20 Best Dog Combs in 2020 (Reviews & FAQs)

Grooming of dogs is a very important exercise that all dog keepers need to observe on a regular basis.

Let’s face it! Every morning we wake up groom ourselves, comb our hair before we start admiring ourselves in the mirror.

The dogs we keep also deserve such attention because they reveal so much about our lifestyles.

Our bodies are covered by only hair but we never miss combs in our bags but our dogs’ bodies are covered by both hair and fur yet we fail to buy dog combs for our special pets.

A dog’s hair tends to mat very fast and before late your dog could begin looking ugly.

We have a responsibility to continue with the work that the early man began by domesticating dogs first before any other animal. Dogs tend to harbor pests like fleas (Wikipedia Link) and ticks (Wikipedia Link) if we do not use dog combs to groom them routinely.

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How to Choose the Right Brush or Comb for Your Dog?

Dog Brush for long hair

If you hear someone talks about brushes in dog keeping, do not be alarmed. We often refer to dog combs as dog brushes. We cannot have the same type of dog combs for the numerous types of dogs.

Dogs have different lengths of hair so we must use the right combs for their grooming. Here are the types of dog combs (brushes) we have in the market;

Bristle Brushes

This is a very versatile type of dog comb that evens well on all coat types. The comb comes with distinct spacing depending on how long hair a dog has. Long hair requires a brush with large spaces while dogs with short hair need combs with tidier spacing.

The dog comb is effecting for shedding the dog’s hair as well as stimulating your pet’s skin. The brush is ideal for dogs with smooth coats like; most types of Terriers, pugs, and Italian Greyhound.

Pin Brushes

This kind of dog comb is ideal for all types of dog coats especially, when doing the finishing after using other types of dog combs. It’s a special comb that you would wish to share with your pet because it’s the same one humans use.

The brush is always oval and very good for shedding off the hair that your dog often leave on you and the furniture. This dog comb works well in eliminating fleas as it penetrates up to the dog’s skin. It’s also good for massaging your pet.

Slicker Brushes

These are dog combs that have fine but short wires that are conjoined on a plain surface.

Slicker Brushes mainly work well with medium-sized and long but curly hair. Also, the combs are ideal for undoing the mats in dogs like Chihuahua.

Since Slicker Brushes have wires, it’s advisable not to apply a lot of energy while grooming your dog.

In case you cannot find the right dog comb for your pet, you need to consult a pet expert for a direction.

Rubber Combs

These dog combs are made of rubber hence the name comb brushes.

Once in a while, it’s a good idea to use this special comb to massage your pet as a way of sharing affection.

The comb leaves the body of your dog with a soothing effect.


As the name would suggest, this type of dog comb has a great task to perform on your since it has a razor-like shape.

The brush penetrates into the inner coat thus ideal for disengaging tangles as well as removing the dead skin.

It’s worth noting that this kind of dog comb isn’t very pleasant on your dog’s coat since the brush has long pins.

Always be gentle while using it to avoid irritating your relaxing pet.

Take care of your dog with this information and let’s see the best 5 rated dog combs in the market.

Best Budget Picks: Top Rated Dog Combs Review 2020

Best Dog Brushes or Combs 2020

Many pet parents face problems when the duty of selecting the most suitable dog combs for their dogs. This article will reveal to you several dog combs that you need to for when you go to your nearest pet store.

Best Dog Combs for Shedding

K9konnection FURbeast DESHEDDING Dog Brushes for Shedding Pets with Short or Long Hair

What a great design that ensures that the dog owner and the pet obtain comfort during the grooming session.

No better time to have this wonderful dog comb than now because the price has gone down by almost half but the efficiency has remained the same.

The primary reason for regularly grooming our dog isn’t for them to achieve beauty status but to get rid of the dead layer of skin. We also groom our dogs to lower the chances of our pets contracting allergies.

Irritation from fleas and ticks is another that diminishes after grooming.

The above-mentioned functions are possible when you buy this powerful dog comb.

It’s important to note that the functions are not restricted to only those three areas but many others too.

Product Benefits:

  • Soft to touch but strong to be broken.
  • Non-slip feature in the handle for proper holding of the tool.
  • Not sharp stainless steel teeth that measure 5 inches.
  • A free pet grooming e-Book.
  • Safeties in use as the teeth blades aren’t sharp to hurt your pet.
  • Good for dogs and cats of various sizes.
  • Helps to reduce an irregular shedding by over 90%.

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SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool

This one has surprised you- Admit it! The appearance isn’t the same as other dog combs and it’s one of the dog flea combs that’s ready to reveal the location of its manufacturer.

Many dog combs have been imitated by low-standard companies to confuse pet owners who cannot spot the difference hence buying imitated products.

The design of this dog comb for fleas has been patented in the US so no company can confuse you.

Product Benefits:

  • Patented style to eliminate mimicking by other companies.
  • Sleek and modern appearance.
  • Spiral and wave design of the blade.
  • 5 inches long.
  • Just a single use is enough to reduce shedding immensely.
  • Effective in cleaning fur from furniture, car, and carpets.
  • No snagging but with the help of this comb, danger, and loose fur will exit your pet.
  • Has a warranty.

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OrderMore Undercoat Dog Rake, Dematting Tool Stainless Steel Shedding Comb Pets

The comb is made to calmly help in removing loose fur on your dog and cat without causing any pain. It has numerous pins as its teeth arranged in a way that doesn’t let any unwanted hair on your pet escape.

Now that you have a clue; do you want to order one or more of these dog combs for ticks? Wait till you its merits and specification.

Product Benefits:

  • It has rake-like shape hence the name.
  • Countless dual steel pins to ease penetration.
  • The layered pins of this metal comb have round ends for calm effect on a dog’s skin.
  • Absent chemicals and toxins that may be irritant to your pet.
  • Safe for use because it’s chemical-less and toxin-free.
  • The stainless steel pins don’t rust thereby long-lasting.
  • Round ends of the pins do not hurt your dog during the grooming period.

Caring your dog will give you immense pleasure.

Furjector Dog Brushes for Shedding Best Comb for All Pets with Short or Long Hair

The design looks perfect and if someone told you that it has a motor engine you would quickly agree. There’s no engine in it, it’s just another wonderful dog comb with an attractive appearance.

As the name would suggest, the brush is helpful in cleaning and reducing dead skin cover. The metal comb is all you need to tidier your home because after grooming your four-legged partner you won’t spot fluff on your furniture and carpet.

Product Benefits:

  • An e-book titled ‘Beyond the Bath’ that’s aimed to generously help you groom your pet.
  • Short numerous blades.
  • A button that upon pressing just cleans the metal dog comb.
  • Long handle for convenient use.
  • Green and black in color.
  • Cleans itself.
  • The e-book helps you to keep your pet and where it stays even tidier.
  • 100% warranty deal.

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List of Best Dog Combs for Ticks

10’’ MASTERPETZ My Pet Comb The Comfortable Grooming Comb with Different-Spaced Rounded Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Teeth

Have you ever noticed how much love and bonding you create as you are grooming your lovely pet with a dog comb? This dog comb wants to bring you closer to your pet since it offers painless grooming and massage just how your dog would like it.

368 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • It comes in purple color.
  • The teeth are wonderfully designed with the comb having two sections bearing different spacing.
  • Long and rounded teeth that help remove all knots.
  • The metal dog comb has long teeth that can penetrate up to hair follicles.
  • 10 inches long.
  • Made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.
  • It enhances the bonding between the pet parent and the dog.
  • It can be used in both dogs and cats.
  • Long enough to allow the user to penetrate even the hidden parts of your dog.
  • A good flea dog comb and even a great dog comb for ticks.

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Hertzko Soft Pet Brush for Dogs with Long or Short Hair, Everyday Brushing & for Sensitive Skin

It’s difficult to spot the difference when you start comparing this dog comb with the combs we use on ourselves if not the nice handle it has. This is the first brush with plastic teeth that we are listing among dog combs.

The brush is perfect for the elimination of hidden dirt, dander, and tangles.


Product Benefits:

  • Soft but gentle plastic with rounded heads to soothe the coat.
  • Large handle with anti-slip grip.
  • Comfortable handle that appeals well to your hands.
  • Comfortable with your barking-friend since it’s made of plastic with round extremes.
  • Works well even on cats.
  • Ideal for controlling both ticks and fleas.
  • Ideal for massaging which eventually promotes positive blood circulation.
  • Safe for use with no chances of incidences because it has no blades.

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Best Dog Combs for Short Hair and Long Hair

ShedTitan Grooming Tool Value Bundle Safe Detangler, Dematter, Deshedder, Matt Breaker for Long & Medium Hair

Its appearance alone has already concealed its purpose. The powerful dog comb has a dual head blade with teeth for deshedding, thinning, dematting of rough coat on your dog.

Just like other metal dog combs with dual head, Shed Titan has a total of 26 teeth designed for distinct specific purposes.

Product Benefits:

  • Wide blade for quick and efficient grooming.
  • Has long serrated stainless steel teeth for durability and perfect work.
  • Double head blade with one head blade having 17 teeth.
  • Ideal for a medium-sized and long dog coat.
  • Splits knots and matting and it remains one of the dog combs for ticks.
  • Has passed major safety tests.

Reading Dog Care FAQs help you to grow the pup easier.

Detangling Pet Comb with Long and Short Stainless Teeth, Ideal for Short or Long Hair

Sometimes you might select a dog comb that’s not ideal for the grooming of your dog but you can never be wrong when you pick this brush. The brush works for both dogs with long hair and short hair. It’s perfect for removing mats and tangles.


Product Benefits:

  • Long and short metal teeth.
  • Has a non-slippery sturdy handle.
  • Dual combs for various types of dogs.
  • Cheap hence affordable.
  • Versatile so you can buy for both your cats and pets.
  • Mainly ideal for pugs, Persian Kitties, and Pomeranians.
  • Works well in removing mats, tangles, and coats with knots.
  • Made of stainless steel to ensure longevity.

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Hertzko 2 Pack Small & Large Comb Ideal for Everyday Use for Dogs with Short or Long Hair

When you want to get rid of a loose coat, hidden dirt, and tangles, here’s a perfect brush for the job. The comb nearly resembles the ones we use for our own grooming so there’s not much to learn about it.

The dog comb has two sections of teeth with one side smaller pins while the remaining side has longer pins with adequate spacing. This comb is comfortable on the body of your pet and can work both dogs with long and short coats.


Product Benefits:

  • Two dog combs comprising of the smaller and the larger one.
  • Fine rounded end to reduce irritation on your pet’s skin.
  • A Comfortable rubber-grip handle for convenient handling.
  • Stainless steel pins-teeth.
  • Cheap in the online markets.
  • Minimal chances of scratches given that the dog comb has rounded smooth ends.
  • Comfortable on the dog’s body.
  • It can be used on both cats and dogs.
  • Good for both short and long hair.
  • Good for grooming since it removes dead skin.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • Easy to use and affordable

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Best Metal Dog Combs

Jetec 3 Pieces Stainless Steel for Grooming Combs for Dogs

Are you happy that this brush has the name of your favorite pet in it? Most other combs have a dual purpose on a number of animals but this has specifically highlighted the plight of dogs.

Moreover, you make one purchase and get three durable grooming dog combs. It’s worth noting that the three sets of combs are not of the same sizes.

34 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Three sets of dog combs.
  • Smooth needle for massage.
  • Stainless steel needle for longevity.
  • Metal dog comb for easy cleaning.
  • A single purchase gifts you with three metal dog combs.
  • Satisfies dogs of various sizes.

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Trim Pet Dematting with Two-Sided Grooming Rake for Dogs

This is another metal dog comb that has similar designs with other combs in the market and does it purpose well. The comb is deliberately built in a way to enhance comfort to the one who uses it and grants your faithful friend a calming effect during a massage.

The comb works well in helping the dog get relieved of the unwanted coat. Moreover, the tool is so dual that it nearly satisfies all types of dogs and other pets too.

Product Benefits:

  • Sharp blades to maneuver through the stubborn tangles.
  • Two-sided with a total of 35 teeth.
  • Stainless steel blades.
  • Rounded blades to prevent it from injuring your dog.
  • A nice handle to hold.
  • Affordable but remains of high quality.
  • Honors safety standards.
  • Compatible with many breeds of dogs.
  • Can groom other pets like; cats and rabbit.

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Best Dematting Dog Comb

Pecute Dematting Comb Grooming Tool Kit for Dogs

We now have an all-in-one comb that has features for dematting, thinning, tidying and other grooming services that your dog needs. Never underestimate a total of 35 teeth working together for the sole purpose of leaving your pawed-friend cleaner, presentable, happy and healthy.

The tool kit comes with a double-sided blade rake comb and a dematting comb. Each tool has its specific functions.


Product Benefits:

  • A dual-sided comb comprising of a total of 23+12 teeth.
  • The 23-side of teeth is responsible for thinning and deshedding.
  • This 12-side of the blade has the role of devouring the toughest tangles.
  • It has an easy grip layout for convenient use.
  • Has the never-rusting stainless steel for durability.
  • TPR fabric material shields the dog comb from slipping from your hands.
  • The rounded exterior surface of the blade to make the metal comb safe for use.
  • Built securely to avoid scratching your pet.

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PAWABOO Pet Dematting Comb Gently Removes Loose Undercoat, Mats, Tangles and Knots

If you don’t give it a second look, you can easily mistake this nicely designed dog comb for shavers. Even if you mistake the brush for shavers, you won’t be far off the mark because the comb bears many sharp features.

The design, efficiency, and their long-lasting nature are a few features that make many dog handlers to buy them.

Product Benefits:

  • Sharp blades but round edges to reduce incidences of scratching your four-legged friend.
  • Small and lightweight.
  • Has a non-slip grip for convenient handling.
  • Dual-sided teeth with a total of 26 stainless steel blades.
  • Helps in both dematting and deshedding since it has double-sided teeth with two densities.
  • Sharp and effective.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.

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HDP Safari Dematting Comb

Here’s another dog comb that has a larger handle than the area of the teeth. It’s already evident that this kind of dog comb designed for heavy duties. It’s safe to say that; the longer the handle, the tougher the assignment.

This brush is a little bit discriminating to the extent that it alienates short hair coats and only handles long and coarse fur.

Product Benefits:

  • A short section of teeth.
  • Long sharp stainless steel teeth.
  • Long comfortable handle.
  • 5 stars rated.
  • Convenient for detangling knots and matting coats.
  • Easy to use thus popular among pet owners.
  • Lightweight making it ideal for travels hence the name SAFARI.

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Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Rake Comb Brush Tool for Detangling Matted or Knotted Undercoat Hair

Dog owners have the tendency of keeping other pets that equally need the same kind of attention that they give to their dogs. Pet parents who also keep other pets like cats and rabbits on top of dogs need this type of comb.

Never underestimate this dog comb due to its size because, in spite of its smaller size, it does big duties. The brush only grooms long where it purposes to undo all knots, tangles, and confused mats.


Product Benefits:

  • 2.5 inches safety and sharp blade.
  • Longer handle than the combing section.
  • The handle has sinking harrows and ridges to enhance rough texture for effective holding.
  • Long stainless steel blade.
  • Has a hole in the handle for hanging after use.
  • The handle consists of a top-quality rubber material for comfortable holding.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Versatile hence convenient for use in other pets such as horses, cats, and rabbits.
  • Honors safety rules.
  • Has a specific duty i.e. long hair.

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Other Best Dog Combs we Review

Pet Grooming Brush- Professional Deshedding Tool for Cats and Dogs

Sometimes you pity your pet when it starts to shed its coat uncontrollably. The dog begins to have an undercoat and the hair litters your furniture when you use the wrong choice of dog comb. This is a good dog comb that can serve both your dog and cat effectively.

Product Benefits:

  • Has 100mm stainless steel blade making it lasts for long.
  • The blade is securely placed under a cover.
  • Has an effortless grip-handle for easy use.
  • Comes with an e-Book for easy guidance.
  • Comfortable on your dog’s coat.
  • Guarantees up to 95% chances of shedding of your four-legged companion.
  • Saves you finance since the dog comb limits your chances of inviting a vet.
  • Durable as it has a thick STAINLESS STEEL blade.
  • High safety with the blade enclosed under a cover.
  • Easy to use because it has a nicely placed handle and an e-Book for instructions.

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Pet Grooming Tool- Two-Sided Undercoat Rake for Dogs, Safe Dematting Comb for Easy Mats & Tangles Removing

If you value the safety and comfort of your dog while grooming it; this dog comb is for you. The rake has rounded hence eliminates chances of scratches. On the other hand, the teeth of the dog comb are sharp enough to penetrate through thick tangles.

If you need to massage your dog, here’s the comb that doesn’t irritate the dog’s skin trusted companion. In addition, massage using this brush allows proper blood circulation in your pet thus healthy living.

40,739 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • A comfortable anti-slip grip to minimize the chances of accidents.
  • Resistant to rusting stainless steel that has a long life.
  • Sharp inner sides of the teeth for easy penetration.
  • Double head with 9 teeth for removing the obstinate matting.
  • Additional 17 teeth to help curb thinning and shedding of a coat.
  • Enhances proper living through proper circulation after a massage.
  • Safe to use and easy to clean.
  • Effective in combating stubborn tangles.
  • Lowers chances of fur thinning and shedding.
  • A little bit costly but worth its value.

Andis Pet Steel Comb

How about going for the simple and thin comb that’s easy to carry? The comb is very effective when used alongside other dog combs since its ideal for finishing. The inexpensive brush is shiny which makes it nice to see.

Product Benefits:

  • 7’ ½ inches long.
  • Shiny even in darkness.
  • Stainless steel teeth for durability.
  • Easy to carry for it is light.
  • Convenient for doing finishes after initial combing and grooming.
  • Best for skin and hair follicle stimulation during a massage.
  • Perfect for loosening thick tangles.

FURminator Finishing Dog Comb for All Coat Types Tangle-Free Fur

What a name! The name is indeed pleasant to the ears, isn’t it? Being a finishing dog comb, it’s one of the brushes which is responsible for the neat appearances of the dogs you see.

The comb has an ability to rotate to the maximum level of 360 degrees penetrating through every type of dog coat. The brush is comfortable in the hands of a pet parent and on the surface of the pet where it’s used. Check out its features and see if it’s worth having in your dog’s store.

Product Benefits:

  • It comes in both small and large sizes.
  • Has a sturdy and comfortable handle.
  • Made to conform to the natural arrangement of the hair contours.
  • Shiny and rounded pins that can rotate to the maximum level.
  • Looks more of a brush than a comb.
  • Prettily designed for aesthetic value.
  • Soft on the pet’s coat.
  • Comfortable to the user.
  • Pins rotate massively to the inner coat.
  • Versatile to be used in all kinds of coats.

GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake for Dogs

While other dog combs are ready to do the finishing, here the comb begins the process of combing on your pet. The comb doesn’t care even if your dog has a thick mat. Why should the comb care when it has all the qualifications to get its work done?

Be careful when you go to the market to by this dog comb because many manufacturing companies have begun mimicking some of its features to lure unsuspecting buyers.


Product Benefits:

  • Two-sided cat and dog comb.
  • Each side has its set of teeth.
  • Sharp teeth thus eliminating the painful pulling of the dog’s coat.
  • The handle is made of a silicone material.
  • The lower density side and the upper-density side have their specific duties on the coat.
  • Finally, a comb for all pets.
  • Versatile duties.
  • Highest numbers of reviewers approve it.
  • Massive safety standards adherence.
  • Comfortable on the dog coat and in the hands of the user.
  • Part of its cost meets charity activities on animals.

FAQs about Best Dog Brushes or Combs

Pet Grooming Comb

How do you brush my short-hair dog?

Combing your dog is a practice that needs to be observed due to the benefits that the activity brings. However, you cannot comb your dog with any dog comb you buy but only the ones that suit your pet’s coat.

Bristle brushes are always good for dogs with less hair because the combs do not contribute to the loss of more. Moreover, these kinds of combs are designed in such a way that they can maneuver through the thin coat thereby eliminating fleas and ticks.

To get the best brush, you need to consult your vet. Remember to expose the type of pet you keep and your experiences with the past dog comb that you were using.

How often should we comb our dogs?

Grooming of our dogs should a continuous and regular process that we need to observe as often as we can. If possible, groom your dog as many times as you groom yourself. Always remember that three days shouldn’t pass without this practice.

The size of the dog’s hair dictates the number of times our pets need combing with the long-haired dogs requiring a couple more than their short hair counterparts.

The more you comb your dog, the more you get to know about thus helping you to share your experience with your vet. Besides, not grooming your dog quite often means that it’s your furniture, carpets, car, and the house that will get messy with fluffs all over.

When should I comb my dog for fleas?

It’s important not to wait until fleas infest your pet is when you consider combing the dog to get rid of the irritating pests. Remember, when there’s fleas infestation in your dog, your body and house are also at risk.

Use your comb for fleas at least once a week to do away with the fleas. Fleas are always smaller than ticks so it can take you forever to spot. However, the discomfort in your pet will alert you about the pests’ presence.

Can I use fleas’ dog combs to eliminate ticks?

Fleas are smaller than ticks so the answer is a BIG Yes. Combs for fleas have fine teeth that can trap both the tiny fleas and large ticks. However, you cannot use a dog comb for ticks to get rid of fleas because the large spaces between the comb’s teeth cannot trap fleas.

Combs for fleas are also ideal for eliminating lice. Use soap and water in the process of eliminating these stubborn small living things. Remember, there are electric flea’s combs that can do the job.

What best dog brushes are good for shedding?

Sometimes we need to reduce shedding especially when we suspect that our pets are losing their coats too quickly. Shedding with a dog comb is a practice we observe especially when we want to get rid of dead skin and debris on our dogs.

It requires a brush with finer teeth to penetrate up to the hair follicle zone. The process of shedding equally helps in curbing pests’ infestations. Besides, our pests get a comfortable massage while we remove their unwanted heavy coats.


The need to have a dog comb for the pet you fondle so much can no longer be underestimated. When you buy a grooming tool for your dog, you should know that you’ve also bought it for yourself too.

It’s needless to point to you that in an event your dog is infested, you also acquire the irritating pests like; ticks, fleas, and lice.

No matter which kind of dog you rear, its special comb is in the market and affordable rates.

We did this article to help you identify best dog combs in the market that has many tools hence confusing. Read the guide carefully and help your dog as we help you with ideas.

Summary Of The Best Dog Combs

A dog comb comes with numerous unsurprised benefits that make your dog comfortable, happy and loved. As you are about to find out, a dog comb is a must-have for all pet owners and there’s no debate about it.

Without minding about the kind of the dog breed you keep, here are the main benefits of owning a dog comb;

  • Makes your dog looks tidy.
  • Get rid of pests like; fleas, lice, and ticks.
  • Helps massage the dog hence perfect air circulation.
  • Key for passing love between the pet owner and the dog during a massage.
  • Eliminating; matting, shedding, and tangles.
  • Helps in deshedding.

We have sampled 20 best dog combs in the market to ease your selection process. Have a look as you shop!

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