20 Best Rabbit Treats (Review & Guide) in 2020

Like other animals, rabbits love to nibble and eat. They eat quite a lot of food all day. Still, do you think that your pet will refuse to eat the same food because it is a bit boring? Absolutely. You should diversify your rabbit’s diet occasionally. And using the best rabbit treats is an excellent way of feeding your pet.

When you use this treat, bear in mind that you do not overfeed your rabbit. Ensure the diet contains enough nutrition through the treat.

Pick naturals rabbit treats, or you can make rabbit treats homemade. Please feed your rabbit the best treats.

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How Can We Pick The Right Rabbit Treats?

There are tons of rabbit treats out there, but you note that all not all rabbit treats are produced equal and have the same quality.

Many items of bunny care do not take proper research, so it is unsafe.

There are some important factors to consider before buying snacks for bunnies.

Rabbit treats for your furry friends


  • The brand is not everything, but it is still the first thing you should consider.
  • Search and choose a reputable vendor. Famous and trustworthy brands can offer you top-notch products and good services.
  • If the rabbit treats of established brands are harmful or fake, they will lose more, their customers, reputation, etc.
  • Cheaper items from unfamiliar brands may be poor-quality and contain fillers.


  • The nutritional content of the product is very crucial. Like humans, your pet also requires a balanced diet to stay healthy. Select the treats that are full of nutritional content.
  • Say no with items that include empty calories since it results in always-hungry pets.
  • Tasty bunny treats have to ensure high protein, little-fat, and fiber.


  • Your furry friend can tell when a treat is sweet, salty, or sour as it has a great taste bud.
  • Depending on its taste, you can choose its favorite foods.
  • You can read reviews about the item from other bunny owners or previous buyers. Or see how the pet response to the products to choose the right one.


Rabbits’ diet also relies on their ages. It is simple to see that growing animals need more protein and calories than young animals.

In contrast, adult rabbits need less energy. Their food should be slightly less hard.

How Can We Test The Treat?

The first thing you need to do is to check the quality of rabbit treats.

Check the material and how to make them. Read the description on the package to consider whether it is harmful to your pet.

Next, select a tasty flavor that your pet prefers. For example, many rabbits love eating fresh fruits, while others prefer nibbling nuts and seeds. Observe if your rabbit likes it or not.

Finally, test the item through the rabbit’s health. If the treats are high-quality, they will support the rabbit’s wellness, including the digest system, dental, and so on.

Top-Rated Rabbit Treats in 2020

*Caution:- Make sure to offer the treats based on your vet recommendation.

Ware Small Rice Pops Small Animal Treats

These yummy rice pops are one of the favorite treats and also remain healthy for bunnies.

It is a wholesome combo of crunchy chews and tasty flavors. Made from rice and corn, it is ideal for all small animals.

This natural treat is free of common fillers found in many poor-quality bunny treats. What’s more, it promotes good health dental.

111 Reviews


  • Crispy, crunchy chew
  • Made with tasty rice and corn
  • Many treats in a bag
  • Perfect texture and size


  • The pets do not much prefer corn.

Tropical Carnival Fruit & Nut Gourmet Treat

Tropical Carnival produces the item to meet the diet of small pets like rabbits, mice, rats, and so on.

There are many flavors, such as raisins, pineapple, papaya, carrots, mangoes, etc. Both of them are delicious and nutritious. Also, the treat supplies essential nutrients, vitamins, and beneficial bacteria that are good for your rabbit’s digestion.

Feel free to feed your furry buddy as this gourmet treat is locally produced food.

Plus, because of its variety of flavors, it will not bore the small animals. Besides pieces of real fruits, natural’s rabbit treats contain crunchy of nuts (pine nuts, almonds, walnuts, etc.)

The nut pieces are also very tiny and broken, so the rabbit doesn’t even have to nibble them. Almost nut pieces are the size of crumbs.

Not only that, your bunny will love it because it contains grains and fresh vegetables such as carrots or green peas.

They are rich in complex carbs, vitamins, fiber, and minerals, offering a good immune system.

995 Reviews


  • Good, no fillers, 100% natural and nutritious ingredients.
  • Variety of flavors
  • Nutritious and healthy
  • Beneficial for the digestive system


  • Most of the nuts are small and the size of crumbs.

eCOTRITION Snak Shak Rabbit Treat Stuffers

These 2-in-1 rabbit treats are unique and ultimate for your pets. It supplies a fun chew toy with delicious food inside.

It is an item blending between fresh alfalfa and seed. Opt for the Snak Shak treats, it encourages your animal to nibble more, promoting healthy teeth. It stimulates the bunny’s chewing.

It is considered as of the most perfect anytime treats for small animals.

A lot of toys for rabbits are of questionable quality and safety. Further, not many chew toys are designed to help wear down teeth, which is absolutely essential with rabbits given they grow from birth-to-death. And eCOTRITION Snak Shak products meet all requires.

They are safe, of high-quality, packed in a sanitary fashion, and really do help wear teeth.

1,570 Reviews


  • 2-in-1 treat
  • Natural ingredients
  • Encourage playtime and nibbling activity


  • Some bunnies don't like alfalfa taste.

Wild Harvest Natural Treat Mix for Small Animals

For years, the Wild Harvest has supplied treats that provide enough nutrition for your small animals. They use 100% natural ingredients like vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts.

Moreover, the blend of them creates a great-tasting, which can drive your rabbit wild. These rabbit snacks are not only great, but it is healthy, as well.

Opt for this product, the pet has enough energy to stay healthy, active, and playful. Trust me, your pet will enjoy and love to chew these snacks.

10,489 Reviews


  • Curated ingredients help to strengthen the rabbit's digestive system.
  • A favorite food of your pet as it contains veggies and fruits that the pet loves the most.
  • High in proteins, fibers
  • A delight and healthy diet for bunnies.
  • Suit all rabbits at any age.


  • It has corn kernels that are not much preferred by bunnies.


eCOTRITION is the best companion for your rabbit. It promotes a healthy and long life for small animals. It contains many nutritious mixes of fresh ingredients that are completely safe.

The blends also include nuts and seeds, fruits, grains, and vegetables, which supply minerals and essential vitamins for your rabbits’ diets. Plus, eCOTRITION Yogies is good for your pet’s digest system.

This item has both natural and artificial fruit flavors. To store these treats, keep them away from light and wet places.

10,089 Reviews


  • Tasty fruit-flavored treats
  • Made with real yogurt
  • Suits for all small animals


  • Some rabbits may only like the log portion.

Vitakraft Bursts Wild Berry Flavor Treats

Yummy, yummy, yummy! Wild Berry Flavor Treats from Vitakraft is one of the most preferred items that remain rabbit’s health. These natural’s rabbit treats are made of wheat, grain, and berries.

It is free of common fillers, nasty binders, and chemicals, so it is safe to use. What about its features? Crunchy is an exact word to describe it. It also says no with preservatives.

Your bunnies will love this treat, it is not expensive for the results you get.

What’s more, the item is good food for pet training. It is the reason why animal lovers widely use it. Buy it now. Once your bunnies eat this snack, he/she gobbles it up and then goes searching for more.

6,506 Reviews


  • Crunchy outer layer
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Made with real berries
  • Perfect texture and size
  • Free of most sugars and fillers


  • Some owners say that their pets don't like the taste of the product.

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Apple Treat

This item is among the best bestsellers of the Kaytee brand because they are great little biscuit treats for your small animals.

It is also suitable for playtime with the pet. Select this biscuit to your bunny to keep it happy at any time and build a stronger bond with it. With high fiber content of timothy grass, it brings the rabbit’s overall health.

Kaytee biscuits are a fantastic healthy bunny treats for both young and older small animals alike. Regarding the flavor, it is made in apple syrup and molasses.

The rabbit loves the flavor as it supplies a sweet taste. In the market, there are many treats stuffed with preservatives and sugary additives.

They are bad for the health of your pet. Still, say no with any artificial flavors and colors, the biscuit is safe to feed your rabbit.

Kaytee’s item is quite chewy and suitable for your bun. Eating these biscuits in snack time, it supports good dental health through nibbling activity.



  • Formulated with real molasses and apple. Support energy your rabbit needs.
  • The high fiber content from natural timothy grass is best suited for your pet.
  • Good for dental health
  • Easily digestible


  • Some older rabbits don't like it as they prefer plain hay.

Vitakraft Rabbit Treat

An Amazon’s Choice for rabbit treats, it is a favorite for your pets.

This treat is baked that is made with real corn kernels. It contains only raw ingredients to create healthy food that your small animal will love.

Furthermore, this treat satisfies the bun’s natural gnawing instincts.

Made in the US, it says no with sugar added and uses only the natural flavor. Although the treats have no fillers, they are still very tasty to your pet.

2,440 Reviews


  • 100% Natural Corn Cob
  • Harvest Fresh
  • Fun Microwaveable Treat


  • It contains corn, so it is not the healthiest.

Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops Small Animal Treats

The treat is a perfect blend of flavor and crunchiness. Rice Pops treat includes rice and corn. We think that your small pet can not irresistible this item, it is crunchy, crispy, and chewy.

What’s more, its color is diverse, like a rainbow that makes your rabbits curious. Buy this crunchy rice pop treats, it does not make rabbits boring.

One more benefit, it promotes healthy and clean teeth.

8,899 Reviews


  • Bring great flavor
  • Enriched nutrients
  • Help in keeping their teeth healthy and sharp
  • Enhance rabbits' chewing activity


  • Some pets will not eat it.

Kaytee Fiesta Awesome Country Harvest Treat

The Country Harvest Treat from Kaytee includes a delicious mix of wholesome grains, veggies, nuts, and fruits.

We think it is super suitable for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs. They will love this munchable medley due to the exciting flavors.

Not only that, Kaytee products ensure that all included ingredients are well-being and premium quality.

4,795 Reviews


  • Good variety
  • Natural ingredients
  • Encourage nibbling instinct


  • Your pet may leave out some components it does not like.

Vitakraft Slims Carrot Rabbit Treats

The Vitakraft Rabbit Slims appears in many big websites such as Amazon, eBay, Vetuk, and so on. We can say that these rabbit treats are a favorite food of bunnies.

Like its name, the main ingredients are the carrot and grains. Plus, the nutritious snack is crispy and rich in vitamins.

Easy to digest is another reason to make the treat become an ideal snack for pets. It satisfies the pet’s gnawing instincts as well.

Proudly a high-quality product on the market, it has natural flavor and does not contain sugar. Besides, Vitakraft is available in other flavors such as Alfalfa and corn.

10,345 Reviews


  • Favorite flavor for the bunny
  • Support natural gnawing instincts
  • Super easy to digest
  • Free sugar and artificial color


  • May leave crumbs everywhere when your bunny nibble.

Kaytee Natural Timothy Blend Cubes

Made with blocks of nutritious sun-cured timothy hay, these blend cubes are ideal products for your bunny. It is a natural treat containing high fibers source.

We can say that it is among the great treat for your small animals.

Opt for the familiar brand, you can get the best item. For years, Kaytee is believed to supply high-quality pet products.

This product from Kaytee can be used as a main dish for your pets. Also, use these rabbit treats as a perfect solution when you train your furry buddy.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s metabolism when getting this package. It is made especially for the bun’s needs.

9,528 Reviews


  • Rich in fibers, bunnies love this hay.
  • Hay is low in calcium and protein, which makes it an excellent fit for supporting the rabbit's urinary health.
  • Supply added nutritional variety


  • Some rabbit owners say that this diet might be a bit too simple for their pets.

Kaytee Timothy Hay Flavor Variety Multi-Pack

Like other products from Kaytee, this multipack meets all pets’ hobbies. It is the combination of timothy hay and the flavor of spearmint, marigold, and carrot.

However, not all rabbits can eat these treats as they are ideal for small animals over seven months of age.

Timothy hay is higher in fibers supporting the urinary system, but it is lower in protein and calcium than alfalfa hay.

15,454 Reviews


  • It helps maintain the bun's weight.
  • Timothy hay supports the good health of rabbits. It keeps your pet active and playful every day.


  • Not for the young furry buddy.

BALLMIE Apple Sticks Pet Chew Toys

Contain timothy grass powder, these rods and cubes are suitable for long-term usage without adding preservatives.

The grass is selective, natural, and high-quality. Then, the powder has to be baked at high temperature, sterilized, set the shape.

It supports digestive health by providing nutritional variety. The 200g mix package has both rod and cube shapes that attract young and adult rabbits alike.

If your pet gets a bowl of hay, it can ignore, but with these treats, the bunny can’t resist.

It eats and receives all nutrients accumulated in the item. Plus, fibers increase the bunnies’ endurance ability, so it does not fall sick so easily.

1 Reviews


  • Support digestive health
  • Timothy grass is grown and select carefully under strict surveillance.


  • Slightly pricer, $11.99 / bottle.

Sharllen Apple Sticks Pet Chew Toys

Like the previous treat, these apple sticks are very good chewing snacks for pets. It may add fun in their free time.

You are looking for a treat that can ensure the healthy growth of your rabbit’s teeth, opt for this item.

Also, these healthy bunny treats contain pure natural vitamin C that can supply the needs of your small pet in time. The package of sticks is easy to use as well.

How to make these apple sticks? It follows the production process respectively: Sifting – Pruning – Soak – Rinse – Drying – Sortation – Packaging.

Moreover, the manufacturer has to follow a strict process to ensure the top-notch quality of the product.

Make sure that the branches are no damp so that you can keep it for a long time.

2,438 Reviews


  • This food is healthy sticks for buns.
  • Ensure your rabbit's wellbeing


  • Not all of the rabbits like this treat.

Wild Harvest Wild Berry And Nut Treat

The Wild Harvest is known as a reputable brand that supplies natural and organic foods.

All products from this company provide complete nutrition for your pets, including adult rabbits, birds, hamsters, and other small animals.

Using 100% natural and raw ingredients, items from Wild Harvest are the blend of treats and foods. They can meet all the distinct diets of your pet.

The Wild Harvest wild berry & nut treat has perfect flavors attracting all rabbits.

It includes an array of real berries, nuts, and seeds such as corn, carrots. Also, these bunny treats contain alfalfa, wheat that are favorite foods of rodents.

These tasty rabbit treats are healthy snacks. Also, it adds needed vitamins and minerals to your rabbit’s daily diet.

10,489 Reviews


  • Strengthen your bun's digestive system
  • Contain veggies and fruits that your pet loves the most.
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • A healthy and delight diet for the bunnies.
  • Filled with proteins, fibers, and minerals.


  • It suits adult rabbits.

Oxbow Simple Rewards Baked Treats

We are sure that your bunny will hop up when seeing this product.

It is simple and not too sweet. With 100% natural ingredients, this treat is made of apple and banana harvested and freeze-dried.

The flavor is irresistible, so it is a delicious snack for your pets. Plus, Oxbow adds more ingredients to rabbit treats such as grass, oat groat flour, crude fat min, crude fiber max, and so on.

However, you note that don’t over-treat. Make sure that you supply enough water for your rabbit.

Besides, rabbit snacks contain vitamin C, B6, potassium, and natural antioxidants. Let your rabbit try tasting before buying a large amount.

Feel free to let your bunny chew this snack because it rarely affects the digestive tract.

No products found.

Small Pet Select Healthy Snackers – Pumpkin

You are looking for natural rabbit treats, and these healthy pumpkin snackers are a great option.

Small Pet Select uses only clean components like pumpkin, oats, herbs, and fresh hay.

It says no with binders and chemicals. No preservatives, so you can rest assured about its quality.

These treats are packed with filled nutrients and vitamins that are good for your pet.

The herbals and a great amount of fiber are responsible for anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory.

In short, the item supports a good digestive tract, strong heart, and healthy liver function. Add snacks into your rabbit’s daily diet.


  • No fillers and chemicals
  • Strengthen all organs' health
  • A perfect blend of natural components


  • Some buns may not like it
  • It can be a bit dusty.

Vitakraft Triple Baked Rabbit Honey Sticks

These crunchy sticks from Vitakraft are another favorite food of the buns. High quality and natural ingredients are its outstanding characteristics.

Including grains, honey, vitamins, and minerals, it makes it hard for rabbits to resist.

Additionally, it also stimulates nibbling and chewing activities of your pet, offering sharp teeth. Besides the crunchiness, honey sticks have excellent taste. So your bun will nibble more.

No products found.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Rabbit Treat

This crunchy food is a fun-to-eat way to add variety and activity to the bunnies’ diet. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Treat Sticks is something bunnies never want to miss.

It contains ingredients that are sun-cured and rich in nutrition. These healthy bunny treats contain timothy and alfalfa hay, and both of them are responsible for boosting up the pets’ immunity and endurance.

Because your rabbit is domesticated, its immunity level is not high as rabbits in a wild environment.

To avoid it, you should feed it this item. Provide it with essential nutrients and its preferred food, which can keep them busy all day.

The manufacturer produces products under the surveillance of animal nutritionists, so you can rest assured about the quality.

The manufacturer also adds some other flavors in these hay pellets, such as rice, ground oats, or molasses. Also, this Kaytee Forti diet has antioxidant properties that are good for your rabbit’s digestive and respiratory systems.

17 Reviews


  • It completely satisfies your pet's cravings with many flavors.
  • Rich in nutrients such as alfalfa, timothy, rice, etc.
  • Keep rabbit's teeth sharp
  • High quality
  • Strengthen your bunnies' digestive and immune system.


  • It may not work for young rabbits because they don't digest well.

Maintenance Guides

You have just got back from the pet store with some rabbit treats. But you wonder how safe store these bought treats are.

You know the main ingredients of these products are hay, wheat, nuts, so it is essential to keep them away from light and wetness.

You know the main ingredients of these products are hay, wheat, nuts, so it is necessary to keep them away from light and wetness. Store them in a closed container in a cool and dry place.

You should buy treats enough for three months at a time.

Purchase only what you need. Many pet owners buy bunny snacks in bulk to save their time and money. But these items may go stale before you feeding rabbits.

The longer the treat sits around, the more nutrients lost.


1/ How can I make rabbit treats?

How to make rabbit treats? There are loads of ways to make the rabbit treats homemade.

Follow our detailed tutorial on how to make the best treats for your rabbits.

You will need a half cup of the rabbit pellets, a quarter or half cup of hay, a banana, five baby carrots, some berries.

Step 1

  • The first thing you are going to do is to put the pallets in the blender. Then blend them up. After it is all blended up, put the pellets into a bowl.
  • Grab the blender again, and blend the carrots, berries, and banana. Once it’s all blended up, grab a bowl and dump all the liquid into it.

Step 2

  • Then grab your ground-up pellets all of them in and mix with the blends of fruits.
  • Mix them together. Once you have done, continue adding a half cup of hay into the mixture.

Step 3

  • Start mixing it. You still want it to be a little bit wet. Then you can mold the bunny cookies together.
  • Once it’s all mixed up, let it sit for at least 20 minutes. In the meantime, you can clean up the mess.

Step 4

  • Next, you have made and get the tray ready. Line your tray with some aluminum foil to keep it clean.
  • After 20 minutes, it’s time to make the rabbit treats. Just take a little in your hand, mold it around, and flatten it.
  • Then put it on the tray. You repeat the process for as many treats as you can make.

Step 5

  • Preheat the oven to 350. Put the treats in the oven and set the timer for 25 minutes.
  • When the time passed, turn off the oven, but don’t take the treat out. Leave treats in the oven with the door shut for at least three hours to let them dry completely.
  • Once the oven is completely cool, you can reach in, grab, and take the treats out of the tray.
  • Place them into a container. Now, you have done. We are sure that your bunny really likes these treats.

2/ How often do you feed your rabbit treats?

How should you often feed the bunny treats

A rabbit should be fed treats twice per day, in the morning and evening. Make sure that its diet contains hay or grass, fresh fruits, vegetables or leafy plants.

Avoid feeding the rabbit treats that have high sugar content because it can lead to obese.

You should concern about your pet’s taste because each animal has a different taste. Opt for treats that are safe and maintain the bubby’s health.

3/ Why your bunny doesn’t eat treats?

You wonder why won’t my rabbit eat treats. There are many common reasons.

The treat may not suit your rabbit’s taste. Many items contain corn kernels that are not preferred food of small animals.

If it does not eat treats for about 12 hours, you should take it to the vet. They will help you find the reason why your pet won’t take treats.

4/ How old should a rabbit be before treats?

You avoid feeding vegetables, fruits, and other wet treats to bunnies under six months old.

If you feed them, it can cause diarrhea illness that can kill your pet. Bear in mind that you follow the right rabbit’s diet to keep your furry friend stay healthy.

Feed treats in moderation, and the best form of treats is pellets. Give one or two treats per day is perfect.

5/ Which treats are right for your pet?

All the products we listed above are right for your rabbit’s health. So what rabbit treats have a lot of protein?

As I stated, they are all rich in protein, minerals, and essential vitamins that are necessary for small animals. Rabbit food hutch is diverse, from fresh green fruits to hay.

Feed your rabbit hay and fresh veggies to give them a healthy diet.

In The Bottom Line

We hope that our list of rabbit treats above is helpful to you. They are excellent representatives of the best natural rabbit treats that we want to recommend to you.

Opt for a suitable one for your furry friend. These treats work effectively to protect and keep the health of the pet, so don’t hesitate to invest in it.

Should you have any questions related to bunny treats or related things, feel free to ask us at any time. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy this post!

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