest and keep themselves warm.

BWOGUE Rabbit Bed House Small Animal Pet Winter Warm Sleep Cave

This is one the Best Rabbit Bedding small house for lightly weighted animals which is also suitable for Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Squirrel, Hedgehog, and Chinchillas.

Product Specifications:

  • It comes in a significant size of 9 L x 8.2W x 6.7H with a 5L x 5W opening
  • This bed house keeps pet warm, cozy and secure as made up of quality fleece.
  • It provides animals the dominant comfort zone in cold and winter with warm and fluffiness.
  • As it is easy to clean and dry, it can go with a simple machine wash procedure.

FLAdorepet Sleeping Quilt for Rabbit Bed House Winter Warm

This sleeping and resting quilt is an ideal product to comfort and warm small animals like Hamsters, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Chinchilla, Rats, Squirrel, etc.

Product Specifications:

  • It comes in the significant size of Length: 10.2inch Width: 4.3inch Height: 7.8inch.
  • The material used in this cozy bedding quilt is 100% cotton which keeps animals warm, soft comfortable and protected.
  • To maintain its hygiene is quite easy as you can do both hand wash and machine wash.
  • It offers a small animal pet a private resting place like a den where they can feel secure and protected within their comfort zone.
  • The shape of this quilted bedding for bunnies makes this product stand out from others as provides comfortable and soft area.

Best Rabbit Bedding for Odor Control

60L Carefresh Custom Rabbit Pet Bedding

This carefree Bunny Bedding is quite as ideal as provide comfy fluff, cozy nesting and resting to the pet. 

Products Specifications:

  • This is entirely 25 percent bigger to make the best nesting pieces for bunnies.
  • The material used in this is quite comfy and fluffy.
  • It holds an excellent ability to control odor for almost ten days.
  • This can hold pet pee and other debris moisture 2x more.
  • It is easy to clean, dry and maintain, ensuring the health of the pet.

Carefresh Complete Ultra Small Pet Bedding, 23 L

This Carefresh is one of the Best Bedding for Rabbits that offers enough comfort and other essential pet features.

Product Specification:

  • It gives you small pets like bunnies etc. a complete zone of comfort and carefree environment.
  • This is made up of soft and fluffy materials.
  • It is inherited with good absorbent quality which keeps it fresh and odor-free up to for ten days.
  • This comes with 2x more absorbent property than shavings.
  • The specific rabbit bedding is easy to clean, wash and maintain as absorb low dust and pet debris.

Aolvo Terrarium Carpet Mat Substrate Liner Rabbit Cage

The is listed as one of the Best Rabbit Bedding which is non-toxic, no deformation, cozy and safe bedding mat for small living species.

No products found.

Best Rabbit Bedding for a Smell

Handmade Woven Grass Mats Bed for Small Animal, Bunny Bedding 

This is 100% natural grass mat which is handwoven, and ideal for small pet animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, etc. enable them with softness and comfort as prime.

126 Reviews

Product Specifications:

  • This is satisfying and Safe Bedding for Rabbits that will help them to rest, explore and spend a lot of time on it.
  • It is sturdy and durable as made up of natural yet handwoven grass straws that give comfort, natural smell and sustainable mat to relax.
  • This natural grass mat is perfect for small pets like guinea pigs, puppies, chinchillas, hamsters, cockatoos, grays, cats, rabbits, macaws, etc.
  • As the material is natural so is non-toxic and anti-allergic which can also be placed inside the pet's cage.
  • It is edible and chews toy that will entertain your furry pet for long with no health harm.

Best Absorbent Rabbit Bedding List

Critter Care Shavings Plus 4.4-Pound Small Animal Bedding

This specific critter care product is one of the ideal Bunny Bedding that offers softness and warming environment to small animals.

Product Specifications:

  • It comes with a 3x absorbent quality that keeps pets dry and clean.
  • This animal bedding is not harmful as it does not contain pine or cedar oil or kind of shavings materials.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain composed of nontoxic bedding.

Best Paper Bedding for Rabbits

Sun Seed Rabbit Free Paper Bedding

Sun Seed’s Fresh Free Paper Bedding is comfortable, soft and easy to maintain so it is considered as Best Bedding For Rabbits.

Product Specifications:

  • This fresh world free bedding is made of eco-friendly paper with baking soda that gives it an odor control bedding area.
  • The superior type of rabbit bedding is composed of free recycled newspapers and magazines which is useful and eco-friendly.
  • This is also good in odor control that gives the ideal absorbent property to small animals.
  • It is significantly expandable with an average size of 2130 cubic inches. It also weighs 20 pounds.

American Wood Fibers Uber Soft Natural Paper Small Animal Bedding

Uber product is 100% natural fiber bedding for small animals that give worth cozier and comfort which keeps pets happy and healthy.

1 Reviews

Product Specifications:

  • The premium quality fiber bedding is a suitable choice for the owner who has small pets like rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.
  • It is a whole natural fiber product and does not contain any chemical or toxic by-products that can lead harm to furry friends.
  • Food grade paper fiber material used in this Bunny Bedding which ensures comfort and cozy fluff.
  • It is 100% natural and unbleached paper made bedding that is safe for pets.
  • This bedding is easy to clean and maintain as ensures 99.9% dust free and odor free features.

Handmade Bedding for Rabbits

SunGrow Portable Grass Bed Hand-Made with Natural Grass for Rabbits

This portable Grass Bed Rabbit Bedding is a handmade product that is ideal for bunnies that are durable, portable, safe and comfortable.

Product Specifications:

  • This particular grass bed is suitable for small pets such as chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.
  • It gives them a safe and protected barrier with a full comfort zone to rest and live.
  • This can be used inside the rabbit cage or even individually. The ideal measured dimension of the handmade grass bed is 9x 8x 3 (Long x Wide x Deep).
  • As it is made of natural grass so give pets organic fragrance that makes them more happy and relaxed.
  • It is light weighted and easy to move grass bedding that weighs only 2.5 ounces.
  • This is safe if the pet will chem it up as due to its natural and organic grass straw material which increases the pet playful mood and interest.

HOOKDOR Handmade Natural Large Leaf Reed Dry mat Rabbits

Hookdor handmade large leaf is one of the Safe Bedding for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, etc., ensuring a potent comfort and cozy environment.

Product Specification:

  • This weaved natural fiber bedding gives a pet an ideal zone with warmth, cozy and comfort. It is natural, so it is cool in summers and warm in winters.
  • As can be used with pet habitats and also individually with a significant size of H8L12xW8.5×H8 inch. It is lightly weighted leaf bedding, of just 17 ounces.
  • Pets love to chew certain things so you can relax with the fiber leaf bedding as it is safe and pets will love to dig and chew.
  • This specific handmade bedding is easy to clean, and maintain that gives enough hygiene to the rabbits.

Mkono Natural Seagrass Toy, Hand Woven Rabbit Bed

This Mkono seagrass handwoven is a good quality rabbit bedding that is also the rightful choice for small animals like bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchilla, ferrets, etc.

264 Reviews

Product Specifications:

  • It gives you growing pet’s safe, soft and secured habituating mat to live happily.
  • As this bedding is made up of natural seagrass it safe to chew by pets and won't harm them in any way.
  • This rabbit bedding keeps your pet living area cool in summer and warm in winters with great natural comfort.
  • The ideal measured dimension of this rabbit bedding is the 12inch length, 8inch width, 8inch high.
  • This specific Bunny Bedding is also a significant choice for other pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, squirrels, etc. But not fit for adult rabbits.
  • It is all made up of natural and woven fiber material so it is non-toxic which keeps animals healthy.
  • Rabbits and other small animals can easily dig and explore this nesting seagrass bedding.
  • This can be easily folded, safe for pets, enough good for rest, explore and nest.

Other Rabbit Bedding Reviews

FiberCore Eco-Bedding for Small Pet, Rabbits

This FiberCore eco-friendly Bunny Bedding is designed for small animals and birds as well to keep them comfortable.

Product Specifications:

  • It is easy to clean, gives comfortable and cozy bedding features to rabbits, gerbils, birds, ferrets, rats, guinea pigs, and hamsters.
  • The product by FiberCore is the completely biodegradable product that gives no risk to pet and the environment.

Spring Fever Rabbit Indoor Water Resistant Beds

This Spring Fever Pet Product is an ideal bedding home that is suitable for small animals like rabbits, puppies, cats, etc.

No products found.

KMS Hayloft Premium Bluegrass Hay for Small Animals

Hayloft Premium Bluegrass Hay is one of the rightful Grass Bunny Bedding that is non-toxic, safe and cozy for small pets.

Product Specifications:

  • KMS natural hay is ideal for owners that have small pets. It contains 3rd Timothy Hay in leaf size with fewer stems.
  • As the hay grass is already handled with careful and clean though to keep pets cozy, protected and warm.
  • The hay leaf used is clean and proper hygiene so it can be kept small pets away from allergies and other health issues.

Kaytee Super Sleeper Cuddle E-Cup Bed for Small Animals

We know well that Kaytee is always a topmost brand in the manufacturing of pet products and accessories and this particular Bunny Bedding by them is also a durable and purposeful choice to comfort pets.

Product Specifications:

  • This Kaytee rabbit bedding is also suitable for guinea pigs, rats, chinchilla’s hamsters, and other small animals.
  • It gives the pet an entire place to feel secure and comfortable.
  • This is padded with soft and fluffy foam filling offering cozy bedding to rest and play.
  • Kaytee rabbit bedding comes in an ideal dimension of 10L x 12W x 5.5H.
  • It is easy to clean, wash and dry that keeps pet happy and healthy.

Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed and Toys

This peters woven grass bedding is soft, fluffy and cozy natural grass mat for small pets like rabbits, hamsters, squirrel, guinea pigs, etc.

Product Specifications:

  • This pet bed is a superb choice to bring cozy, comfortable, natural grass bedding.
  • It is non-toxic and easy to clean for small furry friends.
  • This is good as protecting a pet from sensitive paws.

Kathson Woven Pet hay Bed for Rabbits

This particular Bunny Bedding from Kathson is handwoven hay bed that is durable, portable, eco-friendly and cozy as well.

Product Specifications:

  • This grass bedding for bunnies comes in the ideal measured size of 11.1 long by 8.3 wide and 6.8 deep (28cm x 21cm x 17cm), which can be used individually or within the cage without any hassle.
  • It is suitable for small furry pets like guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits as offering them sensitive paws and protected environment.
  • The grass hay bed is made up of natural hay with the handwoven technique that makes a pet to feel cozy and secured with natural hay fragrance.
  • It is all-natural fiber so it is non-toxic and safe if chewed providing bunnies a perfect entertainment activity.
  • As it is small so it can be easily portable and packed with the required location.
  • It is all 100% natural fiber product for resting and nesting of rabbits which is easy to clean and maintain.

SunGrow Folding Woven Grass House for Rabbits, Provides Comfort, Warmth & Security

This SunGrow folding Bunny Bedding is one of the most pleasant, secured, non-toxic hay home which is ideal for small pet animals like Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, etc. providing them comfort and secured small home bed.

Product Specifications:

  • This SunGrow handwoven natural hay bedding is a pet safe and durable grass house.
  • It gives enough comfort to small pets to live, crawl and rest with sensitive paws feature.
  • This is a multi-purpose folding grass house that can also be used as a pet mat to explore, and exercise.
  • The grass home for bunnies is warm, comfortable and secure design with an ideal dimension of 1.8 x 7.8 x9 inches.
  • This is all made up of natural raw materials which give a fantastic natural fragrance that keeps animals happy and relaxed.
  • It provides satisfying nesting, resting place with enough of the area to dig and explore in playtime mood.
  • This is non-toxic and if chewed by the pet cannot harm your furry friend. It free from plastic and chemical-based materials so can be healthy as well.

JanYoo Rabbit Bed Accessories Cage Toys House Supplies Habitat 

It is a significant and uniquely designed pet bed from JanYoo that is cozy, fluffy and secured for small animals.

Product Specifications:

  • It comes in adorable cute pocket/cartoon shape with variant color that gives enough of the fluffy and cozy environment.
  • This only ideal for small pets that are light weighted or less than one pound to one-eight pounds.
  • The cozy and furry animals shape toy cage home cum bedding comes in the measurable size of 06L x 8.27W x 5.91H with a 5.5L x5W with a weight of 0.44 pounds only.
  • Small hedgehog pet house is suitable for small light weighted animals such as rabbits, hamsters, snakes, spiders, lizards, EST.
  • It offers pets an easy play to relax and hide with a removable zipper.
  • To maintain its cleanness and tidiness is easy as it can go with regular machine wash.
  • The mater used is super soft, high-quality pp cotton filling with durable quality striped velvet that allows animals to fall in love with their house cum bedding.

Rabbit teepee with a matching pompom pad, rabbit bed

This Teepee product is Safe Bedding for Rabbits, small dogs, guinea pigs, kittens, and cats, etc.

No products found.

BESAZW Rabbit Mat, Grass Mats for Rabbits, Safe & Edible Rabbit Mats for Cages, Bunny Chew Toys for Rabbits

This Rabbit Mat is cozy and Safe Bedding for Rabbits, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Cockatoos, Cats, Grays, Macaws, Guinea Pigs, Dogs, etc.

Product Specifications:

  • This is a quality sustainable bunny mat that is all made up of 100% natural and eco-friendly seagrass straws.
  • It can be ideally used in pet cage or even as on the floor to give a comfortable and soft mat for the pet to rest, explore and sleep.
  • This is safe if chew by pets as all is 100% natural seagrass fiber so won't give them toxic and harmful effects while playing, digging and exploring.
  • It is durable but not good enough hold water or pet pee so need immediate dry measure. But we are sure that it won't affect your pet's health in any way.

Non-Slip Soft Warm Pet Rabbit House Sofa with Detachable Cushion

This den-like arc-shaped by APNI resembles igloo that is soft and cozy to ensure a pet’s comfort as prior.

Product Specifications:

  • This is 2 in 1 den house which can also be used as a pet's sofa that gives comfort and the soft area which cushioned style design.
  • Its durable design with quality fabric, velvet keep pet safe and protected. The inner fluffiness prevents pets from unnecessary injuries.
  • Apart from durability, it is easy to carry as is inherited with carrying handle for convenient portability.
  • The material used in this rabbit house sofa is of high quality which is excellent and easy to clean both with hands and machine wash.
  • This APNI home cum sofa design is available in three sizes with variant shades and prints.
  • You can simply buy this according to your pet weight as mentioned below.
  1. Small (L14″*W11″*H11″/L35cm*W28cm*H28cm) recommended for pets -3KG.
  2. Medium (L18″*W14″*H14″/L45cm*W35cm*H35cm) recommended for pets-7KG.
  3. Large (L24″*W18″*H18″/L60cm*W45cm*H45cm) recommended for pets -10KG; Size of the front door: Small – W15cm*H15cm.
  4. Medium – W18cm*H20cm, Large – W22cm*H23cm.

My Final Thoughts on Rabbit Beddings

We hope our described care tips and Best Rabbit Beddings will help you to provide a maximum comfort, cozy and carefree environment.

Our mentioned recommendations are not yet medically certified but still quite effective and caring ones, so if you are planning to adopt a furry friend like Bunny, then these hacks will definitely help you out to know them better and let you select right kind of Safe Bedding For Rabbits and other small animals.

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