20 Best Rabbit Hay Feeders and Everything about Hay Racks 2020

You’re probably tired of your rabbit messing up hay all over in his cage.

But you can’t eliminate this material into your rodent’s diet.

So, your best solution is a robust feeder that keeps the feed in place. Why should you trust this article?

Because we are bunny parents like you willing to keep our pets happy.

We own four rabbits that love hay more than their lives. We had tried using many hay racks and kept replacing one to another because many are just not durable enough.

That said, we ended up picking out 20 best rabbit hay feeders that let our little chewers graze all day long.

rabbit hay feeder

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Hay and everything around it

The grass is an indispensable lateral food source for rabbits besides fruits and vegs.

It is available in pellet form or bales.

If you let hay sitting around, it’s likely to catch moldy before you can use it.

Large bales are economical if you have a group of rabbits, but it may lead to a lot of waste if you only have one or two pets.

Rabbits don’t eat whatever hay you feed them. People only give home rabbits with Timothy and Alfalfa Hay. However, your rodents may ignore if the grass doesn’t fit their taste.

For bunnies under seven months, Alfalfa hay is suitable. It suffices nutrients supporting the development of young rabbits. You can feed the hay in the form of pellets or grassy straws.

Adult rabbits go well with Timothy hay which is higher in fiber and. Timothy hay is the staple backbone in a rabbit’s diet.

Storing hay requires a dry and well-ventilated place. When feeding you buns, pull out a sufficient amount and keep the rest aside.

Feeding hay to rabbits, you need a manger to keep the food in the place.

Leaving the grass out on the floor benefits nothing but your bunnies will defecate and urinate on them while eating.

You would spend the time to clean up the mess. That is why you need a good hay rack for your rabbit cage.

Hayrack and the options available

Simply defined as a rack that holds hay, you can find this rabbit item in any pet store.

Generally, people put the rack above a little box to catch falling hay.

Benefits of a hay rack

Many rabbit parents do but also query why don’t just put hay in the box next to the care bedding. But we’ve found that wasted a lot of hay before it benefits.

So, you know the answer.

The accessory comes in many designs and materials for you to choose.

The bunny hay feeders all follow different concepts of the bunny cages to match. A variety of rabbit hay racks queues in line on the market.

So, here are a few options and what to pay attention when using one of these specific types.

Metal Rack

Preferably used in most fenced cages, metal rabbit hay feeders show up to be an optimal choice.

The rack with wires can hook on the fence at any position while containing the rabbit’s favorite snack.

You may catch your pets after enjoying their hay food will hop on and sit on the unit. Most of the cases, their weigh won’t work out the capacity of the rack so you can rest assure the falling won’t hurt them.

However, you want the rack to be slim but sturdy and no sharp edge to cause injuries.

Also, you want to make sure the space between the wires is close enough not to let your bunny putting his head through.

Wooden Rack

Wooden material gives a sense of a mini barn in your rabbit cage.it can be mounted or hung to the enclosure. However, the rack doesn’t pair with wire fenced cages.

Many racks are free-standing that will take up a bit of the living space.

Read more: How to set up a bunny home?

There is a bunch of hay racks from wood with a wider top for your bunny to sit on. They should be stiff enough to handle the rabbit’s jumping sport.

Wood offers great material for bunnies to sabotage. You may consider getting treated wood to resist their pissing on the unit. Untreated wood is not poisonous if your rabbits chew on it, but you will soon throw the whole thing away. Wooden rabbit hay feeders may not be the option then.

Re-purposed racks

Hay racks don’t have to look fancy all the time. A real-world low-to-no-cost rack idea you can apply is reusing whatever gives room for the hay.

You can make use of an old but clean sock, for example, to hang on the fence or plastic cylinder with holes that you can load hay in for your rodents to pull out.

The cheapest winner type of re-purposed hay rack should fall into the hand of a cardboard box in which you cut a hole on it.

The super budget container sure never lasts for long. A plastic box is a stiffer option yet giving your wallet a break.

If you want to mimic the metal racks, you can make use of an icy grid, the item you can bend and hang it up.

We liked the idea of turning a thrift store into a practical hay feeder thanks to its wire mesh design. Anything with a similar square or rectangular wiring pattern; you can use it as a nice rack.

Find around the home for anything you can recycle and blow usability to it. It’ll sure give you countless ideas to spice up an ordinary object.

DIY rabbit hay feeder

If you have picky rabbits that reject any hay rack ideas above, a DIY project will fit all of their preference.

Take a look at the leftover toilet paper rolls; you may drag some breakthrough opinion to snap it into a toy-like hay feeder. Cardboard boxes are among the reusable items that make a cute hay container.

You can sketch up ideas before choosing materials then translate them into a physical thing. The factor making DIY hay rack attractive is you can always give your pets something new once in a while.

Outdoor racks

  • Many rabbit owners free their pets from the cages. That is when they need an outdoor hay feeder. The item is usually a hutch or small shed.
  • People often combine the rabbit hay feeder with a litter box.
  • A handmade project can even make the rack more versatile.
  • If you’re not confident with your creativity, the market is full of option that we will introduce shortly.

Hayrack with litter box

  • We mentioned this in the previous type of hay rack, but there are more to know.
  • Your rabbits don’t perceive the hygiene, but you want to keep dirty hay from them.
  • Many rabbit hay racks integrate litter box because the rabbit’s instinct is they defecate while eating.
  • This particular type of feeder is positioned right above the litter box. It’s likely for the hay to fall off and get contaminated.

Using this rack type, you will need to change the litter regularly.

What is there you need in a hay rack feeder?

Whether it is DIY or purchased hay container, there are criteria you should pay attention to.


  • You don’t want to place the feeder in the cage and throw it away the next day.
  • Pick the products that offer durable material yet safe for your pet.
  • If with the metal rack that is not in favor of rabbits, they are likely to make a sport vandalizing it.
  • You want the item to resist the impact for a decent time. The quality wire will keep the rack less likely to be torn apart.


  • Wide hay exits allow your rabbits to pull all hay out without eating them. That leads to the waste of hay for nothing. So, you want the spacing to be close enough that makes your rodents to put effort when they want to eat.
  • Don’t let your bunnies contaminate the hay because it costs money with a well-designed feeder.
  • That way, you can drastically save a considerable amount of hay.


  • Rabbits grow. That means you can’t use baby feeders for an adult bunny.
  • Although a rabbit doesn’t eat hay all the time, you want to ensure the rack is filled when they need.
  • This is important for when you’re away for vacation. The right feeder can keep feeding until the last hay.
  • But you should not install a bulky rack that can become a danger to your rabbits.

What will you benefit from a hay rack?

There are many reasons to own a hay feeder for your bunnies.

The top one we like the most is it keeps the hay off whatever dirty on the cage floor. The pollutants can be urine, feces, debris, and all possible non-hygienic elements.

Secondly, you don’t get to clean all the hay mess spread by your energetic little chewers. A hay rack keeps the thing where it supposes to be. Since it costs money to buy hay, you want to cut the waste at it least possibility.

Organizing hay in its container entices your bunnies to eat more hay. The pets have more chances to graze grass food like in the future.

Getting hay in order also helps you control the amount of food you’re feeding the pets. It is possible to measure how much of hay you have put in the rack. Thus, you’ll know when not to give more.

Avoid these things when you buy a rabbit hay feeder

You may find many racks made of wood. We don’t say this is a bad idea, but we would not choose them for our bunnies.

Wood attracts parasites that may pass to your pets. Not to mention most of them are treated with chemicals that are definitely not designed for rodents to consume.

Natural wood can compensate that false but would not deter the will of your rodents to chew the material. Chewing wood and its chip may choke your pets and bother their stomachs.

You want to stay away from flimsy hay containers too. Plastic is never the top choice because it’s easy to get damaged. Otherwise, metal racks are stiff enough to withstand impacts.

Customer Picks: Top Rated Best Rabbit Hay Feeder Reviews 2020

Bunny Expert Picks: The Best Rabbit Hay Feeders You Can Buy in 2020

As we mentioned, our rabbits are the real testers of various hay rack, and they are ready to tell you the truth.

Of all the products that passed our use, we have filtered out 20 outstanding items. Check them out.

ASYY Hay Feeder Less Wasted Hay Rack Attaches to Any cage Conveniently

This standalone rack connects tightly to any fenced cage. ASYY has measured the precise dimensions that are ideal for putting in a baby rabbit home.

Made of non-toxic plastic and durable metal gate, the item will stand firm.

No products found.

Legendog Hay Rack Cage Feeder

The cute little hay container comes in two functions. The standup section with a fence can load hay, and the manger is for pellet food.

Product Benefits:

  • Made of high-quality plastic and stainless steel.
  • Steel-edged to prevent chewing.
  • The manger can reduce hay waste.
  • The fence keeps the hay from feces and urine.

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Rabbit Grass Play Ball Chew Toy 2 in 1 Pet Feeder

This perfect grass ball can get your rabbits to exercise and enjoy their food. Made from stainless steel, the ball shines the cage’s interior and keeps things clean by hanging from above.

Product Benefits:

  • Comes with a hook.
  • Keep the hay clean.
  • Made from durable steel.
  • 100% return in 30 days.

Piggy BedSpreads Guinea Pig/Rabbit Hay Bag Feeder

The rack can hang on the cage providing two openings for more than one rabbit to access the food.

Product Benefits:

  • Sturdy and well-made product.
  • Keep the hay dust to the minimum.
  • Easy to fill in.
  • Make the cage less messy.

YOTHG Rabbit Grass Feeder

If you want to make your rabbit’s house more vividly, look no further than this rack. You can mount the feeder in or outside the cage.

No products found.

Bunnies wired Hay feeder

Simple as it can be, the rack will hang tight on the cage keeping the hay in place. The squares are wide enough for rabbits to pull out just enough hay to chew.

14 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Sharp edge free.
  • Firm material.
  • Simple design with generous space.

Wildgirl Rabbit 2-in-1 Wood Feeder

The beautifully crafted feeder from untreated wood promises no poison if your rabbits ever chew on it. Versatile container with the hay rack and manger to reduce waste.

No products found.

Nature Wooden Hay Feeder Rack, Rabbit Mess-Free Alfalfa Dispenser

We love the spring design that can hold a good amount of hay. It can connect directly on the wire cage. The rack is also a stylish item that highlights your bunnies’ home.

No products found.

Flameer Wooden Rustic Hay Feeder Rack

This feeder fits perfectly in any rabbit hutch. You can mount it on the wire but don’t hang above the floor since it has no base.

No products found.

Precision Hay Manger

Whatever comes in the box, you can just take it out and put it in use immediately. The rack with hooks to hang on the fence. You can take it our and clean anytime.

No products found.

B Blesiya Small Pet Wooden Hay Grass Manger

This feeder leaves you an option to place it anywhere. The tall footprint offers a slim but wide space to load more hay.

No products found.

Baosity Pet Wooden Rack Feeder Hay Grass Nest Holder for Rabbit

Spark up the rabbit’s roof with this hay nest cylinder which you can chain up to the cage or leave it in a corner.

No products found.

Kiln Dried Pine Hay Feeder

Kiln-dried pine is just right for your rabbit to have as an interior. The product has various holes to access the grass to entertain your pets.

Product Benefits:

  • Made from sturdy wood material.
  • Contain more hay.
  • Keep the less mess.
  • Can mount easily on the rack.

Kaytee Hay and Food Bin Feeder

The dispenser will keep the food clean in its room. Your bunnies won’t be interested in chewing plastic and wood composite material. With the compact size, the rack won’t take up much place inside the cage.


Product Benefits:

  • Quick Lock secure the feeder.
  • Safe material.
  • Keep the food clean.
  • From a reputable provider.

Kesoto Premium Rabbit Feeder, Hay Food Bowl

This durable hay feeder promises a long-lasting item that will keep the place neat and clean. Your bunnies will ignore biting the hard plastic while enjoying the delicious hay instead.

No products found.

Large Semi-Octagonal Hay Feeder

It is great to have a large size hay rack to supply your hungry rabbits for a decent time. This is a handmade feeder with six holes enough to load more grass when you have many bunnies in one place.

Product Benefits:

  • Long-lasting product.
  • Durable mounting hardware to secure the position.
  • Non-toxic wood.
  • Easy to mount and leap off.
  • Meticulously finished.

Trixie Hay Rack Manger

Nothing is easier to use than this hay manger from Trixie. All you need to do is to mount it on the fence and load in the grass. Cleaning is even simpler.

Product Benefits:

  • Coated metal lasts long.
  • Hung to protect food from contamination.
  • Can mount in or outside of the cage.
  • Available to contain other types of food.

Baosity Wooden Hay Manager Grass Feeder

Mimic the wildlife and entertain your pets with this creative feeder with a base plate. The rack can load an amount of hay that will please your chewers the whole day.

No products found.

Baosity Rabbit Grass Hay Feeder

Find the uniqueness nowhere further than this hay feeder crafted from dry grass. It can use to feed food and hay to save room in the cage.

No products found.

Hypeety Stainless Steel Ball-Shaped Rabbit Grass Ball Feed

Rather than rolling freely on the floor, the ball feeder can hang on the cage for your rabbit to reach the hay and spin the wheel to have fun.

Product Benefits:

  • Spin-able.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Anti-rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Allow playing while eating

FAQs about hay racks

You may have many ponders around bunnies, hay, and hay containers. Find your answers here in this FAQ section.

Do rabbits make a lot of mess with hay?

A: Like any pet, bunnies tend to make a little mess in their hutch. Instinct makes rabbits willing diggers and chewers. It is the hay rabbits mostly mess up with.

As you will supply hay constantly to your pets, leaving the food on the floor is definitely not a good idea. With unlimited hay-filled in the hutch, you want them to be organized in one place.

A hayrack will help you keep the hay off muddle. Your buns will know where to find the things to munch on.

My rabbit’s pee when they eat. How to handle that?

A: It is natural that bunnies urinate while eating. People have found a solution in which they place the litter box right where they have meals.

Well, it may sound gross but is completely safe for bunnies. It yet brings many benefits regarding hygiene in the cage.

Does it qualify sanitary standard when using a hay feeder with the litter box?

A: Yes. People choose to catch the waste at the dining spot for a reason.

For some reason, rabbits trigger their bladder while craving the favorite grass; that is why the toilet comes with the hay manger even though it doesn’t sound quite appropriate.

Hay feeders with litter boxes absorb liquid and feces not to contaminate the food. When it’s likely for the hay to fall on the bedding, but it’s manageable to clear before your buns try to eat.

How do I build a complete rabbit cage?

A: If you have a DIY spirit beating the shopping will, you can definitely project a hutch for your bunnies.

A standard roof should cover basic needs and, of course, the size. How big the cage is matter in a sense to give your pets extra room to exercise and play.

You don’t use a baby-sized bunny cage for an adult rabbit. When they are big enough to become destructive, living in a tight space leaves serious distress.

The next thing to care about is the base. Make sure you make the floor solid so that your digger can’t destroy.

In most commercial cages, the base is from plastic which is flat and too bored to pry up; so, your rabbits will skip that part. The wooden floor may interest them, but you can fill with dry grass to distract them.

Nesting box will be the bun’s bed. Treat the place with a soft bedding layer to ensure a cozy sleeping place.

DIY hutches have the creativeness to rely on. That is why many of them separate the living space from the eating area.

Obviously, you need one or more hay feeders that are capable of loading enough hay for all pets you have in one cage. Don’t forget to invest in a toilet putting right next to where the buns chew their hay.

The indispensable stuff is toys. These things keep your rabbits occupied from destroying things. But only give them toys that are safe to crave on.

Read More about rabbit bedding and their faqs.

Where should I position the hay rack?

A: Depending on which type of cage you have, you can locate the ideal place for a hay feeder. Most bought racks can hang on the wired cage, anywhere away from the nesting box.

A wooden rabbit hay feeder has more than one locating options. It can stand alone on the ground while tightening to the fence.

We usually put the eating area a bit further from the playground to urge our pets to exercise. If they would just stay near the food zone, chances would be they wouldn’t stop coming to eat.

How to make a rabbit hay feeder?

A: It is not a serious challenge to make a homemade rabbit hay feeder but there might a few things you want to pay attention to.

First of all, you should figure out how big you want the rack to be. Count the number of rabbits you (will) have to calculate.

Sketch out the model you want and prepare for the material. Wood looks sleek but if you don’t mind your rodents will chew on the item when they’re in the mood.

In most of the case, we don’t see our rabbits show much of interest in eating the container.

The best shape we recommend is it should come with a litter box attach to the hay feeder. Many save a place for a rabbit water bottle.

If you are a dexterous dude, expand the work to hollows for bowls to contain dry food.

When crafting the box, you can design with wire openings or holes for rabbits to access the hay. Whichever concept you go, don’t forget the top locker where you refill the meals.

How large should the hay feeder?

A: A mature rabbit needs hay available 24h a day. Your pets will keep bothering you refilling the rack if the volume is too small.

So, you may want a baby feeder when your rabbits are small but do switch to one or more bigger hay feeders to suffice the supplement.

A largely sized feeder is quite helpful if you plan to grow a couple of bunnies. They can enjoy chewing the snack together without having one on the other’s way.

How much hay should I feed one rabbit?

A: Depending on the size of the bunnies, you can calculate the amount of hay they should consume.

Typically, we weigh our pets and do the math to dispense the appropriate hay volume. With 2 piles of hay, we can satisfy one chewer all day.

Never forget that your rabbits need other food supplements besides hay; so, don’t just keep them occupied with the chewable straws.

Wrapping up

It is wonderful to have rabbits as pets. This creature is not only cute but also able to raise responsibility by giving you a chance to take care of them.

Since feeding is one essential task you should never miss when adopting a bunny, try out the suggestions we gave and make your pets happy ones like ours.

DIY a hay feeder will further give you a leisure time figuring out a gift for your hoppers. Keep in mind that you always have a choice of purchasing the best rabbit hay feeders with the options above.

It’s not worth keeping your little pets waiting for their meals and chewing the dirt grass.

Regarding anything about hay racks for rabbit, please leave us a message in the comment box. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy chewing!

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