What Are Hamster Cages? and Things Around It (Cleaning Guide)

Hamsters are loveable animals, which is why many prefer keeping them as pets.

But owning a tiny mouse demands a variety of preparation including a proper enclosure.

If you’re planning to adopt one of these rodents, it’s best to know a little bit about what are hamster cages and how to maintain it.

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What are hamster cages?

Unlike most common domestic animals, hamsters don’t usually like resting on your couch or running around the house.Hamster Cages Instead, most of their time is spent inside their cage, which is why it’s important to get your hamster a good cage.

Hamster hutches can come in various shapes and materials including cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, plastic crates, or even an unused aquarium.

But regardless of the differences, there are a few guidelines that should be followed when selecting the cage.

Tactics to choose a nice hamster cage

The size

Hamsters prefer pens with better width over height. You need to ensure the cage is large enough so your gnawer can move around freely.

The Shape

Your hamster cage doesn’t have to come with a standard rectangular shape.

It could be almost anything. However, make sure the coop has tight corners for your hamster to hide in, he/she would love it.

Another thing, you should provide the cage with proper ventilation as these hamsters can get stink, otherwise, the hamster may fall into sick.

The setup

Make sure that you provide two separate layers above the bottom of the cage.

One is to collect drippings and waste, which we called the substrate; another is to deliver comfort to your hamster or is known as the bedding.

cage bedding

You should use cat litter, wooden shaving, or children playing sand for the substrate.

As for the bedding, paper-based ones (we usually use toilet paper) and wood chips are among the best.

The necessities

In addition to providing a comfortable hutch, owners need to give their hamsters proper nutrition and some entertainment as well.

Make sure you place a food bowl and a water bottle, so your hamsters are well-fed.

Moreover, it’s necessary to equip the cage a spinning wheel to let your hamster exercise his chubby belly.

How to keep hamster cage from smelling?

It shouldn’t take you too much of your effort to prevent the stink.

You need to clean the coop frequently and have a good awareness of specific situations.

The information below would undoubtedly be a good help for knowing how to make hamster cage smell better.

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When to clean the cage?

Depends on how big your hamster is and the number of hamsters you’re having in your pen. You can set up a cleaning routine monthly.

Aside from that, the bedding and substrate are also important factors.

Having good foundation layers keep the enclosure clean for a long time. Large cages also don’t require frequent cleaning.

We currently have a Russian dwarf hamster.

Typically, it’s around one or two weeks before we feel like the cage needs to be cleaned.

If you have two or more hamsters, cleaning twice a week is a must.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that wood shavings bedding’s are tended to rot quicker compared to paper-based products. So that might be a worth-considering factor.

Finally, make sure you do a deep clean of the entire hamster house instead of multiple quick cleans.

Where to clean the hamster enclosure?

You can first start by replacing the water and food every day since they can become contaminated quite fast.

When doing the cleaning of your hamster cage, make sure you get rid of the old substrate and bedding layers to replace with new ones.

For the cage, we often use stain remover and deodorizer products to get rid of all the dirt and smell. It’s important to spot them at an early stage as dried stains are tough to deal with.

And if you don’t have these chemicals, soap and warm water would be fine considering that your cage isn’t too dirty.

How to clean the hamster cage with babies?

Having a mother hamster giving birth to her precious little offspring is incredible, and at the same time, quite fussy. You’ll have a whole new family of rodents to take care of.

Before the birth

By then, more food and water must be delivered every day. Thus, more drippings and urine to be dealing with.

So, it’s understandable that your pet’s house becomes smelly in no time.

However, knowing when to clean the hamster cage after babies is nothing but simple.

Your little newborn mice are still too weak to be taken off their mother even for a little while.

Not to mention that the female hamsters can be quite aggressive during these infant times.

From our experiences, you should prepare the enclosure before birth by cleaning it thoroughly.

Layer it with lots of substrate and bedding so the hutch wouldn’t get dirty in a short time.

After the birth

After the babies are born, don’t change anything inside the cage except keeping it ventilated.

Remember to replace food and water daily. Keep doing this for about two weeks until the infants open their eyes and start associating with the outside environments.

Prepare a small cardboard box with a thin layer of bedding on it, then place the newborns and the mother on it. Place the box somewhere hidden and secured.

Now, take the enclosure out for a clean.

Repeat the same cleaning process you are used to and make it extra through this time. Hygiene this time should be a priority.

How to clean a hamster cage after one perishes?

Though it isn’t something we would want to see, hamsters do pass away. There are many reasons for this, but regardless, you need to clean the hamster cage first before the smell started to fill your room.

Place the poor dead one on a small box and cover it up to reduce the odor. Then, bury hamster in your garden or where it won’t bother the public.

For the cage, make sure you use a lot of deodorants to clear off the rotten smell. Drying it up under the sunlight would also help.

Sterilize the crate if the passed hamster was infected.

Final line

Cherishing a hamster means a lot of care. Having an understanding of how to care for your little pet require times, effort and patience. We believe knowing what the hamster cages are and everything about it will help you and your beloved rodent spend good times together.

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