Myth Debunkers: Cat Habits and Diets (FAQs Answered)

Cats seem to come from an entirely different planet from us. Their faces are small and adorable, their paws are soft and squishy. Their eyes are large and beautiful, yet piercing. Any movement from this feline animal can instantly push our switch.

It’s not a too far stretch to say that a cat’s cuteness is bewitching. In today FAQs, we will look into the most common behaviors of cats, and the problems that often arise when one keeps cats in their home.

FAQs about Cat Habits and Diets

Why do people allow their cats in bed with them?

People allow cats to sleep or play with them because they like it. Having a cat purring in your bed is a fulfilling and heart touching experience.

In the cold winter, they act like warm water bottles that keep your body comfortable. They are also small in size, and you can even move them around. It’s easier sharing a bed with cats than a human.

Another thing that makes people enjoy sleeping with cats is that these felines have a special way of waking their owners up. It might be a head bump, a kneading, or a nose kiss, all of which are nice and awesome.

With that said, some owners have concerns about hygiene or their habits of bringing their things to their sleeping space. There is also the hair shedding and claws damaging the beddings. However, we assure you that it’s totally safe to sleep with your cats.

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My cat’s eyes dilate; what does it mean?

Why are cat eyes dilating so big.

Cats have very emotional eyes. In fact, via their eyes is the only way we can read this animal at all. One of the most common way that a cat shows its expression is through their dilated pupils.

In their normal state, a cat pupil resembles a vertical line. However, when dilated, it becomes a round, full and dark circle. The sudden change sometimes makes new cat owners feel alarmed.

Rest assured, because the pupil dilation is a common sight for felines. It indicates that your cat might be excited, or surprised, or more rarely, fearful.

You should see the situation at the time to pinpoint what is it in these three factors that make your cat’s pupils dilated. It’s not rare for a cat’s pupil to dilate nearly full of their whites, so you don’t have to worry if you come upon that.

Fun fact: In their natural habitat, the ancestors of domestic cats are nocturnal animals.

They had to take advantage of the darkness to hunt preys and feed themselves. Their special eyes anatomy lends them excellent night vision. The extreme pupil dilation is meant to gather as much light as possible in unfavorable lighting conditions.

Why cats show their tummy to you?

A cat tummy is one of its most vulnerable places, so of course, you find it confusing that the cat exposes its tummy to you on purpose.

Given that the cat often guards its belly to prevent potential injuries, many owners might feel torn between rubbing the cat stomach or gaze away.

In fact, domestics animals like cats and dogs have a tendency to lie down, roll over and expose their stomachs to their acquaintance. We could regard this as a friendly greeting, rather than an invitation or beg to rub on it.

Because of the vital organs inside their tummies, cats are more aware of their stomachs than other places. Touching their bellies suddenly may resulting in them panicking, and paw their claws at you.

Therefore, you should refrain from touching the cat belly when it lies down and rolls over.

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Is it ok if my cat sleeps all day?

cat sleeping

The scene that cat owners most likely to come across are their cat sleeping. It’s not because these animals are lazy, their natural biology system is the real reason.

If you see to the history of cats, you will see that their ancestors used to be predators, who need to conserve energy for hunting.

However, because these naps are mainly to preserve energy, you will see that the cat body is quite mindful of its surroundings even when their eyes are closed. The most prominent examples are their ears and noses.

These two parts will move, turn or twitch according to the noise and sound that happen around them.

The standard sleeping time for an adult cat is around 15 hours to 18 hours per day. The number is even higher for kittens. Therefore, it’s a given that you might find your cat sleeps a lot, more than you do. Cats who are energetic in their wake time will need more sleep.

Dry food or wet food?

As a cat owner, it is understandable that you want to find the best option of food to feed your feline. Both dry cat food and wet cat food has their own category of superior and inferior points.

For some people, wet cat food is a better choice.

The reason is that in wet cat food presents more meat and fish, which provides the animal with more taurine. This vital amino acid is not abundant in plants and vegetables.

Dry cat food, on the other hand, has many carbohydrates and cellulose in its ingredients, which may invite digestive problems for your feline.

With that said, this claim is only true theoretically. In reality, every cat food is not made the same, and it’s pretty obvious that the best dry cat food is far better than a badly made canned food.

The bottom line is that, as long as the food quality is premium, your cat will do fine either with wet or dry variety.

It’s not easy being a cat parent

Cats are not the easiest going animal in the world, but they do make our home a better place. To understand the common problems that arise with cats, you should learn a few things about their habits and dietary needs.

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