14 Best Rabbit Pellets in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Veterinarians believe that rabbit pellets are an essential part of the rabbit’s menu.

The vital ingredients like fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals to help stabilize that your rabbit gets all the necessary nutrients are in one rabbit pellet.

The rabbit’s natural diet contains large amounts of low-nutrient foods. Therefore, a rabbit pellet is very necessary.

Rabbits are natural grazers, and wild rabbits spend most of their time chewing grass and grazing for food. If you are interested in rabbit care, please click here for more information.

Although pellets allow the owner to protect the health of the rabbits and provide them with a wide range of essential nutrients, they are ultimately a high-volume, nutritious feed that runs counter to the diet of wild eating of rabbits.

Therefore, it is crucial to strictly follow feeding guidelines to ensure that they receive a balanced diet as possible.

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Age Guidelines for Pellet Feed

Unlimited pellets (seven weeks – 7 months)

1/2 cup per 6 pounds of body weight (seven months to 1 year)

1/4 to 1/2 cup for every 6 pounds of body weight (one year to 5 years)

Continue adult diet if weight is maintained, free pellet food if weight loss (six years or older)

Rabbit feed pellets are usually grass-based using worms such as weeds or alfalfa.

These foods tend to be lower in fiber and protein than muesli-style mixes and extra rabbits’ nutritional needs much more closely.

Although they look more ‘boring’ than the colorful and textured combinations, they are close to what your rabbit needs and most find them very delicious.

These pellets are suggested to feed your rabbit.

Choose Food Pellets..!

Pet stores have shelves that contain all kinds of rabbit food, each of which is said to be better than the next.

There are high-class gourmet foods and delicacies, and there are foods that say they are vitamin supplements or contain all-natural ingredients.

Choosing the right pellet

A rabbit pellet offers a lot of ingredient choices. We must find one that has a healthy blend of grass base, fiber, and vitamins.

You should look through the ingredients list and analyze nutrition on the back of the bag instead of being tempted by the ad. This gives you a better sense of the composition of each specific rabbit pellet.

Here is what to look for:


In the nutritional composition of foods, fiber content is the most essential part.

It is necessary for a healthy digestive tract. Disabled rabbits, in particular, need an adequate amount of fiber.

Because they tend not to move as much, they lack tissue to help their systems move to run everything through the intestines and prevent digestive problems like obstruction.

Therefore, the higher the fiber content, the healthier your rabbit is.

Search for at least 20%, but ideally 25% or more.


Rabbits usually need a low to moderate protein content in their pellets.

Search for about 12-14%. If you have a small rabbit for less than five months, your rabbit needs a higher protein level (about 16%) to support rabbit growth. Angoras consume about 16% higher protein to help their fur grow longer.


Rabbits should have little fat in their diet.

Looking for about 1-1.5%.


You should limit calcium in your rabbit’s diet.

Search for about 1%. You should use calcium content carefully for rabbits with a history of bladder, mud or kidney problems. Ideally only 0.5%.

How do we test them?

We tried feeding some rabbits, famous brands of the pellet feed and nothing terrible happened. But we still need to advise you that you should give your rabbit plenty of water regularly and to avoid dehydration.

Although a rabbit pellet is very high in fiber, you should not let it eat indiscriminately.

After a period of follow-up, we compared a rabbit eating grass and regular food to a rabbit eating rabbit pellets and drinking water regularly.

Results showed that rabbit pellets were able to grow hair and limbs faster than regular food. And my rabbit is happy with that.

We have also tried drying the diet for a long time, and it does not become mushy and spoiled as quickly as you think.

Top-Rated Rabbit Pellets Reviews in 2020

Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Adult Rabbits

The Wild Harvest advanced nutrition diet provides complete nutrition for your adult rabbit.

A portion of excellent food for adult rabbits provides the optimal nutrition your pet needs to preserve and maintain good health.

This specially formulated, rich diet ensures that your adult rabbit will receive the essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and fats necessary for a healthy body.

With the addition of the new Fruit Amp Formula, The Formula Wild Harvest Advance Diet provides more health and nutrition for adult rabbits.

Fruit Amp provides your adult rabbit with more food to help support and maintain health by the antioxidant nutrients.



  • Advanced Diet For Adult Rabbits
  • Timothy Hay For Added Fiber
  • Fruit Amp Formula


  • Brand: Wild Harvest
  • Weight: 8 pounds

Supreme Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food

As mentioned above, high fiber content is most important when choosing rabbit food.

For wild rabbits, their primary food is grass. And the fact is that the rabbit’s digestive system was developed to consume a high-fiber diet.

You should choose foods that are 25% fiber selective. This will make your rabbit delicious and keep your pet in good health.

With raw food being the primary source of fiber, Selecting also contains a lot of other delicious, natural ingredients – added Omega 3 and 6 to help keep your skin and rabbit’s hair in its best condition, as well.

Like natural prebiotic that help promotes friendly bacteria.

The best part is that there is no added sugar in the food chosen for the rabbit. Not only does sugar lead to overeating and obesity, but it can also cause dental problems.



  • A Nutritionally Balanced, High Fiber Rabbit Food
  • Promotes Wellbeing And Vitality
  • Kind To Rabbit Teeth
  • Promotes Healthy Digestion
  • Naturally Great Taste And Satisfaction


  • Brand: Supreme Science
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds

Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Food for Rabbits

Garden Select Adult Rabbit contains all the nutrients you desire. With the famous brand Oxbow, you will be assured of quality and price. All flavors are completed and balanced from Mother Nature’s kitchen.

Garden Select has gardening ingredients like yellow beans, tomatoes, rosemary, and thyme.

Therefore, it has a fresh, delectable taste of the garden while a blend of three hand-selected hay types provides fiber to your rabbits while encouraging enrichment and variety.

All Garden Select varieties are certified as a non-GMO project.

1,002 Reviews


  • Non-GMO formula
  • Features three varieties of grass hay to support variety & meal enrichment
  • Contains unique, high-quality garden ingredients that mimic those found in your pet’s natural foraging environment
  • Uniform, complete, balanced formula


  • Brand: Oxbow
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Kaytee Supreme Food for Rabbit

Kaycee Supreme Rabbit Food is a healthy, high-quality blend containing all the natural proteins, fiber, oils, and nutrients of cereals.

Fortify to ensure a balanced, supreme blend using natural seeds, seeds, and pellets to give your little pet a simple but healthy diet. Supreme Kaycee easily meets the high-quality ingredient nutrition needs of small animals.

You can feed Kaycee your rabbit every day. This both makes your rabbit sufficiently nourished while building your relationship with the rabbit more intimate.

It’s no surprise to say that Kaycee is at the center of every healthy eating habit with over 150 years of nutrition experience.



  • Natural Seeds And Grains
  • No Artificial Colors Or Flavors
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Naturally Preserved For Ideal Freshness
  • Specially Formulated For Rabbits


  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 5 pounds

Oxbow Simple Rewards Baked Treats – Apple & Banana

Simple Rewards Baked Treats – Apple & Banana associates the irresistible taste of real apples and bananas with Timothy grass, high in fiber, to create a delicious dish for rabbits.

Feed Oxbow to add variety and abundance to your rabbit’s diet. Its ingredients include Timothy Grass, Oatmeal, Barley Powder, Molasses, Dried Apple, Banana, Guar Gum, Mixed Tocopherols (preservatives), Rosemary Extract.

Besides, Simple Rewards Baked Treats – Apple & Banana also includes crude oil of 12.00%, maximum crude fat of 12.00%, and maximum moisture of 10.00%. It would be best if you fed the rabbit 1-2 foods a day.

Remember, meals cannot exceed 5% of a rabbit’s daily food intake. Your pet should have access to drinking water at all times.

No products found.

Petey’s Fortified Alfalfa Hay Pellets

Petey’s Alfalfa Pellets are the food of choice for young rabbits, and rabbits are pregnant or nursing.

It is selected from the best quality alfalfa, rich in protein with added vitamins and minerals, to make the ideal food for your pet.

Petey’s Alfalfa Pellets provide essential nutrition for baby rabbits needed to grow into adults, with a robust immune system and a healthy digestive tract.

Besides, our fortified pellets are an excellent source of calcium for pregnant and lactating rabbits, essential for the health of your young babies.

25 Reviews


  • All-natural roughage pellets made from hand-selected Alfalfa Hay grown in the United States
  • Rich in protein to promote growth
  • There is a lot of calcium and vitamin A
  • Enhance essential vitamins and minerals with artificial preservatives or colors
  • No genetic modification


  • Brand: Peteys
  • Weight: 5,1 pounds

Hollywood Rabbits Feed

Hollywood Rabbits Feed was developed by Hollywood Rabbits, a world-famous breeder of Holland Lops Bunnies.

We should not damage the health and health of our rabbits because cheap food is poorly mixed.

Hollywood Rabbits handmade rabbit contains all the extras, so you don’t need to buy extra additives or supplements.

It contains Manna, Flaxseed Oil, Omega 3, and Vitamins. All of them lead to healthier rabbits, stronger bones, and shiny fur.

You treat your bunny like a star! Hollywood rabbit food works excellent not just for rabbits, but also for Ferrets and Guinea Pigs!


  • Specific formulas far exceed the recommended daily intake of rabbits.
  • Omega fatty acids and beneficial bacteria help stimulate proper digestion.
  • It is packed with linseed oil for healthy and shiny coats.


  • Brand: Hollywood Rabbits
  • Weight: 10.4 pounds

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Rabbit Mix

The gourmet diet is strengthened to the top with more natural dishes than anything on the market.

You will be impressed by not only the premium quality of the ingredients but also the number of natural dishes chosen.

Sunburst for Rabbits has alfalfa, sunflower, oatmeal, wheat, barley, peeled peanuts, saffron, pumpkin seeds, peas, flake carrots, peeled beans, corn, raisins, Banana, pineapple.

Other components are guaranteed such as Crude Protein (minimum) 16.0%, crude fat (minimum) 2.5%, crude fiber (maximum) 15.0%, moisture (maximum) 12 , 0%.

No products found.

American Pet Diner Timmy Rabbit Pellet

Remember, this rabbit pellet is completely explicitly designed for grown, inactive, and overweight rabbits.

It is not for rabbits that need a lot of fiber and less protein to help reduce or maintain the amount of body weight.

It also helps to reduce gastrointestinal problems by making the intestines more active. Besides, great flavor small pellets for easy eating.

Yucca added to reduce cage odor. You should check out Timmy Guinea Pig & Chinchilla for specific pellet diets for those animals.

Timmy Rabbit Pellets come in 3 sizes to choose from 6 lb, 25 lb, and 50 lb bags.

17 Reviews


  • A balanced diet for rabbits and other small companion animals
  • Diet rich in fiber and vitamins
  • Provides essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for a healthy life
  • Ensure satisfaction when chewing and gnawing
  • Made in the USA with all-natural ingredients


  • Brand: American Pet Diner
  • Weight: 5,6 pounds

Templeton Rabbit Pellets

Templeton rabbit capsules are a staple diet suitable for seven-week to seven-month-old rabbits and can be used in limited quantities during the transition to a time-based diet.

Guaranteed analysis Raw protein Min 16.0%, Crude fat Min 2.00%, Raw fiber Max 19.0%, Raw fiber Max 21.0%, Calcium Min 0.45%, Calcium Max 0.70%, Phosphorus Min 0, 50%, Salt Max 0.65%.

Other ingredients such as grass meal, barley, wheat flour, turmeric, soy flour, and molasses are indispensable ingredients in Templeton Rabbit Pellets.

No products found.

Oxbow Animal Health Adult Rabbit Food

Oxbow Animal Health is internationally recognized to work with veterinarians and scientists to develop high-end rabbit foods and accessories.

Your adult rabbit will not have to worry as they will be provided with enough nutrients by the ingredients in Oxbow Essentials.

Your rabbit will have a healthy body and smooth coat if you feed him according to the formula of Oxbow.

Fresh timothy for fiber, soy products, protein, and healthy fats, wheat for carbohydrates, and energy are essential for rabbits. These tablets have a balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio.

Not for growing rabbits, pregnant rabbits, or nursing babies.

No products found.

Sunseed Vita Prima Sunscription Young Rabbit Formula

Sunseed Vita Prima Sunscription Young Rabbit Formula is produced using a unique formula.

This makes the rabbit’s diet full of nutrients and balance. Fiber plays a significant role, of course.

The high fiber content in this product gives young rabbits the nutrients they need to grow sustainably.

A Sunseed Vita Prima Sunscription Young Rabbit Formula includes three packs.


  • Three packs of Vita Prima Young Rabbit Formula Plus - 4lb each
  • Specially formulated to provide a nutritious and balanced diet
  • High fiber formula provides the necessary nutrients
  • Specially formulated for young rabbits


  • Brand: Sunseed
  • Weight: 19.2 pounds

KMS Hayloft Timothy

This rabbit pellet is formulated from the famous Timothy Hay. The company is known for its four years of experience working with guinea experts and nutritionists.

These rabbit’s pellets have no BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, or corn. It is perfect for hamsters under six months old, and of course, they are safe for rabbits.

The ingredients in Hayloft Timothy KMS include the best stable vitamin C, Redmond salt, and other top-quality parts.

The shelf life of KMS Hayloft Timothy is 200 days from the date of manufacture, so during this period, you can rest assured that the product will not be damaged.

The freshness and quality of the pellets is something you can rest assured.


  • The perfect balance of the ingredients
  • Made from sustainable, healthy ingredients
  • Grind more often and in small batches to deliver the freshest balls possible


  • Brand: KMS
  • Weight: 10 pounds

Home Heating Pellets

US Stove’s HomComfort Premium Wood Pellets is a famous American rabbit manufacturer. It is manufactured from all 100% recycled natural wood fibers using both hard and softwood.

The low ash content makes it one of the most efficient pellets on the market. Therefore, they quickly get PFI certified, which means they meet the highest quality in the industry.

Its main ingredient is 100% recycled oak fiber and contains no chemicals or adhesives. Approximately 8,000 to 9,000 BTU will be provided in every pound.

63 Reviews


  • The wood
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold as an individual 40 lb bag
  • Each bag contains 40 lbs tablets
  • 8,000 - 9,000 BTU per pound
  • PFI certification
  • Made of oak fiber


  • Brand: U.S. Stove
  • Weight: 41.8 pounds

Our Customer Picks

Oxbow Animal Health

This rabbit pellet is really for mature rabbits because it contains all the necessary nutrients, and you can freely choose between three different pack sizes, depending on your budget and your pet’s needs.

Veterinarians or pet experts often recommend that you use this rabbit pellet for rabbits because it is one of the best tablets for rabbits because it is exceptionally nutritious and rich in vitamins, offering a regimen.

Eat healthy and balanced for your fluffy friend.

If you have a small rabbit as a pet, the 10-pound pack will easily last up to a month. Most customers who have purchased the product feel satisfied with its quality and price.

However, it would be best if you remembered that this is for adult rabbits. Therefore, you should not feed this rabbit to a baby under six months old.

For rabbits less than six months old, we recommend giving your rabbit an alfalfa-based diet. They also need more calories and vitamins than adult rabbits.

With three different package sizes (5 pounds, 10 pounds, and 25 pounds), you can freely choose based on your rabbit’s needs as well as your budget.

It is designed to provide an all-natural diet plan for adult rabbits. The main ingredient is essential vitamins and minerals.

Vets are rated by the vet as the best rabbits, so you can freely feed your rabbit a variety of ingredients to achieve a healthy diet.

This product contains no seeds or fruit, nor any artificial ingredients. That makes it perfect for catering to all adult rabbit breeds.

Finally, the product also contains lots of protein, calcium, and vitamin A, ingredients needed for a healthy and balanced diet.

No products found.

2nd best

Supreme Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food

In the wild, rabbits mainly eat grass, which has a very high fiber content. Therefore, veterinarians nationwide appreciate rabbit pellet products with superior fiber content.

This is a good indicator to determine the level of fiber required for healthy growth.

You may not know that grass naturally contains up to 20-25% fiber. This is why rabbits have adapted their digestive system and teeth to a high fiber diet.

With this in mind, Supreme Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food has up to 25% fiber, which is equal to the fiber content of a rabbit’s natural diet. Besides, this rabbit pellet also contains other ingredients that make the rabbit healthy and delicious.

The rabbit’s fur will be grown by the content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The rabbit’s digestive system will also be robust thanks to the prebiotic.

You will be assured because there is no added sugar in this food. Therefore, you will not have to worry that your rabbit will be overweight or have other health problems.

This food is specially formulated to maintain health through the pet’s natural chewing habit, so your rabbit’s teeth will need to be chewed to crush food.

In other words, the rabbit’s teeth will be specially cared for. And if you are interested in pet training, please click here for more information.


Rabbit Pellets FAQs

1. What makes a good pellet?

Rabbit pellets should be an essential part of your rabbit’s daily diet. If your rabbit is under six months of age, you should carefully calculate the number of pellets included in a rabbit’s meal.

The best rabbit pellet

A standard pellet should be high in fiber (> 18%) and low in protein (<14%), calcium (<0.9%), and fat (<2%).

Avoid mixing a mixture that contains seeds, cereals, dry corn, or other colorful additives, as these can make it difficult for your rabbits to digest and have little nutritional value.

Do not buy more than six weeks of food at the same time, because the nutritional value decreases over time.

2. How many pellets should I provide to my rabbit?

With high nutritional content and relatively little chewing, it can meet the rabbit’s dietary needs very quickly. The fiber in capsules was collected and selected from hay.

We encourage you to feed your rabbit on a 1/4 cup diet for a 5 lb rabbit. I also feed the rabbit 1 cup a day, but I am obliged to supply the rabbits lots of green vegetables and drink water.

We also want the rabbit to chew for a long time to keep their teeth working, and the fiber to be maximized at every meal.

The number of pellets needs to be adjusted depending on the daily activity of the rabbit. If your rabbit is overweight and inactive, you should not feed him more than two spoons at a meal.

3. Should I incorporate pellets into rabbit toys and games?

If your rabbit plays some games with tunnels, put some pellets inside.

It would be best if you took a roll of tissue paper to seal the tube, then put a small amount of pellet into the tube.

The rabbit will nudge the frantic scroll to find a way out, wondering what’s inside and having to work to get them out.

If your rabbit plays some games with the ball, punch a small hole, and insert the pellets inside.

Your rabbit will nudge the ball, and the pellet will fall off. This will both make your rabbit active and make them more interested in the meal.

4. What do I do to make pellets are accessible to the rabbit?

A disabled or sedentary rabbit will have difficulty doing this.

This is a physical challenge because your rabbit may have trouble moving to where it is located or may not be able to access a great dish or crock.

It would be best if you put pellets in a bowl or a place where they are easy to find.

5. Should I use pellets as a reward for rabbits?

When they come when called or excited when you go, praise them with a gentle voice and a pellet.

Let’s use pellets to encourage them to move or make rewards after cutting their nails. This makes their pellets more fun!

6. Where to buy rabbit pellets?

Rabbit pellets can easily be found in local pet stores. You can search for these pet stores on the Google Map with your smartphone, and your pet salesperson or pet specialist can advise you on the best rabbit pellet that best suits your rabbit.

If you don’t have a pet store in your local area, you can also buy things online through the eCommerce site amazon.com. It’s easy and convenient.

And if you are interested in frequently asked questions about rabbits, please click here for more information.

Final Thoughts

Although rabbit pellets make rabbit feeding convenient, you should not feed them all in one meal a day. Your rabbit needs to be well hydrated to make food easier to digest.

Besides, you should also add green vegetables to rabbits, but you should limit feeding your rabbit mustard greens, spinach, and kale because they contain a salt of oxalic acid.

This can accumulate in the system and cause toxicity over time.

We also encourage you to take your rabbits to see your veterinarian regularly.

Wish your rabbit healthy.

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