16 Best Rabbit Mat in 2020 (Reviews & FAQs & Buying Guide)

Rabbits are cute creatures. As a pet owner, you are responsible for caring for your rabbit.

You have to recognize the signs of pet’s hyperthermia and do everything possible to stop or prevent it.

Yes, You can take a cooling mat or heated mat to keep your lovely rabbit stay healthy.

You are in the market for a good quality rabbit mat for your furry friend, but not sure which mat to buy, then we are here to help you.

We have several suggestions for the bunny mat for you to make choosing one less of a hassle.

You can learn the advantages and disadvantages of the mat, so opt for the best item for your pet.

You may know why it’s essential to buy your rabbit a mat and how to choose the best rabbit pat from the tons of available options in the market.

What Is A Rabbit Mat?

It is a small piece that can cover the rabbit cage floor and protect small animals so well.

A cooling pad or mat for rabbits can make your pet feel more comfortable on the hot summer.

It helps your pet has more energy to play with friends. If it is a heated rabbit mat, it is an excellent gift for your fur babies in the cold weather.

Like a rabbit stroller, always keep your pet stay healthy and happy all day. Whether you have a senior rabbit or young bunny, a mat might become its favorite place to play, lay down, and take a nap.

The simple item can be found in some big websites, such as Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, and so on. Place the mat on the rabbit carrier, floor, bathroom, and pet house.

Don’t put it on the sofa or high place. Often, you can remove and wash the rabbit mat when it starts looking stained. I

f you buy products that are made of 100% natural ingredients, rabbits can chew them. Ask your sellers about the products and check the quality and learn how to use it before purchasing it.

How to Choose the Right Bunny Mat?

Choosing the right mat for the young bunny and rabbit, especially the floor surface of its cage is very crucial. It can help offer insulation and comfort place for the pet.

It protects your rabbit from skin diseases and the foot’s injury.

You know a hard surface makes the creature feel challenging to move and less comfortable. How to choose a good mat for the rabbit? Let’s see:

Size does matter

Knowing how much your fur babies weigh and dimensions will help the owner buy the proper size mat.

You can choose the mat that bigger than your pet so that it can play and lie comfortably on it.

Each item has different specifications for different small animals, so you have to check that out carefully.

Often, the product has a sizing chart on the tags, read the tag, and learn some basic information about the mat.

Machine washable

It is crucial to keep the mat clean anyway. The clean mat provides the rabbits with a comfortable place and helps them stay happy.

Check out the mat guide to see how you can remove the cover.

Check whether this mat suits your rabbit the best or not. Opt for the pad or mat that is machine washable for easy maintenance.

It can save your time effectively and good for your pet. You can also put the product in the dryer for faster drying.

That way, the rabbit mat can stay clean regularly, keeping your rabbit stay healthy and happy.

Good for rabbit’s health

Rabbit on a mat

You are worried as your pet gets ill due to the cold weather. You don’t want it to happen. What should you do? It would be better if you take care of your rabbit carefully.

Prepare the pet first. Purchase a heated rabbit mat and put it on the rabbit cage during the winter.

It can keep it warm and offers a great place to sleep. Choose a rabbit cooling mat if it is a hot summer.

The cool place allows your pet to play with friends, or you can bring it when traveling.

Find one that is made of natural materials, such as grass, timothy hay, or wood.

Avoid mats with synthetic material as they can cause some digested problems.

Here are the best rabbit mats available out there you should refer to.

Top Best-Rated Rabbit Mat for Your Pet: An Unbiased Review

Grass Mat Woven Bed for Bunny Bedding

We commit that your rabbit will love the mats. It can take a nap on the mat or chew the grass mat.

The rabbit digs on the item, bites/chews it, and throws it. Being made of 100% natural and handwoven, it is safe for your pet.

The product is small and sustainable; hence, you can put it inside the cage.

The chew-proof rabbit mat is also soft, offering a suitable area for the rabbit sleeping. You can use the perfect mat as bedding in the bunny cage, or as a chew toy and play-mat.

You can find many different plastic pads available in the market, but they often are less comfortable for your furry babies. Hence, opt for the grass mat if you want to give your rabbit the best care.

8,544 Reviews


  • 100% natural and handwoven grass mat
  • Bring care to the small animals' feet, prevent foot diseases
  • Pet owners can use the mat either as a bedding or a chewable toy
  • Offer fresh scent, without any chemicals


  • Place inside the small size cage

Oxbow Timothy Mat

Put rabbit cage mats in the rabbit’s house or place it on the playing spot of your pet. Your rabbit companion will go to the mat and begin chewing at it.

It is made of natural grass, so it is entirely safe. When you open the package of the mat, it is incredibly fresh and smells really good. There is no harmful threading.

The item is soft and smooth but durable, unlike other mats that are dry and brittle.

It has literally cut your daily cage cleaning time. As a whole, the mat is very well-made and excellent quality. It is a big mat for your bunny play and sleeps.

918 Reviews


  • Made of 100% all-natural timothy hay
  • Good for rabbit's health
  • Provide your rabbit the high fiber he needs
  • Contain no chemicals and wire for the pet to ingest


  • Quite expensive

FLAdorepet Small Animal Bed

This indoor rabbit mat gives your bunny a beautiful, comfy place to sleep. It is easy enough for the small animal to get on and off the mat. Also, it is so thick and soft.

The pattern and color are diverse, such as blue, pink, brown hue, etc. Give your rabbit this cute pad as a soft place and warm home.

Rabbit mats are made of warm and soft fleece, so it is very lightweight and comfortable. It keeps your fur baby stay healthy during cold weather.

Accurately, its heat preservation keeps your pet away from the cold. Also, the mat gives a private place for your pet.

Opt for the item, and it helps turn your rabbit’s cage into a cozy home.

It is easy for care and machine washable. We hope you have good pleasure with your bunny!


  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • Offer a soft place for your cute pets
  • Made with warm and soft fleece


  • Only ideal for small animals

RUBYHOME 4-Pack Pet Mat for Bunny Rabbit Cage

You have cute bunnies; cage cleaning has to be a problem.

These pet mats are perfect for your rabbit cage as they are easy to clean. They are adorable, and we are sure that your pet will love them so far.

The mat is not rough on your rabbit’s feet. If the cage is significant, you can snap these pieces together to fit the cage.

They are excellent ideas for a cage and floor. Plus, being made of high-quality PVC material, the rabbit mat is thick and sturdy.

574 Reviews


  • High-quality material, safe for rabbit's feet
  • Variety in colors, such as pink, blue, yellow, and purple
  • Great gift for your bunny as you can place it in the cage, floor, or bathroom


  • Quite expensive

Self Heating Pet Pad

The bunny mat has five layers. The first one is the cover that is made of PV plush.

The second layer is self-warming fiber, the third is thermal insulation, and the fourth one is filling fiber.

The bottom layer is the reversible fleece.

No electricity needed, it still keeps your rabbit warm during the cold weather. It reflects a pet’s own body heat. Whether you place the mat indoors or outdoors, it is completely safe.

With ultra-soft and skin-friendly material, it does not harm your bunny as well. Your pet may feel comfortable as the mat has no chemical smell.

Pet owners can fold the item to store it, and it is lightweight if you want to bring it when traveling with your pet.

2,628 Reviews


  • Soft and completely noiseless
  • Warm and comfy mat
  • Designed to fit all sizes of rabbits
  • Multi-use and portable
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to match different cage house


  • Some think that the mat is pretty thin.

Tfwadmx Rabbit Grass Bed

The rabbit matting is what it says – comes in good shape, and it seems that it would hold up.

It works perfectly as the resting place for your bunnies. The Tfwadmx brand brings you and your pets the woven grass mat.

The manufacturer creates the stuff for small animals, like rabbits, chinchillas, it offers a comfy and safe hut for them.

The mat easily suits most small animal cages. Your pets can hide and take a good nap in a safe place.

Plus, your rabbits love to chew, give it the natural grass mat.

The product provides your pets with a chew toy and keeps them busy.

It is entirely safe to eat since it is made from natural material.

448 Reviews


  • The grass mat is 100% natural material, making it safe to eat.
  • Soft material protects your bunnies from the bottom of the cage.
  • Comfortable rabbit bed


  • Due to its small dimensions, it is ideal for little creatures.

THINKPRICE Natural Straw Grass Mat

We are sure that your pets will love these grass mats for rabbits. It is thick and fits for big bunnies.

Mats are especially useful if you have a wire bottom to the cage, as it gives rabbits’ paws a break and is much more comfortable. Also, made of 100 percent organic yummy chewable material, the item is so great for your pet to chew.

Hence, you can use the grass mat for rabbits either as a chewable toy or a rabbit bedding. Your rabbits are more comfortable and secured with this mat.

You will get four in the set, which is a good deal. It will not let you down. More important, your rabbits seem happy with it.

It gives them something different to lay on and nibble or chew while inside and getting used to a new environment.

78 Reviews


  • Use the item as both a comfortable mat as well as a chew toy.
  • Affordable price
  • Small grass mats fit perfectly into the rabbit's travel show cages.


  • Only for small pets

Rabbit Flooring Mat for Cage Bottom

If you have a cute furry friend, please bring home the rabbit cooling mat. It is really a perfect mat that you could use it as a bedding or as a playing place for your bunny.

Place some rabbit accessories, such as chew toys, on the mat. The item material is a high-quality PVC that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Hence, it is entirely safe for the rabbit.

The mat is durable, soft that won’t hurt the pet’s paws.

The rabbit cage floor is a hardwire mesh; hence, you should cover the floor with this mat to protect the pet from scratching. It is perfect.

What’s more, the pet flooring mat can keep your bunny away from its waste.

The gap is just the right size, so all the poop goes straight down to keep the floor clean. You can cut the plastic pad to make it suit the cage.

4 Reviews


  • Made of the safe material
  • Protect your rabbit's feet
  • Easy to clean up


  • Not suitable for pets in cold winter

Litewood Rabbit Scratch Board

As a responsible rabbit owner, it is necessary to find the perfect rabbit mat for your pet. Litewood rabbit scratchboard is an ideal option for giving your furry baby a safe and comfy spot.

Made of natural material, it is safe and suitable for the rabbit gnawing. The small size fits the rabbit, and the product is flexible, too.

It gives your pet a fun and comfortable place to play. Place it on the cage or floor, and the small animal can play on it and chew.

The natural product protects the pet very well, prevents the foot injury and other skin diseases.

670 Reviews


  • Natural material, your pet can chew it.
  • Non-toxic, safe for the rabbit
  • Provide a fun spot for rabbits play


  • Have some of the natural wood grain and cracks on the board.

Disposable Rabbit Cage Liner

Many customers review that these liners are absolutely fantastic.

The large size wraps the waste of the rabbit cage very well. Also, it keeps the rabbit’s urine well, and there is no leakage.

Hence, the design ensures your pet’s cage clean. Made of plastic, so it is non-toxic and good for your bunnies’ health.

How to use the rabbit mat for cage:

You sprinkle a little water on the rabbit cage tray, then put a disposable film pad inside.

Make sure that you flatten the film, and fold the extra parts behind the drawers.

When you clean the pet cage, wrap the film around, and throw it away.

251 Reviews


  • Easy to use and easy to clean the rabbit cage
  • No leakage


  • Only good for small creatives
  • Suitable for small cage

Upgraded Pet Heating Pad with Timer

You are looking for something to keep your bunnies warm this winter, here is the product you need.

Your bunnies will love the pet heating pad. The material seems to be high-quality, and the cover is soft.

The black chew-resistant cord seems very durable and sturdy. Although your pet is a chewer, we are sure it would deter rabbits from chewing on it.

Even though the cord has a hard covering, it is still very moveable. Besides, the zipper glides open and shut with ease to remove the cover.

The “control panel” is really nice and has a lot of setting options. Pet owners can set a timer in case you happen to forget and leave the bunny mat on for a while.

The on/off button is an ideal size and functions smoothly. The cover is removable so you can wash it. You can put a towel over the mat to keep it clean.

No products found.

Warmstore Pet Heating Pad

We highly recommend using this heated rabbit mat. The heat settings are adjustable, you turn it up when it is really cold out and turn the heat lower during milder temps.

The round shape works perfectly with your round rabbit cage.

The item keeps your pet stay healthy. It is designed for rabbits that are new-born, arthritic, pregnant, or recovering from injury.

Your pet will sit and sleep well in the warm spot during the cold weather.

The electric heating mat has a visible LED indicator that displays the exact temp and allows owners to customize the item. It is easy to use, so you can control it by lowering and raising the temperature.

Also, the cover material seems durable and comfortable. The inner PVC pad is waterproof.

The connection cord is long and lasting. It’s great to extend to where you want it to be.

The design is smart that you can take the cover off with a zipper and machine wash it.

122 Reviews


  • Highly recommended for your fur babies
  • The thermostat is adjustable.
  • Among the best thing in the world for your small rabbit, bring it comfort, warmth, and enjoyment.
  • The cover is easy to remove and cleanse.
  • Help pet owners feel rest assured


  • There may be no downside to this pad. It is perfect.

FLAdorepet Summer Rabbit Mat

Add an enriching spot for your lovely animals using the rabbit resting mat.

Made by natural stone, it gives the rabbit a relaxed feeling for a long time. Purchase the item for your pet in summer, it will make comfy your pet.

It is super durable. With 100% natural material, it is no harm to the rabbit.

If you are looking for a unique space for your pet, it is a good pick. It offers your bunny a comfortable and dry place to play, relax, or sleep during the summer months.

There are mesh gaps on the back, so it will not stick urine in it. It is customizable to suit the rabbit cage, use scissors to cut it.

To get the right one, pet owners should check the size before purchasing it.

6 Reviews


  • Clean, comfortable and breathable
  • Designed to keep rabbits cool and dry in hot weather.
  • No harm your pets
  • It is durable.


  • Not suitable for all rabbits, check the size before buying it.

Oncpcare Summer Pet Small Animals Bed

The rabbit cooling mat is a perfect choice for hot summer days. Its microstructure of the liner keeps your pet cool.

It is made of natural fiber and Polyester that allow it to have more space to accommodate the air.

What’s more, it is entirely safe and unscented. Because the mat is detachable, it is easy to clean and wash.

Remember, you can wash the liner by machine, but the cover is not. You should wet a towel and wipe the surface. Done! It is clean.

What about the pattern? Tropical style pattern offers a kind of please feelings. Bring a fantastic house for your pet. It is easy to use.

76 Reviews


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The best option for your pets in summer
  • Natural materials are safe for rabbits.


  • Quite small, suits to any small animals
  • Washing reminder: Do not iron or bleach the item.

Warmer Pet Heat Mat

Well, your bunnies will love this heat mat. It is such a nice heating pet pad. Give it to your pet as a big gift right away.

The item is suitable for the pet that enjoys having the pad to sleep on.

Keeps their bodies warm on these cold winter nights. It has two heat settings, and you do not turn off after a set time.

You do not have to remember to set a timer to turn it back on after two hours, like most human heating mats. Plus, take a look at the rabbit resting mat, it looks like a nice picture. Imagine! Your rabbit is still comfortable and happy with its favorite spot in overcast and cold days.

However, be careful when using the product. Leave it in the low heat setting first, follow the directions, and then check the temp before letting your fur baby use it.

97 Reviews


  • It provides a warm and soothing place for rabbits.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Work as a sitting, playing, and sleeping spot for your pet.
  • Keep the rabbit's warm and stay healthy.


  • It takes time to get really warm.
  • Follow the directions carefully; keep it flat when using it. Don't put it on the sofa.
  • Dangerous if you use the mat when it gets wet.

Dibikou XL Chew Resistant Pet Heating Pad

The large rabbit mat is useful for your pets that are new-born, pregnant or are recovering from illness or injury. It also works as a heated rabbit mat, pet owners can place it inside or outdoors.

Made of durable oxford fabric, and it is water-resistant and easy to clean. Invest in this ultimate pad for your fur baby so that it can loll and frolic freely on it.

You can control the heated mat to prevent overheating. The low heat is 25W and the high is 50W. It is suitable for your rabbits during the cold winter days.

Don’t hesitate to give your lovely animals a great gift.

No products found.

Best Rabbit Mat FAQs

Common problems with rabbit mat

Are grass mats good for rabbits?

Of course. Your rabbits will enjoy chewing on these hay pet mats. Pets can play with it all day.

The rabbit mat is thicker, that is nice. Place it in the bottom to the rabbit cage, so it gives the rabbit’s paws a break and is much more comfortable.

The grass mat provides rabbits something to lay on and nibble or chew.

We highly recommend buying these mats for pets. You know rabbits are small chewers and like to chomp down on the hay, wood, grass, and so on. Hence, it is perfect for rabbits.

You can use it as both a comfortable mat as well as a chew toy for pets.

How long can a large rabbit mat last?

Depending on the way you use, quality, and materials, the rabbit mat can last longer or not.

If it is made of grass, rabbits can chew it, it means that this mat is not durable. But it is safe.

You can throw it away and replace the new one.

For items with high-quality PVC material, they are more durable and sturdy. It is waterproof as well. Your pet can use it for half of a year or more.

How can you clean a rabbit mat?

The cleaning method depends on the material and structure of the mat or pad.

Many items come with a removable cover and machine washable. Some appear with only one piece; you can wash it and put it in a dryer to dry quickly.

Remember, not all mats are dryer-friendly, it is vital to check the product’s instructions first.

Some notes when using the rabbit mat properly

The fur babies will become very uncomfortable and binky if they lived in a dirty place. Like us, they feel satisfied with their cage or house.

However, if you possess an excellent rabbit mat or board, it is too simple and easy.

Give your bunnies this stuff right now to make them stay happy.

Before using this item properly, please note the following:

  • Use a good-quality and natural mat if your pet love chewing.
  • Your pet love clean and fresh spots, buy the pieces that are machine washable.
  • If your pet is pregnant, new-born, or recovering from injuries, purchase a mat that is ultra-soft and eco-friendly.
  • Place the mat inside the rabbit cage so that your pet can feel warm.
  • Opt for the right size for your furry friends, making it feel comfortable in any position.

In A Nutshell

Finding an ideal product for your furry friend is not easy. Hopefully, with the list of best-rated rabbit mat we suggest, you have the best pick for your pet.

The rabbit will always be protected from environmental factors and stay healthy.

In general, each type of stuff has its own properties, strengths, so we hope you can choose the right mat for your rabbit.

You also find the best product by reading bunny mat reviews from previous buyers.

If you have other rabbit mats that are not mentioned on this list, share it with us. We are very glad to listen to from you!

In case you need more guides on rabbit care, don’t hesitate to let us know or leave your comment below. And don’t forget to like and share the post with others if it’s useful for you.

Let’s follow our blog for more interesting writing.

Thank you for your following!

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