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Here you go about Dog food and behavior faqs & many more

A dog’s life relies mainly on the kind of food it consumes where healthy dog foods are generally contributing to the well-being of your pet.

However, if you begin giving your four-foot friend foods with controversial ingredients, the pet’s life begins to wither.

The facts that all the dog foods in the market pass standardization tests don’t mean that their ingredients are safe for your pet’s consumption.

It’s your responsibility with the help of a vet to give your dog a befitting diet.

FAQs about Dog food and Dog Problems

Is it really necessary to feed dogs with grain-free dog food?

There’s a myth going on, and it has gain momentum that grains in dog foods are the leading cause of allergies.

Allergies are rare in dogs and the moment the condition occurs, pet parents often victimize grains as culprits.

The fact remains grains in dog foods only contribute to 1% of allergies cases in dogs.

Grains are a significant source of fats, carbohydrates and antioxidants ingredients.

Therefore grains contribute to both growth and development of our dogs.

Besides, the antioxidant feature makes grains to boost immunity and excellent appearance of the skin.

With all the above things mentioned, grains still bear numerous flaws that make dog foods without them to sell quickly and regularly.

Critics of grains in dog foods argue that dogs are carnivores hence should only eat flesh related foods.

Proponents of grains always retort back by advising for the removal of fruits and vegetables which are non-flesh too.

Why grain-free dog food is necessary for your pet;

  • Healthier skin.
  • High in calories which is good for active dogs.
  • High protein is necessary for growth and development.
  • Low shedding in dogs.
  • Promotes fresher breath in our pets.
  • Lowers instances of flatulence in the bowel.
  • Fewer and smaller stool so reduced wastage.
  • Limited cases of allergies.

This guide helps you to get find a portion of healthy dog food and the benefits of organic dog food.

Why does wet dog food smell so awful?

Upon opening a container containing wet dog food, many pet parents have felt like throwing away the dog food due to the offensive smell.

But, have you ever wondered why your dog enjoys the meal that your nose can’t put up with?

When it comes to the ability to smell things, you can never beat your dog that has 1000 times better than you.

Wet dogs’ foods have begun dominating the market because they are durable can go for up to two years when not opened.

Another benefit that wet dog foods have over other foods is the fact that they lack preservatives.

The absence of chemicals is what makes a wet dog food to go bad once opened.

Preservatives, especially the synthetic once have been alleged to bear some toxic contents that result in dog allergies.

When you read the ingredients in a wet dog food can, you’ll notice that water and broth often come on top.

It’s the presence of water and broth that causes the bad odor in dog foods especially when there’s beef content.

Lack of preservatives equally contributes to the awful smell.

Organic dog food is healthier than other food but before proceeding read these faqs.

How can I keep my dog away from constipating?

Constipation is a condition where there’s difficult and lack of bowel movement hence causing troubles while defecating.

Constipation is slowly becoming a health concern to pet owners who sympathize with their pet when in this condition.

How to know if a dog is constipating;

  • The dog strains while on a long call.
  • Mucus may pass along with stool.
  • Dry and hard stool

Constipation cases are more prevalent in elderly dogs which have digestive issues. Also, the aged dogs cannot exercise regularly.

Causes of constipation in dogs include;

  • High or low content of fibers in the diet.
  • Trauma in the pelvis.
  • Dehydration from other sicknesses.
  • Inadequate exercise.
  • Obesity may cause the hair around the anus to form tangles because of difficulty in grooming.
  • When indigestible items like; stones, timber, bones and even small toys are swallowed.
  • Neurological disorder.
  • Side-effects of other medications.

From the causes of constipation, you can readily devise a robust prevention mechanism.

Here are ways we can get rid of the illness in our pets;

  • Encourage exercise.
  • Increase fiber in the diet.
  • Use laxative agents and stool softener.
  • Contact your vet if the condition persists.

How can I get rid of scabs on my dog?

dog scabs

Just like in humans, a scab is a good thing because it shows that the body is fighting tooth and nail to ensure healing occurs.

The protection that scabs give to areas with wounds can be compared with what a bandage does. So, a scab is a sort of natural bandage that’s often itchy.

Scabs can arise from injuries, food allergies, and cuts. However, other scabs arise from your dog’s habit of scratching himself incessantly.

Whatever the cause, we must find out a way of ending the situation to make our dogs comfortable again.

If scabs are left unattended, they often act as the breeding ground for fleas thus causing a massive infestation to your pet and your entire household.

It’s a good idea to keep watching your pet so that he doesn’t scratch himself till the scab spot comes out.

There are two ways of caring for scabs on your dog.

One way is the Clean and Spray method while the other means is the Natural Cleansing method.

Observe precautionary cleaning measures to ensure that you never inflict pain to your dog on the swellings around the scab.

Why does my dog press the top of his head on the ground and start scratching at his ears?

The dog may be in an excoriating pain for him to take such posture before beginning to scratch his ears.

Unlike our ears, a dogs’ ear’ have different anatomies because they form an L-shape tunnel inside making it difficult to see what’s distressing your pets.

The situation calls for a vet who has a special torch can spot inside.

Because the dogs are always active, they sweat a lot including the interior part of the ears.

The sweat can turn the dust in the ear muddy thereby causing clogging that makes the dog uncomfortable.

Grass seeds may also find ways into the ear of your pet and refuse to come out.

The dog could be trying to help alleviate his situation but in vain. To prevent such incidences from occurring, you need to keep the ear of your pet clean throughout.

Once you spot him in that kind of state, never speculate about what’s happening. Call the vet at once to find why the dog is behaving in that manner.

These are the helpful resources and information which helps to get.

What are some home remedies for a dog’s stomach ache?

Dogs are susceptible to diet switch, and they show this using their bowel.

Some stomach aches are severe and require an immediate intervention of a vet while other situations can be well handled at home.

The home remedies are often conducted for dogs who just recently switched from their usual meals.

Besides, dogs that strayed and ate the meals that aren’t meant for them can also undergo through the home remedy.

Here are some steps you can follow to alleviate your pet’s condition;

  1. Ascertain the situation carefully.
  2. Once you’ve established the cause, asses if you can handle it. Or, pass it to a vet.
  3. Based on your dog’s age and size, put him to fast for 12-24 hours to allow for the elimination of the irritating food.
  4. Minimize the intake of water and other fluids to lower stomach irritation.
  5. Subject him to a bland diet consisting of rice and low-fat meat.
  6. Assess the response of your dog keenly.
  7. Seek the services of a vet if your remedy doesn’t work.
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