10 Best Rabbit Water Bowl options For Bunnies: Reviews and Guides

We used to get annoyed when our rabbits kept flipping or chewing the water bowl in their cage, making their environment always wet. At that time, we realized that choosing a rabbit water bowl was not straightforward.

However, if you know the criteria of a good water bowl, which can withstand the destruction of bunnies, then things will be a lot simpler.

In this article, we will review the top 10 products we are most satisfied with. If you are concerned about rabbit raising, don’t overlook it.

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How did we pick?

You may wonder between water bowls and water bottles for rabbits.

However, we want to stimulate the way our pets drink water in the most natural way.

Furthermore, water bottles also have more details to consider, so choosing it will be more difficult and require you more effort to test.

So, which criteria do water bowls need to meet?

Based on the experiences and information we have gathered from newspapers, the internet, veterinarians, and the rabbit owner community, a good rabbit water bowl will help the animal easily drink water without spilling it out.

Besides, it must be reasonably priced, and the size is suitable. And the last thing is, it is easy to install (if it’s the type that attaches to the cage) or is heavy enough that the rabbit flipping water bowl will not happen.

There are several popular materials used to produce pet water bowls, including ceramics, metals, and hard plastic.

As such, metal and plastic items will have to feature a screw-style mount to help it attached to the rabbit cage.

In terms of size, although you can choose a large bowl to hold plenty of water for two days, you should consider those which can fit the size of the animal and the cage.

Thus, rabbits will have enough space for them to move and play. Also, the fact is, the rabbit’s drinking water should be renewed daily, so the big bowl size seems not very helpful.

How we tested?

If you choose the right rabbit water bowl from the beginning, testing it will not take much time and also be less expensive.

At first, we had to spend money on more than five different bowls, but they didn’t work.

Only after learning about the behavior of rabbits and how to make the appropriate choices, everything became much easier.

In general, if your rabbit can still flip the bowl or spill water on the floor, you should replace it with another product.

To be successful from the first try, take a look at the ten products we value the most below.

The Best Rabbit Water Bowl Reviews

Our pick: Kaytee Paw-Print PetWare Bowl

Kaytee water bowl

Durable and unique are a few of the adjectives that we could use when describing this rabbit water bowl. Usually, cute rabbit water bowls or those with rabbit prints will have quite disappointing quality.

However, when it comes to Kaytee, you can rest assured of that. Most of their pet bowls have a simple design, but in this water bowl, it becomes their new breakthrough.

It has a pet image on the body, so anyone looking at it can immediately recognize its “owner”, who is actually a rabbit. It is very suitable for those who are interested in collecting souvenirs, shirts, bags, or cups related to their pets.

If you are one of them, then you should not ignore this unique accessory.

Another factor that makes us put the bowl in the best-in-class position is because it is very durable. It is a ceramic rabbit water bowl and is heavy enough to stand stable and not move when the rabbits use it.

We have been using it for quite a while, and it is still in the rabbit cage for now.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Of course, the Kaytee bowl is not for all but for moderate-sized rabbits.

If your bunny is a baby, he will not be able to drink water at the bottom of the bowl.

On the downside, for large/giant breed rabbits, the amount of water provided will not be enough for them to consume in a day.

Also great: Lixit Animal Care Rabbit Water Fountain

This product has a very smart design, which can reverse the water bottle so that it can fill the bowl with water while not make it overflow.

It not only keeps the animal constantly supplied with water but also protects the water from dirt.

Thus, with this product, you can rest assured your pet drink water for 2-3 days without the need to replace it.

Besides, the flow of water does not have a bubbling sound, which makes the rabbit scared. It is completely silent and perfectly distributes water.

However, when the water in the bottle almost runs out, keep an eye at your pet or fill up the spare water so that the rabbit cannot flip the water bowl.


Other Top-Rated Rabbit Water Bowls

QPEY Pet Water Bowl

Although it is just a dog and cat food bowl, it is very useful for holding the rabbit’s drinking water.

It has a structure including a non-skid dish, making it not only lightweight but also very sturdy. In addition, its size is perfect for rabbits.


  • Stainless steel metal bowl
  • Light
  • Non-slip.

Aqueous Pet Water Bowl

These are 2 PVC bowls designed with non-slip bottom. In addition, it can be attached to a safe base, preventing the animal from moving it.

You can store water on one bowl and rabbit food on the other one.


  • Anti-overturned base
  • Tilted 15-degree design
  • Ease to clean.

Mrli Pet 2-in-1 Plastic Water Bowl

This product has many bright colors for you to choose and is the perfect combination of a plastic bowl and a stainless-steel bowl.

It prevents the pet from chewing and destroying it. Besides, whenever you want to clean the bowl, you just need to take out the stainless-steel bowl so it will be very convenient.

190 Reviews


  • Stainless steel and eco-friendly plastic materials
  • Cross-lock design.

Kaytee Vege-T-Bowl, Carrot

This bowl has an eye-catching appearance, shaped like a carrot – the favorite food of rabbits.

It is made of ceramic and painted but is very safe, does not contain lead. Besides, the depth and width are also moderate, suitable for this species.


  • Safe and cute
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy.

STAYbowl Tip-Proof Bowl for Rabbit

As its name is saying, this product is very proper for those that love to tip over bowls with special designs. Besides, it is made of polypropylene injection-molded plastic, so it is very safe for your pet.


  • Avoid pouring water out
  • Safe
  • Easy to clean.

Park Life Designs Ceramic Pet Bowl

This is one of the products that give you the most choice of colors, and especially, the colors are all very artistic and modern.

It is made of high-quality ceramic, has a perfect weight, and is glazed smooth. Thus, it is safe for pet water.

338 Reviews


  • Vivid colors
  • Heavy.

MXZONE 3 Collapsible Silicone Pet Bowl

This option is perfect for carrying when you take your pet to travel or go out. Made of premium-quality silicon, the bowl can be neatly collapsible. Besides, it is also very durable and thick enough for pets to not be able to destroy or chew it.



  • Affordable price
  • Convenient
  • Easy to transport.


Similar to the Mrli Pet water bowl, this product is also a combination of a plastic bowl and a stainless-steel bowl with a screw-style mount.

However, if you want a more affordable option, then the Ruby Home bowl will be your best bet.

2,247 Reviews


  • Bright colors
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean.

Care and Maintenance Guides

Surely, the rabbit water bowls recommended in this article can be used for a long time. However, ceramic bowls will last forever in the cage unless you drop them.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about buying alternative products for them.

Similar to a food bowl, a rabbit’s water bowl needs to be washed often. If you change the drinking water daily, you can clean it every 3-4 days.

The Competition

Compared to other materials, we still appreciate ceramics.

Firstly, it is quieter than other metal and plastic bowls. Rabbits do not sleep all 6 hours at night.

Therefore, you will not be able to sleep well if their bowls make a noise when the rabbits wake up and play.

Secondly, ceramics is durable and sturdy. While other materials may be fixed to the cage wire, it will take time to remove the bowl when you want to clean it. Bringing water into the cage also turns more inconvenient.

Additionally, the Kaytee Paw-Print PetWare Bowl is also very cute and special. Overall, it is a great option that saves you time, effort, and many other features that a bunny water bowl needs to have.

FAQs on Rabbit Water Bowl

Why do rabbits spill water out of the bowl?

You will notice that not only the water bowl but other accessories in the cage, such as the rabbit litter box, will be flipped over by their teeth.

It’s one of the habits of rabbits because they like to chew everything. Hence, you don’t need to worry too much about this.

However, it may also be because you arrange the cage too tight so that the pets do not have enough space to move. Plus, not having toys will make them feel bored and want to gnaw or break something.

At this point, you need to replace the water bowl with a more solid product. Along with that, you should also buy bunny chew toys and let them frequently go out of the cage to play.

As such, they will no longer flip and bite everything in their cages.

Is tap water safe to my bunny?


Tap water is clean and safe for people. And rabbits are no exception. However, if your area has an unsecured tap water source, you should not give it to them.

How should I provide my rabbit water?

You can offer your rabbit water in two ways, including water bottles and water bowls.

However, this animal prefers drinking water in the traditional way, which is the bowl, rather than the bottle.

If you still want your bunny to drink water in the bottle for hygiene, it will take you a short time to train him to drink water with a hose.

How much water should a bunny take each day?

Rabbits do not need to drink as much water as other pets because their daily food is a perfect source of water for them.

Therefore, you will only need to provide the daily amount of water equal to the product of the animal’s weight (in kilogram) and 50-150 ml.

Rabbits getting dehydrated

How long can bunnies survive without water?

Within 24 hours, without rabbit treats, food, and water, the animals will weaken and die. This time will shorten if the ambient temperature is too hot.

Is milk allowed for rabbits to drink?

Dairy products should not be included in the rabbit’s daily food composition, including milk, and other types include cheese, yogurt, ice cream.

On the other hand, cow milk may be harmless to bunnies, but it is very fatty and difficult for this animal to digest.


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Final thoughts

With the 10 best rabbit water bowls above, you will save a lot of money without having to worry your pet will ruin it. On the other hand, he will also live healthily and happily.

For more information and guides, feel free to contact us. Please like and share the guide if it’s useful for you. Thank you.

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