30 Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutches in 2020 (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Finding the Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutches is not an easy business, as you have to take care of necessary pet parameters to make your furry and adorable animal happy and comfortable at the same time.

The market is full of many and different types of cages, to keep your pet safe, secure and smiley in its cozy outdoor cage.

Among dozens of choices, earlier we focused on perfect indoor cages for your cute and adorable bunnies, but today in this blog we will be discussing outdoor enclosures for them to keep them safe, comfortable and cozy.

However, most of the cages today are portable as can be used in indoor and outdoor areas but still separate Outside Bunny Cages will be a considerable and measurable alternative for your small pet to enjoy, play and run in the outer world with any weather conditions safely.

Here you go for the best top rated five bunny hutches picked by our beloved customers.

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Customer Picks: Top Rated Outdoor Rabbit Hutches in 2020

Below we have listed a few of the most recommended Best Rabbit Hutch and Run for your bunny to relax, play and enjoy.

Best Rated Outdoor Rabbit Hutches Reviews 

Let us review all types of hutches for the beloved small animal, surely you & your rabbit love the cages. Moreover, these are comfortable and affordable.

Best Extra Large Rabbit Hutch

Trixie 2-Story Extra Large Rabbit Hutch With Attic

The cage leveled, with long-run hutch ramp gives enough of the area to play, rest and habitat comfortably.


Product Specifications:

  • Measurable Dimensions: The quantifiable dimension of the cage is 53 inches (H) x 45 inches (Width) x 44 inches (High), with XL size
  • Material Used: Quality fir wood, fencing wire, waterproof and anti-corrosion structure gives worth durability.
  • Easy To Maintain: Two pull out tray will help you in better cleaning and maintaining.
  • Easy To Access: The cage comes with the removable flood, hinged roof with locking arms, hatch door access.

List of Best Large Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

PawHut 62″ Large Outdoor Log Cabin Rabbit Hutch With Run And Ramp

This PawHut Large Cabin Cage is useful and right for rabbits that are fully finished and designed with a comfortable, compact environment.

157 Reviews
  • Large outdoor run for optimal space to roam
  • Two easy access doors in front of house, roof opens up for more access
  • Pull out droppings tray for easy cleaning
  • Assembly required, all necessary tools included
  • Overall Size: 62.2"L x 24"W x 29.5"H

PawHut 122″ Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Enclosure With Dual Outdoor Runs And Ramps

The cage is comfortable, durable and portable to give cute bunnies perfect cozy and homely environment inside the outdoor designed enclosure.


Product Specifications:

  • Measurable Dimensions: The quantifiable dimension of the cage is 122 L x 31 W x 34 H which provides enough space for a pet to play, exercise and rest.
  • Material Used: Screen walls, quality wood with 100% natural fir, chew-proof fencing wire, anti-toxic paint used to build the cage protects cage and pet health. Waterproof color adds more long-lasting life of the pen.
  • Easy To Maintain: To clean this portable cage is easy as inherited with five open doors and spaces.
  • Easy To Access: compact design is constructive with five easy access designs that give the quick and easy movement of pets to play and run.
  • The enclosed space with quality wire offers protection, to the pet from outside struggles and predators.

Tangkula 67” Outdoor Garden Backyard Large Wood Rabbit Hutch Poultry Cage with Run

The cage of bunnies is durable, spacious with comfortable, and portable design for the pet to exercise, play and sleep.

  • 【Durable Construction & Weatherproof】The chicken coop is made of fir wood and painted with security waterproof non-toxic paint. The original wood is strong, last-long and good for healthy of animals. With paint the cage is waterproof, anti-corrosion and not afraid of sun anymore. The chicken coop will stay in your yard for years.
  • 【Spacious Space & User-friendly Design】67” chicken coop comes with nesting box, resting box and run. Your poultry can lay their eggs in the nesting box. There is sliding door and ramp allows poultry to enter the raised housing area. There are timber ridges above the ramp to protects your poultry from slipping back. With design of window you can watch your pets without disturbing.
  • 【Raised Perches & Comfortable for Animals】The raised perch keeps your small animals safe, dry and warm, especially in the rainy cold days. It’s also handy in the heat as they are shielded from the sun and can easily access their nesting boxes without exposure to the harsh light.
  • 【Removable tray & Wire Fencing】There is removable bottom sliding tray for easy cleaning. High quality wire fencing provides a healthy poultry lifestyle. With roof poultry can run outside even in rainy days. The fencing is vital to the ventilation of poultry, it will also protect your animals from outside predators.
  • 【Shipping & Customer Guarantee】Ups or usps will deliver the item to your house in 3-6 business days after you placed an order. We packed chicken coop in 1 package as good as we can, if there is any damaged parts, please contact us first and offer us pictures of damaged part, we will solve the problem as the way you want(discount or replacement)

Drinking water from the container is always good for the rabbit.

PawHut 48″ Weatherproof Wooden Rabbit Hutch and Screened Outdoor Run

The cage is not only beautiful but also is stable and durable in all environmental conditions.

If you are looking for a perfect Large Outdoor Rabbit Hutches than Weatherproof Wooden Rabbit Hutch is an ideal choice to give your pet a personal and protected space.

Product Specifications:

  • Measured Size: the overall measured dimension of the cage is 48 (Large)x 24.5 (Wide)x 36.25 (Height), which is quite spacious, convenient and comfortable for furry friends.
  • Material Used: it comes with a detachable wire run, which gives a separate space to sleep and relaxes. The cage is constructed with fir wood with non-toxic paint, a varnish that protects pen on one hand and safety for the furry pet.
  • Easy Access Design: It comes with two natural door openings that allow easy and convenient access for your pet. The steel wire used in the cage gives proper ventilation and also protects rabbits from predators and insects.
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use: The cage is designed with the low-foot height that fits perfects in any indoor space. It is a comfortable, portable and durable small cage for rabbits.
  • Maintenance and Clean: The cage is gained with quick access so it is easy to clean, dry and maintain hygiene. The removable pull out tray inside the enclosure is quick and simple to clean and gives enough of an open space area for the pet inside.
  • Cost: This cage is affordable as you need just spend a few bucks, as it cost in between $119-$122.

Tangkula Large Chicken Coop Wooden Outdoor Bunny Rabbit Hutch with Ventilation Door, Removable Tray & Ramp Garden Backyard (58”)

This one of the Large Outdoor Rabbit Hutches is sturdy, robust, spacious, portable and durable. It is long-lasting, eco-friendly and safe for pets. 

No products found.

Aivituvin Rabbit House with Connected Run, Large Wooden Bunny Hutch with Ventilation Door, Easy Cleaning Removable Tray -Fits 1-2 Rabbits

This is one of the significant Outside Bunny Cages, which is also ideal for the indoor keeping of small animals.

Product Specifications:

  • Measurable Dimension: The overall size of the cage is 87.8 inches long, 20.5 inches wide and 33.7 inches height, including the roof respectively.
  • Material Used: Aivituvin Rabbit House is made up of 100% natural fir wood, with non-toxic and eco-friendly paint, ensuring the health of the pet. The cage is ideal to keep in both indoor and outdoor locations, as to give safety, durability, and portability.
  • Comfortable Access Design and Maintenance: Easy to clean, dry and maintain as inherited with the pull-out tray to hold urine and feces. The anti-corrosion wire gives proper ventilation. It is all weatherproof so it can be kept in outdoor areas even on rainy and wintery days.
  • Free Gits: It comes with free pet gifts such as a chew-proof toy, the metal feeder that gives the rabbit unique happiness to play and easy conveniently.
  • Cost: The cost of a cage is just $139-$142.
  • Suitable For: The cage is quite spacious and ventilated so it can be used for small exotic and furry animals like Bunnies, Cats, Piggy, Chicks, etc.
  • Quicker To Assemble: To assemble the cage is easy and straightforward, one can quickly assemble all sections of the cage with provided holes, screws and bolts. A labeling manual with proper guidelines is available with the pen.
  • Warranty: Company ensures safe reaching of the cage within 3-6 business days after order confirmation. The damaged part will be replaced with a discount or offer in a favorable manner.

List of Small Outdoor Rabbit Pen

Confidence Pet 36” Rabbit Hutch

This small cabinet design cage is quite ideal for small’s rabbits and other exotic animals, which gives the perfect upper floor to rest and down the floor to play and run.

No products found.

Prevue Pet Small Rabbit Hutch

This is a product from Prevue which is one of the known firms for pet cages and accessories. This specific cage is small yet secure and safest in both indoor and outdoor locations.


Product Specifications

  • Material Used: the cage is crafted with all-weather resistant natural fir wood, non-toxic paint/varnish and finished wire window cum door.
  • Measurable Dimension: The considerable size of the cage is 36-Inch long, 24-inch wide and 35-1/2-inch high.
  • Easy To Maintain: The cage is small is composed of the open roof, removable foot grill which is quicker and straightforward to clean and maintain.
  • Easy Access Design: It comes with double door locks that give your pet extra safety and protection. The cage is small yet, strong and durable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Cost: The pricing of the cage lies in the range of just $106-$110.

Advantek The Courtyard Rabbit Run, Rot Resistant

This unique wooden structure outdoor bunny cage by Advantek is light weighted, portable and durable design for smalls pets to play and live.

No products found.

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Small Animal Playpen

The cage is useful for both indoor and outdoor locations, that allow easy maintenance, access and complete safety for your small pet.

Product Specifications:

  • Measurable Dimensions: 24-inch play and exercise pen area. The size is 24 by 24 inches; creates a 16-square-foot enclosure.
  • Material Used: It is made up of iron metal, rustproof finished proof.
  • Easy To Maintain: the cage is all open so is easy to clean, maintain with enough ventilation.
  • Easy To Access: it comes with four thumb clips and eight ground connecting anchors for ideal use and one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Suitable For: 16 inches tall dogs, bunnies, chicks, piggy, etc.
  • Cost: It comes in various sizes so the price may vary. It ranges from $32-$40.

Bunny cage set up is an easy process, you can do it on your own.

Tangkula Large Wood Outdoor Garden Backyard Rabbit Hutch

The cage is waterproof, spacious, comfortable to maintain and access for pets. It gives pets a proper area to enjoy and sleep.

Product Specifications:

  • Material Used: The cage is made up of 100% natural fir wood, with non-toxic and waterproof paint. The cage is durable, long-lasting and safe for pets. The anti-corrosion wire is well finished. The enclosure is suitable for all weather conditions for many years.
  • Easy To Maintain: Cage is easy to clean, dry and warn, ensuring smooth and straightforward maintenance.
  • Easy To Access: It is designed with a removable pull out try for cleaning good quality of poultry fencing is safe for animals and provides them complete safety. It ensures ideal ventilation as well.
  • Suitable For: Apart from small bunnies, it is good for small poultry nesting.
  • Guarantee: Company ensures possible replacement with good offer and discount if any part is damaged, misplaced or broken.

List of Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutches with Run

Petsfit Bunny Cages, Outdoor Rabbit Hutch with Run

This cage personally loved by many of the owners because of its athletic design and useful features.

Product Specifications:

  • Measurable Dimensions: The total measurable dimension of the cage is 31.5(L) x 26 (W) x 46 (H). It is composed of the door with a spacious dimension of 9.5(H) x 12.5 (W).
  • Material Used: This cage comes durable, water-resistant and robust wood, wires and locks that provide complete safety, security and protection of cage and pet from all weather conditions and predators.
  • Easy To Maintain: Roof can be easily open, which is beneficial for cleaning, drying, and ventilation.
  • Easy To Access: The cage is featured with the roof open, and three full dimensioned doors with locks.
  • Simple to Assemble: Comes in flat packed form when purchased, and need to assemble by easy and straightforward manual instructions.
  • Suitable For: This is ideal for once a rabbit or a small pair of rabbits.
  • Cost: The productive unique design cage costs $199-$122.

Aivituvin Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Wood House with Run

This Outdoor Rabbit Enclosure is ideal for indoor setup, which provides comfort and a cozy environment to your cute pet. It comes with all of the pet essentials and is easy to clean and assemble. This cage is worth more than its amount.

Product Specifications:

  • Measured Size: The total dimension of the cage is 38.6 inches (L), 25.6 inches (W), and 40.2 (H) including the roof of the cage. The cage looks cute and adorable for the furry pet which sufficient space to play, run and relax.
  • Unique Gifts: This bunny cage comes with free rabbit toys and essentials. Bunny toy, Metal Feeder is good crafting items that come with Aivituvin Indoor and Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage.
  • Material Used: The raw material used to build a cage is durable, stable and eco-friendly. As this cage is suitable for both indoor and outer locations, it is portable as well. The enclosure is made up of 100% natural fir wood, with non-toxic paint and varnish with the water-resistant capability that keeps the rabbit’s fur safe and clean.
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use: This cage is ideal for small animals like Bunnies, Cats, piggy, and chicks which keep them safe, dry and warm in all types of weather conditions even in outer areas. This cage is easy to maintain and clean as well.
  • Cost: The cage cost only $ 114-$116, which suits every owner's budget.

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Outdoor – Wood Cage for Bunny with Run, Chicken Coop with Removable Tray

Out of many woodies Outside Bunny Cages, this is quite spacious, convenient and comfortable for your furry friend that is suitable to keep in both indoor and outdoor locations respectively.

The cage designed with various specifications like durability, stability, and portability, which allows you easy carrying and maintenance of the cage.

Product Specifications:

  • Unique Gifts: The cage is ideal for rabbits as comes with gifts and pet essentials like metal feeder, the chewing toy which is finished to play with. The feeder design and chewing toy won’t harm your furry pet.
  • Material Used: 100 % natural fir wood is used which provides perfect durability and stability of the cage. Slide-out bottom tray is comfortable to maintain and clean, which ensures perfect hygiene for the pet. The material used in the cage, wire and the whole design is a non-toxic and non-poisonous inner area to move, play and stay.
  • Unique and Easy Access Design: The cage is easy to maintain, clean and dry which will not give any foul pet smell. The pen is heavy duty designed that not only give bunnies an eco-friendly environment but also give them spacious, ventilated and comfortable surroundings inside the cage. It protects a pet from UV rays, rain days and chilling winters as well.
  • Easy and User-Friendly Assembling: As each part of the cage comes separately, so it need to be assembled. All necessary assembling items are packed when the product is dispatched. You just need to collect it simple. It is easy to assemble with all screws and holed. If any part is missing, the company will resolve your product-related issues with 3-6 business days.
  • Cost of The Product: This durable, portable rabbit cage comes in just a range of $100-$110.

Trixie 2-Story Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

This cage is easily open, and access for the pet so is most preferred by many owners. This is one of the Double Rabbit Hutch designs which allows rabbits a spacious, ventilated and enough area to play, sleep and relax.

Product Specifications:

  • Double Story Design: This two-story level cage is connected with a nonslippery ramp. The design of the enclosure is stable, portable and durable.
  • Easy Access: The cage retreat area is composed of a sliding door on the upper level, which is easy to access for pets and to clean and maintain as well. The sliding ramp of the cage is entirely detachable which provides enough space to medium-sized rabbits or a couple of small bunnies to live and play inside.
  • Protective Locks: The metal latches are quick and easy to open. Hinged roof with lock, of the cage, has a locking arm that opens widely.
  • Cost: The hutch for bunnies and small pets is just available in the range of $165 to $ 170. It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Easy and User-Friendly Maintenance: The hutch’s plastic tray is easy to clean, maintain and gives proper hygiene and ventilation to pets.
  • Material Used: The cage is made up of 100% fir wood, non-toxic paint, good quality plastic tray, and metal wire with finished edges.

Pawhut 91″ Deluxe Large Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch w/Outdoor Run

The cage is featured and designed with easy ramp and playing floors. That provides enough space for a furry pet to live, play and run.

224 Reviews

Product Specifications:

  • Material Used: the structure of this specific bunny cage is made of quality wood with a hut shaped green roof and anti-corrosion wires. These quality materials provide cage stability, durability, and portability.
  • Easy To Maintain: Slide-out tray with detachable ramp gives easy cleaning and maintaining access to the cage.
  • Easy To Access: all necessary parts and essential are available, yet need a simple assembling.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch with Flooring

Good Life Two Floors Wooden Outdoor Bunny Hutch Rabbit Cage

The cage is good and useful for outdoor areas to keep bunnies, guinea pigs safe, protected and happy.

No products found.

Small Single Story Kaytee Rabbit Hutch

 The single-story living cages are useful for small animals like bunnies, chicks to play, rest and live.

Product Specifications:

  • Measurable Dimensions: the cage size is 36 inches long 36.25 inches high and 24.25 inches wide, which is quite spacious for small outdoor pets.
  • Material Used: high-quality material to withstand with other deluxe materials like fir wood, fencing wire, paint.
  • Easy To Maintain: Easy to clean, hygiene and maintain, composed of pull out try and multiple door accessibility.
  • Easy To Access: the cage is inherited with multiple doors, the pull-out tray that allows easy access to you and pet. It can be locked and allows proper ventilation. One story cage is perfect for cute pets.
  • Cost: It cost only $96-$98 in small size, other sizes available are Large and Extra Large.

Merax Rabbit Hutch Wood House

This specific cage is one of the Best Large Rabbit Hutch with multi-stories, that gives small pets worth space to exercise, ease and rest.

No products found.

PawHut 60″ Wooden Outdoor Small Animal Rabbit Hutch

The cage Is durable, compact, portable, and protects pets from extreme risk due to its solid structure.

7 Reviews

Product Specifications:

  • Material Used: The coop is made up of solid wood fir in compact size keeps pets safe, protected. The all-weather conditions durability with anti-toxic paint, rustproof wires all more protections for pet’s health and long last sustainability of the cage.
  • Easy To Maintain: The coop comes with three easy access door so is easy to maintain, open for ventilation and fresh air. You can clean and warm up inside as also composed of the adjustable roof.
  • Easy To Access: the three-door facility of the cage and inside an open roof is let your pet to enjoy the fresh air and other locations. Compact and portable as well.
  • Suitable For: suitable for bunnies, chicks, and piggy.

List of Best Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Cages

Tangkula 47” Wooden Bunny Small Animals Cage with 2 Doors

The cage is durable, portable, comfortable that allows proper health, care, and protection to your furry friend.

19 Reviews

Product Specifications:

  • Material Used: Quality fir wood, heavy-duty wire, waterproof paint gives the cage perfect durability and invade predators to ruin your furry friends.
  • Easy To Maintain: with a secure opening door and open roof gives enough space to clean and hygiene it from inside. It allows for perfect ventilation.
  • Easy To Access: Simple design with durable mesh floor and wood gives easy access and maintenance. Fixed right angle direction allows the chicken to fly is also protective measures. The wooden part of the cage provides complete protection for your pet, ensuring safety, shelter, and security.
  • Suitable For: piggy, chicks, and cute rabbits.
  • Cost: it is tagged with the affordable price of $119-$122.

Purlove Rabbit Hutch Wooden House

This Outdoor Rabbit Run cage is a multi-level designed pet house for your small friend. It gives a lot of space and proper ventilation to live with ease.

Product Specification:

  • Easy Access and Use: The cage can be used for both indoor and outdoor locations as it Multi-level designed with spacious cottage style.
  • Material Used: The cage is made up of finished wood, non-toxic white paint, non-corrosion wires.
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning: The cage is multi-stored yet easy to clean and maintain as comes with three sliding metal trays. The hassle-free excess and space give fast clean-up maintenance.
  • Measurable Dimension: the cage is perfectly designed and dimensioned as 62 L x 18 D x 36.8 H (including roof).
  • Expense: Purlove Pet Rabbit Hutch might cost just $189-$192.

LAZYMOON 36″ Wooden Rabbit Bunny Hutch House Coop Poultry Cage Outdoor Run

This Outdoor Rabbit Enclosure came with the run and designed in a unique way that offers pet enough of space to play, roam and rest.

35 Reviews

Product Specifications:

  • Measurable Dimension: The cage is overall dimensioned as 36 inches (Long) x 17.7 inches (Wide) x 27.5inche (High).
  • Suitable For: The cage is a great and significant choice for rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, cats and other small animals.
  • Material Used: Cage is made up of 100% natural fir wood with anti-toxic and waterproof paint and varnish. With the high quality of wood, wires and locks used, offers full security, safety, and durability.
  • Easy To Maintain: The cage is uniquely designed with an open roof which gives proper ventilation and easy cleaning as well. Pull out tray with removable ramp also give easy cleaning facility.

Merax Rabbit Bunny Wooden Hutch House Rabbit Cage 

Pets love to spend most of their time in outside locations, so this Outdoor Rabbit Run Cage is best suited for small pets to get fresh air, space to move and a small house to sleep.

Product Specifications:

  • Material Used: The cage is made up of 100% natural fir wood rabbit thick paint or varnish. The green roof of the enclosure will also suit your lawn or garden locations and will also provide a bunny with a secure and protected shelter home.
  • Comfortable Access Design: open roof design is quite quickly accessible for you and pet’s easy access. The cage is spacious, with the area to run and play. It is also structured with a roof resting room to keep them warm and comfortable in all weather conditions.
  • Easy To Maintain: The cage is quite simple and easy to clean, which is all necessary for the pet’s health. The convenient pull-out tray, detachable ramp also ensures quick, hygienic and cleaning sessions.
  • Measurable Dimension: The cage is measured with 61 x 24 x 27 inch (LXWXH) including the roof.

Petpark Rabbit Hutch, Wood Bunny Cage House Indoor Rabbit Cage 

This Petpark Outside Rabbit Hutch is a sturdy, durable, portable and stable design for small pets that offer safety, comfort, and space.

Product Specifications:

  • Material Used: This small animal coop is constructed with a simple and durable design. With wood used is 100% natural fir wood with non-poisonous paint, and finished edges. The green color roof of the cage protects animals from all weather conditions like UV rays, heat, water, and chilling winters. It is ideal to keep pet safe, cozy and happy.
  • Suitable For: This cage quite useful for bunnies, guinea pigs, chicks, etc.
  • Easy To Maintain: Multiple doors help you and pets to secure access. The open roof of the cage ensures proper ventilation, cleaning, and maintenance aspect. You can quickly put food, water and other things inside the cage. The chew-proof fencing of the cage let fresh air enter easily and also protects your pet from predators in outside areas.
  • Simple To Assemble
  • Cost: It ranges within $127-$130.

Wooden Outdoor Triangle Rabbit Hutch and Run

LAZYMOON Triangular Wooden Chicken Coop Bunny Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

This Outside Bunny Cage is uniquely designed in a triangular shape which gives it a light-weight yet robust structure.

No products found.

Pawhut Portable Outdoor Triangular Wooden Rabbit Cage

The cage is listed as one of the popular Outdoor Rabbit Enclosure as is portable, durable, stable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Product Specifications:

  • Material Used: Wire used in the cage is rustproof, chew-proof and anti-toxic for pets. The design and triangle structure of enclosure with hut is water resistant with good quality fiber wood.
  • Measurable Dimension: The overall total size of the cage is 45.5 L x 24.25 W x 20.75 H
  • Easy To Maintain: as most of the pen is made up of wire so is easy to clean and maintain. It gives proper air passes to your furry friend also protects from predators.
  • Easy To Access: Two easy-access open doors provide pet easy access for your pet to run and play in the triangle-shaped area of the cage.

Merax Pet Supplies Wood House Rabbit Hutch Outdoor Run

This is one of the secure stood outdoor rabbit cage composed of a two-story design that looks perfect for keep small pets outside. This cage ensures a perfectly safe and secure environment. This is one of the Large Outdoor Rabbit Hutches so it is ranked at the top.

No products found.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch for Multiple Rabbits

Advantek Rabbit Hutch with Connected Run & Pull Out Tray – Fits 2-3 Rabbits 

The Outdoor Rabbit Hutches with Floor and fencing is a slight two-story, with a small ramp. This is perfect nesting and resting hut shaped structure for bunnies which also allows them enough space to play.

Product Specification:

  • Measurable Dimension: The cage is correctly dimensioned as 32 inches high, 27 inches wide and 18 inches diameter. House is measured as 22 H x 27 W x 18 D.
  • Material Used: The cage wire is finished, insect resistant, and rust-resistant. The auburn color with white gives the cage a beautiful look. The wood used is water-resistant, stable and durable.
  • Comfortable Access Design: The cage is composed of a hinged roof and yard that gives the hutch a beautiful front yard space for furry pets to play.
  • Cost: It cost between $159 to $162.

Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch with Connected Run- Fits 1-2 Rabbits

This beautiful auburn and white color Best Rabbit Hutch and Run is a perfect choice for small pets and furry friends with a lot of space, to relax, run and exercise.

No products found.

Other Outdoor Rabbit Enclosures & Runs

Pets Imperial Dorchester Rabbit Hutch Run

The cage is multi-purpose, which comes with durability, with appropriate stability. The enclosure is quite good for rabbits is uniquely designed.

Product Specifications:

  • Measurable Dimensions: The cage is sized with the ideal dimension of 6ft 8 (L) x 2ft 7 (W) x 3ft 4 (H).
  • Material Used: The ark-shaped run cage is Fox and Coyote proof material with good quality fencing wire, wood, etc.
  • Easy To Maintain: Open roof, wide access door and pull out tray give perfect cleaning and maintaining accessibility.
  • Easy To Access: It needs the entire assembling process, as comes in tow flat-packed boxes and constructive manual.
  • Cost: The cage cost in the range of $249-$252.
  • Suitable For: It is ideal for 2-3 birds, chicks, rabbits and small furry pets.

BestPet 72″ x 48″ Pet Playpen w/Door & Cover Rabbit Enclosure

The cage is light weighted, ideally structured and portable to keep pets safe secure and protected inside their personal space.


Product Specifications:

  • Measurable Dimensions: The size of the cage is 72(L) x 48(W) X24(H)
  • Material Used: The whole is made of good quality fencing wire which is safe, anti-rust and nontoxic for furry pets.
  • Easy To Maintain: easy to clean, maintain, and allows proper ventilation and fresh air to pass in.
  • Easy To Access: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor locations. With a sturdy, easy opening for pet access. It is easy to assemble as a constructive manual is provided with the cage. No tools required.
  • Suitable For: Chicks, piggy, bunnies.
  • Cost: the price of the cage lies in $59-$52.

Final Verdict

To keep bunnies in indoor cages is not always a fair idea to make them happy and play, they also can get bored, so every pet needs a spacious moment to enjoy life in outer locations.

You can even prefer buying rabbit beddings.

And these are top-rated foods bunnies can eat and can be healthy.

Unlike every pet, small pets like rabbits also need outdoor enjoyment which is usually not found in indoor cages.

And with the list of mentioned, Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutches now it will be easy for you to buy the right kind of bunny cage for your pet.

Moreover, you can read these faqs about rabbit hutches to choose the best cage from the above list.

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