The Old Dog’s Breath Smells Like Poop (Reasons and Treatments)

The old dog’s breath smells like poop is a simple matter. Any dog can get bad breath and this medical problem inadvertently causes the owner’s panic and serious damage to bilateral relations.

This article I want to clarify the problems behind and give brief knowledge that we can all treat and make old dog’s breath no longer smell like poop. We begin to analyze.

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Halitosis is the medical term used to describe chronic bad breath in dogs. There are many causes of this disease, most of which are caused by gingivitis infection when the presence of bacteria in the oral cavity. Bacteria can also cause dental plaque or cavities.

The majority of dogs with a high rate of gingival problems are old, small dogs and short-headed dogs (short nose, shallow face bones like Pug and Boston hounds).

The structure of teeth tightens against the roof of the mouth, making them more susceptible to gingivitis infection, resulting in the old dog’s breath smells like poop.

The Symptoms

  • It appears high tartar on the teeth of dogs.
  • Bad breath, drooling, red and swollen gums. These are serious manifestations of gum disease.
  • The dog appears to be drinking more water and urinating more than usual. It may be a manifestation of diabetes.
  • Bad breath like urine can be a sign of kidney disease.
  • Oral cancer makes it difficult and painful for the dog to swallow.
  • Badmouth with vomiting, bad appetite. Yellow cornea, gums may signal liver disease.
  • The dog usually scratches the mouth or face with the front paw.

When your dog’s breath smells like poop?

Old dog’s breath smells like poop temporarily

If you only smell the poop in an old dog’s mouth often, not as much as it smells like usual and naturally smelly in particular, it may be the result of what he ate.

It could be something in the trash, the poop of another animal that it comes across or the animal’s body is not completely broken.

In this case, the dog’s mouth becomes foul due to accumulation, which is a long-term or regular process of old dogs exposed to unclean things.

The bad things above accumulate and evaporate from the inside makes their breath smell like poop.

Even when the dog is only a few times exposed to rubbish, scraps or waste, the mouth does not have a clear odor. It takes many times for exposure to smell effects. This is also not a cause for concern when you just need to prevent your dog from being exposed to inappropriate things.

Old dog’s breath smells like poop all the time

Reason 1: Dogs suffer from dental diseases (common causes).

Your old dog may have cavities. It could be gum disease or an infection that leads to tooth decay.

In this case, you can lift the dog’s head up and look at his gums. You can see tartar at the base of the tooth, even if there are even cavities below the gumline.

Older dogs with gum disease or gum disease may show signs of bleeding in the mouth, red and swollen gums that make it hard to eat or eat as usual.

Reason 2: Older dogs have diabetes.

Diabetes can suppress the immune system, allowing the bacteria in the mouth to grow uncontrollably and making dog breathing worse. This particularly sensitive case of diabetes is in the female dog during pregnancy or pregnancy.

If well cared for, dogs who are pregnant or have just breastfed are often obese and quickly fat. Diabetes is not dangerous.

Reason 3: Older dogs suffer from kidney disease

Decreased kidney function can cause an old dog’s breath to smell like poop.

The waste that was supposed to be excreted by the kidneys accumulates in the blood and then appears in the breath of sick dogs to make their breath smell like poop. Kidney disease is serious and can be a symptom of other illnesses.

Reason 4: Old dogs eat strange things that they cannot digest

Your old dog likes to gnaw and chew indigestible objects. This sometimes leads to really funny cases. I have been asked questions like “Are dogs eating nylon?”, “Why does my Bull eat plastic?”.

In fact, many dogs still, unfortunately, eat indigestible things like plastic, plastic bags, rubber, toys.

More common are shrimp shells, eggshell, underwear or even wood or shoes (if you’ve ever had a puppy since birth, you’ll agree to this immediately).

All of the above, when ingested, cannot be digested. It is ejected or trapped and causes disease in the digestive system.

Sometimes dogs that are depressed, worried or in a state of prolonged stress are also at risk of eating these things. Please note that even dogs who eat or accidentally eat bones may have this condition.

Reason 5: Older dogs develop tumors in the mouth or digestive system

Does dog breath smell like poop cancer? I often get such questions about old dogs. dogs that unfortunately develop tumors often have bad mouth symptoms, mouth pain, moaning and scratching, drooling, panting, tooth loss, loss of appetite, difficulty eating, or refusing to eat.

Old dog’s breath smells like poop mostly because of oral cavity problems. So I will point out the proper methods of checking the oral cavity for old dogs that I have used.

Methods of checking the teeth of the dog

  • Check the mouth area for foreign objects.
  • Have your veterinarian examine the mouth directly. You can take X-rays of your teeth and jawbone to diagnose the disease.
  • In addition, you may need to have liver and kidney function tests. Do a FeLV & FIV virus detection test to find out the cause.

Old dog’s breath smells like poop treatments

Old dogs breath smells like poop treatments

We fight the dog’s bad breath by training their dogs with good living habits and coordinating with food.

Group 1: Food and mouth feed

  1. Teach your dog the habit of not eating food that falls on the ground – only eat food stored in a designated bowl. Manage to eat and drink when free dogs in public. Train your dog to avoid eating unclean food and muzzles when walking the dog.
  2. Teach your dog to play and chew on toys made for him, not biting furniture or nibbling on things that are not his.
  3. Selecting grain foods as a key part of a diet: Grain foods are considered to be good for the dog’s teeth, or as Royal Canin advertised as “the mechanical cleaning mechanism of nut food – this is The ad is completely scientific and true for all dog nuts”.
  4. Chew toys: Chewing toys suitable for the size is also a good recommendation for dogs to satisfy their chewing animals and avoid the risk of being bored or messing around.
  5. Provide enough water and excess for dogs: even foods with more water are needed to be included in the dog’s diet. Water helps improve dental health and the digestive system.

Group 2: Maintain hygiene

  1. Puppy mouthwash or mouthwash spray: This product works when you often take your dog out with you or often take him to meet other people. You can also use mouth-to-mouth sprays for people. There is no record that these mouth sprays are harmful to the dog.
  2. Brushing your dog: The job requires more care and requires patience, you will have to buy both a toothbrush for the dog and a dedicated toothpaste. In fact, very few dogs are regularly brushed, and it is difficult to maintain one daily brush.
  3. Remove inflamed teeth or cut a tumor (if acquired) with the help of a veterinarian.
  4. Treatment of diseases that cause bad breath such as diabetes, liver, kidney problems … You should refer to adjusting the diet for dogs and cats according to the advice of a doctor.
  5. If your mouth is infected, you should go to the animal health facility to have a blood test. Then conduct anesthesia to cure dental problems for puppies.
  6. If the main culprit that causes bad breath is caused by plaque, shaving your teeth is the best solution.

In addition to old dogs, other dogs also suffer breathing smells like poop. You can visit  to learn more about this issue.

How to prevent the old dog’s breath smells like poop?

Many people think that bad breath in dogs (especially in older dogs) is normal. But in fact, bad breath is caused by the aforementioned causes and can be suffered from an early age.

Being proactive in oral health not only increases your dog’s life expectancy but also makes the time you spend near the dog much more pleasant. The following are effective preventive measures:

Food selection

Give your dog high quality, easily digested food. You should make sure your pet is provided with a healthy diet with a balance of plant and rice nutrients. Avoid eating too much meat.

You should try using products containing chlorhexidine (a chemical antiseptic that exists in both chew and spray form).

Brush your dog regularly – every day is ideal. (Note the use of toothpaste dedicated to dogs). When you brush your dog’s teeth, you should focus on the upper jaw. Because the plaque is often concentrated here. It is best to practice brushing your dog’s teeth from an early age.

Regularly floss your pet. (You can floss for animals, similar to the floss you use often.)


Buy safe, hard chewing toys that allow your dog’s teeth to be cleaned by natural chewing. Chewing gnaws will help clean the dog’s teeth in the most natural way.

The most common is Kong (or other similar artificial toys) – it is a hard rubber toy ball sold in pet stores.

You can also apply a little bit of toothpaste to the inside of the toy, which will help your pet get used to the taste of toothpaste. You will also find it easier to practice brushing your teeth.

Proactively conduct veterinary exams, periodic checkups to ensure eliminating potential problems causing bad breath as well as digestion, internal organs.

Dental check-up

You should also consider taking your pet to a famous veterinary in addition to regular oral hygiene (every six months). Besides, you should take your pet to the veterinary office for a dental check-up at least 1-2 times per year.

You should get vaccinated against dog diseases regularly. Bad breath is a simple problem, but when it starts to smell like feces, your dog is on alert. Your dog may have problems with his tonsils, sinuses, gastrointestinal tract and lungs and liver. If your uncle is not examined in time, they can lead to a deadly infection, sometimes even cancer.

However, you should not wait until your dog has breathing problems to see a vet. You should have good oral hygiene and even promote your dog’s health in different ways. If you do the above, you will be assured of the health of your dog.

Your attention

You are the closest being to the pup. So, it is easiest for you to be the first one to catch the problem. Although the issue may not sound serious, leaving the condition for long is not a good idea.

Like all of us, the dental problem needs significant care. It’s not at all a normal deed for your dog’s mouth to smell gross.

That is why, you should always be there, give the pet lots of attention and take them to the proper care when the condition is at its early bad stage.

Final Thoughts

Today, taking care of the dogs’ health thoroughly is an extremely necessary task. This helps keep your dog from getting sick, healthier and prevents dog-to-human transmission.

The old dog’s breath smells like poop is a common problem. It’s not hard to treat, even at home if you give your pup sufficient care and love. Patience is also a requirement for this kind of problem. Otherwise, you can get help from the vets.

We hope you will not have to worry about this issue when reading the above article. If you have any queries considering this problem, ask us at any time.

Please share this article if you think it’s helpful and doesn’t forget to subscribe for our newsletters. There are more interesting posts coming you should not miss.

We wish you and your dog healthy and happy.

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