15 Best Dog Insurance Companies of 2021 (Reviewed)

You have a lovely dog; you may know how expensive vet care is.

You have to take your pets to a trustworthy place for annual examinations, vaccinations, and more to keep the pet in good health.

Hence, many pet owners choose to buy pet insurance for their canines.

To meet the customers’ demands, more and more dog insurance companies appear and provide tons of care services for dogs.

But how do you know which is the best address? Scan through our words to have a wise selection.

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What Is The Best Dog Insurance Company?

When it comes to dogs, they need health care to stay happy.

As a responsible pet parent, you may be used to getting them your pooch checkups at your veterinarian.

But its price is not low.

You are looking for ways to decrease your burden, opt for a pet insurance company.

It will give the best care for your pet.

Also, the best dog insurance companies provide policies that might be right for you.

Primarily, the coverages and plans are provided to ease the financial burden when your pet is experiencing unexpected illnesses and accidents.

Furthermore, these companies give you peace of mind when using it.

Here’re the best places to purchase dog insurance.

List of Dog Insurance Companies in 2021

List of Dog Insurance Companies

Down below is the best-rated dog insurance companies you should take consideration:

1. Embrace Pet Insurance

You consider your pooch as a member of your family.

He is a loyal friend and you feel comfortable when staying with him.

You always want to spend the best thing so that he stays healthy and happy.

Looking for the best dog insurance companies, Embrace Pet Insurance is the best overall.

The company was established in 2003 in the U.S.

It offers comprehensive and personalized pet insurance products.

Take your companion to this pet health provider; you can rest assured of the services they offer.

For many years, Embrace has been ranked as one of the best U.S pet insurance companies.

Nowadays, they continue to innovate and improve skills as well as techniques to take care of pets.

They commit to giving pet parents and pet a pleasant experience.

The monthly cost is reasonable, and the case of an emergency, your pups will be covered.

Moreover, they address your claims efficiently and quickly. For example, your dog running into the road and accidents happen.

Embrace Pet Insurance Company can help you save money and stress as they offer a catastrophic insurance plan with a deductible of $1,000 to $15,000 per year.

If your dog passes away, the staff will send you a handwritten note of condolences.

There is nothing but good things when mentioning Embrace.

Another amazing thing about this company is that pet owners can select a custom plan to fit their preferences and dogs.

It’s all up to you as you can choose any service, including the deductive, monthly premium as well as maximum benefit.


  • Offer comprehensive and personalized insurance policies for dogs.
  • The only company provides a diminishing deductible feature.
  • No limits on your claims
  • Give a 10% discount for multiple pets (*Terms applied)
  • Dental accidents are covered up to $1000
  • 14 days waiting period for Illness, 48 hours for accidents, 6 months for orthopaedic conditions.

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2. Healthy Paws

Another name in this list is Healthy Paws. With over 11 years in this field, the provider offers a simple plan covering accidents and illnesses for pets.

It contains unlimited annual deductibles, and the monthly cost starts just at $25 for dogs.

Out of many comparable and recommended dog insurance companies, its prices are affordable with several different levels.

Healthy Paws has the Every Quote Gives Hope medical program supporting hundreds of pet rescue and animal shelters.

If you are unsure about this company, go down on the Internet and read thousands of previous customers’ reviews.

This is a good and objective way to help you make a smart option for your pooch.

Plus, the pet insurance company will return up to 90% of vet bills for sudden illnesses and accidents.

The company is recommended and trusted by most veterinarians.

Finding Healthy Paws on Google, you will see that the website is user friendly and very easy to upload your claims.

After the claims are processed, you will see a response and explanation of payment in a timely manner.

We appreciate customer services as the staff is caring. We think they also love dogs as you do.

You will receive follow-ups email asking about your pet’s specific condition and making sure your pet is ok.

With Healthy Paws pet insurance, company, piece of mind knowing you can always get your furry friends the medical they need and deserve.

Highlight features:

  • No limits on annual or lifetime payouts
  • Your claims will be addressed within two days
  • Applied at any licensed veterinarians

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3. Pets Best Pet Insurance

Finding pet insurance for your dogs, including little puppies and adult dogs, is not a piece of cake as there are more and more pet insurance companies out there.

But browse to Pets Best, your dogs will receive excellent services.

Founded in 2005, the provider has good insurance for your older furry friends.

In other words, this company has no age limit for pet insurance. It’s different from other brands.

Its policies will support pet owners when their dogs are in emergencies, illnesses, and other unexpected insurance.

What’s more, the company provides a caring program for pets, including routine care, vaccinations, etc.

It offers friendly and effective services and is ready to support and protect your dogs.

The deductibles vary from 0 to $1,000 and Pets Best pet insurance will offer up to 80-90% reimbursement.

The monthly cost starts just at $9 monthly for accident coverage, and plans for pet illness and unexpected accidents are around $35 to $58 each month.

It is necessary to provide your pet’s insurance that it provides your companions with the best veterinary care possible.

Try using the coverage offered by Pets Best pet health insurance as it is very excellent.

Strengths of the pet insurance company

  • The plans cover up to 90% of the dog’s unexpected veterinary costs
  • Offer coverage for all dogs’ breeds and ages
  • No caps on the annual plans for dogs
  • 24/7 pet hotline to support you at any time

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4. PetFirst Pet Insurance for Dogs

What do you know about this one of the top 10 dog insurance companies? PetFirst was established in 2004, and it has premium insurance policies.

The pet insurance provider supplies all routine dog care, including vaccinations, dental cleaning, and so on, that dogs need to stay happy and healthy.

If you compare dog insurance companies, its cost is not too expensive as it only takes on average $235 per year for dogs.

Besides, the PetFirst insurance coverage is also applied to any vet, emergency clinics in the U.S.

The company provides three routine care options for customers to choose from.

Depending on the coverage you choose, the plan will have its private services, such as teeth cleaning, vaccines, routine examination, dog training, and so on.

Like the above pet insurance companies, PetFirst will process and address your claims in less than two weeks.

It is straightforward to submit a claim.

Some review that PetFirst provider has the shortest wait periods for unexpected accidents and illnesses coverage.

Even pet owners can get a free quote through its website. Are you ready to make an informed choice? Be a smart pet parent!

Key takeaways

  • No minimum age limit for register
  • Provide $25 discount off your deductible for every year
  • Multiple programs for every budget
  • Allow pet parents to choose their own vet

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5. Figo Pet Insurance

Why should you choose Figo Pet Insurance? Founded in 2013, this company quickly became a top-rated pet insurance company.

The first amazing benefit of this provider is that it gives 100% reimbursement for claims. It is one of the fewer companies that have this policy.

Pet owners can contact Figo in different ways, via phone, email, fax, Facebook messenger, and so on.

Hence, it is easy to reach them. The place always works to give pet owners and cute dogs the best experience.

With customizable plans, you can choose the best one that meets your dog and fits your budget.

Depending on your location and age of the dog, you can choose a deductible option between $50 and $1,500.

What about the reimbursement rate?

From 60% up to 100%, it may help you save a lot of money. Even you can get a 10% multi-pet discount when using Figo pet insurance.

Highlight features

  • Visit any licensed vet or specialist
  • Offer three customized plans to suit your finance and dog’s need.
  • Reimburse up to 100% of your actual vet bill

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6. Pet Assure Pet Insurance Alternative

You have trouble finding a reliable pet insurance company. This might be the right program for you.

The Pet Assure pet insurance company gives all coverages for all animals, such as dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, reptiles, and so on.

Also, this place and other insurance companies that don’t discriminate dog breeds, from small to large.

It supplies all in-house medical services, including teeth cleanings, detail exam & X-rays, routine care & vaccines, diabetes management, sick visits, cancer care, and more.

Take your dogs to this provider; you and your companion will have the best experience.

Having pet health helps owners reduce their veterinary costs. It has a discounting program instead of reimbursement.

It means that you pay a monthly fee, and then receive discounted services, not getting reimbursed.

There are no waiting periods, age limits, and deductibles when going to Pet Assure.

No need to go directly to the company, request a quote through its website. Just only sign up, your pet is covered and no documentation needed.

Whether your dog is just 20 days old or ten years old, it is eligible for this pet health insurance company.

Key takeaway

  • Help save you hundreds of dollars for dog’s surgery and treatments.
  • No filing claim forms
  • For all dogs, regardless of age and breeds
  • Can be utilized an unlimited amount of times

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7. Petplan Insurance

We understand that you want to spend good things for your pet.

Hence, it’s wise to find out and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the place that provides insurance.

Finding out why customers like this, how much it costs, or what the insurance coverage is.

Consider Trupanion if you are thinking about getting insurance for your furbaby.

Trupanion Pet Insurance was established in 2000, it now is the top pet health insurance.

Like other insurance companies that don’t discriminate dog breeds, Petplan offers coverage, including illnesses, behavior training, physical therapy, and diagnostic testing.

Plus, it helps reduce pet owners’ out-of-pocket costs. If your beloved furbaby passes over after an accident, the insurance also covers cremation as well as burial.

Trupanion provides a range of benefits for dogs with a simple plan and no age limitations.

Especially, it is able to pay your veterinarians directly within minutes, although you are at check out.

It is available 24/7, so feel free to reach them at any time.

For example, your pets get sick at night or on the weekend, drop Trupanion via hotline or the website to get support.

Their care center is available and ready to help you. Also, once you meet your deductive, the coverage is up to 90%.

Even the deductive is customized accordingly to your budget, and it ranges from $0 to $1,000.

Moreover, you can use it for any veterinarian in the U.S, Canada, or Puerto Rico and submit the claim.


  • Provide the most comprehensive pet health insurance in one plan.
  • The pet insurance company covers up to 90% of vet bills from unexpected injuries and illnesses.
  • Nearly 90% of claims are processed in five working days.

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8. Nationwide Pet Health Insurance

Nationwide is another trustworthy place in the U.S that provides pet insurance.

The company now is one of the best-rated canine insurance companies in the nation.

Therefore, you can submit and use Nationwide at any veterinarian anywhere in the world.

With this provider, your dog will be protected well, regardless of age or the number of your claims.

Also, it provides cat insurance as well as other coverage for birds, and other exotic pets.

There are two main coverage levels, including complete coverage and medical coverage.

The Complete coverage is high-quality with both medical and wellness protection in only one plan.

The medical one is a dependable coverage for common medical costs. Of course, its price is lower than the complete one, with $34 per month.

These plans will cover unexpected illnesses, accidents, vaccinations, examinations for your furbabies.

We think its cost will not make you bankrupt. Once you use Nationwide pet insurance, fetching savings is very easy.

When you take your dog to a vet, send us your claim. And they will send you a check immediately.

Coverage highlights

  • More coverages for dogs
  • Affordable prices, at $34/month
  • Use at any veterinarian
  • The broad coverage is available anywhere.

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9. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

You have many dogs that need health insurance; ASPCA will give you a 10% discount for multiple pets.

With ASPCA’s plans, you can save your money and precious time as they help pet owners afford vet care.

The provider gives pet’s good health care and helps decrease the burden of a large vet bill that the owners have to pay.

The reimbursement you get is from 70% to 90% of the covered bill.

Set up in 1997, ASPCA is always a great option for all pet parents in the last over 20 years.

What do the plans cover?

They contain illnesses, hereditary conditions, accidents, and behavior issues for your dogs and can be applied at any vet in the U.S and Canada. All of them aim for your pet’s health.

Plus, you can contact the insurance company to customize your plan suiting your finances.

Choose Complete Coverage or Accident-Only Coverage for dogs, you can take your pets to any vet, specialist, or emergency clinic for the treatment.

The price for ASPCA insurance starts at just $35 per month and it will increase or decrease based on your selection for different factors.

For example, those are annual deductible, annual limit, and reimbursement percentage. In general, be a wise pet parent when choosing insurance for your pooch.

Features of ASPCA care coverage

  • The annual deductible is from $100 to $500. Bear in mind that the higher the deductible is, the lower your monthly premium.
  • ASPCA pet insurance company will reimburse from 70-90% of your eligible expenses.
  • Coverage includes most treatments, such as chemotherapy,  surgeries, acupuncture, and so on.
  • Help pet owners lessen the burden of cost.

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10. Hartville Pet Insurance for Dogs

Try using pet insurance products from this company to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Established in 1997, the Hartville Pet Insurance company provides insurance for pets, including dogs and cats.

They give various options to add caring policies at an additional cost.

The main Complete Coverage will cover a variety of illnesses, accidents, dental disease, and more.

Many consumers report that Hartville dog insurance is easy, caring, and modern.

The annual deductibles are $100, $250, or $500. You can choose any level that suits you best.

What’s more, pet parents can choose the reimbursement level that the company offers.

How can you send your claim?

It is a convenient and straightforward process.

You or a representative from the pet clinic submit the claim online, by email, or fax, the staff then will address your claim.

But remember that you have to send your claims within 270 days of the date of service.

Highlight features

  • Pet owners can customize the policy to keep the monthly rate as low as possible.
  • Flexible deductibles of $100, $250, or $500 per year.
  • High-standard reimbursement level
  • The website is easy to access.

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5 Bonus Dog Insurance Companies

1. Allstate Pet Health Insurance

You are a pet lover; you may not be strange to Allstate Company.

It is well-known as one of the best dog insurance companies in the U.S.

It has a top rating on the list of pet insurance providers and is available in all 50 states.

It requires no minimum age of the dog, but it will not cover animals over 14 years old.

Just like other units, Allstate’s insurance gives treatment for illnesses, accidents, genetic conditions, medications, and so on.

Also, the pet insurance provider has an optional Wellness Rewards plan that covers routine care, such as annual examination, vaccination, and dental cleanings.

Remember that the coverage does not contain dog food or supplement.

Things you like coverage from Allstate:

  • Cover accidents and treatments for disease
  • Contain surgery, hospitalization, and nursing care for pets
  • Wellness plans help you pay for annual exams and other pet treatments.

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2. Trupanion Pet Insurance

Established in 2000, Trupanion brings pet parents a revolution for pet medical care. Why did you think of this provider?

The price is the first thing we consider. At this pet insurance company, the rate starts from $30 – $40, and it is changeable by dog gender, breeds, species, ages at enrollment, and location.

Its coverages are containing diagnostic testing, cancer treatments, meds, and other alternative therapies.

There are no caps on the payout, and lifetime deductibles are applied for different conditions.

Often, many insurance plans require you to fill the claim and wait for reimbursement.

It may take your time. But at Trupanion, it works around a “vet direct pay” policy and it covers 90% of the total medical cost.

For example, when you take your dog to your vet to take an examination, the vet submits your claim during checkout.

Then you only pay 10% of the cost and the provider pays the rest of the cost within minutes.

Highlight features

  • No need to wait for reimbursements
  • The customer care team is professional and ready to support you at any time.
  • Best for purebred pets
  • Customizable and transparent pricing
  • Offer 90% coverage with unlimited payouts.

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3. Animal Friends Pet Insurance

There are more and more dog insurance companies out there and you find a little bit challenging when choosing the right one.

Have you ever heard about Animal Friends Company? It is an excellent address that provides an array of policies for your furbabies.

Plus, it has great customer service and always donates for welfare charities across the world.

Animal Friends insurance aims to cover all dogs as long as they are over four weeks old.

Of course, it includes various insurance policies for mature pets. It gives you peace of mind with varied ranges of coverages.

Set up in 1988, the company always tries to satisfy and meet all customers’ requirements.

It also uses the business to raise funds for over 400 animal welfare charities worldwide.

Try using one of the comprehensive insurance products from Animal Friends, you will help improve the lives of your loyal companion.

Plus, the policies cover dental and gum treatment if it was an unexpected result of accidents or injuries.


  • Over 2 decades of experience as dog insurance experts
  • Free 24/7 vet video consultations for pets
  • Every policy you use helps support many animal charities in the world
  • Offer four main types of cover to fit your budget and your furry friends’ needs: Accident Only, Time Limited, Max Benefit, and Lifetime.

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4. 24PetWatch Insurance

Nearly two decades working in this field, 24PetWatch also loves your pet as you do.

Whether your dogs are a small or large breed, they have the right insurance policy for your canine.

It means that they supply flexible coverages, regardless of the shapes and sizes of your pet.

Come to this provider, they will give you and dogs the comfortable experience.

Your pets are experiencing illnesses or taking cancer treatment, you can spend less time worrying about them as you have 24PetWatch.

Use this pet insurance, you can last the time bonding with your loyal friends.

The pet insurance will be a lifesaver for your dogs. Besides normal coverages such as wellness and protection services, the 24PetWatch pet insurance company has the lost pet recovery service.

When they receive your claim, the specialists can quickly launch the process to find your lost pet.

Many customers report that this company always pays claims as explained in the policy and they have not experienced an issue with the provider, from serious to minor issues.

At 24PetWatch, the policy for elder pets is more expensive than for younger dogs.

Highlight features:

  • Wellness coverage is available
  • Dogs are covered when they travel with you in the U.S and Canada.
  • Annual deductible
  • For all dogs, from small to large breeds

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5. MORE THAN Insurance for Pet

The last name we want to review is More Than dog insurance company.

It is ranked highly by various pet parents with many dogs’ insurance policies.

It satisfies customers as it focuses on service and quality of coverages.

You can get a quote if you follow their website and new customers can get at least a 25% discount.

For dog insurance, the provider gives four main policies: Accident Only, Basic, Classic, and Premier.

For example, the Accident only is the cheapest policy for canines that do not cover illness.

Also, your claim is restricted to a year. The Basic is a time-limited policy, and it allows pet owners to claim about pet’s injury and illness.

This pet insurance company is able to pay your vet directly for the specific treatment, as well.

But you have to follow their certain guidelines. More Than has a vet network, so you can take your dogs to these places to be treated.

If you choose a vet from outside this network, you have to call the staff to let them know, and you may pay more for the bill yourself.

Things you like More Than pet insurance

  • Easy access via the freephone advice line
  • Flexible coverage policies for your pooch
  • More pets, more savings
  • 24/7 qualified vet nurses
  • Make claims easily

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FAQs for Dog Insurance

FAQs for Dog Insurance

How does dog insurance work?

Dog insurance is a form of health insurance for your furbaby.

It works amazingly to help the owner save money on the vet bills.

When you buy the insurance for dogs, you have to pay a monthly premium to maintain it.

When you take your pup to a vet or pet hospital, you will pay the vest and send your claim then to get a reimbursement.

Is dog insurance expensive?

Overall, we think it is not too expensive. The coverage you choose depends on your budget.

Most pet parents often pay around $30-$50 month-to-month for insurance.

Sometimes, there are some plans with premiums range at $10 or more than $100.

Should I invest dog insurance for pets?

It’s all up to you. If your dog only takes routine wellness care, the insurance may not worth the cost.

However, it is very important for unexpected injuries and accidents.

Because dog insurance will help you pay a lot of money for the vet bill.

For example, you have an older dog, pet insurance is essential as it has health problems and needs more medical attention.

Hence, we think you should purchase dog insurance as an amulet.

Do insurance companies cover service dogs? 

Most dog insurance companies cover service dogs to help owners. For many families, insurance policy for dogs will help them to afford expensive medical assistance.

They offer regular veterinary care, supplements, treatments, and emergency services when you make a claim.

In A Nutshell

We commit to providing readers with an unbiased list of pet insurance providers.

They have many years and experience in this field and highly appreciated by consumers.

We read thousands of customer reviews and consider the average price of each company before compiling this post.

If you want to know more about these dog insurance companies, browse to their website, or find and reach out to the provider’s agent in your area.

Using pet insurance to keep your dogs looking and feeling best.

Don’t hesitate to visit our website for more useful and interesting writings for dogs and pet care.





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