How to Use a Hair Detangling Spray on Dog Coats?

Dogs with undercoats are more likely to have tangled hair if you don’t regularly groom them.

But what do you do when you realize there are small knots on the coat? Do you cut it?

Basically, you wouldn’t cut the coat every time it gets matted. Managing hair tangles should not be hard when you follow the correct steps of using dog hair detangler with a spray.

Below are steps to help you detangle the knots.

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Prepare your dog

A dog’s skin is very sensitive, and working the wrong way will cause injury.

Another thing, don’t settle in one place and you will have to find a comfortable place.

Let your dog lie down or stand and choose a place that’s easy to clean in case hair falls on the surface.

The detangle spray of your choice should also be comfortable for the dog to avoid irritation.

Bring the tools you’ll require in one place.

Locate the areas that are tangled. Most dogs’ coats will tangle behind the ears or even in the legs.

Sometimes around the paws, the tail or the legs too will tangle.

It’s better to locate all the areas to apply more detangling spray on them. Some dogs will get tangled hair on their belly.

For stubborn tangles that will take a lot of time, make sure your dog will stay still.

You can distract him or her with treats or toys.

Steps to follow


Brushing the part that is tangled will cause pain to the dog.

Imagine the pain your dog will go through when you try to brush a hair knot.

Avoid brushing the areas that are matted as much as possible.

Gently brush down areas that are not tangled. This way working on the tangled areas will be easy.

If the whole area is tangled, then you will need to skip this step.

Applying the detangling spray

Detangle sprays have conditioners in them that soften the hair. Make sure you are working on a dry coat before applying the detangling spray.

Water worsens the hair and detangling after bath time is usually not the best time.

Spray a fair amount of the spray to the area that’s matted.

Work on the area that is affected the most and start with the largest part.

The spray should be left to settle and soak the hair. This will loosen the hair by softening it and make it easy to detangle.

Use your fingers

Your fingers will detangle the hair a little bit. Use the tips of your hands to remove the tangles.

Comb through with the fingers starting from the tips of the hair going down to the base.

You can add more spray if the hair is not loosened enough and repeat the process.

The fingers will help separate the hair.

Rake and dematting tools for stubborn tangles

Sometimes the hair can be tangled and won’t come out easily.

They are safe and comfortable to use on your dog. Pulling the tangled hair will cause pain to the skin, and dematting tools cut through the knots.

It will make the process more comfortable and less painful when combing.

If all these do not remove the knots, try clipping the affected area.

Clipping the tangled hair will need a lot of patience.

You should do it in such a way that your dog’s coat is left even. Mat splitters will create small mats that are easy to comb through.

Brushing again

Before getting a brush, you will need to split the hair into small sections.

You can do this using a mat splitter or any tool that works best for you.

Just like you would do to your hair, work on small sections. Smaller sections are easy to work on and will be less painful.

Get your favorite brush with a nice tooth that can penetrate the hair.

Pin brushes are the best options to use. Working on the small sections, brush gently on the matted hair.

Start brushing at the tips as work your way down to the base of the coat.

Repeat the process of brushing until all the mat hair is detangled. Dogs are sensitive; always hold the base of the hair while brushing.

As you brush, consider adding more spray to soften the hair. It’s recommended to brush on the direction of the hair growth. The opposite way might injure your pooch.

To make detangling more manageable, start with the areas that are affected the most.

Use a brush on hair that is damp. The detangling spray is supposed to make the hair damp for easy brushing.

Brushing dry hair will lead it to break and will irritate the skin.

Bathing time

When you are done detangling the hair, wash your dog. Only wash the dog when all the tangles have been removed.

Bathe the dog the regular way you normally do it.

Dry your dog and make sure the coat is brushed according to your regular grooming technique. When washing your dog, consider using cold water and dog shampoo.

Coldwater will close the open pores on the skin compared to warm water. Only wash your dog when you are completely satisfied that all the hair is detangled.

In case you notice tangled that might have been forgotten accidentally, ensure the coat is dry before repeating the process.

Preventing Tangled Hair

Hair will tangle often, and you will need to prevent by grooming your dog regularly.

Managing tangled hair when it’s less is more effective. If you leave them for a longer time, you will find a hard time removing them.

Check tangled regularly by feeling the coat with your fingers. This will save you time and effort.


When your dog manages to go through all the detangling processes, reward him or her.

A detangling spray will only moisten the tangled hair.

You will need other tools to completely get rid of the mat.

Brush your dog regularly and bathe him or her too.

A brush with the wide tooth will work effectively in the tangled coat.

There are a variety of sprays to choose from to keep tangles away.

Choose what best works with your dog’s skin.

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