20 Best Rabbit Litter Box (Reviews & Guide) in 2020

Raising and caring for rabbits is not as easy as watching their adorable expressions through a glass.

When you accept to let him live in the house, all of their habits must be given the highest attention.

Besides feeding your rabbit or playing with him, finding a place to go to the toilet is always considered the most difficult and labor-intensive task.

This helps make your pet the habit of going to the toilet in the right place as well as ensuring the cleanliness of the house. And litter box for rabbits is born to meet this need.

Its compact design and maneuverability make it the number one cleaning solution for rabbits that are raised mostly in homes.

Although these are just personal thoughts, these best rabbit litter boxes have been evaluated based on feedback from customers around the world.

Hopefully, that will be a great reference channel for you.

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How Do We Pick the Litter Boxes?

There will be many different factors so that each user can decide what is a perfect litter box.

Here are the factors that you can use to make the most sensible choices.

1. Size

What makes you most concerned about choosing your rabbit a cage or a bed? The answer can only be Size.

This is also the first basic factor to consider when you want to choose a litter box.

With a structure including a drip tray and a flat surface with waste holes, surely you do not want your bunny to hide in a space that is too cramped, right? We should choose products that are reasonably sized, have enough space to order a few toys or something to eat and fit just enough for the rabbit to feel warm.

A minimum of 40 x 25 cm should be enough for a small rabbit such as Netherland dwarf or Mini Lop.

However, many types of pet rabbits grow very quickly so your choices must be carefully calculated. Besides, you also need to pay attention to the space of the house, the space that you can reserve for the box.

2. Height

The height of the box is the second factor to be considered.

Once you’ve created the poop or urinate habit in your pet’s litter box, you need to pay special attention because if the edge of the litter box isn’t high enough, urine may spill over the edge and the box will become useless.

For a small or medium-sized product, a minimum height of 10cm to 15cm is sufficient. But try to pick the box with a little higher wall if you want to line up another layer of hay or newspaper.

3. Easy to access

Rabbits like to jump over things. If they get used to the litter box, then they jump in to “free themselves”. But with old rabbits or rabbits with physical defects, it is not easy.

Ideally, the box will have lower front edges than the rear ones. This will make it both accessible and hygienic.

4. Water permeability

The success of a litter box for rabbits lies in its ability to absorb water – which is very much dependent on the pellets placed inside the container.

High absorbency will bring comfort to both the rabbit and its owner because it helps to limit odor and bring hygiene. So, when you want to choose a pet toilet product, pay attention to this a little.

5. Lock System

No one can resist the curiosity and mischief of rabbits. They love to dig and toss everything to have fun. And the litter box is no exception.

It would be a mess if they flipped their litter box and moved it around the barn.

In such cases, a locking system would be a long-term solution to fix the box in the position you want and minimize unnecessary movement.

Also, you should choose to buy litter boxes with grates to prevent the rabbit’s feet from coming into contact with the waste below.

6. Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly products have become in demand by modern times.

The use of biodegradable products has been a recent trend. It’s best to choose a rabbit container made from recycled paper or easily biodegradable natural ingredients. This helps protect the health of your pet.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, there are many other factors you need to keep in mind when selecting litter boxes such as Attachments or Hoods if you want your bunny to have an area for fun and play, dustproof or easy to clean and clean.

How do we test them?

How to choose the right litter box for rabbits

It is also important to check the litter boxes directly at the store or immediately after purchasing them.

If given the opportunity, bring your uncle directly to the pet store to choose the right sized product. If not, try to measure the relevant parameters such as height, body length and weight for the seller to advise you.

After choosing the product you like or pay attention to the absorbency. Many manufacturers say their products can hold a maximum of three times of its weight. You can check the absorbency of the pellets placed in the tray with water.

Besides, no one wants a box with a short shelf life. A metal structure, though much heavier than plastic, will be more resistant to jumps.

And finally, these boxes need to be easy to clean and store. This also partly depends on their design. After a period of continuous use, they can become dirty and cause real unhygienic.

Product with flat or smooth surfaces is usually easy to clean. The removable or foldable product will take less effort to store and also save some space in your home.

Top Rated 20 Litter Boxes for Rabbits in 2020

Amakunft Large Rabbit Litter Box

The first product I recommend to you on this list is a litter box from Amakunft. And it is no exaggeration to say that it perfectly meets all the factors you are looking for in a rabbit hygiene product.

The first thing that this large rabbit litter box impresses the user is a pan that is big enough for any rabbit of any size. You really won’t have to worry if your rabbit grows too fast when the box is up to 41cm long and 30 cm wide.

This litter box is made entirely of durable plastic that can withstand a weight of up to 8 kg.

The scientific design with detachable grating forms a barrier between your pet’s foot and the waste, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.

It has a low entrance for easy access by pets and has high edges to prevent spills and clutter.

The tray is secured with hooks to avoid the “unfortunate consequences” that your rabbit may cause because of mischief.

No products found.

RUBYHOME Rabbit Cage Litter Box

If you have a lovely litter box to make your bunny cuter, then RUBYHOME Rabbit Cage Litter Box is a product for you.

The product is made of 100% environmentally friendly PP plastic, ensuring certainty and durability.

This litter box is sized to ensure the immature rabbit.

The mesh of the product is with large, round edges so it will not hurt the legs of hard animals.

The notches on the 4 sides will help fix the grid with the body of the litter box, helping to minimize the situation of subversion.

Up to 4 color schemes for you to freely choose for your hard rabbit.

No products found.

Humorous.P Rabbit Litter Small Animal Litter Potty Trainer Corner Box Toilet Triangle-Sky Blue

There are many different shapes to choose from when creating a litter box for rabbits. And for Humorous.P, they chose a design with a triangle shape.

This helps to minimize the litter box taking up too much space as well as increase the solidness of the fun of the rabbit.

The material is entirely made of biodegradable and user-friendly plastic.

Extremely durable structures, ventilation should ensure the ability to smoke. The grid above the waste pan is designed with big eyes, easy to disassemble when you want to clean.

The net is also placed away from the pan, combined with the raised sides to prevent urine from being splashed elsewhere.

No products found.

JM Lifestyle M Heavy Duty Square Bunny Litter Box

The litter box of JM Lifestyle is made of environmentally PP material that is durable, sturdy and easy to clean. Rather relatively large size is suitable for adult rabbits, adult guinea pigs, and other smaller animals.

This potty trains your rabbits to keep their cages tidy and clean. The distance between the bunny litter pan and the floor is quite far away so the contents of your litter box always remain untouched unless you decide to clean it.

Removable parts provide comfort to the user.

The highlight of the product lies on the rug with the cuddles that help your rabbit can scratch itchy feet or roll around on it easily.

No products found.

AzsfUfsa53 Pet Rabbit Portable Drawer Toilet Litter Tray

Like many other litter boxes, this product uses high-quality plastic material to increase the use time, safe and non-toxic to your pet.

The pan is designed to be portable to facilitate cleaning and hygiene. Apart from the low-front design that allows your rabbit to jump or step in, the surrounding walls are enhanced to minimize the possibility of urine being splashed out.

No products found.

Amakunft Oversize Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box Pet Pan

Super huge. That is probably the best adjective to say about Amakunft’s litter box. With this product, you will own a rabbit waste pans sized up to 44 x 34 cm.

Carrying most of the characteristics of a modern litter box with high edges to prevent urine from splashing out, the detachable mesh for hygiene, it is made entirely of high-quality plastic, durable. And environmentally friendly.

You will surely be surprised at the anti-stick ability that the designer has brought to this product. Now your rabbit can relax in the toilet.

No products found.

RUBYHOME Plastic Pet Toilet Corner Litter Tray for Rabbit

If you love small, cute things and want to use them to enhance your cute rabbit, then RUBYHOME Plastic Pet Toilet is a great choice.

First of all, the litter box is made of top quality PP plastic, which is durable and environmentally friendly. The relatively small size along with the high non-stick surface will give you maximum support during cleaning.

Its hook is fixed, sturdy, easy to use and detachable. The model comes in different colors like blue, yellow and pink to help you freely choose.

The product is best suited for small pets such as rabbits, chinchillas, squirrels, guinea pigs, hamsters, and mink.

No products found.

gloednApple Pet Small Rat Toilet

The toilet for gloednApple gives users the feeling of a true litter box. A grating plate sits on a plastic pan – that’s exactly what this product is all about.

The product is only suitable for small rabbits and that’s for sure. So make sure you measure your pet’s measurements carefully before choosing to buy.

No products found.

Erlvery DaMain Square Potty Trainer for Rabbit

The rabbit box is made of durable and strong plastic. Extremely smart design makes the litter tray anti-fouling, anti-odor, hygienic and easy to clean.

Thanks to that, it helps keep your rabbit clean and hygienic. A wire floor panel keeps waste away from pets.

Also, the back of the product is expanded to minimize urine splashes.

The litter tray comes with a hook to help prevent it from tipping over the cage if your bunny has accidentally played too much.

Overall, this is an ideal product for mid-sized and down rabbits.

No products found.

Humorous.P Small Animal Litter Pet Toilet Potty Trainer Corner

Another quality product from the manufacturer Humorous.P. This litter box provides an ideal size for your rabbit with a length of 11 inches, a width of 8.5 inches, a height of 6 inches which means your bunny is provided with a comfortable area to play and go to the toilet.

The product uses high-quality plastic so it has high durability and excellent anti-odor, anti-fouling.

Its wire floor panel helps separate rabbit’s feet away from the waste, ensuring hygiene for itself. Rabbit body as well as the surrounding area.

The floor has a hook to connect with the rabbit pen to help ensure every time your rabbit wants to be a little naughty.

This litter box is rated 4.3 / 5 stars. Do you think it deserves a chance to appear in your home?

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Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan

If you need a litter box small enough to fit inside your pet’s cage, Lock-N-Litter pan from Ware Manufacturing is the perfect choice for you.

High quality plastic materials, durability, and anti-fouling are some of the great advantages of the product. Besides, it is 12 inches wide, 9 inches deep and 6 inches high.

This ideal size provides comfort for your little bunny. The floor of the box is made of wire mesh to keep the rabbit’s feet away from the dirt as well as convenient for disassembling and cleaning.

As with other products, this litter box has a low entrance that makes your rabbit more accessible.

The smart lock system is designed at the back so that your rabbit can play freely without worrying about falling.

No products found.

Anubis coca Rabbit Litter Tray

The highlight of this litter box from Anubis coca is the hygienic pillar that comes with the design of the product.

For animals other than rabbits, when they need to raise their hind legs to go to the toilet, the pillar will be a timely support friend.

The rectangular shape also gives your pet a large space for living. Grid-like floors minimize the contact of the rabbit’s feet with the waste.

Urine tray uses a good plastic source with non-toxic, light, odorless, soft but firm for durable use.

Corrosion resistance helps the product have a firm foothold in the market.

No products found.

Cat Litter Boxes Rectangle Animal Pet Cat Rat Rabbit Pee Potty Trainer Litter Tray

Not specialized production to address the need to go to the toilet of the rabbit but this litter box is also quite good.

Products made from ABS plastic ensure durability as well as water resistance.

The protruding edge of the corner helps to limit the amount of urine released.

Detachable wire formations increase the mobility and ease of cleaning.

The product includes 2 locks to better fix the barn.

No products found.

Mcage Large Indoor Small Animal Pet Habitat Hutch Cage

What Mcage brings can be compared to a “private castle” for your rabbit. If you need to play, Mcage Large Indoor Small Animal Pet Habitat Hutch Cage can meet easily.

If you need a luxurious, luxurious toilet seat, Mcage Large Indoor Small Animal Pet Habitat Hutch Cage will be a unique choice.

The 2-story structure provides the rabbit with all services because it is more than just a litter box. It brings the perfect combination of metal and plastic.

The wire floor, along with the waste collection tray, is designed with high-quality plastic that offers excellent odor resistance, waterproofing and durability.

3 access doors and a wheel system at four corners not only make it easier for your rabbit to access, but also make it easier to transport.

No products found.

DQLJ Standard Litter Boxes

With a strange appearance, the litter box from manufacturer DQLJ will be a great decoration for your home.

Regardless of how big or small your rabbit is, this product can meet the need for defecation.

If the hole does not fit, the semi-enclosed space will open to give your rabbit a comfortable life.

The waste tray is designed to be deep enough to add more sand to help the amount of waste be absorbed thoroughly.

Curved sand filter walkway, splash-proof sand, the wavy curved surface design allows the cat toe cat litter to leak and reduce sand.

In general, the non-traditional structure will bring many strange things to the user but if successfully trained for your rabbit it will be extremely helpful.

No products found.

Cngstar Pet Small Rat Toilet Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box Pet Pan

If your rabbit is not used to defecating in the right place, the litter box combined with a cage from Cngstar manufacturer is right for you.

The main material from PVC brings durability to the product.

Length of about 15cm, the width of about 10cm, height of about 8.9cm, and depth of about 1cm are extremely suitable for small rabbits.

The structure in the form of coupling makes the product easy to take apart.

No products found.

HIPIPET Dog Toilet Pee Pad Holder Potty Training Tray

All of the pinnacle design shrinks in one compact package.

Plastic seems to have become a favorite material for all litter boxes because of its durability as well as lightweight and ease of movement. And HIPIPET products are no exception.

Well-made grate along with the Snap Lock Latch system helps your rabbit stand away from the urine source after each cleaning.

In particular, the product owns a plastic post that guides boys to pee on the tray.

And we have to give a special compliment to the designer when the details of the product are done very carefully and meticulously.

The trap is placed outside the grate to make it easy to remove the lid, along with a small non-slip rubber pad placed at the bottom of the product to give users maximum comfort.

No products found.

WMM-Pet toilet Pet Litterbox for Rabbits

Beautiful and extremely delicate, the litter box of the WMM-Pet toilet is like a modern mobile toilet.

Made of 100% PP material, with a comfortable foot design, moderate elasticity, the product has a closed structure that helps train your bunny to have the habit of going to the toilet in the right place.

At the same time, after going inside to go to the toilet, its urine would not be able to shoot out.

The bottom is separated into a pan containing urine to help facilitate the cleaning, cleaning. Flooring helps prevent rabbit feet from getting dirty.

Products are focused on every detail. Every detail is carefully designed to perfection, ensuring product quality and comfort in use.

No products found.

Cxjff Square Corner Litter Tray

Cxjff Square Corner Litter Tray is a litter box suitable for active rabbits. The large capacity tray enhances the amount of sand that can be contained to thoroughly absorb urine.

The product structure is simple but tight with the 4 sides of the pan to prevent the sand from being shot out.

No products found.

Cat Litter Boxes Pet Cat Rabbit Pee Toilet

Not a design for rabbits, but if it is flexible, this is a great place to go to the bathroom for your rabbit.

Products are made of high-quality material, thicker and more durable, natural and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and easy to clean.

The above pendant is designed with small slots that make it easy to place more rubbish or nuts. The surrounding rim helps minimize the possibility of urine splashes out.

No products found.

Our Picks

This is a very difficult choice for me personally like the products on the list above have their own extremely great features. But for me, JM Lifestyle M Heavy Duty Square Bunny Litter Box is the pioneer of this type of product.

This litter box is simple enough that you will not spend too much time on related things such as removing, cleaning … but sophisticated enough for your rabbit to both relax and be able to practice the habit. Clean in place.

The structure consists of a mesh floor and a waste tray made from high-class, environmentally friendly plastic that helps JM Lifestyle’s litter box not inferior to any products on the market. But JM Lifestyle seems to be one step ahead when it comes to bringing its product to a pet cage mat.

This cage mat gives the rabbit’s feet great massage and this will create a reflex so they remember a box is a place to “relieve”. This is the best support for the training process.

In addition to being easily removable or anti-odor, perfect fouling, this litter box also has a size suitable for all types of cages as well as rabbits of all sizes.

The only minus in JM Lifestyle M Heavy Duty Square Bunny Litter Box (I don’t know if I’m too perfectionist) is that the two sides of the product are not enhanced. This more or less leads to the possibility that urine will burst out.

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Methods of Preservation

Maintaining a litter box

Although there are many different shapes or sizes, in general, to protect and increase the durability of the product, you can apply the following methods.

As you can see, most of the products are made of plastic. Whether it is high or not high-grade plastic, the key to increased durability is ensuring plastic’s toughness.

Avoid exposing it to water for too long or after cleaning, scrubbing it exposed to direct sunlight. This makes the litter box very brittle and may crack or break after a short time.

Cleaning the product is also extremely important, as this directly affects not only the health of the rabbit but also the habitat of the owner. Ensuring separate parts, cleaning thoroughly is one of those effective methods.

In addition to increasing hygiene, you should line more litter or sand inside the tray.

This helps to limit the splashing of urine. But you have to remember to replace them periodically.

FAQs about Bunny Litter Boxes

1. What size litter box for rabbits?

There will be no exact answer for this, I’m afraid. The size of the box greatly depends on the size of your pet. But one experience is to choose a box with a large tray to give your rabbit a comfortable space to go to the toilet.

Also, check if the litter box you want to buy fits the rabbit’s cage, in case that’s the sort you want. Manufacturers provide clear information about dimensions, so check those specifications first.

If you want to learn more about how to fit a litter box into your rabbit’s cage, read more here.

2. How to train a rabbit to use a litter box?

This is the part that most rabbit owners come to. It requires patience because it may take longer than you estimate.

Choosing an appropriate litter box is the number one priority. Then choose a location to place the box.

Note that when you are starting, it is not easy for your bunny to go to the toilet in the box, so choose a room that has to be cleaned as little as possible such as the bathroom.

Whenever your rabbit goes to the toilet on the floor or uses a tool to put that stool or waste in the litter box. This helps you to sign that “This is the toilet”.

Do not change the placement of the boxes too much. When your rabbit is accustomed to going to the toilet in the box, keep reinforcing or stroking so he knows it is a good thing.

If you are interested in how to train pets, join us at https://petlifebuzz.com/category/pet-training/ to learn more about them

3. How long will it take the rabbit to get used to the arrival of this new friend?

Like I had already said, the learning calls for real patients.

It also depends on the type of rabbit you have in your cages. It always takes pet bunnies less time to potty train than the bunnies recently captured in the wild.

Conc is advisable to begin potty training your pet while young to achieve quick success.

So, the process can take from 2-8 months.

4. How often should you clean your rabbit box?

It does not smell as harsh as a cat’s urine, but be harmful to your pet if the litter is not changed regularly. If you only have one pet using multiple litter boxes, it’s a good idea to clean them every 2-4 days.

However, if your rabbit only uses a litter box or you are raising more than one rabbit in the house, you should clean up after them daily.

You can use eco-friendly shredded paper as a liner on top of the urine collecting pan, but you need to clean the litter box daily to make sure your bunny doesn’t get sick.

5. Can you use other pets litter for rabbits’ litter box?

Litter of the other pet, cat, is still used by many people to line the bottom of the floor, but this is not recommended. Litter that is too hard to be confused with rabbits may think that food sources are difficult to digest and have terrible consequences for their digestive system.

I recommend that you use an officially distributed litter at the store. If you want to save or don’t want to spend a few bucks you can use old newspapers or sand.


Whatever animal you choose to pet, responsibility, and love is indispensable.

Choosing a litter box is also a good way to show it. But that will not be easy. Try to understand your bunny along with time, money and effort.

These rabbit litter boxes are listed from many reputable pet supplies sites with thousands of reviews from rabbit owners like you.

Hope it helps you. Bring love and happiness to your bunny right now!

If you have any questions about how to take care of a rabbit or any other animal, www.petlifebuzz.com will be the answer.

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