20 Dog Treat Pouch Bags in 2020 (Reviews, FAQs Included)

When it comes to the handling of your dog, you’ll come across a phrase like ‘Dog Treat Pouch’ quite often but the phrase seems to confuse many people.

It’s important to establish what a dog treat pouch is before we get into other details.

On several occasions, many people mistake dog treat pouches for the bags that emotional support dogs carry. The difference between the two bags remains distinct as you are about to establish in this article.

Because some people see the word ‘treat’ in dog treat pouch, they think that the bag is meant for the health treatment of the dog. Such people find it difficult to differentiate between a dog treat pouch and a First Aid Kit. Let’s find out more about this pouch.

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What is a Dog Treat Pouch?

A dog treat pouch remains a vital training bag provided that you’ve selected the most suited one. It can be detrimental if you pick a wrong dog treat pouch as you might end up spending money on an item that you wouldn’t use much.

The notions behind a dog treat pouch in training of man’s best friend are;

  • It helps in swiftly rewarding your dog with a treat after a successful journey in a given drill.
  • Your dog needs a gift upon accomplishing an activity for motivational purposes the same way you give your children incentives for their excellence.
  • Allows the treat meant for your dog to remain fresh and with the taste for an extensive period of time.
  • The act of giving your dog a treat after some accomplishment is not only a tradition but also a common sense.
  • Storing the poops. It’s never a bad manner for your dog to allow the call of nature to take place even in public places. The duty of storing the dog’s feces comes your way and you must answer it with the help of the dog treat pouch.
  • Keeping the extras. Apart from the treat, the pouch is made in such a way that it can accommodate items such as; phones, car keys, and even your wallet.

How to Find the Best Dog Treat Pouch?

We cannot debate on the need to own a dog treat pouch as it remains essential in the day to day handling of your dog. The issue that can draw little debate is how to acquire the bag that satisfies your needs and that of your lovely dog.

There are numerous factors to consider before you buy an ideal dog treat pouch for your dog.

The pouch in question should bring comfort to you while caring for the dog.

Factors to Consider before buying a Dog Treat Pouch

  • Size and capacity- The size matters a lot when it comes to dog treat pouch. The number of dogs you are handling in a given training dictates the ideal size of the pouch. In addition, large pouches have the ability to hold the extras on top of the treat.
  • Cost- The price of a dog treat pouch is one feature that many individuals handling dogs use to determine the best dog treat pouch which is pocket-friendly. Most pouches are affordable even in online markets such as Amazon.
  • Color- Most pouches come in three distinct colors namely; black, red and blue. However, many people like buying black pouches. It’s worth noting that there are pouches that come with multiple colors.
  • Durability-No one buys an item with an intention of swiftly getting rid of it. The ideal pouch should last for a vast period of time.
  • Material– Most dog treat pouch are made of polyester but many people like using silicone or nylon as the materials can be cleaned with ease.
  • Compartments– Most dogs treat pouches for training to bear a single compartment, but some pouches have more than one compartment.
  • Attachment method- You’ve got an option to select a pouch with various systems of attachments that include; fasten on the belt, clip-on or simply hang on the shoulders.
  • Easy to use and versatility- Does the treat pouch open easily and allow easy carriage?
  • Security- What safety does the dog treat pouch grant to your dog and yourself? Does it keep the treat for a long time without going bad?
  • Warranty- In issues where the money is involved, you need to only to spend when the system promises to compensate for the manufacturer’s failures.

Here are a few sets of dog treat pouch that you should consider buying without hurting your pocket while at the same time guaranteeing you quality;

Customer Picks: 5 Top Rated Dog Treat Bags Review 2020

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List Of Best Dog Treat Pouch Bags Reviews 2020

Now let’s review the list of 20 best dog treat pouch bags, these are picked by our pet owners after doing deep research, I’m pretty sure you like them all.

Swag Dog Walking Bag- Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser – Weatherproof – Walking, Training, Traveling

As we had already mentioned, most dog treat pouches do not cost much money compared to the value that the pouches add to your pet.

This sophisticated pouch that has multiple uses to any dog handler is rated as one of the most expensive as far as a dog treat pouches are concerned.

Whether it’s for walking, traveling or training your dog, the versatile pouch cannot fail you as it’s designed for numerous uses.

No products found.

Doggone Good Rapid Reward Treat Pouch

Here is an inexpensive pouch yet provides a convenient way for delivering the treat to the dog. The pouch comes in various colors so the buyer will be spoilt for choices.

No products found.

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Mountain Made Dog Treat Pouch

The manufacturer calls the bag the ‘Happiest Dog’ for a reason that you cannot object. It’s only fair if they can add another name to it called- The Luckiest Dog Owner.

It’s one of the fewest available pouches that can be expanded beyond their visible sizes.

No products found.

Dog Treat Training Pouch, Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser

If you are looking for a less expensive dog treat pouch, you shouldn’t shop further than Treat Pouch Training Clicker Collapsible. The treat pouch is ideal for travel it can easily be separated and assemble back.

No products found.

Waggin Tails Smart Dog Treat Pouch Bag for Dog Training

The bag is ideal for playful dogs and dog handlers who are ready to play with the dogs both indoors and outdoors. The bag has an ability to accommodate snacks and treats thus enabling you to reward your pet with ease.

The pouch remains one of the best in training and walking with the pet as it is easy to access for rewards and storage.

No products found.

HonFei Black Dog Treat Pouch, Pet Puppy Dog Training Bags Waterproof Built-in Waste Dispenser Bags and Training Clicker/Poop Bag

The pouch comes with adjustable straps and waist belt straps making it easy to wear. It’s ideal for training puppy pets since it has a waste dispenser bag and a poop bag.

No products found.

Eco City Dog Treat Pouch for Training – Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser

Dog owners who buy this kind of treat pouch get a rare chance to learn before their dogs. Upon making your order, the company sends an e-Book in form of PDF in your email that guides you on how to use the pouch.

No products found.

Uvoguepaw Dog Treat Pouch, Training Bag with Poop Bag

Here’s the treat pouch that is ready for your needs and that of your pet equally. The pouch provides for the entertainment of the since it can accommodate your dog’s toys.

It remains one of the most convenient dog treat pouch in the market.

No products found.

6 in 1 Puppy and Dog Training Essential Kit, Dog Treat Training Pouch. Poop Bag Ideal Gift for First Time Pet Owners

The designers of the dog treat pouch had a lot in mind while inventing this very special bag. The pouch has features that can make your dog behave like a human. Besides, your needs are also catered for here.

No products found.

Kalining Hands-Free Dog Treat Pouch Training Bag Snack Reward Pet Feed Pouch, Carry Treats Toys Poop Bag Dispenser

For dog owners who are looking for a dog treat pouch that’s cheap and durable, this bag is for you. The bag comes in an attractive pink color that many dogs like. The zipper closure means that your items are safe while training your pet.

No products found.

AUPET Dog Treat Pouch Bag for Dog Training, Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Something for everyone is finally here. If you like colors; you will be spoilt for choices as the bag comes in several dark and dim fashions. The bag promises adequate storage of dog treat for your pet.

No products found.

OneTigris Treat Tote Bag & Foldable Dog Bowl 2.5L MOLLE Pouch

The coyote brown color dog treat pouch looks good for outdoor training because it camouflages well with nature. The bag is made of materials that make it easy to wash while at the same time enhancing durability.

No products found.

Doggone Good Trek & Train Bait Bag

From the exterior view, you can easily misjudge the pouch to be simple; wait until you open it to see the interior sophistication. The designers were never wrong in each feature because the bag provides space for; fun, food, excretion and storage.

No products found.

The Company of Animals Clix Treat Bag

The dog treat pouch comes handy for dog handlers who want to spend little money and obtain quality services. The purple bag is small enough making it convenient for traveling.

No products found.

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Hero Dog Treat Training Pouch Bag Build-in Waste Bag Dispenser

A wonderful pet bag that can carry your belongings while allowing you to train your pet effectively. The size is big enough making it ideal for walks, travels, and training.

No products found.

List of Best Dog Training Treat Pouches

Just like humans, dogs can only learn new things effectively after vigorous training. The entire training of your pet needs you to have a special bag that carries items for learning.

It’s this pouch that you put treats and snacks that you reward your pet upon learning some basics. Dogs need that you acknowledge their learning process by rewarding them with treats before proceeding to the next training drill.

Most dog training treat pouches share similar features but some have exceptional qualities that make dog owners prefer them over the mediocre ones.

Basic features of most dog training treat pouches;

  • Swift to open the main compartment.
  • Convenient wearing means.
  • Waist bag dispenser for the pet’s poop.
  • Zippered sections for storing valuables.
  • Easy to clean even with the help of machine-wash.
  • Made of hard materials that are durable.
  • Come in different colors.
  • Weatherproof materials to keep treats dry and fresh.

We have sampled for you some of the best treat pouches for dog training. Check for their features and the reasons why you need to get one for your pet.

RUFFWEAR – Treat Trader, Twilight Gray

Nearly all treat pouches for dog training have conical shapes, but here’s one treat bag that bears a curved shape. Never underestimate its flat shape for its capacity for it can hold up to a whole day content for those training dogs outdoor.

The treat bag is mainly worn on the waist strap or clipped to the belt given that the metal that helps shape it align it well on the body.

The pouch may lack pick-up dispensers like other treat bags, but it has numerous accessory pockets that can accommodate other smaller bags.

The bag is made of a water-proof material that resembles canvas. The water-resistance characteristic enables the pouch to keep the treats dry. The interior of the pouch has a nylon material that’s easy to clean even when the oily treat smears on it.

No products found.

Kurgo Go Stuff-It Dog Treat Bag, Hands-Free Treat Pouch, Training Treat Pouch

Unlike the previous bag, Kurgo Go Stuff It Dog Treat Bag opens wide even when the interior drawstring is shut. The explained ability makes the treat pouch easily operated even with a single hand.

Another distinct feature from the above dog treat pouch for training is that Kurgo Go Staff It Dog Treat Bag has reflective materials all over in the design.

The pouch has zippered on the rare for accessories and for clipping to the belt if you desire. It has the ultimate attachment method that can accommodate bags and leashes.

No products found.

PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport- Durable, Convenient Dog Training Accessory

The main interior pocket has two sections where you can store different flavors of treat simultaneously. The feature makes the pouch perfect for training two different dogs with different treats as the pets’ rewards.

With the hinged frame as the closure system, you can opt to either pop it open or to shut it all together with a single hand.

It’s one of the largest treat pouches for training dogs in the market. Only on rare occasion, you can find pet owners fill this bag with treats and other items. It is opening is large enough to accommodate both two huge hands at the same time.

No products found.

Paw Lifestyle Dog Treat Training Pouch, Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser

Many dog owners prefer this kind of dog treat pouch because it’s large and easy to access down string closure.

The pouch has two zippered pockets where the front one runs horizontally while the rare pocket running vertically.  The front mesh pocket is ideal for swift access to the content.

The dog treat pouch bag gives the user all the three options of attachments. The D-ring on each side with strap helps to hang on the shoulder or to attach on your waist. The metallic clip allows for other connections e.g. with keys and belt clips.

The affordable pouch may not be looking attracting since it comes not in numerous colors, but it remains your perfect companion to any journey with your pet.

No products found.

Ezydog Ezydog Snakpak Wearable Dog Treat Bag

Cleaning this bag is easy as you just need to pull up the inner lining and wipe it after an activity. The pouch has two styles of attachments that include; belt clip and strap attachment.

The pouch is specifically made to hold treats for your dog during training and doesn’t have space even for your phone.

However, highly reflective materials make the interior visible. Besides, you can choose from the color red, blue, orange or black.

No products found.

Benefits of Dog Treat Pouch DIY

While many dog handlers buy dog treat pouches, some people simply make for themselves the bags to reward their pets. However, the home-made dog treat pouch DIY do not last long given that they never pass standardization tests.

Dog treat pouch is nearly mandatory for individuals training pets so if you cannot buy, you need to make for yourself one.

People who have basic embroidery knowledge find it easy to make the pouches, though they seem rudimental. The treat pouches bags can hardly look like the ones available in the market.

What you need to make dog treat pouch DIY;

  • A pair of scissors for cutting.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Pins for fastening the treat bag on your waist.
  • Fabric material e.g. Nylon and polyester.
  • Velcro for closure.


  • Can always make the size that matches your need.
  • Cheaper compared to the ones in the market.
  • Customized according to your needs.
  • It still serves the purpose.


  • Difficult to make multiple compartments.
  • It can mostly have one attachment style.
  • Low aesthetic value.
  • Poor safety level.
  • Never appeals much to the dog in training.
  • Have no specifications to hold other valuables.

FAQs about Dog Treat Pouches

Dog Treat Pouch

Is it necessary for all dog owners to have the dog treat pouches?

As earlier mention, it’s mandatory to have dog treat pouch since it is the best way that you can keep the reward for your dog. Besides, there’s no alternative that you can substitute with the dog bag.

If you cannot buy a dog treat pouch bag, you can always buy make a dog treat pouch DIY to store a treat for your wonderful pet.

It isn’t only the treat for your dog you want to keep; you have other personal belonging to find space within the special pouch. Other items that need space within the bag are; keys, a mobile phone, and cards.

Where do I buy the best dog treat pouches?

Dog treat pouches are available at the pets stores near you. It’s very important to check if there’s any discount that dog treats bags come with so that you can save some penny.

All pouches are good; it’s the buyer who needs to buy the dog treat bags that satisfy their needs. If you need any clarification about the use of the bag, you need to inquire from the staff at the store. Remember, it’s pointless buying a pouch that you’ll end up not using.

Pouches are also available in the online markets for people who do not have physical pet stores near them. Popular online markets that you can make order for your favorite dog treat bags are; Amazon.

Do I pay for the shipping fee for pouches I buy online?

The best place to make a purchase for your ideal dog treat pouch for your pet remains the online market platforms. It’s because it gives you the option of selecting bags from wide ranges after reading what reviewers are saying.

The shipping cost for most online products is free. However, you can pay for the cost of some products depending on your locations. Online companies find it easy to ship items to major nations like; the US, UK, AUS, Canada, China, and India.

Is it good to locally make a dog treat pouch for your pet?

It’s almost impossible to train your dog without using a dog treat bag that helps you to reward your dog with a fresh treat upon learning a concept. Having any type of a pouch is good; whether bought from the market or locally assembled.

The bottom line remains that you have a pouch that can serve both your needs and that one of your dog. However, dog treats pouches DIY do not last long and never come with a warranty.

What fabric material should I buy whenever I am buying a dog treat pouch?

The fabric material of your dog treat pouch matters a lot since it determines the durability and the washing method of the bag. Pouches made of polyester tend to stay longer but mostly requires hand washing.

Nylon and silicone materials are easy to clean and at the same time enhance the visibility of the bag’s content.

Is dog treat pouches made of plastic good?

Yes, they are good because they last for ages but the problem remains their disposal since they never rot. It means plastic materials bring environmental degradation issues.

Some reviewers also claim that they feel slightly uncomfortable when they attach plastic dog treat pouches.

Can I use one dog treat pouch to train more than one dog?  

Of course, you can. All you need to do is to buy a pouch that has multiple compartments where you can keep various types of fresh treat.

However, you need to be ready to put up with heavyweight because treat pouches with several compartments are always heavy.

Is there the possibility that your pet’s poop can mix with the treat in the pouch?

Not very likely but it’s possible if you are not careful. The section for the dog poop where there is a dispenser waste bag is different from where you keep the treats.

The treats and the waste can only mix when you confuse where to keep treats for the section where there is the waste.

Is the color important while selecting a dog treat pouch?

Dog treat pouches come in various colors including; red, black, blue, silver and cream. The dominant color remains color black.

Many people prefer the color black because it doesn’t get dirty easily. However, some people go for bright colors that are visible even in darkness.

Some dog owners tend to buy dog treat pouches that bear the colors that their dogs like most. I bet by now you know your pet’s favorite color! Dogs enjoy eating rewards from bags that bear their favorite color.

What is the best attachment position of the dog treat bag on my body?

There’s no exact answer to this question since different people have different preferences.  Besides, the dog treat pouch that you have will always dictate the attachment style unless the bag provides for all the three attachment options.

The attachment style that most dog treat bags offer remains; clip on the belt, waist straps, and shoulder straps.

Final Verdict on Dog Treat Pouches

These are the 20 top rated best dog treat pouch bags available in the market, Have any queries? comment on your queries, I’ll answer you quickly to pick the best one.

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