Things You Want to Know Before Raising Pups (FAQs & Answers)

It has been a long time since the first day we discovered that dogs can be domesticated to become the best friends for humans.

In fact, it was not known exactly when the process of dog domestication first began.

What we do know is that the divergence in genetic between pups and wolves, their ancestors, started to show at maximum 40000 years ago.

With that kind of a long-term friend as well as guardians, it is only natural that these guys will become our most trusted friends.

As a result, they have been selectively bred for millennia upon millennia so that they can have unique attributes.

Due to this, modern dogs have the most variances in all things, from sizes to behaviors.

Thus, one can always find a breed that fit the taste, resulting in people raising dogs getting higher and higher in number.

However, for the most part, these guys are not equipping enough knowledge to actually take care of the pup. Thus, I want them to at least know some general facts before adopting one.

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Some Basic Questions about Dogs

Which is the best? Raw feeding or cooked feeding for senior dogs?

It always seems to occur just overnight. It was just the other day your favorite pup was leaping around like some puppy. However, you started to notice the pup is having some extra pounds.

There is even some grey in the muzzle! Then, you get the calendar out, do the math, and realize that he is indeed old now.

Some of you may be feeling a little bit off about the raw diet thing, even for the younger dogs. However, it is indeed the best things for your old puppy.

Proper eating means that the pup will need to input the good stuff while leaving out the bad stuff. But you did not feed the pup the good stuff if you were prepping processed food to him since forever.

For example, let’s take our bodies, you must have eaten some delicious salad and things started to move out a lot quicker than natural.

This effect is called cleansing, which your old pup will be needed, but not on your valuable carpets.

After a while, a raw diet would not produce loose stool. It is, however, common for pups having a balanced raw diet to possess some quite firm stools.

If you want to find out more about food for senior dogs, click here!

What to feed when your dog has an upset stomach?

It is quite natural for your favorite pup to be having a sensitive stomach, which will make it quite easy to have an upset stomach.

At first, you, just like I once was, must be quite worried and rushed him right to the nearest vet, right?

The majority of the time, this will turn out to be a non-issue and you will be going home with some antibiotics and instructions on feeding.

After a while, you will be like me and learn that it is not necessary to do so every single time. In fact, you will know more about the things that you can feed them to lessen the pain.

First of all, you can try with some bland diet. The one I use consists of 1 portion skinless, boneless, part boiled chicken breast and 2 portions of boiled rice, white and brown are both great.

Remember that you should not use any seasoning, salt, or oil.

Feed this diet to the pup 3 to 4 times each day successively for 5 days. Remember that you should also increase the amount slowly to the daily proportion.

What is the best brand to feed pit pups?

Pup food

Of all the pup breeds there are, I am quite sure that none is as popular as the pit bulls.

These kinds of pups are as beautiful as they are majestic. Thus, the number of people raising them is also among the highest in the dog owners circle.

However, these guys are also among the hardest to raise, as they are quite specific about what is necessary for their daily intake.

For example, pit bulls have some super defined and strong muscles that you can easily see.

Thus, they will be needing food that has higher than normal protein content.

In addition, the pit pups are usually really easy to get dysplasia, resulting in arthritis or some difficulties in walking. So, you should also make sure that the food must have DHA.

That’s not all, due to their exercise-needing, intense energy, and playful nature, the pit pups will be needing a much higher fat percentage in their food.

Thus, we have gone through all the available food on the market and come to the conclusion that these are the best for your pit:

1.       Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food

This quite popular food specialized for pit pups makes a name for itself due to its grain-free nature. This is the thing we love the most about it.

However, it also has quite a bit of additional pros such as the fact that it has much higher calories proportion than other foods.

Thus, if your pup is an active one, then this is just the best! It has 30% protein and 20% fat.

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2.       Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

If you pay attention to its ingredients, then you will see that this is made so that it is packed to the brim with real chicken. Thus, it is best to maintain or build lean muscles.

In addition, it is also completely grain-free.

The food does have 34% of itself being the protein that comes from deboned real chicken meat so you will not be worrying about the pup not liking.

In addition, it also has an additional 4% of calcium, which can help a lot to the growth of the pup.

Your pup will also have much stronger joints after using this product due to it having glucosamine.

You can consider a more dedicated guide on high-calorie food here!

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Never forget the love!

No matter who you are, once you have adopted a pup, you must always remember that there is nothing as important as love for them.

Thus, remember to pay attention and if there is anything wrong, you can get some help here!

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