A List of Some Often-Asked Question about Dog’s Health

Here you go for faqs about dogs health.

Dogs are, without a doubt, mans’ best friends.

They have been by our side for so long of a time that it has become quite hard to accurately pinpoint the exact time when the first dog was domesticated.

What we do know is that the first divergence in genetic between wolfs and dogs did occur somewhere between 40000 years to 20000 years ago.

Thus, it is not an overestimation to say that dog is the very first species that we try to domesticate.

Over the millennia since then, we have been breeding this species selectively for them to get unique attributes in behaviors, physicality, and sensory.

Thus, dog breeds (Wikipedia Link) of today can vary quite greatly from one another in colors, shapes, or sizes.

As a result, there has been quite an increase in the number of people raising dogs as pets.

However, due to their relatively small knowledge base, these people would more often than not encounter some issues while raising the pets.

That is why I write this article in the hope that someone may find some useful knowledge from it.

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Popular FAQs about the dog’s health

My dog eats a lot but remains skinny. How should I do to fatten him up?

Some of the pups seem to eat quite a bit of food each day but just cannot get any additional weight.

In the case of you having a pup with this symptom, do not panic, there are still ways for you to help with the weight-gaining process.

However, first of all, you will need to determine if the pup really needs to have more weight.

In healthy pups, the ribs should only be felt below their skins. In the case of you seeing the ribs protruding visibly, the pup is underweight severely.

After successfully determining, you will need to set a goal for the weight.

In this case, you should be asking your vet if you have no idea the usual weight range of your pup’s breed.

In addition, the vet can also run some tests to see if the pup was having some medical conditions which make it hard to keep the weight.

After all that, you will have to worry about the right kind of food to feed the pup.

After all, this will have quite significant of an impact on him being able to add some more weights.

Dog foods of higher quality will have higher proportions of quality ingredients, which will provide the pup with sufficient nutrition.

Here are some great options for fattening the pup up!

What is the best food to feed pitties?

Feeding dogs

As we all know, pit bulls are among the most popular pups in the whole world.

At first, a pit puppy can be quite adorable and cute.

However, most of us hope that this adorable pup will one day grow into the beautiful and beefy beast that he is destined to become.

However, for that to happen, we will need to provide the pup with a sufficient number of calories, minerals, and vitamins. These are all the things that any dogs will need, after all.

The special thing about pitties is that they are robust, muscular pups.

So, they will be benefitting a lot more from the foods with a much higher content of protein than the majority of other dog breeds.

Pitties are stocky pups, having blocky heads with broad chests, but these guys rarely have as much weight as their bodies led you to believe.

So, for their diet, here are the best ones that I could find on the current market:

1.Natural Balance Dry Dog Food Diet Venison And Sweet Potato Recipe, 28 Lb.

  • Having no artificially created flavor, bleached ingredients, or color preservatives, the first advantage of this product is, of course, limiting exposure from the pup to potential allergens.
  • In addition, as it is made from fresh venison, you can be sure that the protein source is quite novel.
  • That’s not all, though, as the food is also fortified with fatty acids that can provide omega-3 and omega-6.

2.Canidae Grain Free Pure Dry Dog Food

This food is mainly made from salmon of the highest quality, designed with the pleasure of the pitties in mind.

As the list of ingredients making this food is quite small, it is quite ideal for the pups that have allergies to certain kinds of food.

The food has several extracts of probiotic fermentation with the intent of helping your favorite pup to improve the food digesting ability.

While it is made from salmon, the food can be provided with 5 unique flavors: wild boar, bison, lamb, duck, and, of course, salmon.

If your pit pup has some serious allergies, check here!

I have a one-year pitbull of about 50 lbs. Should I keep fatten him up or it’s a good stop?

As I have stated before, while pitties may look like they weigh a lot, the truth is that they don’t, at all.

In fact, the case of a pit bull weighing heavy is quite rare of a sight.

To determine if you should stop fattening the pup up or not, the best thing would be to go to a vet and have them do some tests for you.

However, in the case of you not being able to go to vets for some reasons, then you should first check if the pup is underweight or not.

This can be done by observing the pup’s body.

If he is healthy, then his bones will be properly hidden under the skin.

Thus, if you see the bones with your eyes, then you should keep on fattening him, else you need to stop.

How often should you feed your pitbull bones?

You should not be feeding bones to your pitty.

This is due to the fact that most of them like to eat without chewing, at all.

So, the best way is to feed the pit bull dry dog food.

You can consider this list of best organic food for the pup!


All in all, I hope that this article can be of help for new dog owners who are having issues with their pups.

Remember, the most important thing for the pup is your love.

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