2 thoughts on “Dog’s Breath Smells Like Poop: Explained and Treated”

  1. How much do I actually feed my dog this homemade food. I understand I should feed them 2 times a day but the amount I don’t know
    They are 2 pug sisters that are 3 years old. One is fat and lazy and the other is skinny and hyper.
    I buy better dig food and put 3 cups in a bowl and it last about a day and a half between the 2 the skinny one eats more

    • Your vet should be able to let you know how much food is good for your pugs. I put out 1/2c in the morning and evening for my Miniature American Eskimo and she thrived on it. My current dog is a chihuahua and I put out 1/4 c in the morning and then at night. My vet recommended taking up the food dishes after 1/2 hour each time so that the dogs will eat at the proper times. It’s okay to leave cat food out for the cat, but I’ve been feeding him on the same schedule as the chi and he’s doing fine, LOL!


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