15 Best Hamster Water Bottles in 2020 (Reviews)

best hamster water bottle

Hamsters deserve the best treatment from their cage to diet. Regular water intake is no exception. Especially in the summer, a well-hydrated body can save the rodent from the scorching heat. Water bottles are preferable to dishes containing water. Since some types can malfunction, frequently leaking water, we’ve searched for the best hamster water bottle … Read more

25 Best Hamster Foods in 2020 (Buyer Guide & Reviews)

best hamster food

Hamsters may not be a picky eater so they can be fed on a wide range of foods. This means it is easier for pet owners to purchase and change the diet for their lovely companions. However, depending on the eating habit and healthy condition of each rodent, there is a specially made formula for … Read more

What Are Hamster Cages? and Things Around It (Cleaning Guide)

clean hamster cage

Hamsters are loveable animals, which is why many prefer keeping them as pets. But owning a tiny mouse demands a variety of preparation including a proper enclosure. If you’re planning to adopt one of these rodents, it’s best to know a little bit about what are hamster cages and how to maintain it. What are … Read more

Ways of How to Stop a Hamster from Biting? (Tips Included)

How To Stop A Hamster From Biting

Hamsters are widely favored by their friendliness and gentleness, so they are usually kept as pets besides human beings. Many owners take it for granted that these rodents won’t bite. However, this is a misconception. In some cases, if you don’t handle them properly, you may risk yourself being bitten. This is not so worrying … Read more

How to Take Care of a Hamster: A Complete Care Guide

Take Care of a Hamster

Do you own a hamster? Are you worried because you are not sure about taking care of a hamster? What to prepare when raising a hamster? How to feed them? Or the common problems with hamsters’ health? Loving hamsters in your own way and become a hamster responsible parent by reading the article below. This … Read more

What Do Hamsters Need? | Complete List for Healthy Grow

what do hamsters need

Before deciding to adopt your first hamsters, make sure you’ve set up a comfortable environment for your beloved pet to live in. In addition to that, you need to prepare yourselves with precise knowledge about fostering and raising hamsters. Our veterinarians have many experiences in this field and are willing to share them with all … Read more