Street Animal Roof (SAR) Scholarship Award for Veterinary Students 2019-20

Pet Life Buzz is offering a scholarship for students of the veterinary and animal sciences undergraduate programs. The award costs $500 will be paid to your course.

Spread this news to the universities and your friends to get the benefit of the Scholarship.

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About the Scholarship

At Pet Life Buzz, we are conscious of the situation where pet animals are more likely to get abandoned nowadays. This is an ache of the society in which there are people thrive for every right while the other close their eyes to the issue.

As pets are a part of our civilization, we would like to contribute a role in the mission to strive for street animals. We yearn to look for individuals who share the same thought to fight alongside.

Thus, the SAR scholarship aims to encourage scholars to raise awareness toward the society about street animals. Its goal is to promote researches to make the community understand the importance of the animal’s right.

We are proud to fund this expense to be a part of that mission while helping animal scholars financially reach closer to their academic goals.

Potential candidates

Students with above-average academic work who own exclusive social experience, and those who demonstrate a great passion for fighting animal cruelty.

We appreciate applicants with a background in educating the public against the injustice for animals in general. Candidates must be confident in their commitment to reshaping the community’s attitude towards street pets across the nation.

Scholars who have been rescuing abandoned animals wishing to combat beyond their current work are also in our preference.

Those are all of whom we would like to listen to their stories.


To be able to submit your application, the applicants must:

  • Be recognized in pre-veterinary or animal sciences studies academically
  • Prove to be in need of financial help
  • Do an undergraduate or gradual program as a full-time student at the Universities we offer the scholarship.
  • Be a student who is blogging about a pet and has a will to demand justice for animals.

Pet Life Buzz welcomes indigenous candidates that reflect the nature of loving animals at heart. That means we are open to everyone including all genders, with disabilities and from 18 years old.

Scholarship Criteria

Currently enrolled in any animal relation undergraduate and graduate program as a full-time student.

  • GPA of 3.0 and above
  • Proven to have an influence on the animal community
  • A history of advocacy for animals
  • Proof of financial need

Value of the Scholarship

We will grant a full amount of $500 to the winner.

How to Apply?

Please include this information in your application

  • Curriculum Vitae with full details
  • Your university and the course you are following
  • Current GPA

Besides, we want an essay of 1000 words stating your points in:

  1. Why have you chosen your university program?
  2. Stories of your animal working background.
  3. Your intention to use this award.
  4. Pictures to prove you have put the efforts to fight for animals with brief captions.


Please submit all of the requirements as mentioned earlier to [] any time before [December 15th- 2019].

Our SAR Scholarship Award committee members will review every application thoroughly and pick the most deserved among all based on the announced criteria.

The selected candidate will receive a notification by the end of [December 31st-2019].

The award will be disbursed [via PayPal or Direct Deposit or Payoneer] on [DEC-2019]