25 Best Hedgehog Supplies in 2020 (Reviews and FAQs)

Like hamsters, hedgehogs are considered to be one of the most popular pets because they are small and lovely, easy to raise, and there’s no need of a large space, suitable for raising in the room.

If you are planning on adopting a hedgehog, in addition to learning how to choose good, healthy ones, you need to look for necessary supplies for them before taking them to your home.

Because, if the hedgehogs are not well cared for in the first few days, they will become difficult and less active, etc.

However, each individual will have its own hobbies and habits, so if you are raising ones but they are still less active, maybe the items you have prepared for them are not enough or do not meet the needs of the pets.

After 20 years working in the pet industry, especially the hedgehogs, we want to give you the 25 best items for the species.

At the same time, after reading this article, you will have the basic knowledge to take care of them properly and keep the hedgehog supplies more durable.

Let’s dive in!

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Which Kinds of Supplies Should a Hedgehog Have?

Cages and Bedding

Like hamster cages, the hedgehog cages are best made of glass or mica.

The size of the cage is about 60cm x 30cm x 30cm (length x width x height) for one pet. With this size, you can keep all kinds of hedgehogs from small to large.

If possible, you can set up a cage in the middle of the shadow and light.

Especially, the cage needs to be placed in a cool and dry area, and you should avoid noise so that hedgehogs are not frightened.

To make the pets comfortable, you should line the cage for them.

The best material for the hedgehog’s bedding is pinewood sawdust.

In addition to deodorizing, sawdust also absorbs well, does not bring many side effects like other types (especially fragrant types).

Because hedgehogs are the rodent, they eat, drink, and also defecate a lot (only with adults).

Therefore, it is best to line the cage with 2 layers. The lower one should be smooth white sand, and the above is the sawdust.

In addition, in his cage, you can equip some items such as feeders, water bottles, wheels or toys, etc. so that the hedgehog can both eat and play right inside it.

Notably, items in the cage should be preferably plastic or mica.

Litter Boxes

You will use a tray or a litter box that its barriers are neither too high nor too low for your hedgehogs to climb easily.

At the same time, it will help them distinguish between the inside and outside of the tray.

Besides, you can measure the area of the tray that is equal to your hand. After preparing the tray, you will spread a layer of sand or sawdust as the material you use to line the cage.

Feeders and Waterers

Although you regularly clean the pets’ cage, its floor is still not clean enough to spread the food on it for them to eat, but to place the food in the feeder to be hygienic.

You can find a feeding bowl or an automatic feeder for hedgehogs which is compact, handy, and aesthetic. These types of feeders work very simply.

You only need to fill the bottle with seeds and the food will automatically flow out whenever your pet eats.

The material of the feeders must be plastic or mica.

In the cage, you should arrange more water bottles so that the pets can drink when they are thirsty. Water bottles should be hung on a little high position depending on the height of hedgehogs.

Remember to clean the bottle because after a long time used, it will have moss.


Hedgehogs cannot brush hair and clean themselves as often as other animals.

However, bathing is essential for them. It will help the species to become clean, fragrant, as well as prevent common hedgehog problems relating to diarrhea, eyes, or diseases caused by the vermin, etc.

The hedgehog bath supplies you need to prepare include babies’ bathtub, a soft toothbrush, a towel, and shampoo for children.

It is also the ideal time for you to trim his nails. Therefore, let’s prepare a nail clipper.

Let’s bathe the pets with warm water, which is equivalent to the water temperature when bathing a baby.

If you want to be more careful, you can buy a thermometer to check it. From about 37-38 degrees Celsius is the most appropriate.

Foods and Treats

Like other rodents, hedgehogs can eat many things from superworms, locusts, crickets to vegetables such as cucumbers, pears, apples, squash, etc.

Hedgehogs can easily get obese, so it is essential for them to eat a diet with a crude fat content of about 10% and a protein content of up to 35%.

Hedgehogs need an average energy source of about 70-100 calories/day.

Vegetables should be provided 2-3 times/week, not too much. Insects are best to be supplied 1-4 times/week.

But, it is only for a community of this species. In fact, some of them like this portion and some like other ingredients.

Therefore, pet food manufacturers have practiced gradually feeding them with canned wet cat food (you can buy at supermarkets or pet stores).

It depends on the age, behavior, gender of each individual that we can apply the most appropriate diet for him.

The daily food can be divided into 3 main meals, including morning, afternoon, and evening. The leftovers should not be kept until the next day.

Besides, you should also add some essential nutrients for your pets such as cheeses, chopped meat, vitamin-rich vegetables, and vitamin C effervescent tablets.

Especially, do not give your pets plenty of acidic (sour) fruits. If their bodies accumulate too much acid, some individuals may have diarrhea. For male hedgehogs, it can cause infertility.

Water for hedgehogs should also be checked and replaced regularly.


Carriers are hedgehog supplies that help you move your pet wherever you want.

No matter how far it is, with this accessory, you won’t have to worry too much.

Currently, there are a lot of hedgehog carriers designed with various styles.

They are made mainly of high-quality, waterproof fabric material. In addition, the carrier can be plastic which is non-toxic.

Toys and Accessories

Wheels are one of the necessary hedgehog supplies you should buy

To make the hedgehogs healthy and happy, you can buy more toys for your pets.

In our experience, you should buy a sleeping house and a wheel. Sleeping houses help pets feel safe and wheels are tools for them to play, exercise, and get healthier.

You should also note that when playing, the species often poop on objects.

Therefore, to ensure health safety for pets, you should periodically clean hedgehog toys.

To decorate the pet’s cage, you can prepare some other hedgehog supplies such as a dinosaur egg house, slide bridges, tubes, seesaw, or wooden houses, etc.

These things are generally not necessary, so it’s okay to not provide them.

Best Cages for Hedgehogs

MidWest Homes for Pets Two-story Deluxe Critter Nation

If the small animals in your house don’t get along with each other very well, this product will flexibly separate them, because it’s easy and convenient to install, disassemble, and use.

Of course, the larger their living environment, the easier it will be to clean.

No products found.

Ware Manufacturing Chew Proof High Rise Pet Cage

If your home does not have enough space for a large hedgehog cage, this product will be extremely suitable for the pet’s aquarium tank.

Moreover, with the roof door, you will be easily accessible to clean the pet’s living space.

No products found.

Prevue Hendryx Pet Small Animal Home on Stand

You will be very surprised by the time you spend to assemble this product.

The cage is extremely compact and lightweight, making it easy to clean and move to wherever you want.

Moreover, the deep pan will also make the pet’s living space cleaner.

No products found.

Yaheetech 37’’/52” Metal Ferret Cage Feeder/Wheels

With durable construction and flexible wheels, this cage allows you to take your pet anywhere in the house or outdoors that you want.

Surely, the hedgehogs will love to climb and stay in this cage.

No products found.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Hedgehog habitats are most important to grow healthy.

If you have a hedgehog family, this spacious and airy cage will make them extremely comfortable living together.

In addition, the cage provides a tip-proof food dish and a water bottle for them.

Therefore, you don’t need to prepare too many other hedgehog supplies.

No products found.

Best Wheels for Hedge

Exotic Nutrition 12” Runner + Cage Attachment

This wheel is suitable for all kinds of small animals, including hedgehogs.

The most outstanding attribute of the product is that it is very solid and has an excellent grip.

This surface has no space, making it safer to the feet and toes of the pet.

No products found.

Silent Running 9” Wheel + Cage Attachment

Like the previous product we mentioned, this hedgehog wheel is also equipped with non-slip running tracks and a front safety plate with openings, making it convenient for the hedgehogs to move safely.

Assembling and cleaning are also very easy.

No products found.

Best Food for Hedgehogs

Blue Buffalo Weight-Control Natural Dry Cat Food

Hedgehog food

The diet for hedgehogs is mostly vegetables, so if you give them too much protein and fat, they will be very prone to get obese.

This product is for those hedgehogs, which help them grow healthy without gaining too much weight.

No products found.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food

For a hedgehog, digestive problems can sometimes be more dangerous than you think.

Therefore, using this product will be very beneficial for your pet with natural digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Also, with the main ingredient of duck, this food is very attractive and delicious.

No products found.

Eight In One (8 In 1) Ultra-Blend Select Hedgehog Diet

This food is considered as a treat for hedgehogs that it is manufactured in small kibbles, making it easier to chew and digest.

Furthermore, it will help the pets gain a healthy body due to the contents of vitamins and minerals fortified.

No products found.

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High Protein Premium Dry Cat Food

This cheap hedgehog supplies of cat food contain a source of seafood and potatoes that almost hedgehogs love to eat.

Also, your pets will healthily grow with probiotics added in the product, which is advantageous for their intestinal tract.

No products found.

Fluker’s Freeze-Dried Mealworms

Mealworms are one of the best hedgehog supplies of food, but mealworms in nature are difficult to store and can carry infectious diseases.

Therefore, we’d like to introduce you to these freeze-dried mealworms, which will provide enough protein, vitamins and other nutrients for the pets.

No products found.

Tasty Worms Freeze-Dried Mealworms

Like Fluker’s product, this food also provides nutrients for your pet with freeze-dried mealworms.

The differentiation of this product is that you don’t need to rehydrate the food before giving it to the pet because it contains 5 percent moisture.

No products found.

Sunseed 36035 Hedgehog Wigglers & Berries Trail Mix

With this product, your hedgehogs will have a delicious treat with colorful ingredients including dried strawberries.

You can mix it with your pet’s daily meals to stimulate them to eat better.

No products found.

Mealworms – Premium Dried Mealworms by Tasty Bug Treats

It is another hedgehog supplies of dried mealworms that we want to recommend to you because what it brings to your pet is so excellent.

The worms are dried in part, so the nutrients inside them remain the same compared to the whole dried food.

No products found.

Best Carriers for Hedgehogs

Ware Manufacturing Twist-N-Go Carrier for Small Pets

This carrier has a perfect size which fits the small animals like hedgehogs. Also, it is very safe for pets with scratch-proof screen and durable nylon canvas.

The product is also easily folded when there’s no need to use.

No products found.

Living World Hagen Pet Carrier

If you don’t want to use fabric carriers but replace it with sturdy plastic ones, this product will be the perfect solution for your problem.

As you can see, this carrier is very breathable with holes that still ensures that the hedgehogs cannot escape.

No products found.

Best Waterers for Hedgehogs

Dahey Drinking Water Feeder

One of our favorite things about this high-quality ceramic water feeder is that it’s well-grounded and sturdy.

Your hedgehogs will be ensured to always have clean water. Better yet, when the pets drink, it will make less noise.

No products found.

Choco Nose H125 Hedgehog Water Bottle

If your hedgehog is naughty, you won’t want to skip this water feeder because it is firmly attached to the pet cage by screws, preventing the animal from shaking it.

In addition, the leak-proof nozzle ensures that the cage will not be wet.

No products found.

Choco Nose H128 Best Water Bottle for Small Pets

What makes this an exceptional product is that it doesn’t leak at all no matter how long you use it.

There will be no more scene of wet hedgehog cages and supplies.

Instead, it will always be dry and airy while your hedgehogs will always have enough water to drink every day.

No products found.

The Best Bedding for Hedgehogs

Monster Pets Carefresh Natural Premium Soft 60- Liter Pet Bedding

Natural ingredients make this product the great and safe bedding for hedgehogs.

Besides, you will not notice any unpleasant pet odor in the cage thanks to its absorption, and it is also very easy to clean.

No products found.

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

This bedding is completely natural with materials of natural wood fibers, which can be biodegradable.

Hence, it’s not harmful to pets. In addition, the living environment of the hedgehogs will also be completely dry and airy with the hygroscopic feature of this product.

No products found.

Kaytee Aspen Bedding Bag

If you are afraid that dust in bedding may affect the respiratory system of hedgehogs, then this product will comfort you because it has shavings from a hardwood, thus not creating dirt and wooden debris.

Although it is made of wood, the bedding is very soft, not sharp.

No products found.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Bedding

Compared to wood shavings, using long fiber strands to make hedgehog beds is safer for the pet’s respiratory system because they do not contain free particles and dust.

Surely, your hedgehogs will be extremely excited when playing and burrowing with this comfortable bedding.

No products found.

Carefresh Shavings Plus Pet Bedding

Your hedgehogs will be extremely comfortable living on this bedding type, which includes shavings and 30% comfy fluff paper.

If you buy this product, you can delay cleaning it to 5 days because it controls odor very effectively.

No products found.

FAQs about Hedgehog Supplies

Should hedgehog wear clothes?


There are two main reasons why letting hedgehogs wear clothes is unnecessary.

Firstly, hedgehogs have a lot of pointed feathers, so wearing clothes will be very cumbersome and difficult. In addition, the pet’s clothes may be easily torn after a short time of use.

Secondly, clothes will limit pet from moving, making them difficult to walk and even hurt themselves.

Can hedgehogs be litter trained?

It is not too difficult to practice hedgehogs to have the habit of pooping in the right place, but it requires the patience of the owner.

This species is a rodent. They are naughty, active, and they have a habit of defecating where they did before.

Therefore, we can rely on this feature to practice the pets to poop in the right place.

At this point, you have to keep watching. If the hedgehog defecates outside the tray, scoop the feces into the tray, eliminate the smell on the place that he has just pooped, and put a new layer of sand or sawdust in the stool area inside the tray.

Why is this solution effective?

Hedgehogs often poop where they did before. So, when you do that, they will follow the smell and defecate right there.

With good eyesight and smell, they can find the correct place in the hedgehog litter box or pan and will not poop on your house floor.

Also, it is not difficult if you want your pets to go out and play without pooping indiscriminately everywhere.

To litter train your hedgehogs when playing outside, you need to apply the following bonus and punishment.

If the hedgehog does not defecate in the wrong places, the next day, he will be allowed to play again. If not, he will be locked in the cage the next day. In particular, when locking him up in his cage, you must remove all his toys.

For those who usually run and jump, when they are locked in their cage and do not have toys to exercise, they will be very destructive and try to climb to escape.

At this time, you should not because of loving him to comfort him but just punish a whole day like that.

Until the next day, let him play again. Do that a few times, he’ll learn the lesson of pooping in the right place.

Should you feed hedgehogs with cat food?


There are many reasons why cat food is one of the hedgehog supplies chosen by many owners.

Firstly, cat food provides a complete source of protein, fiber, and fat for the animal.

At the same time, cat food has a very attractive flavor, surely the hedgehogs will love it.

With the main ingredients of meat, fish, and seafood, you can rest assured to buy cat food for hedgehogs and supplement fruits, vegetables to balance nutrients for them.

Secondly, the cat food kibble is said to be the ideal size for small species like hedgehogs compared to dog food. In addition, your pet will be able to chew cat food more easily.

Finally, cat food is widely sold throughout supermarkets and pet stores. So, when you cannot order hedgehog food in time, what will be more accessible than replacing them with cat food?

How often should you bathe your hedgehog?

A normal healthy hedgehog should take a bath once a month.

Too much bathing is also not good because it can make the pet’s skin dries out or gets irritated.

Can hedgehogs use hamster wheels?

Depending on the size of the pet, you should choose the right wheel for them.

Specifically, for the baby ones, the diameter of the wheel will be 15-25 cm. At this period, you can let your pet use the wheel for hamsters.

For adult hedgehogs who are more than 2 months old, the diameter of the wheel will be 30-35. The hamster wheel is said to be too small for the adults.

In other words, the wheel for mature hedgehogs should have a large diameter and a firm running surface.

Choosing the right type of safety wheel for the pets will help them not break their legs or toes.

In addition, the wheel must be firmly mounted in the cage so that it will not fall when pets use it.

Do hedgehogs chew things up?

Due to not being a rodent, hedgehogs do not need to bite the objects in the cage to sharpen their teeth.

However, depending on each individual, sometimes, you’ll catch your pet biting constantly for a few days or even biting your hand. We will explain this behavior of a group of hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs have a habit of licking food before biting because they want to taste it first. But, when the pets smell delicious, they won’t need to lick to try. That’s why they sometimes bite you.

They simply like the salty taste of sweat in your hands. To stop this, wash your hands before touching the animal.

However, if the biting action against your hand and objects happens regularly, it may be because the hedgehog is uncomfortable, stressed or wants to threaten you.

More seriously, the pet may be suffering from pains or diseases. You should consult your veterinarian if this situation persists for 1-2 weeks.

How to take care of mother hedgehog and her babies?


To provide enough energy for the mother hedgehog to take care of her offspring, it’s required that the diet is more in both quantity and nutrients than normal.

The meals during this time are no different than usual but need to increase the amount of protein and fat.

Protein and fat can be supplemented by adding superworms (moderate amount) and cheese (little, otherwise, she can be easy to get diarrhea).

For baby hedgehogs, if their mothers do not breastfeed, goat-free milk will be an ideal alternative (which is unprocessed, taken from the farm).

Notably, when feeding your baby hedgehogs, do not let them lie on their back but keep him lying upright or slightly tilted forward. Otherwise, they will choke.


After giving birth, mother hedgehogs are often very fierce. If a small effect occurs, they can either eat their babies or leave them starving.

So, you’d better use newspapers to cover the cage to keep the pets in the private space where has little noise.

It is especially important not to replace the dirty sawdust until the baby hedgehogs open their eyes (after 3 weeks).

Hence, before the mother gives birth, you should renew all the old sawdust and choose the type that can be used for a long time like compressed wood.

Dusty is a disadvantage of this material, which can affect the baby’s respiratory system.

However, the moisture absorption is an undeniable benefit of its that is needed in the situation.

In case of force majeure, if any child unfortunately dies, let’s use a spoon to scoop out the baby gently. Remember do not touch the mother hedgehog.

How to clean the hedgehog cage?

Keeping the cage clean is always the best way to prevent and treat diseases of hedgehogs.

The sawdust layer under the cage should be cleaned regularly, once every few months.

Also, drinking water for the pets should be boiled and food should be ensured to provide enough nutrition for them.

When it is cold, take notice to keep the hedgehogs warm.

Especially, at night, you should not place the cage in the windy areas.

Sometimes, you can bathe them but remember to bathe at noon, not in the cold weather because they will easily get sick.


Not only is this hedgehog supplies list a decoration for your room or a kind of hobby but they are also responsible for providing hedgehogs with a full living environment for the best development.

Hope that our experiences will help you equip knowledge before raising a pet.

Also, if you want to know further information about other pets like dog caring, feel free to contact us.

Don’t forget to like and share the article with others. Thank you.

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