6 Best Dog Snow Boots in 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Do Dogs need Boots for Snow? 

Yes, Walking your dog on the snow-covered ground or icy flakes without dog boots for snow can be very dangerous.

Walking barefoot on the icy ground can damage your dog paws, Like humans, we cannot stand or endure, or even dare to walk barefoot on ice and snow.

Although you can say that dogs have a set of four paws that are thick and strong padding to secure them from the cold and some rough edges of the frozen ground, but it would be much better and safer if they had something on.

The popularity of dog shoes for snow has grown after a cute dog named “Jumper ” walked the cold streets of a small town in Pennsylvania.

This dog left his master’s house to the cold streets with a nice pair of cool looking snow boots.

He did not seem to care much about the stares of the villagers, but he walked to a small shop in one of the corner streets of the community.

Although wearing boots always is not necessary for dogs, but during the cold, winter freezing months, dogs’ snow boots will be a great idea.

Many of us, especially those who do not live in a country where there are winter and snow, we do not realize how freezing snow and cold can damage our feet, the same applies to dogs.

What harm can it do to your dogs?

Considerations for Why you Need Dog Boots for Snow and Ice?

Snow and ice during the winter can make life miserable, particularly when you have to go outside.

It has been confirmed that dogs, although they have a natural fur coat, can be prone to hypothermia and frostbite if they stay for a long time without protective clothing.

The best way to protects your dog in winter and make it ready for a cold walk is to get him some dog snow boots and a dog coat.

Dog boots for snow have many key functions, and the most obvious is to protect the dog’s paw from snow build-ups and keeps their paws warm.

The fact is when they are walking without snow boots, they may walk on sharp and pointy rocks that can seriously injure their skin, as they walk on the snow, there is a possibility of ice accumulates between the paws and inside the coat of your dog.

If the snow builds up, it cuts and scrapes off the dog skin, which makes the dog feel completely uncomfortable and worse is that it can even lose its traction.

Dog boots for snow are the answer to prevent this from happening; having one really shows that you are concern about your dog health and safety.

Benefits of Buying Snow Boots for your Dogs

There are a lot of benefits when buying one, not only does it protect your dog’s paws from snow accumulation, it also keeps its paws warm, dry and comfortable.

Dogs lose a lot of heat through their feet, and when they step on de-icing chemicals and rock salt, it can be very painful for dogs.

Their paws can become cracked, dry and hemorrhage and de-icing chemical with other bacteria can get into the cut and cause infections or other problems.

You don’t want to visit a veterinarian just because you did not protect your dog feet with dog snow boots.

There are various styles of dog boots that vary in function, such as snow dog shoes, for instance. These types of boots are specially designed during the winter season.

That’s why they are known as dog boots for snow.

Although boots are made for the purpose of protecting a dog’s paws from ice and snow, however, it comes in a range of textures and styles.

This is true because there are many dog owners who do not only buy dog boots for protection but for added attention, they want their puppy to match with the activities they are indulged with, as well as matching with their taste of fashion.

The following are some tips to help you choose the right dog snow boots for your dog

  • Measure your dog’s paws size from the back heel to the front. Don’t include the nails. Once you get the measurement, write it on a piece of paper so you do not forget when you arrived at the pet store or when ordering it online.
  • Choose dog booties that are made of heavier materials. The environment is very cold during this season, so they will need as much warmth as possible.
  • Choose the right boots for each activity that you and your dog will be having during the winter season.
  • If you and your dog want to play outside, let your dog wear snow boots for dogs. It should be the kind of boots that suit heavy-duty activities for the season. If your dog is inside the house, let him wear a softer pair of boots.
  • Choose boots made of rubber soles. This will ensure that your dog has a strong position on the pavement or at home. During the winter, most of the pavements are wet and slippery. To avoid accidents, be very careful and buy those boots with good quality.
  • Make sure the dog boots are comfortable enough to be worn by your dogs.

The following are some types of dog snow boots that you may consider buying for your puppy:

First among the list is the “paws boot”, this type of boots has a rubber sole; therefore it gives stability and traction. It is best to use it when the dog is just learning to walk with boots, preferably inside the house.

Then the next is they have a “hiker’s boot” from the name hiker’s boot, the best way to use these boots is when we go for a walk or hikes. It also has rubber and also water-resistant. It would really be great outdoors.

The next type of boots is known as “faux fur boot”, with a very elegant style, that you can use every day and great for outdoors too. Certainly, it will keep your dog warm and comfortable.

Finally, we have the “Bark ‘n Boot”, this is the best dog boot for hiking; It has a solid sole designed to provide traction on snow and ice.

In addition, it is weather resistant. Therefore you would not concern too much if you take your dog for a steep mountain hike, and by considering all the above requirements I’ve come up with quality, durable well researched snow boots for your puppies.

5 Best Dog Boots for Snow that Stay On

1. Small & Large Breeds Snow Boots

Ultra-Paws durable dog boots come with a solid sole, the sole is flexible, elegant and ideal to avoid slips on the floors and it is a light duty outdoor.

In addition, it stays in the dog’s paws! It contains four boots to a set.

The sole performs in dry and wet, cold and hot conditions, these are the best dog boots for snow that stay on easily.

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

  • These snow boots are perfectly fit small, medium, large dog breeds.
  • Shoes are well made with high-quality material and durable, flexible in every season.
  • The furry friend can wear in indoor, outdoor activities.
  • Water resistant, and machine washable.
  • Easy to put and difficulty to slip ultra paws dog boots for snow.

I request you to get dog brushes to avoid ticks in dog’s hair.

2. Best Small Dog Boots for Snow

STAR-TOP waterproof Anti- rubber boot for small dogs Cotton Blend Winter Snow Warm Walking Boots, This 4 piece set of snow boots for dogs keeps paws warm, dry, and comfortable.

It comes with Lightweight, soft, comfortable materials.

Adjustable Velcro straps keep them warm and secure. Ideal for everyday use, holidays, parties, photos, protect your dog to play happily, keep it elegant or stylish.

STAR-TOP Warm Walking Boots

  • Perfectly suitable for small pet dog snow boots.
  • The package comes with 4 boots with 1 Greeting card.
  • Star-Top offer money-back guarantees (*Terms apply).
  • Boots protect the dog paws in every season and always keep warm in the winter.

3. Pet Rain Booties Non-Slip Walking Footwear

Petrunup Dog, 4 pcs Outdoor waterproof dog hiking snow boots, this non-slip dog boot comes with a rugged rubber sole that offers more traction,  walking shoes:

Having one would not surprise me if you are a concern with the health and safety of your dogs.

It is enough and a good reason to buy a dog snow boots for winter, it does not only protect your dog’s paw from snow build-ups but keeps their paws warm, dry and comfortable too.

Petrunup Dog Snow Shoes

  • 4 paw sizes available.
  • Hand washable, and fit comfortably to the dog paws.
  • Easy to use, highly recommended high quality made footwear.
  • Suitable in winter, snow, rainy seasons.

4. Rugged and lightweight rubber outsole See more Traction:

Slip-resistant to indoor polished hardwood and slippery tiles and outdoor protection for hiking and long walks from the rough environment.

5. Neat and easy

With these boots, you do not have to worry about how to clean its dirty footprint after walking back home, just take off the boots and say goodbye to the bacteria.

Washing dog shoes are more convenient than cleaning the dog pads after all.

This is an all-weather protection boot: heat resistant to the hot ground in summer and provides warmth in the cold snowy winter.

In addition, it protects your dog paws from with industrial salt in cold climates.

There will be no more scratching with these boots.

6. Warm Paw Protector Snow Shoes for Dog

Petacc Dog Shoes Waterproof Anti-Slip Snow Boots Warm Paw Protector for Medium to Large, These water-resistant dog boots are made for larger dogs and come in different sizes.

You can match your dog’s weight range with the proper size of the boot, but we suggest that you use a ruler, a pen and a piece of paper to trace and calculate the exact size and measurements of your dog’s paws.

The solid fit is important for a long hunt.

This boots will help protect your dog during cold days. Petacc winter high-top boots will be one of your best choices.

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In conclusion, with the listed tips on choosing the right boots for your dogs be rest assured that your dog’s paws will be protected at all times during the winter.

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