Feeding Guinea Pigs – What should I do? [Frequently Asked Questions]

An adorable creature like guinea pig is born to be loved and cared, yet this task might be troublesome to pet owners, especially who just start to raise guinea pigs.

With weak skills and less experience, you might find it difficult to understand what your pet needs. Lack of knowledge in taking care of guinea pigs can lead to unhappy and unhealthy pets.

Have you ever wondered whether the techniques that you have been using with your piggy are not right for them?

Can you recognize if they are staying strong and happy?

The article provides information to help you learn more about what and how to feed the piggy. We hope it will be useful for guinea pigs’ lovers.

The followings are most asked questions, make sure you read them with all your heart to the little friends.

FAQs about Feeding Guinea Pigs

Do guinea pigs love to stay alone?

No, these sociable buddies prefer living with their friends. In the wild, they have been living in the mix-gender groups. The desire to be accompanied doesn’t allow a guinea pig to stay alone, it is said to be one of their characteristics.

They appreciate the existence of each individual and form strong bonds with one another. That’s how they can build their territory against the other groups.

Having said that, guinea pigs perform better in the group in term of behavior and emotion.

They will learn how to interact with each other and develop relationships.

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While in the wild they strengthen the connection to protect themselves and the territory, they do social activities as domestic pets. Plus, they will feel the sense of belonging in the guinea pigs’ society which helps reducing stress and aggressive levels.

In short, you should at least raise them in pairs or groups. Research has shown that the isolation will affect negatively in the health and in the worst stage, death is as the final result.

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How do I stop my guinea pig from biting me whenever I want to pet him?

Guinea pigs don’t normally bite unless you make them uncomfortable. Considering these following solutions to prevent such behavior. First, the slow approach. Guinea pigs will bite from the fear of contact.

You have just got New Guinea pigs and really excited to play with them, you’d better not to do so.

It is threatening to them as they are not ready to adapt to the new environment. Therefore, let them feel free to explore the new house. Do not put your hands through the cage bars to avoid attacking.

Next, hold them properly. You might hurt their soft body by holding them in the wrong way.

They are very cute and you unintentionally grab and hug them too tightly, so a bite is a signal or a warning to your action. Instead, you should hold him with one hand holding the area behind the front legs, and the other hand under the bottom.

Place it in your lap to create the closeness and watch their reaction. If they are not running, you can start to pet them at the head then other parts.

Furthermore, some guinea pigs are quite fastidious, so you have to take time to gain their trust. Do not bother them when they are napping if you dare to take the risk of biting.

You also should not hit them when they bite because they will more aggressive in petting the next times.

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I have two guinea pigs. I’m going to leave for a week with no one to take care of them, can they survive?

Guinea Pig staying

Mostly, no. Even though you can estimate the amount of food that you are going to leave for your pets in a week, what if they need more than the supply?

Guinea pigs need fresh food every day such as lettuce, it will be spoiled after a few hours in the cage. Water is the main source to keep them alive. It is necessary to have a water bottle, otherwise, pigs will be in big trouble.

Hay and pellets should be available too, are you sure they are enough for your pets in a week? Cleaning is another problem for you to leave these piggies at home.

Even Guinea pig hay feeders are available for smoother eating.

Their poops and urine will make them smelly which cause a higher risk of sickness.

There are always options for you to consider if you have to leave them a week. Ask a reliable neighbor or friend to accompany your buddies before you leave, just ensure that you instruct them clearly the diet.

If possible, find an experienced person in taking care of guinea pigs to take this task. You can give them to the pet shop for their safety with a little fee. And of course, the veterinarian will be happy to take care of these little friends.

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Can guinea pigs eat cherry tomatoes?

guinea pig cherry tomato

The answer is yes. Tomato is a very healthy vegetable with rich nutrients to solve the skin problem. But first, give your guinea pigs a try if they like to have some.

Piggies love to eat the vegetable, yet some of them do not. Give each guinea pig one ripe cherry tomato to taste first. Remember that any green part of the cherry tomato should be removed since it is poisonous.

One-month-old guinea pigs can start to eat half a cherry tomatoes per day. Adult ones can have 2 to 3 cherry tomatoes. The amount should be in moderation, too much cherry tomatoes will have a bad effect on the mouth.

A few times per week is a suggestion.

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What if a guinea pig eats more than it should?

They don’t normally overeat, but it happens sometimes. They certainly know when they are full, but they might not refuse the extra food you give. In general, piggies love to eat, they only ignore unless they get sick.

Guinea pigs can eliminate waste more if, in need, that’s why they poop a lot. Don’t worry if they overeat sometimes, buddies will go to sleep to play around if they feel like not eating anymore.

Ensure that you have a good mix of vegetables, fruits, pellets, hays, and water in every diet to keep them nutritious and hydrated.

Follow the instruction on the package if you give them commercial food and adjust the appropriate amount of the other food. Do not give them extra food, and visit the veterinarian to have helpful advice.

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Understand Your Guinea Pigs’ Feeding Favors

As a pet owner, you should equip yourself with valuable information in order to serve your pet what they deserve.

Until here, you should have some handy tips to triple care your buddies.

Make your plan, develop a logic feeding technique to your guinea pigs, and learn their unique personality.

Guinea pigs are very lovely domestic pets, every day with them is a worthwhile moment.

Have a great time with your piggies.

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