A Complete Guide to Take Care of Rabbits [with FAQs]

Do you have rabbit care faqs?

Taking care of rabbits requires a lot of patience and effort.

Their life span tends to last for up to 12 years so a long-term commitment is necessary if you want to keep them as pets.

Learning to treat handle bunny hutches are among the very first steps.

Go on exploring the most common difficulties that rabbit owners tend to run into.

5-Best Rabbit Care FAQs

How can you remove mice from a rabbit’s hutch?

Mice can carry rabies or diseases, which is a potential source of sickening your lovely friend.

One feasible way is to set up rat traps around your bunny hutch. Keep him inside the hutch safely until you can catch any mouse.

To attract these culprits, cover bread with peanut butter and put it inside the trap. There can be a maximum of 6 mice getting caught per time.

Mice tend to find rabbit food attractive with diverse ingredients so it’s not easy to discourage them.

Therefore, it is effective to enclose the hutch with metal while putting food in secure metal cans.

These rodents like to dig holes but it’s impossible with metal.

If necessary, make another cage for your pet.

Try using wire with small openings, and it’s been recommended to aware of rabbit living conditions also.

How can I stop my rabbit eating his hutch?

If your rabbit keeps chewing his hutch, something must go wrong.

To stop the problem completely, you need to root out the actual reason behind it.

In some cases, rabbits chew on the wire or wood fencing to try to escape if they sense a lack of attention from their owners.

Don’t give out treats because it can worsen the situation.

Instead, move them into a quiet location with doors closed inside your house so that they can feel at ease.

Also, remember to maintaining frequent communication with such friends.

Put into their enclosures toys like cardboard boxes and toilet roll tubes to prevent them from getting bored.

Otherwise, you may provide larger space for your bunny, thereby reducing the possibility of pets testing the limits of their enclosures by chewing.

Since their teeth grow continuously throughout their lifespan, they always seek tough materials to wear them down.

Their hutches are no exceptions.

Thus, find alternatives like stacks of hay of their sizes or get willow chews from a pet store.

If the above-mentioned solutions don’t work, use bittle sprays on a regular basis.

To avoid spraying everywhere, first, spray some onto a cloth before wiping it directly on the desirable areas.

You can train your furry friend to respond to words of caution.

Caught him in the act of eating the hutch and blast him with cold mist, saying “No”.

Refrain from hitting or shouting at him, otherwise, it may run counter-effective, making him become aggressive or timid.

Here is the recommended guide for rabbit bedding concerns.

Why are rabbit hutches off the ground?

Maintaining a decent distance between the hutch and the ground is helpful in preventing predators and keeping the base dry.

Rabbits risk being infected with worms and other parasites if their hutches are located on the ground outdoors.

Moreover, the farther the cage is from the ground, the easier it is to clean waste and droppings, ensuring a clean living environment for your bunny.

If you buy hutches without legs, you can DIY a project or search for separated feet from other brands.

Alternatively, local DIY stores provide wheels specially designed for cabinets.

Otherwise, you can place a brick at each corner. This is a lower technical but effective solution.

You will find the guide about rabbit hay feeders here.

Why are rabbit hutches made of wood?

wooden hutch

Rabbit hutches can be made of various materials, such as wood, metal, or wire.

Though metal, plastic, and stainless steel are easier to wash than wood, many pet owners prefer to buy wooden models.

It’s because the former easily gets scorchingly hot in the summer.

Pets like rabbits don’t pant or sweat, but only cool down through their ear veins.

This turns out insufficient under high temperatures so they might suffer from heat stress.

Moreover, under a shady tree or verandah is the ideal place for the rabbit’s hutches when the summer draws in.

In addition, wood hutches can stand the test of weather elements so your mind can be freed from worries when placing such hutches outdoors.

This guide helps to aware of the bunny diet.

Which rabbit hutch is the best?

rabbit hutch

A hutch is considered the best if it satisfies some following criteria.

In terms of materials, go for wooden or metal ones since these two boast great durability and sturdiness.

Replacing hutches frequently can cost you lots of time and money.

It must be spacious enough for active animals like rabbits to stretch out full length.

Consider how many rabbits you are planning to put in the hutch.

They should be able to hop, jump, dash, sprint, and stand upright on their hind legs without hurting their heads.

There must be space for the feeder, water bottle, litter box, and toys to keep them amused.

The pen should have a well-crafted nest box and waterproof covering to repel cold, heat, and dampness.

Good ventilation is essential to prevent hot air from getting stuck inside the cage and killing the pet.

Given the chewing habit of rabbits, go for models with wire over the exposed wood sections.

For outdoor hutches, a metal mesh floor is a must to let droppings fall through.

The roof needs to covered with roofing felt while sloping enough not to retain any rain.

Also, take accessories into consideration.

Some hutches come with a food bowl, a solid floor, a run, etc. Thus, they sell at a higher price range but it is worthwhile.

In the long run, you may shop around for each separate item, which will be more time-consuming and expensive.

Final thoughts

Bunnies have unique needs to enjoy a healthy and energetic life.

Hard work pays off so you can achieve a long-lasting company of such lovely animals.

We hope these rabbit care faqs answers somewhat clear up your wonders.

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