20 Best Rabbit Leash in 2020 (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

Rabbits are active animals and like to run around. Therefore, providing them with a small and stuffy environment will make the bunnies sad and depressed.

Besides giving your pet freely hop around your house, you can take them outside to increase socialization as well as stimulate the animal to practice.

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Can you walk rabbits on a leash?

Yes, of course. They will help you control your pet more safely.

However, rabbits are not pets like dogs or cats, so choosing a rabbit leash will be more complicated. You can’t let them wear collars or neck leashes.

If you want to know why, please read the explanation below. Besides, in this article, we will list for you the top 20 best rabbit leash products. Along with that is the answer to questions that you might be interested in taking your rabbit out for a walk.

How to use rabbit leashes?

How to measure leash sizes?

Before learning how to use rabbit leashes, you need to measure the chest and neck size of your pet with a tape measure.

Then, you compare them to the size table of the product and choose the one that suits your pet.

If you select a large rabbit harness, the rabbit will easily escape from it.

How to use a rabbit leash?

When your pet wears a harness, on the collar and waist, fit two of your fingers so that it does not get too tight, which could make it difficult for the rabbit to breathe.

About how to put a rabbit leash on, firstly, you unclip and place it on the rabbit’s back. Then, you handle parallel with the neckline ring on the back before clipping the velcro under your pet’s neck and chest.

Note: You should let your rabbit learn to wear harness from an early age to make him more familiar with this item.

Many individuals who dislike it will often try to deny, escape, or even injure themselves.

How we pick rabbit leashes?

You can choose from many different types of rabbit leashes on the market.

However, according to what we have researched and collected, neck leashes are not good for them because they can cause harm to the animals.

Rabbits in the wild are hunted animals. Therefore, they often hide in caves and escape from predators.

When you take your rabbit out on the street, the noises can startle him, making him run away.

The abruptness can injure his neck and bones when he wears a neck leash.

Instead, choose a set of harness and leash. They just work better without putting pressure on the bunnies.

The best type of rabbit harness includes H-harness and vest harness.

You can choose the most suitable type for your pet. While H-harness is more compact and breathable, vest harness is fashionable and it also supports the rabbit better.

A rabbit H-harness

Most bunny harnesses are made from fabric or mesh to ensure good ventilation. At the same time, the leash is usually made of polyester.

Ideally, you should choose a pet that has a cushion but still breathable, high-quality fabric comes with a long leash or elastic leash.

Besides, if you often take your rabbit out at night, choose the one with reflective straps so you can recognize him in the dark.

How we test rabbit leashes?

A good leash and harness will not hurt the rabbit, cause discomfort, and must be strong enough for him to not escape.

If you find your rabbit frightened by these items, slowly help him remove it and let him get used to it.

Initially, you can let him go with it indoors before going outside.

And if he still has a dissatisfied attitude about it, it means that leash doesn’t suit him. At this time, you should replace another product.

Top Choices of Rabbit Leashes

PERSUPER Rabbit Harness Leash

If you have a mischievous rabbit that loves to bite things, you’ll want to pick up this rabbit harness leash.

It is made of high-quality nylon material so it can last for a long time.

Besides, it is very soft and lightweight. Therefore, your pet can move easily and quickly.

At the same time, it has no vest design so it is breathable, helping pets not get wet when used.

616 Reviews


  • High quality
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Can customize length


  • Not suitable for baby-sized rabbits.

GAUTERF Universal Harness with Leash Set

This leash is from GAUTERF Universal, a fairly new brand but their pet products are premium-quality.

The item is made of mesh so it is very soft, painless for your pet. Besides, it is also breathable with holes.

With a user-friendly design, you will have no trouble letting your rabbit use this product.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable and breathable
  • Soft and comfortable for the animals


  • Quite heavy.

Margelo Harness and Leash Adjustable

One of our favorite things about this ferret harness is how good it looks.

Your pet will look like a pure white angel with colorful wings.

There are two colors for you to choose from, but we recommend choosing red for those with dark coats and blue for brighter ones.

Besides this attraction, it also excels with the rabbit-friendly feature.

It is very soft and comfortable, putting no pressure on your pet.

879 Reviews


  • Breathable cotton fabric
  • Adjustable
  • Cute


  • Rabbits can bite its wings.

Calunce Soft Rabbits Harness with Leash

Comfort and functionality are what’s expected from a harness with a leash, and this Calune set is no exception.

It is a vest form so it is designed to be adjustable at chest and stomach.

You can help your pet feel no discomfort at all. Besides, this product also has a soft cushion so it is very smooth and elastic.


  • Lightweight and secure with an additional lock
  • Durable
  • Comfortable for rabbits


  • Wide front straps

Vehomy Small Animals Halloween Harness Leash

Vehomy rabbit harness leash

Vehomy did a pretty good job adapting the iconic model for rabbit leashes.

Your rabbit will look extremely majestic and stylish with the simple but special design of this product.

It is just a soft Velcro used in the neck and chest along with an oxford material and a high reflective tape on the edge.

In general, it’s everything you could’ve expected and more.

497 Reviews


  • Easy to clean
  • Breathable, comfortable
  • Safe in the dark


  • Small under-arm straps.

Eagloo Harness and Leash Set

The next rabbit leash set that we have on here is not for everyone but for medium and big-sized bunnies.

At first glance, it has a simple but elegant and neat design.

The harness can hold the pet’s shoulders and support his neck, stimulating him to exercise. And it is also very convenient when you can use it as a car seat belt for the animal when needing to go away.


  • 2-in-1 harness with a leash
  • Soft
  • Compact
  • Feature with reflective straps


  • Not suitable for baby bunnies

Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness with Elastic Leash for Rabbits

This is one of the best products for an adult rabbit or a giant breed because of its large sizes.

It is easy to use, adjustable on the chest, the stomach of the mesh harness and the length of the elastic leash.

The velcro doesn’t come undone easily so you won’t have to worry about your pet getting lost.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to control
  • Beautiful colors


  • Thin.

PERSUPER Small Animals Harness Leash

If you are looking for an affordable option, then you won’t want to miss this PERSUPER harness and leash set.

The explanation for this price is its simple structure.

However, the features that it brings to your rabbit are not simple. It is perfectly suited for outdoor activities.


  • Safe
  • Ideal for even summer days
  • Help control pets effectively


  • Not suitable for baby rabbits

Kamots Beauty Harness and Leash

If your rabbit has a slim body, this harness and leash set will definitely suit him.

It consists of a polyester mesh, Velcro harness with a reflective strip, and a double D ring chained by the metal hooks but very compact and lightweight.

It is so light and comfortable that your rabbit will forget the presence of the leash and just enjoy his fantastic time.


  • Adjustable
  • Prevent pets from escaping
  • Breathable


  • Quite big sizes

PETTOM Bunny Rabbit Harness

The next bunny leash that we have on here come from PETTOM.

The color schemes that it offers are quite nice and you can let your pet use it at any time of the year without worrying about him being hot or cold. Besides, it also does not create pressure on the animal with a very soft and smooth cushion design.

This product is especially suitable for immature rabbits.

1,048 Reviews


  • Elastic leash
  • Easy for rabbits to wear
  • Lightweight but strong enough


  • Loose neck

Kathson rabbit harness leash

Stylish and unique are a few of the adjectives that we can use when describing this rabbit harness leash set.

It is designed to include a vest and a bow tie, making your pet look like a school kid.

Your outing will be more interesting than ever.

While the leash is not elastic, it has a comfortable length that it does not cause the animal to bounce back.

At the same time, you can still control him easily.


  • Functional and cute
  • Great value


  • Actual sizes are smaller than the ad

GAUTERF Pet Universal Harness with Leash Set

If you want a solid harness leash for your naughty and fastidious rabbit, you can consider this product of GAUTERF.

Unlike the other ones on this list, it has a longer length so it can hold the bunny’s whole stomach, preventing him from escaping.

It also includes a 3M reflective strip so you can keep your pet safe.


  • Soft and breathable
  • Safe
  • Easy to adjust


  • You need to order a size up to fit your pet

Nordmiex Harness Collar Leash Set

If you always want to turn your pet into a princess, choose this particular package.

It consists of a collar and a harness and they can all be adjusted in just a few seconds.

It is also very solid, made from high-quality cotton so it will not make your bunny ruffled.

There are a variety of color and pattern options for you to choose from, and regardless of the choice, she’ll look very elegant.


  • Unique patterns and colors
  • Removable bowtie
  • Soft and comfortable


  • The collar is not elastic

Ware Manufacturing Nylon Walk-N-Vest Pet Harness

Let’s look at how Ware Manufacturing has been so successful.

This is explained through their best products, including this Walk-N-Vest small rabbit harness and leash.

It is breathable, made of high-quality and durable nylon so the color is very stable even when you use it for a few years.

With a neckline design, it even provides additional animal safety.


  • Great for small rabbits
  • Rugged and durable
  • Easy to wash


  • Quite thin

KLOUD City Rabbit Harness Leash Lead with Small Bell

This harness is very compact and convenient for you to take anywhere. You can put it in your bag when it’s not in use. Besides, it will not limit the movement of pets like other bulky types.

The product is made of polyester so it is very durable for pets like rabbits. Also, it is also easy to wash and dry quickly.


  • Durable
  • Simple to use
  • Comfortable


  • The leash is quite short

SlowTon Harness

Our reasoning for giving it the position of one of the best is because of its unique and convenient designs.

This vest only has the mesh on the chest, and the back has four PP material straps.

Therefore, the rabbit can move freely without worrying about being obstructed or getting hot.

Besides, the design does not have a collar but instead is harness wraps around the pet’s body and neck.

It will make it easier for the rabbit to wear.


  • Breathable
  • Safe and convenient
  • Easy to wear


  • Not too sturdy

BOBO Soft Rabbits Harness with Leash

BOBO rabbit harness with leash

This product will meet your expectations from the first use.

It is convenient, soft, safe, and everything you could ask for in a rabbit harness leash.

In addition, fabric quality is very good with an elastic leash. Besides the details like every other product, it is also surprisingly safe and easy to use with an extra safety band on the chest.

51 Reviews


  • Good quality
  • Easy to control the pets
  • Reasonable price


  • A quite loose neck

FunPetLife Adjustable Rabbit Harness and Leash Set-Angel Wing

Similar to the Ferret harness and leash above, FunPetLife also has a similar design but will be for those who prefer plain colors rather than textures.

Although it is more expensive than Ferret, it is appreciated for its good quality, light colors, and ease of use. And H-shaped harness design is also more open, not restrictive.


  • Easy to use and bring along.
  • Perfect quality.
  • Suitable for rabbits.


  • The leash is not elastic.

Niteangel Adjustable Harness & Leash Set

Rabbits are often annoyed and hate the harnesses because of the unpleasantness they bring to the animals. As a result, they try to run away or bite them.

However, with this product, you can be assured for your pet to use it because they will not feel anxious about it but enjoy and play outdoors. Besides, adjusting the strings is also very easy, giving the rabbits the most pleasant experience.

No products found.

RYPET Small Animal Harness and Leash

RYPET leashes are widely popular, including their Harness and Leash with Safe Bell offers.

It’s great for taking your pet out for a walk with it. Even if he plays all day, he will not get hot or uncomfortable because it is very breathable and cool. Besides, since it is a leash for even larger animals like dogs or cats, it is very solid and works well with rabbits.


  • Versatile
  • Safe with belt
  • Cute


  • Actual size is not the same as in the ad

Our pick: GAUTERF Universal Harness with Leash Set

You won’t believe how amazingly convenient this leash set is. While it’s specialized for dogs and cats, the manufacturer offers a variety of sizes so you can choose the one that suits your pet.

In terms of material and design, the harness is a clever combination of a variety of materials, including a fabric harness that hugs the rabbit’s chest area and a nylon leash to control him. They are firmly connected by metal rings and are adjustable in length.

This item is especially breathable. Although it is fabric, your pet can wear it and hang out for a few hours without feeling hot or humid.

In particular, it features with 3M reflective strip design, which helps keep pets in your sight even in the dark.

You can take your rabbit for a safe night walk without worrying about it.

However, also because it is a specialized leash for cats and dogs, it has quite heavy materials, including fabric, reflective strip, and metal rings. Therefore, if your pet is a rabbit under 3 months old, you should not let him wear this harness.

In the product ad, it has all the specific information about the neck and chest-length of each size.

You can measure the size that your pet fits the best to choose the right rabbit leash for him.

Also great: Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness

Niteangel is a well-known brand in the small pet supply industry, but when it comes to selling on Amazon, it is much more trusted. They are famous for offering premium pet accessories and people are willing to pay more, as well. And that’s why they have a best-in-the-class product.

There is a problem that makes rabbit owners hesitate to let their rabbits use leashes. That is, they are furry animals and they can run away from the leash easily.

However, with this Niteangel product, your pet will always be in control of you no matter how aggressive or naughty he is.

It looks quite thin but very solid and well sewn. You will not discover any reckless faults or unraveling of the thread. Overall, the set looks nice and professional.

Besides, the elastic leash will keep rabbits from getting pulled back when they suddenly speed up or want to run away. Your pet will always be safe when using this product.

Also, it’s great for use when rabbits gain weight fast. Regardless of the size of the pets, it will not limit their movement or make them hurt but in turn, stimulate them to be more active. As a result, it will enhance the connection between rabbits and pets.

Maintenance and Guides

The harness is usually made from mesh while the leash is made of polyester, so they will last for a long time.

You can wash them easily without worrying about damaging them. They also dry very quickly.

As you know, rabbits are rodents and like to chew on their surroundings.

However, if you choose the products we recommend above, you won’t have to spend extra money to buy new ones for them for quite a long time.

For reflective straps or reflective tapes, they are well designed so they will have no problems when used.

In contrast, the Velcro can quickly wear out. At that time, they will not keep the rabbits safe so you need to replace them when errors are found.

FAQs on Rabbit Leash

Do rabbits prefer inside or outside?

Of course, rabbits would prefer to be outdoors. However, keeping rabbits in a cage in the home will ensure them better rabbit living conditions as well as strengthen the close relationship between them and their owners.

We recommend that you do not keep your rabbit in the cage for 24 hours but give it 6-7 hours to play outside.

They are active animals and they burrow in the wild. Therefore, providing them with more space will make them happy. At the same time, the animal’s body will be healthy and have fewer illnesses.

There are several ways to keep your pets safe outdoors, and using leashes and harnesses is one of the most common ways.

In the rabbit cage, prepare your rabbit for their favorite toys such as tunnels or rabbit chew toys, etc. Besides, the rabbit cage needs to be spacious enough for them to move.

As such, they will not be bored but always happy and comfortable.

How do I communicate with my rabbit?

Not all rabbits are alike. There are individuals who are close to their owners from the beginning but there are also very difficult ones.

It may be because they have just changed their habitat, and they need more time to get used to it.

Fortunately, you can speed up the process of communicating with your rabbits through some of the following basic steps.

Firstly, listen to the language of the rabbit. If they click the tooth when you stroke it, it means that they are feeling comfortable and satisfied.

Besides, when rabbits snort, they are trying to get your attention. Or, they are suffering from respiratory infections and runny nose.

In contrast, signs such as whimpering, squealing, tooth-grinding, or grunting indicate that the animals are uncomfortable, dissatisfied, scared, or in pain.

Besides bunny language, you should also pay attention to the pet’s body language, especially the ears (because they are very hearing) and feet.

And finally, pay attention to how your rabbit responds to your caressing actions. If the bunny nudge, lick you or flop down in front of you, it means you’ve conquered their trust and affection.

In general, successfully communicating with your rabbit will take time. Be patient and you will find it very interesting to be friends with rabbits.

Do rabbits get bored in their cage?


Rabbits love to move, eat and have fun. Therefore, you should not let the bunnies stay in the cage for too long without giving them outside space to play.

Although rabbits are rodent animals, if you see your pet biting the rabbit accessories while you feed them sufficiently, it means he is getting bored.

How long can you leave a rabbit in a cage?

If your rabbit’s cage is big enough for him to play with his toys, 24 hours would be acceptable.

On the contrary, if the cage is small, he should not be in the cage for more than 4 hours. Otherwise, he will get bored and bite things.

Should I let my pet run around the house?

If your rabbit is clean, not sick, not smell, and knows to poop in the right place, you can give him a free run around your home. Besides, your house should not have any potential danger to the animal, such as wires or sharp objects, etc.

The bunny can get entangled or bite them.

Are rabbit leashes safe?

If you choose the right type of rabbit leash, harness and know how to use them correctly, they will become functional tools to help you control and protect the pet when taking him out to play.

On the contrary, if you choose low-quality leashes or misuse them, he will get out of the harness and run away.

Once rabbits get lost in the street, their survival rate is very low because they are easily panicked and have an accident.

Should bunnies wear collars?

We recommend that you should not let your pet wear a collar. It will make the rabbit uncomfortable because the fur around the rabbit’s neck is thinner than elsewhere on their bodies.

When rubbed on the neck, the bunny may break his neck or cause him to get his foot trapped when trying to remove the collar. There have been several cases of injuries and deaths in rabbits recorded due to the use of collars.

Instead of letting your rabbit wear collars, let’s buy a harness and leash for him. They will be safer for rabbits while being very comfortable and handy.

Do bunnies like being held?

Most pets love to be cuddled, and rabbits are no exception. While some prefer to be carried, others feel comfortable sitting on their owners’ thighs or snuggle into them, etc.

If your rabbit is alienating you, don’t be too worried. He may feel strange to the new living space so give him time to adapt to it.

Will my rabbit run away if I let him outside?


If you let your rabbit go somewhere for the first time, he will feel strange and may get scared.

If it’s unfortunate, he will run away and may even get lost. That’s why you will need a rabbit leash if you want to let him breathe the natural air and play outdoors.

If you usually let him play in your garden, he will feel closer to it and not run away. However, you still need to keep an eye on your pet to avoid the worst cases.

Can I put a diaper on my rabbit?


The rabbit can bite the diaper and eat it. Therefore, we recommend poop training him as soon as possible.

However, in some cases of disabled rabbits, old rabbits, or when you want to take your pet on a trip, you can still give him a diaper.

Remember to control him often and only let him wear diapers for a short time.

Our last words

Walking rabbits outdoors is a good way for them to live happily and healthily.

Hopefully, with our guides on the best rabbit leash and rabbit care FAQs, your pet will always be safe and comfortable.

If you need further information about how to make a rabbit leash, feel free to contact us or leave your comment below.

Don’t hesitate to like and share the article with others if you find it useful for you.

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