Commonly Asked Questions About Dogs’ Diet

Building a balanced and healthy diet for your dog is one of the biggest concerns any dog ​​breeder has. Have you had any questions about this?

I have written many articles about dogs but it seems that those about them are never exhausted.

Studying these animals not only helped me to better understand my Bucky (my puppy) but also because when you learn.

You will find the dog’s world extremely interesting.

Dogs today play a role as both a pet and a close and close companion of many families.

People choose to raise dogs for a variety of reasons: loyalty, a sincere affection for their owners, or simplicity in their eating habits.

Dogs can adapt to any diet.

However, many people rely on that to make excuses for being lazy and rely on ready-made packages to fill the dogs’ sensitive stomachs.

This is no good at all for the growth of those furry friends and, in many cases, even harming them.

A healthy and nutritious diet is a way to show our love for those hairy friends.

But what is a suitable diet for dogs?

And are there any related issues that often cause questions for farmers?

This article will give you an answer.

Besides, I will recommend a few products to support the dog’s diet. I hope it will help you!

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Diet of Dogs and Things You Should Keep in Mind

Let’s start with the background of the problem.

Foods that fully support the dog’s natural development and still meet criteria such as being reasonable and healthy, in my opinion, will create a dog diet.

According to many vets, it is impossible to develop a diet for all dogs.

You need to understand that dogs are “individualistic” animals.

It means they grow completely independent and do not imitate any other individual.

Along with that, due to the different biological characteristics, setting up a standard diet for dogs is very hard.

You can’t take the diet of a German shepherd to apply to the Miniature Dog, right?

So, never listen to your friends’ ad that how good this diet is, how fast his dog ​​grows. You have no basis to be sure that it will be suitable for your dog.

The simplest way to build your dog’s own diet is to make sure the menu items of the day ensure the following elements: water, protein, starch, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Next, I will analyze a little deeper into this issue.

1. Water

Many dog ​​owners for some reason forget the role of water in their daily diet. Therefore, in this article, I would like to take this element to the top of the list.

An objective view is needed that water is a daily requirement for dogs because it is a major component of the body’s cells.

Without water, your dog will be exhausted and unable to function normally.

A lot of veterinary science reports have shown that: A dog can fast for weeks but cannot stop drinking water for more than 3 days.

Each healthy dog ​​needs approximately 1.5 ounces of water per pound of body weight.

For dry dog ​​food products, before feeding you can soak it with water or milk to increase the amount of moisture in the food.

If you do not do this, always make sure your dog is drinking enough water and more than usual to avoid kidney problems.

2. Protein

Because it is like the “glue that connects life”, protein has a great impact on the natural development of any dog.

The dog’s body consists of: bones, muscles, blood vessels, skin, nails, tissues of the heart, brain, organs, and all of them have a protein structure.

Enzymes in protein help digest food, break down waste, and synthesize essential substances.

Along with that, this substance helps oxidize blood and transport fat, cholesterol in the body.

It is estimated that an adult dog needs at least 2 grams of protein per 2 pounds of body weight per day.

Depending on the stage of development, the breed, or the need for exercise and reproduction, the farmer may increase the amount of protein available to the dog.

Protein is most commonly found in fresh foods such as beef, pork, chicken, fish, or certain plant-based proteins such as soybeans.


3. Starch

To those who still think that starch is important to a dog’s diet, sorry, you’re wrong.

The manufacturers are interested in using starch as the main ingredient in their products because it provides immediate energy so that your dog can be active all day long.

However, when eating too much starch, dogs will need more rest, reduce mischief and bite.

Using more carbs in your diet makes it easier for your dog to gain weight.

Therefore, in the puppy stage, in order for the dog to develop the best skeletal system, many experts recommend that you do not give more starch to avoid being obese, affecting the development of the spine and bone.

4. Fat

Fat not only provides energy but also is needed for the growth of muscle cells, nerves, skin, and dog hair.

They help the body absorb certain nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Oils and essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 help enhance resistance, improve performance.

The fruit reproduces and helps the dog’s skin and coat shine.

In addition, fat also helps food becomes delicious, stimulating the digestive system of dogs.

Some very high-fat, fresh foods, such as sea fish or olive oils, are good for dog growth.

However, if you are planning to give your dog an excellent coat by adding lots of fat, stop it immediately.

Too much fat will make him round like a ball.

And another possible risk is that too much fat or feeding dogs when dogs are new to the dog can cause digestive disorders.

Adding fat slowly to the diet or incorporating digestive enzymes during feeding will be the best way.

5. Fiber and Vitamins

Fiber and vitamins are organic substances involved in the metabolic activities in dogs.

Vegetables, fruits, and vegetables provide a lot of vitamins and fiber for dogs.

However dogs are carnivores, so the number of vegetables and fruits eaten daily does not need too much.

Excessive intake can also affect the dog’s digestion as the dog’s digestive system is not born to digest the plant so it is either undigested or unabsorbed.

If you do not want to give your dog more vegetables, you can supplement your dog with vitamin products that are available.

Try to provide your dogs according to the dosage specified by the manufacturer on the package.

6. Minerals

Minerals are involved in forming bones, cartilage, muscle tissue, regulating fluids, transporting oxygen in the blood, producing hormones.

Some important minerals for dogs like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium.

However, like fiber and vitamins, it is difficult to quantify this ingredient in your dog’s diet. Because each type of substance can be contained in the food you are using for your dog.

The Best Dog Food Products Come From the Best Brands

The balance and rational layout of the 6 ingredients at each meal will help your dog get the most complete nutrition.

But try to be honest once, how long have you been going to the supermarket yourself and buying food to prepare your dog for a delicious meal?

The chaotic life makes people become lazy in sharing care for their pets.

And so animal products have become a viable solution for many dog ​​owners.

I don’t recommend using this type of food, but maybe one day it will help you.

Here are my selected products:

Taste of the Wild

True to its name, this brand gives your dog the best flavors of the wild.

1. Taste of the Wild Dry Dog High Prairie

Dogs are carnivores and this has been thoroughly exploited by Taste of the Wild.

You will rarely see in a dog food product any strange sources of raw materials such as wild buffalo, venison, or lamb.

Chicken or beef will often be the main commonly used ingredient, but this actually causes allergies or stomach irritation for many dogs.

The meats used by Taste of the Wild possess an abundant source of protein and according to my survey, no user has complained about the side effects it causes.

The baking formula combined with natural dry yeast helps maximize the digestibility of dogs.

Along with that, one of the processing methods that have become characteristic of this brand is the use of grain-free starches.

You no longer have to worry about your dog failing to digest hard particles or bloating after every meal.


  • Baking recipes help increase the attractiveness for the meal
  • Grain-free
  • Supplementing antioxidants and probiotics helps boost the immune system, improve digestion


  • There is no recipe for large dog breeds
  • The amount of protein is too high

2. Taste of the Wild Puppy Food

A dog is a domesticated animal. And it wouldn’t be strange if that wilderness had been cherished in every dog ​​since it was a kid.

A special product for puppies, Taste of the Wild Puppy Food is still impressive.

Because the main source of raw materials used is the meat of wildlife such as buffalo and deer.

And if that is not enough, a little taste of the sea fish will take your dog to a feast of taste.

If you’re looking for other nutrients on the product packaging, don’t worry.

Because this dog food product uses sweet potatoes to provide carbs, fruits, and fresh vegetables to bring vitamins and fiber as well as supplements.

Additional essential minerals.

All of the above nutrients will be packed into tiny and extremely convenient food pellets.

It’s really worth a try, isn’t it?


  • Made from novel protein sources
  • Grain-free carbohydrates
  • Abundant sources of vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Dry fermentation formula assists indigestion
  • The presence of marine fish provides a source of DHA for the puppy’s brain


  • The price is quite expensive
  • Easily cause obesity due to high-dose protein.


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Natural Balance

With the goal of ensuring the balance in the diet of dogs, let’s see what we have

1. Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Dry Dog Food – 2 flavor: Fish & Sweet Potatoes and Lamb & Brown Rice

I will not separate to review each flavor. Because it seems L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets has grown into a separate branch in Natural Balance’s product system.

There are many flavors such as Duck & Potato, Buffalo & Sweet Potato, Fish & Sweet Potato, Lamb & Brown Rice … Each flavor is offensive.

But I personally and many users around the world think that Fish & Potato and Sweet Sheep & Brown Rice are the two most worth trying.

Developed specifically for dogs with sensitive digestive systems.

These two products ensure that your dog will be provided with all the necessary nutrients and will not experience any side effects at all.

Each product is a separate protein source.

Salmon provides both protein and supplement DHA for dog brain development.

As for the lamb, you will have a high-dose protein source that provides amino acids to support dogs with a strong muscular system.

Potatoes and Brown rice, in addition to providing starch for dogs to be able to function all day long, are a source of easily digestible fiber.

A number of other nuts and tubers have also been ground down to enhance the mineral for dog survival.


  • Grain-free carb has no artificial flavors or preservatives
  • A single protein source minimizes allergies
  • The abundant source of minerals and vitamins to support the maximum of life
  • Good quality preservation helps keep products safe in the long run


  • Easy to bored for pets

2. Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food

If you are bored with the dry food pellets then Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food will give you the solution.

This product uses the highest quality supplies with lamb, beef, chicken. All of them are carefully selected and undergo careful processing.

The finely grounded formulation, combined with probiotics, helps promote digestion, allowing your dog to properly absorb important nutrients.

Along with that, the diet was supplemented with vegetables to help create moist beans.

And, it provides other essential nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6, fiber, vitamins A, K …


  • Great flavors of chicken, lamb, and beef
  • Perfect moisture
  • Easy to digest
  • Full of nutrients
  • Excellent storage system does not contain additives and preservatives


  • Easy to cause stomach irritation for dogs with a history of allergy

Wellness CORE

Having received the long-standing reception of so many dog ​​owners, let’s explore what is behind the esoteric recipes of which Wellness CORE brand?

1. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness CORE products are becoming more diverse.

According to the company’s survey in 2019, Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is one of the best-selling products.

The foundation of that success is the wonderful blend of turkey and chicken, the two types of meat seem to have nothing to do with each other.

But that is not all.

The secret of this manufacturer lies in the delicate combination of flax seeds and salmon oil, stimulating dark appetite, and adding flavor to the product.

You also won’t be able to find additives, fillers, or grain that can cause bloating or interfere with dog digestion.

It sounds like some essential nutrients are missing.

But thanks to the ingenuity of the processing, the vitamins, and minerals needed are properly supplemented.

Fiber from vegetables is balanced in the composition of the product.

6,684 Reviews


  • The great taste of chicken and turkey
  • Great source of nutrients from fish oil and flaxseeds
  • Contains no fillers or additives


  • Irritating to dogs allergic to chickens

Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Senior

Perhaps this will be a little personal product when recently it appeared with quite high frequency in a few side dishes of my Bucky.

When your dog is on the other side of the slope of my life like my Bucky, a specialized food product that supports the flexibility of the muscles – bones – joints will be extremely necessary.

I will skip the basis of this food package because the blend of chicken and turkey has become a featured feature of Wellness CORE.

Active ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin are reasonably supplemented in each cube-shaped food pellet.

It lubricates the dog’s joints to prolong movement for a long time.

Along with that, the appearance of flax seeds and fish oil as spices makes the product special.

Skin and dog hair will be restored by omega fatty acids while the immune system is enhanced by vitamins and minerals.

And rest assured because you will not find anything that can upset the puppy’s digestive system.


  • Legendary recipe for a special blend of chicken and turkey
  • Supplemented with many essential nutrients to support the dog's flexibility
  • Contains no preservatives, additives, fillers
  • Communicated by the leading team of veterinarians


  • A nightmare for dogs that cannot eat chicken


True to its name, Instinct awakens very basic biological traits in every dog. Here are 2 of their best products.

1. Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Looking for information on packaging outside the product?

Then Instinct certainly has great success in terms of impact on consumer awareness.

The figures are given by experts of the instincts: 71% real animal ingredients and nutritious oils, 29% vegetables, fruits, and other wholesome ingredients.

In particular, I was impressed because Instinct used rabbit meat as a priority ingredient.

This ingredient brings the truth to each food as well as maximizes the amount of protein in the dog’s meal (rabbit meat is a high protein source).

And to maximize nutrition for your furry friend, the remaining amount in each pellet is taken from vegetables.

All of these components are raised and grown 100% in the US.

After being synthesized and dried, all materials will be frozen.

This helps ensure that the food’s freshest, most nutritious food is kept.

Rest assured, you won’t find a single grain, potato, corn, or wheat here. The dog’s digestive system will be safe.


  • The freezing method helps keep almost all the nutrients of the ingredients
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages (suitable for dieting dogs)
  • Vegetable oil helps stimulate the digestive system
  • Probiotics and omega maximize support for life


  • Easily makes gas in the dog's stomach
  • It takes time for your dog to get used to the product

2. Instinct Original Small Breed Grain-Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

For me, the classic formula still brings a great attraction.

The brand inherits the already successful achievements with Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food.

The following product is specially formulated for small dogs.

Based on chicken, Instinct’s scientists have been very smart to add a little glucosamine and chondroitin.

Those help increase joint viscosity and increase muscular toughness.

The type of chicken is also very carefully selected when only cage-free chickens are used as ingredients.

The amount of protein thus also becomes extremely high.

Along with that, Instinct has chosen the method of freezing with the addition of natural enzymes.

That helps the product both keep the almost delicious taste and stimulate the dog’s digestive process.

The remaining ingredient of each food pellet is a vegetable. These carefully selected vegetables bring an abundant source of fiber.

And there’s this I have to say, Instinct is one of the brands that care about their customers the most when it comes to calcium content to support the growth of small dogs’ bones.

Really worth a try!


  • Food sources are carefully selected to produce high-quality protein
  • Abundant minerals support the development of small
  • Does not contain cereals, potatoes, corn, wheat or soy products
  • Does not contain any artificial colors or preservatives


  • Dogs who are allergic to chicken will waste this delicacy
  • It takes quite a while to get used to
  • Some pieces are too hard (according to customer feedback)

Blue Buffalo

This long-standing American brand can provide you with dozens of interesting recipes for both dry and wet dog food.

1.Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Adult Wet Dog Food

As the pride of this brand for many years now, the Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipes have gradually become familiar faces appearing in many meals of dogs.

This product brings a recipe for wet food with lots of flavors.

Your furry friend will find in each can of food many familiar to strange dishes like chicken, fish, lamb …

The success of this wet food product lies in the fact that the used meat is ground in a pate form that is extremely easy to eat.

The carefully selected finished meat ensures a high-quality protein source.

And you’ll hardly see in wet food for dogs any piece of vegetables so delicious.

The fresh, freshly processed color is a clear affirmation of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Lean muscle support formula minimizes the number of additives and unnecessary starch.


  • Real meat is ground in the form of pate to help provide abundant nutrients
  • High humidity creates softness and provides water
  • Can be used to mix with dry food or used as the main dish at every meal
  • Does not contain substances that can harm the body and unnecessary starches


  • Each can only have one, easily boring
  • Using multiple sources of protein can cause allergies for dogs (chicken, fish)

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Dog Food

Life Protection Formula is developed as an independent branch of Blue Buffalo products.

There are up to 45 recipes to choose from but the taste of Chicken and Brown Rice is still the choice of many dog ​​owners when visiting the pet supermarket.

These pellets are made up of a wonderful mixture of chicken and whole grains, garden vegetables, and fruits.

This creates a taste that is both strange and exciting. The amount of protein in chicken will give your dog muscle flexibility.

Whole grains provide vegetables and fruits to ensure the number of vitamins, minerals, and fiber is sufficient for living activities.

But is that enough or not? With Blue Buffalo, everything has not stopped there.

When old age comes, there are many problems with large breeds.

And added calcium and phosphorus will prevent orthopedic disease along with glucosamine and chondroitin increasing the smoothness of the joints.



  • Real raw materials are kept intact nutrients
  • The BLUE formula protects life to the maximum of the substances needed to reverse the signs of aging of the body
  • No additives or preservatives


  • Whole grains make many pellets hard
  • Chicken allergy makes many dogs unable to enjoy

It takes time to get used to the senior dog diet that is difficult to change

Hill’s Science

It is often said that the best will be saved to the end. For me, Hill’s Science is more than just a feed manufacturer.

The products of this brand are excellent and it is difficult to pick out the typical faces.

1. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin, Chicken Recipe

Hill’s Science products are scientifically researched and often focused on a dog’s age group or affect certain organs on the dog’s body.

If you find your dog has a sensitive internal system or a bad appearance, the product above is a perfect choice.

As the name implies, the formula applied minimizes possible problems. The amount of protein is balanced enough to avoid allergies.

In addition, brown rice is packed with many essential nutrients that promote the living process.

Vitamin E & Omega-6 will help your adult dog to have a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Prebiotics technology is a major step of Hill’s Science in stimulating digestion thanks to probiotics.



  • The taste of chicken and brown rice is full of charm
  • The pellets are shaped accordingly
  • Prebiotics technology to supplement nutrients to support digestion
  • 100% made in the USA with local ingredients
  • Recommended by veterinarians


  • Chicken - No. 1 allergen in dogs
  • Some food pellets are hardened

2. Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Chicken Meal & Oat Recipe Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food was created for puppies on an extremely healthy diet.

The product is the crystalline interest that Hill’s scientists have for their furry customers.

Chicken remains the focus of this carefully selected product and meat.

It provides a lean source of protein for the development of muscle tissue in the body as well as calcium for the development of the skeletal system.

Along with that are oats to provide fiber and starch. Protein and starch also thus easier to digest, more absorbable.

Your dog will have enough endurance and energy to operate all day long. This is the ingenuity in the processing of Hill’s Science.


  • Controlled calcium levels support optimal bone growth
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin help support muscle and joint health.
  • Antioxidant blends and vitamins E and C work together to help support a healthy immune system.
  • The material source is carefully selected, does not contain preservatives


  • If your uncle can’t eat chicken, don’t try it
  • Some pellets are stiff and after eating, and after eating, the feces of many dogs smell strange.

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Best Slow Feeder Bowl for Dogs

These are just a few of the many brands that can replace you to take care of your dog and keep them full every day.

Although the quality of the products is increasing, remember: They are just a by-product and do not depend too much on such products.

Dogs are easygoing animals but you cannot let them eat indiscriminately.

After the above dog food products, I will introduce you to the best slow feeder bowl for dogs. Take a quick look at me and create your own legendary combo!

1. Super Design Anti-Gulping Dog Bowl Slow Feeder

Utilizing the characteristics of a dog slow feeder, Super Design products will not disappoint you.

Made of melamine material, this product will keep its shine for a very long time while scratching or corroding by other detergents.

This is very rare in products on the market today.

More specifically, this bowl is very heavy, and equipping the sole with a rubber rim helps it not to tip over no matter how naughty your dog is.

Three feed-slowing humps reduce the area of ​​contact between your dog and the bevel of food. Of which, it increases the dog’s feeding time by up to 5 times to help maximize digestion.


  • Smart design
  • Strong melamine material, does not contain harmful substances
  • Scratch resistance, corrosion resistance
  • Curved handle makes it easy to pick up
  • Easy to clean


  • Pretty heavy
  • Smart dogs can lift an entire bowl

2. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl

Outward Hound has affirmed its name for a long time in the market of pet products.

And not too much to comment Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl is a product to show their class.

The space inside the bowl is arranged in the form of a maze with a moderate depth interspersed between high edges.

That makes each dog’s meal quite similar to the puzzle.

The outside of the product is a sturdy stand and rubber rim that helps minimize slip support.

There are 2 sizes and 3 separate colors for you to choose freely.

You should also note that a small bowl can hold 2 cups of food while that number will double in a large bowl.



  • Safe material does not contain BPA, PVC & Phthalate
  • The labyrinth layout helps reduce the dog's eating speed by 10 times
  • Persistent with the dishwasher


  • Slightly light and quite easy to flip
  • Dogs may be hesitant to eat from it at first
  • Easy to chew
  • Difficult to clean

3. Leashboss Slow Feed Dog Bowl

This product impresses buyers because of its cool and extremely creative design.

The raised plastic bezel slows down even the fastest-eating dogs and the interactive labyrinth design will catch your dog’s attention.

However, the use of inherently light plastic materials combined with the bottom system.

That is not supplemented with fairly rough anti-slip measures, making the product very easy to tumble if your dog is naughty.


  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Beautifully designed
  • Easy to clean


  • Not recommended for use with short muzzle or flat dogs
  • Easy to flip

4. AOLOVE Slow Feeder Bowl

The slow feeder bowl is gradually becoming familiar with dogs and with AOLOVE.

3 designs with 3 different colors can completely turn every furry friend’s meal into an exciting game.

Fishbone or @ shape design with plastic burrs with suitable height will minimize the speed of dogs.

The entire bowl is made of plastic that helps minimize weight. This is combined with 4 anti-slip rubber bases that increase the adhesion of the product.


  • High-quality plastic does not mix harmful substances
  • Innovative design makes every meal a joy
  • The plastic moldings are scientifically designed to minimize the consumption of dog food


  • The lightweight makes the bowl more likely to tip over if your uncle is overly naughty
  • Easy to chew and leave debris

5. JASGOOD Dog Feeder Slow Eating Pet Bowl

Designing a pet bowl in the form of square pieces combined with humps.

It is gradually becoming a trend chosen by many brands to produce.

And Jasgood is not out of it.

The point that I noticed in this product is that the depth of the bottom of the bowl. It helps to increase the storage capacity and makes your dog have to try harder if he wants to get food.

The entire bowl is made of plastic (not doped with substances that can be dangerous to the dog) so the weight is very light.

And do not forget 4 rubber pads are arranged in the center of each edge to help increase adhesion to the product.

11,356 Reviews


  • High-quality ABS plastic offers lightweight and abrasion resistance
  • Attractive challenging design
  • Easy to clean


  • Easy to chew
  • Easy to overturn

6. Siensync Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

If these products are not enough to make your dog difficult, Siensync offers our furry friends a real challenge.

Inspired by the image of Hydra in American culture, the patterns are designed with the right height.

It brings the experience extremely interesting and minimizes the speed of eating of the dog. This also creates a high attraction for dogs.

The use of ABS plastic brings safety to your dog as well as ensures the product is durable and can keep the gloss after a long time of use.

Although the sole is not designed with a rubber rim, it is arranged with 6 anti-slip pads to help maximize the adhesion.


  • Safe plastic, lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • The sole has good adhesion
  • Suitable for all types of dogs
  • Great customer service (60 days money-back and 12-month free warranty)


  • Causing hesitation in dogs during first use
  • Only one size (annoying fastidious people)

FAQs Related to the Dog Eating

1. What is the best thing to feed when your puppy has a cold?

Do dogs have a cold? It is true. You absolutely do not look wrong.

This is a condition that dogs are susceptible to, such as a mild cough or sniffle.

Of course, in this case, a vet intervention is needed but the care of the dog owner is also important.

And there is a food problem.

There is no set pattern or standard for this but from my practical experience as well as the advice of veterinarians.

This is a list of things your puppy can eat when they have a cold.


Herbs such as Eldflower and Bichromicum (find more information on Google) can be ground to mix into dog food as they can help reduce the symptoms of flu.

Of course, these are still natural remedies and cannot replace the drugs prescribed by veterinarians.


A teaspoon of honey at a dog’s meal can ease symptoms like a stuffy nose and coughing.

However, due to the high sugar content, you should not use this food regularly if you do not want your dog to be obese or diabetic.

Currently, K9 Honey (a pet food company) has produced a type of honey that can be used as a key ingredient in dog meals.

Chicken soup (or other liquid dishes at high temperatures)

Do not confuse human soup with similar food for dogs or other animals. Soup for dogs is lower in sodium.

And when used will help to feel warm as well as limit congestion.

2. Why does my 2-month pitty eat her own poop?

Do not be too surprised by this phenomenon. Eating poop is very normal for dogs. There are several reasons for this:

  • Mimicking a mother dog
  • Not having enough food or not interested in real food
  • Attracting the attention of the owner
  • Drugs, such as steroids
  • Living with a sick or elderly dog
  • Excessive stress or anxiety

3. Tips for feeding dog homemade food

As humans become busier and busier with their daily lives, tasks like preparing your own pet food may seem like something far-fetched.

But try to do this because they are really good and help increase the connection between the farmer and his furry friend.

It’s easy to prepare your own dog food because, as I said at the beginning of the article, dogs are fairly easygoing animals to eat.

Try to ensure the balance between the factors in the meal that you prepare such as moisture, fiber, vitamins and minerals, starch…

Along with that, try to notice the reaction of the dog to the dishes you prepare. If he/she is uncomfortable try to make changes in time. I hope you succeed!


This article covers most areas I have ever done.

This article has provided you with an overview of the dog’s diet.

From there, you can help yourself answer common questions about dogs’ diet as well as build a reasonable diet for dogs.

More than that, you’ll find the right kind of food available. If there is anything to exchange please contact us.

Remember: “A love for your dog only makes sense if you have the full knowledge.”


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