20 Best Worms for Bearded Dragons in 2020 (Reviews & FAQs)

Bearded dragons are one of the most reared reptiles currently in our households. Humans have put much effort into trying to transit from the pets that were traditionally kept.

The reason behind the change could be either monotony of keeping the same pet or the pursuit to find more challenges in other pets.

Whichever pet you choose to rear, we pretty much know that it will offer you an endless lesson. You might be feeling that you have adequate knowledge of your pet, but the more you have it, the more you learn that you need to know a lot.

Bearded dragons are considered as new pets in various zones around the globe because the reptiles have been staying homes for less than three decades.

This short period that we have had the desert dwellers makes pet parents seek more guidance on the ways to care for our beardies.

What should Beardies eat?

This is the question that has prompted us to make the entire article available for you. It’s prudent that you we try to find time to prepare meals for our pets the same way we do for ourselves.

Just like other pets, bearded dragons have specific types of food to serve them in various stages of life. The menu that a young bearded dragon is consuming shouldn’t be identical with elderly desert dwellers eat.

Bearded dragons mostly feed on insects, worms, and some other flesh to obtain protein. Fruits and vegetables are different menus that these amazing reptiles cannot do without.

Of course, drinking water and a source of UVA/UVB light are other things that beardies require for their healthy growth.

Meals for both young and adult bearded dragons    

As we have already mentioned, there’s a sharp distinction between meals for adults and young bearded dragons.

Bearded dragons aged below three months feed on diets that are 70% rich in proteins and 30% possessing salad. When we talk about salad, we mean vegetables and fruits. Because these little beardies need diets that support their vigorous growth and development, you should feed them at least three times a day.

In fact, you can go to the extent of giving them up to five meals each day.

Bearded dragons aged between 3-8 months should have a meal that has almost balanced salad and protein.

Remember, it is at this age that obesity catches up with our reptile pets. At this age, beardies should be given two meals a day to help monitor their weight.

Bearded dragons with at least one year and a half are considered as adults. The meals for this category are directly opposite the ratio we had suggested for the young beardies. Besides, adult bearded dragons just need a meal to call it a day.

Trying to provide more proteins and multiple meals for an adult beardie will inevitably invite obesity.

Customer Picks: Top-Rated Best Worms for Bearded Dragons

What your reptile eats will determine how healthy your pet can be. Bearded dragons are known to be omnivorous, which eat both plants and flesh.

It’s from the flesh where beardies derive protein to support their growth and development.

Besides, the flesh is a source of essential fat that grants your friendly reptile energy to play and do other activities.

Here you go for the best worms for bearded dragons that are picked by our beloved customers.

When it comes to flesh, worms are the predominant meal that beardies consume. We have identified various types of worms that your bearded dragon can eat, and have further made it easy for you by classifying the worms into two categories.

Have bearded dragon worms for staple meals and those ones that are ideal when used as treats.

Best Bearded Dragon Worm Reviews in 2020

We still insist that the best meal you can ever give to your pets; are the ones that you’ve prepared. However, you cannot find every meal at home, so you will have to look at what the market offers for your attractive reptile.

We are beyond the ages of hunting and gathering, so you may be lacking skills that can help you learn where and how to catch worms and insects for your pet.

We have found it noble to review 20 worms from Amazon that you can give to your pet for healthy living.

Ovipost 1000 Live Super worms

It’s always advisable to stock sufficient meals for your pet so that you don’t keep making orders that will incur more shipping costs.

Ovipost gives you the chance to get 1000 super worms that will last almost forever for your pet. Remember, super worms shouldn’t be used as beardies’ staple food.

You should just use the worms sparingly as treats or for the purpose of improving the pet’s appetite level.

It’s a big NO when it comes to small beardies when the worms are large. However, you can offer the worms once in a while to enable the young beardies to train and strengthen their jaws.

No products found.

Galleria mellonella’s Live Wax Worm for Feeding Reptiles

From the look of these worms for bearded dragons, it’s evident that the fat content exceeds the required limit.

While your pet will like them because of their delicious taste, you should restrict their use in your beardie’s diet. They should serve as treats and not staple meals.

The live wax worms for bearded dragons are soft such that even a young bearded dragon finds no challenge in mincing them.

After buying them, you need to check them daily to eliminate the dead worms that always turn black.

Product Benefits:

  • A great meal for reptiles, birds, and fish.
  • It’s great when used as a treat.
  • Also great for baby beardies since they are soft.
  • Another perfect way to fatten your reptile.

Elliot’s Butter Worms for Reptile Food

Live butter worms are not only great for fishermen who are trying to entice the swimming creatures but also pet parents rearing reptiles.

A packet of 50 live butter worms is an ideal source of protein, especially for the young beardies.

Butter worms are only good when served alive to the reptiles. This is because it will encourage the pets to do some exercise while trying to catch the prey.

Even though beardies aren’t very swift, butter worms will surely make them exhibit their foraging instinct.

59 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Source of protein for growth and development.
  • Live butter worms make your pet exercise more.
  • Fifty live butter worms are enough to run your pet for an extended period.
  • One of the favorite meals for bearded dragons and leopard geckos.
  • Stout and other freshwater fish equally like it.
  • Also excellent for your fishing adventures.

Phoenix Worm, 100 large worms

Phoenix worms for bearded dragons are almost a must-meal for any pet parent rearing small reptiles. It’s not us pet expert making it mandatory but the nutritional content of these delicious worms that make them come on top of all other worms for bearded dragons when it comes to ranking.

Most other worms for bearded dragons give only phosphorous and calcium, but phoenix worms will also provide the two elements on top of magnesium, iron, and sodium.

These worms for the bearded dragon also provide essential Vitamin B to the desert dwellers.

When you make your order via Amazon, you can almost be sure that your pet’s meal will arrive 100% when alive.

All you have to do you to provide your post office address and simple do the picking after delivery.

48 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Highly nutritious.
  • The package comes with 100% live worms for a bearded dragon.
  • The worms contain vital elements like calcium.
  • One hundred live worms are enough to sustain your pets for a considerable period.
  • The product is shipped to your post office.

Hornworms 12 Count Large

Though they may look few but no number of hornworms are insufficient for your beardies. Hornworms for bearded dragons can grow up to a length of 5 inches.

Because hornworms are long, sometimes you’ll have to cut them to allow your pets to feed with no difficulty. For baby beardies, you don’t have the alternative but to subdivide the worms.

If it was not costly to buy hornworms, we could easily recommend this to be one of your pet’s staple meal. The softness and the bright green color make most beardies to love them.

279 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • A perfect source of protein.
  • Ideal as a treat for the desert dwellers.
  • You can use mealworms to encourage pets to exercise.
  • Low-fat content.

Zilla Reptile Food Munchies Mealworm 

We advise pet parents to give their reptiles live mealworms, but if it’s not possible, then Zilla Reptile mealworms can serve the same purpose.

The only thing that your beardie will miss is a chance to exercise while feeding.

This should not be a staple meal but a snack for your lovely reptile. It also makes sense when you use it as a treat while training the desert dwellers.

Unlike live mealworms for bearded dragons, this package grants you a flexible meal.

1,626 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • A great source of proteins.
  • Refrigeration is not mandatory.
  • It can be used as a treat.
  • Once opened, you can still reseal it.
  • It is conveniently packaged for easy use.
  • A very nutritious meal with additional dehydrated ingredients.
  • A perfect meal for geckos, fish, and birds.

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm, 1000 Composting Worms

Red worms for a bearded dragon is another meal that offers adequate nutritional value to any reptile. The best part is that these worms are free from insects that can be toxic to your pet.

The worms are slightly longer than other worms for bearded dragons, so some pet parents opt to cut them, especially for young beardies.

Just like many other worms for bearded dragons, red worms can make a complete staple meal for reptiles. If your pet is continually falling sick, then this is the meal that will improve the health of your lovely beardie.

Product Benefits:

  • Free from toxic insects and mites.
  • A delicious meal for fish and small reptiles.
  • A perfect source of proteins.
  • Ideal for healing a sick pet.
  • The worms for bearded dragons are many to last your pet for a period.

buy now from amazon

Jurassidiet, Dragonfly larvae for Bearded Dragons

The name of the meal may make you feel that your beardie is feeding on a close relative, but that’s not the truth.

If you leave a bearded dragon to catch a live dragonfly, it can be almost an impossible mission unless your pet has exceptional skills in hunting.

Because dragonflies are nutritious but difficult to catch, experts have seen it ideal to have dragonfly larvae for bearded dragons as a meal that offers proteins.

With bearded dragon and dragonfly in one statement, some sentences will be more of tongue twisters.

However, dragonfly larva for bearded dragons is one meal that you can use both as a main course or supplement. Besides, the meal is great when used as a treat.

87 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • It offers flexible use.
  • Ideal as a treat for reptiles.
  • It remains soft and dry for a long time.
  • It can still last for three weeks after opening when kept in the refrigerator.
  • A great substitute meal for live dragonfly larvae.

Josh’s Frog Wax worms, 250 Count

Waxworms are about an inch long and are another meal that bearded dragons like.

The meals made of wax worms for bearded dragons are always tasty, given that they are rich in fat content.

However, it’s advisable that you only provide them to the pets as treats because of the health hazard they pose.

Beardies like wax worms, especially because of their softness, which makes them easy to munch. Since wax worms for bearded dragons are mainly served as treats, the 250 pieces can really take long before your pet exhausts them.

All you have to do is to make your order between Friday evening and Sunday for your delivery to be executed on the second Monday.

Product Benefits:

  • The best meal for making your reptile fat.
  • A rich source of protein.
  • Easy to munch meal.
  • A perfect treat for desert dwellers.
  • It can last longer if kept under the right temperature.
  • It will only take eight days to receive your shipment.

DBDPet Premium 10-15 Live Hornworms for Bearded Dragons

Hornworms for bearded dragons are the best meal that you can give reptiles with poor appetite.

Hornworms are almost similar in an appearance with the caterpillars except for the color, Hornworms somehow resemble silkworms since both worms for bearded dragons are bright green.

Unlike other worms for bearded dragons, hornworms are long in size, measuring up to five inches. The fat content is fairly distributed so you can offer them as a staple meal, but most pet parents opt to use them as a treat due to costly price.

For your young beardie, you will have to cut the hornworm into various sizes to make feeding easy.

Even though the package only consists of a few worms, the protein that hornworms for bearded dragons give can guarantee healthy growth and development in the young reptiles.

87 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • It motivates your pet to eat often.
  • A good source of protein for growth.
  • An ideal treat to use as a reward during training.
  • Hornworms can force your pet to do some activities.
  • Door delivery.
  • You get the chance to receive live worms.

NutriCricket 500 Premium Live Large Super worms

Super worms for bearded dragons are among the popular worms you can use to feed your pet. But let the popularity to exist only in the market, and not in the diet of your reptile pet.

Super worms are known for their high level of fat that can cause your pet to suffer from obesity.

However, these worms will not bear the same limitation for pet parents who want to see their sick and thin beardies gain weight soon.

Super worms for bearded dragon should not appear among the staple meals you offer to your lovely reptile. This is because they don’t grant your pet the required amount of protein for growth and development.

For baby beardies, you should only use small super worms while adult bearded dragons are always obsessed with large worms.

Nonetheless, super worms are the ideal food if you want your pet to train and also to strengthen their jaws.

296 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for fattening underweight pets.
  • Delicious for reptiles.
  • Great when used as treats.
  • A perfect meal to encourage your pet to practice more often.
  • An alternative source of protein.

1 Silkworm Cup with 25+ Live Reptile Feeder Silk

The value of silkworms in our bearded dragons’ diet cannot be underestimated. Silkworms are not only vital in the fabric industry but are also essential in enhancing healthy living among our reptile pets.

Magnesium, Iron, Sodium, and Calcium are the critical elements that a pet feeding on silkworms derives. Besides, Essential Vitamins such as B1, B2, and B3 complete the nutritional value that silkworms for bearded dragons bring.

The trick you need to employ while feeding your beardies; ensure that the size of the silkworms is not wider than the space between the reptile’s eyes. This precaution will help you in minimizing complications that come with reptile foods.

30 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Source of various components of Vitamin B.
  • Rich in Magnesium, Iron, and Calcium.
  • Arguably the most nutritious worms for bearded dragons.
  • A staple meal for desert dwellers.
  • Very economical protein for your pet.
  • Low-fat content.

Predator Foods Bulk live mealworms, 500 counts

Mealworms for bearded dragons are other great meals that your pet will consider as a feasting delicacy.

However, we don’t recommend mealworms to be incorporated as a staple meal for the beardies.

These worms have high-fat content, which can stretch up to 21% of the total content. The bad part of mealworms for bearded dragons is that they only contain below 20% of proteins.

While we don’t recommend the worms for everyday feeding, they still make the greatest choice when it comes to treats.

The taste of mealworm is arguably unmatched by other worms that beardies eat. Another shortcoming of the worms is that they are only ideal for adult pets.

The bodies of mealworm larva are hard nuts to crack for baby beardies.

9,425 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • The best solution for pet parents who want to fatten their reptiles.
  • They give an amazing taste to desert dwellers.
  • You have the option to either use mealworms or their larvae.
  • Perfect for treats.
  • Also ideal for other small animals, including frogs and snakes.
  • The live mealworms encourage beardies to exercise more.

DBDPet Premium 70+ Live Hornworms for Bearded Dragons

We had earlier reviewed some hornworms for bearded dragons from the same factory.

Nothing has changed except the number. While the earlier package was only providing up to 15 hornworms, this package will guarantee your pet at least 70 worms.

For delicious worms like hornworms, less than ten will never be enough and will make you make orders for the meal continuously each week.

For young beardies, the smaller package may just be enough but giant beardies will need a worm to exercise with each day. Besides, the price is always slightly low in the long end when you buy in bulk.

26 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • One of the best sources of protein for small reptiles.
  • Bulky number of worms to serve your pet for a durable period.
  • An appetite boost for the desert dwellers.
  • Live hornworms for bearded dragons for exercising.
  • The worms are delivered to your door.

Phoenix Worms, Large

I am not aware if these worms are natives of Arizona, but I am pretty sure that reptiles that are natives of the Australian desert love them.

Unlike many other worms, phoenix worms for bearded dragons can be served as staple meals because of the low-fat content they possess.

Just a few numbers of phoenix worms in a day can be good for young beardies. However, adult bearded dragons may need slightly more worms given that the preys are small in sizes.

You can make an order for this vital reptile meal today, but there’s no guarantee that they will arrive when alive, especially when the temperature is extreme.

205 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Easy for your pet to eat even without your help.
  • Affordable.
  • A source of protein.
  • Another staple meal the beardies.
  • Low-fat content.
  • Rich in calcium and phosphorous.

BASSETT’S CRICKET RANCH Live Superworms- Kingworms for feeding Reptiles

Take advantage of the opportunity that Bassett’s Cricket Ranch is offering to make the super worms available for pet parents.

From Monday to Thursday, the manufacturers distribute the reptile delicacies throughout the expansive US. Interested pet parents have between Friday and Sunday.

Superworms provide the much-needed protein for the growth and well-being of your reptile.

Even if you take long before coming, you’re your ordered product; you will not pay the fee for delaying. The food will reach your pet within 24-hours after the delivery.

223 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Live worms for bearded dragons to exercise.
  • No hold needed for shipping.
  • Great to be used as a treat.
  • Perfect for adult beardies.
  • Also great for other small animals.

Elliot Jumbo Live Butter Worms for Reptiles

Other people will call them trevo worms, but that doesn’t matter because you will be talking about the same thing. What matters is what they can add in the diet of your pet.

It’s true that butter worms for bearded dragons offer valuable nutrition to reptiles. For calcium, look no further than these worms.

It can only get better is you have live butter worms which will entice your pet to exercise more, thus lowering the incidences of obesity in reptiles.

It’s a versatile meal that you can use for both young and old beardies. When you aren’t busy fishing using the worm, give them to the reptiles.

13 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Improves the appetite level of your pet.
  • A perfect staple meal for beardies of varying stages.
  • It can be used as bait to catch fish.
  • Also ideal for other reptiles like leopard geckos.
  • Offer great use as a treat.
  • Easy for your beardie to feed on the worms.

west coast roaches 1000 Live Gut loaded Mealworms

Pet parents have the option to feed their beardies either with mealworms or the larvae of these worms for bearded dragons.

However, we must repeat that mealworms are not ideal for young bearded dragons that often find it difficult to break the hard skin of mealworm larvae.

Even though it should not be served as a staple meal for reptiles, it’s good advice to purchase them in bulk.

We don’t feature these worms in an everyday meal because of the massive fat they contain. Besides, the worms do not provide a high level of the much-needed protein.

487 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Delicious pet meal for reptiles.
  • 1000 live mealworms.
  • They can be used as treats.
  • Great for serving the underweight reptiles.


Just like most of the worms for bearded dragons we have reviewed here, wax worms equally have a high content of fats.

The soft body of the worms make reptiles fancy eating them often, but that shouldn’t be the case. Any reptile meal with a fat content above the level of protein should only be used as treats.

The young bearded dragons also like eating these worms that are soft and easy to catch. Their small sizes make them a meal that you should use in feeding the growing beardies on some occasions.

169 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Soft hence an easy meal for reptiles.
  • Ideal for fattening reptiles.
  • Great for young beardies.
  • They make perfect treats.
  • A good reptile meal to use occasionally.

Zoo Med Can O SuperWorms

With this package of super worms, your beardie is on the path of living its lifespan. Since it has been made using the right formula, the high level of fats witnessed in live super worms is not evident.

No chance of toxicity as the worms used are the ones raised on the farm. The product involves the use of only large worms to enhance nutritional value to reptiles.

Though it’s packaged, no artificial colors or food additives used in the manufacture.

125 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • It can last for long after opening.
  • No additives and food colors.
  • Only mealworms from the farm are used.
  • The mealworms for bearded dragons constituted here are extra-large.
  • It’s very nutritious.

The article has a total of 20 worms for bearded dragons with links to Amazon. We have mentioned the fat content and other elements that specific worms contain.

We have mostly reviewed live worms because they help our pets to exercise more. As usual, the article has the FAQ section, where we have identified common questions and provided their answers.

Enjoy reading as you aim to feed your pet with healthy worms.

The FAQs on Worms for Bearded Dragons

In this section, we will give answers to some popular questions that pet owners ask regarding worms for bearded dragons. Check out to see if there is a remedy for any of your concerns.

Are super worms good for bearded dragons?

The answer is YES, but it will depend on how you use it in feeding your reptiles.

For treats and occasional use, we laud you for that. However, we say no for pet parents who intend to use super worms as staple meals. The high-fat content in super worms is the reason why we don’t recommend it.

For young beardies, ensure that you only select small super worms to make the baby reptiles to eat without facing difficulties.

What is the best worm for bearded dragons?

Like we have said above, all the worms we have featured in this article are great for our reptiles if we use them accordingly.

We recommend that worms with high-fat content be primarily used as treats and occasional pet meals. You can use worms with low-fat content and high protein value as staple meals.

It means that wax worms, super worms, and mealworms are excellent when used as treats. Red worms are suitable for reptiles with poor health.

Hornworms are perfect and can be used as a staple meal for beardies if it was not their high prices.

We highly recommend silkworms and phoenix worm to be used as a staple feed for bearded dragons. The said worms have no fats and valuable protein your pet needs. Besides, the worms contain phosphorous, calcium, and other vital elements for the well-being of your desert dweller.

Are mealworms great for beardies?

As we have already advised, mealworms are great when used as treats or a meal to fatten the sick reptiles. However, the high-fat content cannot qualify it as a perfect staple meal.

Again, mealworms are not great for young beardies, especially the ones with no ability to break the hardcover of mealworm larvae.

What plants and trees are poisonous to bearded dragons?

Since beardies are the natives of Australian deserts, they aren’t familiar with several plants in their new environment. Here are the plants that you should take close to your reptile pet;

  • Poisonous oak
  • Toxic Sumac
  • Juniper
  • Iris
  • Holly
  • Oak
  • Wild daffodil
  • Tobacco
  • Elderberry
  • Tulip
  • Boxwood
  • Water hemlock
  • Poinsettia
  • Buttercup

Is it okay to feed my bearded dragon with the worms I catch outside?

It’s not good at all because you do not know what the worms have consumed. If you want to keep the health of your pet steady, stay away from such worms.


Keeping bearded dragons brings an unmatched excitement to the pet parents, but the feeling can only last if you are feeding the pet well. Beardies and other reptiles we keep obtain protein from worms.

We have therefore reviewed some worms for bearded dragons that will no doubt improve the health of your pets.

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