Nationwide Pet Insurance Review in 2021

Behind their brave actions, their pets, despite all, flimsy animals that a pure accident can be ruined for life and illness can cost you a list of expensive veterinary bills.

You can absolutely give your pet nationwide pet insurance up to par. This is the whole point of Nationwide pet insurance. We will describe all of this below.

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Animals that can be insured by National Pet Insurance include dogs, cats, pigs, birds, or exotic animals.

This insurance provides a detailed plan and comprehensive health insurance for your pet.

Nationwide cat insurance and pets, in general, offer pet insurance for most age groups, although some ideas for some insurance are limited to older animals.


  • Discount many times
  • No maximum age limit
  • Including exotic pets
  • Health insurance


  • There are no online quotes for exotic pets
  • Limited plan for older pets

What is Nationwide pet insurance?

Nationwide pet insurance

Nationwide pet insurance allows pet owners to be assured that their pets will always receive the appropriate assistance if needed.

Working in concert with veterinarians, she pays part or all of the medical expenses for your fluffy friend.

Does your pet need to be discarded? May benefit from your surgical management.

After a fall from a treetop, your pet has a broken hind leg.

Once again, a mutual fund for animals can bear the financial burden of necessary medical and care examinations.

With Nationwide dog insurance and pets in general, vaccines, deworming, and other medical expenses covered by insurance companies.

From now on, when your tomcat encounters any problems, you will not be alone anymore.

Indeed, an entire skilled team will devote themselves to protecting your tiny furball.

Who would have thought that a contract would make a lot of happiness?

Why should you buy National Pet Insurance?

Simply because pet insurance is still the best way to protect your pet from the dangerous elements of life.

Like humans, pets are never immune to accidents or illness. Instead of relying on luck, focus on prevention.

#Save money

Why do you buy car insurance?

Why do you buy life insurance?

Even more clearly, why are you providing health insurance to all your family members?

Quite simply because a mutual fund can significantly reduce daily expenses.

Your pet is part of the family.

It does not escape this rule.

In exchange for monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions, your pet will benefit from advanced health support.

In the event of an accident, the mutual pets will pay 60 to 100% of the costs incurred to bring it back on their feet.

From the standpoint of the prices of veterinary clinics, such assurances are welcome.

Costing just $3 to $20 per month, a mutual insurance company offers medical examinations, hospitalizations, vaccines, parasite control, etc. for an annual minimum cap of $2,000.

Do you pay $36 per year for your annual pet care or each cash activity?

We know that veterinary consultation costs around 30 and each year, you will have to pay between $60 and $ 80 for the vaccine.

The opinions are unanimous: a mutual pet is still a safe way best to save money while by doing everything possible for the health of your animal. It is worth it!

#Ensure the health of your pet

By significantly reducing the burden of veterinary care, National Pet Insurance will allow you to visit your veterinarian as often as needed, without anything, and this will allow your pet to live longer.

Indeed, before you register with each other, you may have waited a few days in the hope that the pet’s wounds on its limbs will go away on its own or its health will improve.

You have saved time and relied on odds that everything will solve itself. Hard to blame yourself.

A radio alone can cost $120.

Inevitably, when Minou had an accident, switching to self-medication was a reflex we could understand.

With National Pet Insurance, your pet will now be guaranteed quality support in the event of a problem.

Is hair about to fall out?

Perhaps he is suffering from nutritional deficiencies?

Instead of trying your own home and trying everything and anything, by giving him health insurance plans. You can go to the vet as soon as possible with the right care according to his current situation.

Advice: We recommend that you do not give any treatment to your animal; otherwise, his health will worsen. Only your vet can treat it appropriately.

#A contract only for your pet

There is no mutual insurance for your animal, but there is different coverage for each pet.

Whether your pet is a proud descendant of a rare breed of dog or an adorable gutter pet, you can find a contract whose terms meet its peculiarities and what about the lifestyle of your pet? All insurance policies are available for purebred or wild pets.

Before giving you various offers, an animal insurance comparator will want to know more about your pet partner.

How old is he? What is his gender? Does he live in urban areas or spend days in large fields?

Depending on your answer, it is possible to modify the terms of the contract, so that your pet has a package that fits it.

For example, some pet breeds like the Persian cat is more likely to suffer from polycystic kidney disease.

For later, higher ceilings and emphasis on prevention will not be too much.

Before you decide, really take the time to go through the comparisons and create your thoughts about these contracts.

And generally, even if the price is the deciding factor, don’t lose your pet’s need for care.

#Make pets become a member of your family

Who comforts you with his murmur when you are unwell?

Who is always happy to see you at night and snuggle up with you on cold winter evenings?

Your pet may be of a different species, but it is still a member of your family. Treat him like that.

Is your child well-insured for the best health care?

You have to make many insurance policies for your apartment and your car, and even your television has a guarantee in case of theft or breaking.

Why reject your cat to enjoy care in what situation?

If you are concerned that monthly contributions are too high, be aware that payment terms may be negotiated in terms of your contract.

It is essential to know that from $3, you can buy animal insurance. Do you find it tolerable?

We seem necessary to make it clear that your pet is treated with all the respect it deserves and this can go through National Pet Insurance up to par.

The secret is not to disappoint you is to choose the reciprocity that suits you.

How does National Pet Insurance work?

How does National Pet Insurance work

Pets or people, mutual health insurance works the same way.

In return for regular donations, you will receive a partial or full reimbursement of the expenses incurred for your pet’s health. Simple and effective. What more could you ask for?

Before making your decision, take the time to consult the various comparisons carefully.

Some will provide contributions that are paid monthly, others every three months, or once a year.

Depending on your financial situation, choose the animal health insurance company with the payment that suits you best.

Be careful, though, as some animal insurance policies do not hesitate to increase monthly payments to encourage annual membership.

Look at every little detail of your plan and don’t just rely on animal insurance comparisons.

Depending on your mutual insurance for pets, your pet’s veterinary care will be partially, wholly refunded, and in some cases, absolutely not.

One necessary action is to request an online quote through the website of the insurance carrier you purchase.

This can take place via phone or the Internet. And of course, you can be paid nationwide.

You must provide your insurance company with the ZIP code and name, age, and breed of pet you are raising.

After that, National Pet Insurance will give you a quote for you to consider.

Nationwide pet insurance waiting period is 14 days after making your first payment.

How to choose your National Pet Insurance?

Before you rush to the comparators and ask your loved ones, should you still identify your pet’s actual needs?

What does your pet need?

This is the question that needs to be answered before you decide on any policy: determine your pet’s needs.

How to proceed? The answer is much more straightforward than you might imagine.

When choosing a National Pet Insurance, take into account three factors: the breed of the pet, its age, and lifestyle.

No discrimination, but depending on your pet’s breed, you may have higher coverage than others.

What are the reasons?

If your tomcat is a Sphynx, it is at risk of developing genetic pathology: MHC. Ditto for Abyssinian pets is never immune to amyloidosis of pets. In contrast, Maine Coon and Savannah are both known for iron health.

For a pet to benefit from National Pet Insurance, it must be at least three months old.

After 7-8 years, insurance companies become cautious.

Of course, a good comparison will allow you to find health insurance that accepts older pets but knows that it will be less easy.

The old pet is more vulnerable, and its health problems may be more frequent and more dangerous.

Finally, on the last point: your pet’s habit. In the city, according to statistics, your pet is most likely the victim of a traffic accident.

If you live in an apartment located on the 5th floor of a building in New York, the risks of falling are very likely and very real.

All of these parameters are crucial when setting the terms of your National Pet Insurance contract.

Various parameters of great National Pet Insurance

To find National Pet Insurance in your dreams, you need to rely on particular criteria. Accident, disease, prevention, and deduction are the four parameters that you will have to deal with.

Accident insurance

Did your pet accidentally burn with hot ashes from the chimney?

Did your tomcat accidentally fall from the roof?

Was there a wrong movement causing him to fall from the shelf?

Do not panic: accident insurance is there for him.

For pet insurance companies, an accident is an unfortunate accident that happens unexpectedly and damages your pet.

In the event of an accident, your pet will benefit from medical examinations and other veterinary expenses.

Similarly, reimbursement of drugs and additional costs is covered. Your pet insurance covers veterinary advice and similar treatments.

Besides, pet insurance also includes ambulance evacuation, anesthesia, laboratory analysis, and medication.

Disease support

Is your pet coughing to lose lungs? Is his jacket weakened? Are you worried about her teary eyes? Fortunately, he likes proper health insurance!

If your pet becomes weak, due to the presence of bacteria or viruses, the cost of diagnosis and medication products will be covered by your donations.

Besides, veterinary expenses related to physical therapy, chemotherapy will also be paid by your National Pet Insurance for pets. Unbelievable, right?

Prevention is better than curing

Why wait until your pet is sick before immediately running to the vet?

From the first symptoms, go to this specialist, and your pet will be treated faster, of course, considering that you have purchased insurance for your pet. This will make things easier.

Whichever package you choose, know that all immunizations will be fully refunded.

This will save $ 60 to $80 per year, just for this advice. In the same vein, dental care and checkup will have mutual insurance for the pet.

You will no longer have a valid reason for your pet to have any disease, without intervention as needed.

Nationwide Pet Insurance plans

Nationwide Pet Insurance plans

There are four significant plans for dogs and other pets provided by National Pet Insurance: Major Medical, Major Medical with Wellness, Whole Pet, and Whole Pet with Wellness.

Your pet will be covered from nose to tail by each plan, although each plan has different conditions. $ 250 is a flat deduction for each package.

Major Medical

Major Medical is the most economical plan in pet insurance programs nationwide. It covers basic accidents and illnesses and allows pet owners to use any vet or hospital they want.

$ 250 is the annual fixed deductible for this plan. The yearly benefit your pet enjoys depends on the condition. For older pets, this plan is not always available.

Major Medical with Wellness

This plan is a step up from the Major Medical program. It includes health checks, immunizations, blood tests, and disease prevention.

In other words, it provides more prevention against health hazards than just preventing accidents.

The annual deductible is $250, and the yearly benefit limit depends on the condition.

If you own an older pet, you should consider it because this plan is not always available to them.

Whole Pet

If you own an older pet and you’re worried about insurance plans for them, Whole Pet is the program for you.

It covers all the benefits of the significant Health plan. Besides, it also adds some dental, behavioral, prescription, and comprehensive treatment coverage.

Like other plans, the annual fixed deduction is $250, but the total annual benefit amounts to $10,000. That is a significant number.

Whole Pet with Wellness

You can be completely assured of the Whole Pet with Wellness plan because it is the most comprehensive and most customized policy nationwide.

Indeed, Whole Pet with Health has comprehensive coverage.

You’ll feel satisfied with the annual deduction set at $250, but you’ll feel even better with unlimited yearly benefits.

You can easily choose your reimbursement rates from 90% to 70% or 50%. The cost of this plan is reduced due to the low reimbursement rate.

And if you own an exotic pet, we will have to say unfortunately because the above plans are not available for exotic pets.

Nationwide ask you to call the National Pet Insurance customer service representative if you own birds, reptiles, rodents, and other exotic pets. This action aims to receive information about plans, insurance, and costs.

Nationwide Pet Insurance coverage

National pet insurance covers accidents and illnesses. Besides, it may also include preventive medicine, oral care, and spraying, neutralizing and behavioral treatment.

In other words, your pet can be guaranteed all the risks and be well cared for.

Whole Pet with Health is the most comprehensive plan nationwide, so it is the most expensive.

You can be assured by the maximum benefits for pets of all types that it brings.

The coverage of Nationwide’s pet insurance plans

Major MedicalMM + WellnessWhole PetWP + Wellness
Accidents, illnesses, cancerYesYesYesYes
24/7 vet helplineYesYesYesYes
Wellness examsNoYesNoYes
Vaccinations, blood workNoYesNoYes
Flea, heartworm preventionNoYesNoYes
Prescription food, supplementsNoNoYesYes
Behavioral treatmentNoNoYesYes
Spay or neuterNoNoNoYes


Each type of Nationwide Pet Insurance plan has its advantages.

You may consider choosing a Major Medical with Health or Whole Pet with Health plan so that your pet is fully insured about health and risk.

Currently, National Pet Insurance does not include the following:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Nails and shampoo
  • Costs not directly related to veterinary bills, such as credit card fees
  • Some plan restrictions are based on the specific policy type.

We can explain more to you that pre-conditions were injuries or illnesses occurring before coverage started. Certain genetic conditions are also considered to be pre-existing conditions.

Besides, your dog and pet will not be excluded from coverage based on age or number of claims filed.

How to submit a claim to nationwide pet insurance?

So, how to file a claim with nationwide pet insurance? First, you make filing a claim easy and convenient for the pet.

Before you leave the vet office or emergency clinic, ask for a copy of the invoice along with any chart notes from the visit, these can also be referred to as SOA AP notes or medical records.

If this is your first claim, Nationwide will need the last 12 months of chart notes from all of the veterinary facilities or emergency clinics where your pet has been treated.

If your pet was adopted from a shelter or rescue group, Nationwide would need your adoption paperwork and the medical records while they were in the shelter’s care for your first claim.

With pet first, you have the choice to submit your claim through your pet’s account portal by clicking the submit claims tab and uploading your files. Or, you can send your invoice and chart notes to pet first by email fax or mail.

Just be sure to include a claim form with your policy information, or be sure to note your policy number and pet name on your invoice and records.

Nationwide know it can be stressful when dealing with a sick or injured pet, which is why they allow claims to be submitted within 90 days of the vet visit.

But keep in mind that the sooner they receive all of your information, the sooner you can receive your reimbursement.

Sending complete claim information is essential.

When their veterinary claims, adjusters don’t receive all the medical notes or invoices for the application.

It can increase the time it takes for you to receive your reimbursement.

Once they have all the documentation, their team can process the nationwide pet insurance claim time quickly and get your reimbursement to you fast.

How much does Nationwide Pet Insurance cost?

Prices of Nationwide Pet Insurance plans vary. In other words, it depends on the plan you choose.

For dogs, the price of insurance is between $ 26 and $ 60 per month for most dog breeds. Besides, cat insurance costs from 13 to 46 dollars.

Nationwide Pet Insurance can offer free online quotes to dog and cat owners.

But for owners of exotic pets across the country, you need to call for a quote on insurance for these animals.

Besides, the price of Nationwide Pet Insurance also varies depending on the breed and age of your pet.

Consider choosing a package with variable refund rates if you are looking for a low-cost plan.

Unlike pet insurance providers, Nationwide Pet Insurance’s refund rate is 50%. This causes customers to pay more for a veterinarian bill, but they will pay less in monthly premiums.

FAQs Nationwide Pet Insurance

FAQs Nationwide Pet Insurance

Does Nationwide Pet Insurance cover spaying?

The answer is yes. The Whole Pet will cover your pet with Wellness plans, which provides coverage for spaying or neutering.

Therefore, you should consider choosing this plan because the remaining plans like The Whole Pet, Major Medical, and the Major Medical with Wellness do not offer this service to any pet.

Does Nationwide Pet Insurance cover emergency visits?

Some Nationwide Pet Insurance plans will cover emergency visits depending on the need for treatment.

It includes both accidents and illnesses. You should call a customer service representative for more details.

Does Nationwide Pet Insurance cover dental cleanings?

Not all Nationwide Pet Insurance plans cover dental cleanings. But you can consider The Whole Pet and Whole Pet with Wellness. Here are two plans, including cover dental cleanings.

Where can I find a Nationwide Pet Insurance claim form?

Policyholders can visit the VitusVet website or application To apply for Pet Insurance claim nationwide.

You can download and complete the form on the site and then make any payment by mail, fax or email.

How to reimburse veterinary costs with your National Pet Insurance?

Getting reimbursed for medical expenses couldn’t be easier. You will only need a treatment sheet and a small organization.

To get your money back, all you have to do is fill out a treatment sheet and sign it and seal it by your veterinarian.

Attach nominating bills, payment receipts, and send them to your pet’s mutual fund.

In the event of death, you will need a death certificate certified by your veterinarian and the pet’s identification number to get back your funeral security.

In the comparison results, you can see that the refund time varies by agency.

On average, it takes between 72 hours and 14 days for your debt payments to take effect.

Should specific vets be appointed for National Pet Insurance?

“Will my expenses be reimbursed if I go to the vet in my neighborhood?” “;” Do I need to go to a specific clinic? “Many questions deserve answers.

The excellent news, National Pet Insurance does not require you to go to specific care centers.

As soon as the veterinarian is registered with the order of his profession, his signature is valid and authorizes reimbursement of his services.

What is the best National Pet Insurance?

If you ask 100 people that question, you will most likely get 100 completely different nationwide pet insurance reviews.

This is normal: Félix’s ideal mutual animal insurance policy will not be so for Mr Mustache. Before making a choice, think about it and, above all, be durable in the use of comparators.

In your opinion, what is the essential criterion for pet insurance? Do you swear at the speed of processing time?

Are you one of those people who focus their efforts on prevention?

Or later, without ignoring the occurrence of possible accidents, you are not obsessed about it?

At the risk of disappointing, the best National Pet Insurance does not exist. It is a myth.

An advertising message that is echoed incorrectly and through comparisons is a sales message.

Indeed, there is not one of the best National Pet Insurance for pets. Depending on your pet’s profile and personality, you may find rare gems on a comparison.

What information is required to obtain a quote from National Pet Insurance?

Not surprisingly, pets A and B will not be covered under the same sanitary or financial conditions. Do you think this is a coincidence? No! That is all a question about data.

Information about your pet

Of primary interest, your pet is researched from every angle by insurance or comparison agencies.

Very often, the first questions revolve around your pet.

  • What is his gender?
  • What is his race?
  • Is it determined?
  • What is his date of birth?

The purpose of this survey is to determine the average cost of maintaining your pet. This helps determine the right ceiling and select the best guarantees for your companion.

Information about you

This is not intended to infringe on your privacy. Above all is a question of providing you with a suitable, gentle offer on your wallet and beneficial to your pet.

To give a realistic quote, the comparator will need to know a little more about you.

All this information allows comparisons to present the recommendations that are right for you.

A student from Lyon will not have the financial generosity of a senior executive in Marseille.

Similarly, the streets are more dangerous for a pet than a pet in the plains.

How to cancel your National Pet Insurance contract?

You have opted for a mutual pet, but this is not right for you. For you, obviously: it’s time to terminate your contract.

Even if you have chosen to contribute monthly, your National Pet Insurance policy remains active for one year.

You can terminate it anytime, but to avoid having to pay a fine, it’s best to wait until the end of this contract.

Two months before the deadline, send the registered letter with confirmation of receipt to your reciprocal National Pet Insurance Company.

If you do not do so, the mutual insurance company for animals will automatically renew.

It is written in terms of your contract, and as you undoubtedly know, no one is obligated to ignore the law.

We believe we have provided you with as much detail as possible on the broad subject of pet insurance.

We hope to encourage you to make a contract with the general company you choose to take good care of your favorite animal.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for affordable insurance for your dog, cat, or exotic animals?

National Pet Insurance is exactly what you need.

It is available for older animals, but you should consider it because plans may be limited, and premiums may be high.

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