Commonly Asked Questions for Training Dogs in 2020

Are you ready to deal with common problems in your dog training? Does your dog exhibit signs of aggression or misbehavior?

Dog training and socialization are some of the basic requirements of dog feeding.

Based on our long-standing dog experience, we encourage you to train your dog as soon as possible.

Training your dog can be difficult if it is your first dog.

Dog training is not an easy task for newbies. If you do this task step by step, you will realize this task much more comfortable.

The process of training a dog to be a docile dog takes time, perseverance, and love, but your efforts will pay off.

Well-trained dogs will be great dogs; sooner or later, they will not cause problems.

This article will point out commonly asked questions for training dogs so you can start training dogs by establishing good relationships with them.

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Commonly Asked Questions for Training Dogs

How to calm a dog down when I am leaving for work?

calm a dog down

Step # 1: Boring your puppy

You have to make him independent, separate yourself from him to teach him to live alone during your absence.

If I use the term “learning”, it is merely because being alone is not a natural behavior for dogs that have to live in a herd. Therefore, your goal is to go against nature.

Your dog needs to learn to adjust to boredom when you’re not around. Because when you are alone, you will be bored. For that, it is enough to detach a bit from him and not respond to his requests.

Step # 2: Start leaving your dog alone

You must first choose a room where your dog will be alone when you’re not there.

This room is used for study, but keep it when he grows up, and you will leave him “really” alone.

Now dogs can begin to learn to be alone. Go into this room and have your puppy follow you.

Please don’t call him, he must follow you without being invited. Could you not talk to him? Be busy in this room and seemingly nothing, leave, but lock it in an “accidentally.”

Wait for 5 or 6 seconds. Enter the room and reward him for a treat, a stroke.

Go back and do the same thing many times, but every time you leave the room a little more. And because he has assimilated boredom, he will be wise to wait for your return.

How to calm a jumpy staffy?

To soothe your dog, there is nothing better than teaching it through play!

This is a game, called the ON / OFF game, which allows you to turn on your dog and then turn it off if instructed.

This can then be helpful when your puppy is in a state of extreme excitement.

Step #1: Take a toy like a knot, a ball linked to a string or sausages.

Step #2: While holding the toy in your hand and having a bent posture and an enthusiastic attitude, encourage your dog to grab the toy.

Step #3: Play with your dog by dragging the toy from left to right while having the play attitude (curved posture and high voice)

Step #4: When you feel it, stand upright, stop pulling the toy and try not to move at all (anchor your feet to the ground and hold your arms along your body).

Step #5: Speak with a specific tone of a sign of giving up. It doesn’t matter which one, as long as it’s always the same: you let go, you leave, stop, etc.

Step #6: You have two options:

Your dog lets it go, in this case, wait until it calms down, then start again from step 2 and so on.

Your dog does not give up even though you have a very consistent attitude and a straight and confident posture: you can then trade with another toy of the same value or a treat.

Step #7: To end the game, you have to decide (do you always remember the concept of this initiative?). Saying an “it ends” followed by a treat, put the toy away, and ignore your dog.

You have to make your dog understand that “giving up is winning”.

How to treat smell in a dog’s ears?

The most important thing is to apply dog ​​ear hygiene practices, following the dog’s bath and body hygiene routine.

Check the dog’s ear condition weekly, Trimming excess hair inside and outside the ears of dogs to minimize the favorable hiding environment of bacteria and fungi.

Periodic health checks for dogs at veterinary facilities.

Complementary nutrition for dogs fully and scientifically.

Clean the barn and dog utensils daily.

Do not allow dogs to come into contact with and close contact with suspected dogs.

How to make a pitty less jumpy in front of kids?

If you want your dog not to dance in front of children, it is best not to allow the dog to be near children.

In case your dog is with the child, you should also be there, so your dog does not feel scared. Besides, the use of laces or leashes can help to control dog jumping behavior in front of children.

If the dog continues to dance in front of children, you should not punish them either.

This will make the dog feel scared and increase aggressiveness. Instead, reassure them with words, touch, and take them out of that environment.

If your child loves pets, it’s best to get your dog acquainted. You will need to monitor the communication of both children and dogs during this period.

Besides, you should show your child how to control the dog verbally (up, down, come here, drop it).

How to train dogs not to fight each other in the same house?

When you see two dogs showing signs of roaring wanting to attack each other, you need to yell at the dog immediately.

For the dog to know this is not recommended, it is also necessary to separate the two dogs apart.

Have your dog interact with other dogs to limit aggression.

Punishments can work for your dog. Train your dog to be more obedient than necessary.

There are some cases, and if the dog is difficult to control, you should muzzle when the dog is not eating.

If your dog does not obey you, this may be because you adopted the dog when it was older.

There are several breeds of dogs that will make their owners very early and be loyal to the end of their lives.

So if you adopt her later, the dog will still obey. But it is difficult to control such outbreaks.

This can also occur in non-purebred dogs. Abnormal personalities are probable. That’s why you should choose a purebred dog.

Why is crate training so important?

The pen creates a sense of security

The barn will be a safe and comfortable hiding place when they are stressed, scared, or need a quiet place to rest.

The pen is suitable for home training

Choosing the right size cage will help your puppy know how to control his bladder and intestines better.

You can use a pen to prevent the habit of biting your dog’s furniture.

Or the cage will help overcome the problem of puppies when they first get home or scream at night.

Safer when traveling

When using cages will help you control them easier than leaving them for free on cars, trains, etc.

In tourist destinations, due to a large number of people, if not pay attention, it will be easy to get lost.

Moreover, when you come to a strange place, your dog will be somewhat afraid and wary.

The pen will help them feel safer and more comfortable than ever.

Easy to bring to a veterinary facility

I think this is probably one of the best things about using a cage.

Many of you have to struggle very hard when bringing dogs to veterinary facilities.

As for you, with pets, they will feel terrified and stress when going to such places.

Introducing a new puppy to your dog: female or male is better?

The first impression is likely to affect the whole relationship. If you do this well, you can create a good relationship between the two dogs.

If done wrong, the relationship between the two dogs will deteriorate soon after that. What you should do is create a situation where the two dogs meet.

It could be a neutral position, such as a park.

If you have a male dog, you should know that he has high territorial ownership.

Therefore, you will have difficulty bringing a new and strange dog into the house. Your male dog will probably become aggressive right away.

You should keep the dog on a leash if you have to introduce a new dog in your home. And what should you do next?

Your new dog is on a leash, but that male dog is free to wander. You will have to monitor this process.

If the male dog becomes aggressive, gently take the new dog away.

You should not show your affection to the new dog right away, as the male dog will feel uncomfortable.

Try it this way for a few days. If the dog is still aggressive, reassure him and give him food.

You should create games for the two dogs, and you must monitor this process.

If a conflict occurs, you must immediately mediate.

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How to train a 5-month female puppy to pee and poop outside

train a 5-month female puppy

Training voice commands

You need to pay attention to the time and signs of being upset when using the female puppy.

When you see your puppy showing any signs of being angry, go to her toilet immediately.

And if you don’t know how to train your dog to toilet properly, PetLifeBuzz can help you with problem-solving.

When you take your puppy out, use one of the commands associated with her bowel movement.

The statement could be: go to the toilet, hurry, etc. You need to pay attention during the training process to use only one command.

If not only you are the only coach but also one or more others. It would be best if you made sure that everyone uses a single statement during the training.


Rewards are essential in training.

You can complement your puppy by doing things like hugging, rubbing his head, etc.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when rewarding a puppy:

Do not reward her too soon.

Only pay them after they have finished taking the toilet.

Because if you pay them too soon, it will disrupt the toilet process puppy.

You should reward her for about 5 seconds after they have finished going to the toilet.

If this goes on with your puppy for longer, you might make her unable to understand what you’re rewarding them for.

Dog food is an important issue in getting your dog to obey you.

In the early stages of training, you can use a reward some food to reward your dog.

But until the later stages, gradually eliminate the reward cake. But do not forget to praise your dog.

Playing after your dog goes to the toilet in the right place is also a reward for them.

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Indestructible toys for dogs (review)

Indestructible toys for dogs

Whatever the breed, your dog needs to play throughout his life.

For its training, for it to let off steam or just for fun, the toy must be part of your dog’s life.

What if you give him one for Christmas?

But you shouldn’t choose just any. To make the most of it, we advise you to choose one that resists its fangs, paws, nibbles, etc. In short, an indestructible toy for dogs.

Tikaton Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

Tikaton nylon dog toys are suitable for aggressive dogs to chew in their spare time. It provides a safer alternative to real sticks.

Moreover, it satisfies the dog’s natural chewing needs.

The shape of the Tikaton looks like real bones, making your dog easily recognized. It creates a positive association with dog toys.

Furthermore, it reduces their anxiety and boredom every time you leave home.

It is designed to withstand long-term dog bites, safely and non-toxic.

Besides, it provides an attractive beef scent to achieve a dog’s enjoyment when chewing.

For dogs weighing less than 50 pounds, this toy is indestructible.


  • The skeleton design is instantly recognizable for positive alignment
  • Active association training
  • Safe, pet-friendly material is very durable
  • Non-toxic and exciting to chew
  • Attractive beef flavor
  • Perfect size for your small, medium, or large hairy baby

EETOYS Dog Chew Toys

EETOYS’s patented Scrape Smooth Smooth processing technology makes the polymer material more robust.

This toy will not be cracked to pieces or broken into two halves when chewing.

It isn’t straightforward to destroy and almost indestructible.

Besides, chewing EETOYS can control plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth.

EETOYS comes in different sizes and flavors like bacon, lemon, and beef.

It is suitable for small dogs and adults to release energy during teething.

You should use a template that is larger than your dog’s mouth. It is ideal for dogs to reduce boredom, control, and reduce destructive behavior.


  • Made of unique hard nylon, safe and odorless
  • Different sizes
  • Taste is available for different varieties
  • Reduce discomfort during teething

Pacific Pups Products

Pacific Pups Products makes this toy with a great love for animals.

This toy is made to assist rescue dogs in nonprofit animal rescue.

It’s hard to find an indestructible toy that fits your aggressive and energetic dog.

Therefore, toys are designed to be durable to fight the strongest.

Pacific Pups Products are made from completely safe and non-toxic components (compared to ASTM F-963 Children’s Toys Safety Standard).

Therefore, you can safely let your dog play with this toy.

The money you spend to own it will be donated to the dogs that this company rescues in the nonprofit rescue.

14,844 Reviews


  • This bundle has ropes for dogs of all sizes to enjoy
  • Giraffe and carrot toys are designed with the right size
  • Clean dog teeth and promote oral health
  • Made from safe and non-toxic materials

VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toys

VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toys is made of non-toxic rubber material. It is durable and environmentally friendly, elastic, and soft.

Above all, it is safe and does not affect your dog’s health.

It is designed with two squares to encourage hunting behavior like wild dogs. It is ideal for dogs to release energy.

The rubber material of this toy can resist the most aggressive chew. It is the leading toy in the playable toy for dogs.

Besides, VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toys uses 100% real food ingredients with an attractive beef scent.

This scent will appeal to dogs and increase their natural chewing instincts.


  • Strengthen the relationship between you and your lovely pet
  • VANFINE helps to provide mental and physical stimulation.
  • VANFINE's dog toys are made 100% safe.
  • Chewing toys are nearly indestructible
  • Beef flavor
  • Reduce teething pain for puppies and instill positive chewing habits

Monster K9 Dog Toys

The Monster K9 is a wheel-shaped chew toy made from a unique rubber formula that compares to the most potent rubber compound.

It is natural rubber, anti-puncture, and almost indestructible.

Besides, it has no sharp edges or broken material, so your dog will be healthy and safe to use this toy.

The classic ring design is suitable for heavy chewing, taking in the yard, or the last tug of war game.

Your dog will quickly love it and play it daily.

The company is committed to a refund or a replacement at any time in the product life cycle if you find out their product is of poor quality.


  • Made from a unique rubber formula
  • Rugged, heavy design; Puncture resistant and almost indestructible
  • Classic ring design

Indestructible Dog Ball

The Monster K9 Dog Toys rubber ball is about the size of a baseball with a diameter of 7 cm.

It makes it easy and perfect for any medium-sized or large dog. Moreover, if your dog loves playing ball, this is a toy for them.

The rubber compound of this ball is made from natural rubber and is 100% FDA approved.

It is tested by the bites of Pitbulls, mastiffs, and many other aggressive dogs.

Indestructible Dog Ball is softer than plastic toys, and of course, it is not destroyed. It is entirely safe for your dog’s health.


  • The size of a baseball (diameter 7cm)
  • Suitable for dogs who like to play ball
  • Made from natural rubber and 100% FDA approved material
  • No sharp edges or broken material

Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy

Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy is proud to be made in the USA with real bacon flavor.

Also, its nylon is FDA-approved, giving you peace of mind to let your dog chew daily.

Your aggressive dog will love its long bones because it is safe for teeth and provides excellent massage for the dog’s gums.

Chewing your bones regularly will help alleviate boredom and prevent canine behavior.

This gives dogs a better action in the future.

The manufacturer recommends using this long bone for large dogs, 50 pounds, or more.

No products found.

Indestructible Football Chew Toy

Is your dog chew, fetch, or anything in between? This will be a dog’s toy, and he will love it.

Monster K9 was very successful when designing the football shape, making it a crazy bouncer.

Its massive structure makes it perfect for dog chewing.

Your most aggressive dogs cannot destroy it either. It is made from 100% natural rubber approved by the FDA and tested by 3rd party lab.

It’s softer than plastic or vinyl toys, so it doesn’t have sharp edges or foreign objects that hurt your dog love.

No products found.

Fairwin Ultra-Durable Dog Toys

This is an exciting chew toy. Pineapple shape makes your dog can not refuse this fascinating toy.

The real pineapple flavor also captures dogs chewing and playing with it all day long.

This artificial pineapple can be filled with the dog’s favorite food.

Give the dog a play, and it will make a loud sound, so this is suitable for attracting the attention of dogs.

Fairwin Ultra-Durable Dog Toys are non-toxic and are designed to help clean dog teeth.

In other words, it can refresh the breath, massage the gums, and reduce tartar when your dog plays and chews it.

Besides, playing with this toy regularly can make your dog more responsive.


  • Strengthen the relationship between you and your pet
  • Improve intelligence, jump, reaction ability, etc.
  • Non-toxic material and chew toys for dogs
  • Durable dog toys for indoors and outdoors
  • Dog toys calling for boredom or loneliness

Motusamare Dog Chew Toys

This toothbrush shape chew toy is great for cleaning the teeth of the dog.

Beef flavor can increase the attractiveness of the dog and make it more enjoyable to chew it daily.

It is suitable for the dog during teething to freely release energy.

The natural non-toxic rubber material will be a consideration when you decide to buy it.

It has a strong structure that makes this toy extremely resistant to biting.

Motusamare Dog Chew Toys are suitable for aggressive dogs for a long time.



  • Clean dog teeth effectively, improve oral health.
  • Reduce stress to control and reduce the destructive behavior of dogs.
  • Tested by many ferocious large dog breeds.
  • Reduce anxiety and boredom.
  • Beef flavor attracts the dog's attention

How do we pick the toys?

Finding and choosing a dog toy is not easy.

This toy must meet the following requirements:

1. Safe

Rubber or silicone toys are accessible on the market at meager prices.

However, your pet will chew directly and may accidentally swallow it.

Therefore, if you are a person who is careful and worried about your dog’s health, look for reputable toy brands, or even imported brands.

2. Material

Material that is too hard or difficult to chew or crack will not be safe for the dog’s dental health.

Puppies that do not control the bite and play with toys that are too hard will cause chipping or scratching their gums.

If too soft, the toy will quickly shatter and be swallowed into the stomach.

3. Color

Each dog has a unique personality and is attracted by different colors. Many people may think that dogs see only black or white.

But according to Dog-vision, the dog can see blue and yellow.

At the same time, although they do not recognize red and green like trees, they can still distinguish the difference between these two colors.

For example, a dog may choose red if it is one of the two options.

So, the rule when choosing a toy is to focus on colors that the dog is aware of: blue, yellow, Violet.

4. Multi-use

You can think that toys only help to sharpen the teeth, clean the mouth cavity, and reduce odors.

But some toys can be eaten while providing some essential nutrients for your dog.

These are chewable dog bones, nutritious bones, calcium chew bones designed to look like a toy.

Also, if you use these chewing bones, you will be assured of dog health because these toys are only used once, not dirty.

5. Size

Your age and breed will fit into each type of toy size. If your dog is less than one year old, prioritize chew toys the size of their jaws.

At the same time, the width should be equal to the width of the palate, avoiding your dog accidentally swallowed.

In addition to the criteria for choosing toys, manufacturers also add a few features such as sound, taste to stimulate the activities of dogs more.

Final Thoughts

Remember that your dog training is a long and continuous process. You will never be satisfied with that.

All you need to do is continue obedience training throughout the life of your four-legged buddy.

Even though your dog excelled at memorizing a language at a young age, he may also forget that language as he gets older.

Running through the most basic commands and tricks will keep them fresh in your dog’s memory.

Besides, it would be best if you spent more time with the dog to bond the relationship between the two.

We hope you will have the answers to commonly asked questions for training dogs through this article. Wish your dog always healthy!


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