Red Bearded Dragon: All to know and Care Guide for Beginners

Red Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are very interesting and gentle pets. In particular, red bearded dragons are one of the most exclusive and unique bearded dragon species. If you have the opportunity to own a red beardie, inevitably, your life will become more colorful and passionate. But that is in case you can afford this species. Because they … Read more

Best Plants for Bearded Dragon Tank in 2020 (Latest)

Plants for bearded dragon tank

Growing bearded dragons is not tricky. However, the first and foremost condition to be able to breed this animal is that you must prepare the best-bearded dragon cages equipped with the necessary items. For long-time bearded dragon’s owners, they have a hobby of decorating their pet’s tank as the natural environment of the breed. Besides the … Read more

Do Bearded Dragons Drink Water? (Complete Guide)

Bearded Dragon Water

The bearded dragon is a type of animal belonging to the lizard family originating from Australia. They live in desert areas, steppes, in forests with arid rock, on branches or in bushes. A bearded dragon has a triangular head, flat body. The thorns on both sides of the head and their bodies look dangerous but … Read more

Best Bearded Dragon Tanks in 2020 (Buying Guide & FAQs)

Bearded Dragon Tank

It is practically impossible to keep a bearded dragon without possessing a great bearded dragon tank. The natural homes of the beardies are in the Australian deserts, but it is not easy to make your home become a desert. However, you can change a few features and bring fantastic bearded dragon accessories that can make … Read more

20 Best Worms for Bearded Dragons in 2020 (Reviews & FAQs)

Worms for Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are one of the most reared reptiles currently in our households. Humans have put much effort into trying to transit from the pets that were traditionally kept. The reason behind the change could be either monotony of keeping the same pet or the pursuit to find more challenges in other pets. Whichever pet … Read more