Best Guinea Pig Litter Box in 2020 (Reviews & FAQs)

Pets and our babies are nearly the same based on the kind of love we offer them. But they will be pleasant to us until they poo or pee is when our affection will somehow diminish.

I want to keep our adorable babies out of this narrative because diapers have come on the market to enable us to take care of their messes in the best way possible.

Answering the call of nature is non-avoidable to animals the same way it’s to us, but experts have given us options to ensure that our pets’ houses remain tidy even after messing.

The invention of guinea pig litter boxes was a big stride for small animals, which can now find their houses habitable.

We came up with this article because we are aware of the challenging task of selecting most pet owners.

We have reviewed several products and provided the links to the Amazon market to see the prices, features, and other details.

It’s important to note that products aren’t arranged according to their dominance in the market.

However, the best guinea pig litter boxes tend to cost much money when compared with the ordinary kits.

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Best Guinea Pig Litter Box Reviews in 2020

Guinea pig litter boxes are the pet accessory that you need to lower the time that you spend cleaning your lovely animal’s habitat.

Indeed, without the best guinea pig litter box, buying those fancy animal cages is almost being meaningless, with your pets often showing the tendency of resisting their homes.

The article has identified 20 guinea pig litter boxes that will help you maintain the cleanliness of your pets’ cage, thus improving the condition of their health.

Each product has its specific link to Amazon for you to see more features and specifications that will no doubt guide into making an informed decision.

As our tradition, we have highlighted both pros and cons of every product to make you aware of their weaknesses and strength.

However, we urge you to check more specifications, including the current market to help select the most appropriate guinea pig litter box.

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan

Since making its way in the market in 1993, Ware Manufacturing has never deviated from its mission of enhancing both animals and their owners’ lives.

This is a carefully designed guinea pig litter box that will not allow your pet to spill its poo and pee.

The accessory is, therefore, a perfect tool for maintaining a high level of hygiene within your pet’s habitat for a healthy living.

It’s ideal for all small animals with the same needs as guinea pigs.

What we liked:-

  • They are available in four different sizes
  • The plastic in use is durable and stain-proof
  • It’s compatible with all cages
  • It’s great for various small animals
  • The pet’s feet remain clean, thanks to plastic guard and wire floor
  • Easy to detach from the cage for maintenance
  • The messes cannot overturn and spill on the floor

What we didn’t like:-

  • You’ll still have to potty-train your pet to use it

(2 Pack) Ware Manufacturing Lock-N-Litter Pan for Small Animals

Once again, we have another product from Ware Manufacturing, which is meant to keep your pet’s surrounding tidy and comfortable.

Unlike the initial one, this guinea pig litter boxes are coming two when you make the purchase.

The design appears to be simple, but it gets the job of maintaining sanity done.

It’s an item made of durable plastic, and it’s an import from China.

An ideal product for individuals who want to cut on the cost of purchasing guinea pig litter boxes for their pets.


What we liked:-

  • A single purchase hand you two items
  • A design that locks keeps the messes from spilling
  • The plastic in use is odor-resistant and stain-proof
  • Ideal for numerous small animals
  • It’s convenient to use
  • Affordable

What we didn’t like:-

  • It doesn’t have wire floor to keep your pet’s feet tidy

Kaytee Long John Litter Pan

Another company that has been consistent when it comes to producing pet accessories is Kaytee, and this time it isn’t disappointing pet owners.

The name may look like an individual name, but the guinea pig litter box is what your pet requires to have comfort while obeying the call of nature.

The designer of this product made every effort to ensure that it fits all entrances of cages, and the hooks that it comes with makes its attachment easy.

Besides, the designer also made it to conform with the shape of the animal hence making it an ideal product to potty-train your adorable pet.

What we liked:-

  • Its tall sides keep messes from spilling out
  • A perfect product to potty-train your lovely animal
  • It comes in various assorted colors
  • It comes with built-in hooks for easy attachment to the cage
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s designed in such a way that conforms to most rodents’ bodies
  • A durable and stain-resistant plastic material

What we didn’t like:-

  • The design may not be good if you aren’t keeping ferrets and guinea pigs

Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan

Most manufacturers are keen to provide an easy solution to how pets can be potty-trained without much ado.

This simple guinea pig litter box, but it has visible results on your pet and its cage.

The simple design is a massive addition to your furry friend that will learn how to use it quickly.


What we liked:-

  • Easy attachment to all wire cages
  • Ideal for ferrets and rabbits too
  • It’s cheap
  • Its construction makes it easy to clean
  • They come in four assorted colors
  • It has hooks to aid in attachment

What we didn’t like it:-

  • It’s only great with wire cages

Oncpcare Super Large Rabbit Litter Box

This is a great guinea pig litter box with three elevated sides, which are helpful in ensuring that pets do not pee away from the rightful area.

It’s large such that more than one pet can use it simultaneously.

There’s no doubt that this guinea pig accessory will relieve you from doing extra work that comes when you buy the wrong products for sanitation.

The design gives your pet the appetite to use it more due to the comfort of creativity.

182 Reviews

What we liked:-

  • It’s large for a pet to miss the target area
  • It’s great for several other small animals
  • It ensures that the pet has comfort while peeing or pooing
  • It’s made of the durable PP plastic material for a long life
  • The filtered base lowers the stinking rate

What we didn’t like:-

  • It may be too large to fit in small cages

Khkadiwb Small Pet Litter Tray

I don’t know whether I can read the first name right; neither do I expect you to succeed in making the right pronunciation.

However, that isn’t important; what matters most is the fact that it makes it easy to potty-train your lovely pet.

Even though the designer had the cat while coming up with this product, but we are lucky because it turned out to be a great accessory for many small animals, including guinea pigs.

It’s one product that will catch your pet’s attention and encourage it to play more, thus staying fit in the process.

No products found.

Pet Supplies Small Animal Triangle Toilet

If you are worried about how various accessories are consuming the space that you’ve allocated for your pet, then know that this factory is aware of your concern.

The plastic guinea pig litter box is triangular in shape to help you conserve more space for other activities.

The kit comes with a pad holder, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the floor is protected from your pet’s food and any other spillage.

It’s an item that the designer came up with to reduce environmental hazards that other products continue to pose.

No products found.

KAMEIOU White Rabbit Litter Box

A little bit technical name, but I hope that it never took you so long to notice that the same name has AEIOU in the vowel order.

It’s an indication that using this guinea pig litter box will be both easy for the pet parents and the special animal, just like the vowels.

Since the color of this accessory is white, you won’t have other alternatives rather than keeping a high standard of hygiene.

It’s made of a sturdy odorless plastic material to last longer and relieve your pet from staying in a stinking environment.

133 Reviews

What we liked:-

  • Durable product
  • It has a stainless steel pad that keeps your pet’s away from the mess
  • They are available in three fantastic colors
  • The plastic material is resistant to both bad smell and stains
  • Amazing warranty if it doesn’t bring you the satisfaction
  • The installation is easy in the cage

What we didn’t like:-

  • Not ideal for very small pets whose feet can get stuck on the wire grid

Humorous. H Small Animal Litter Toilet

Who can resist the laugh that humor comes with? The name of this manufacturer is adorable, and there must be something which is special about the products it gives to pet parents.

For instance, anyone who will buy this item will receive three gifts, including a mini-broom and a bandage.

Before you shift your attention too much on the goodies that accompany this guinea pig litter box, it’s important to know how it will help your pet maintain the maximum level of sanitation.

The product is made of a durable plastic material, which is both resistant to odor and stains.

What we liked:-

  • It’s made of durable plastic to last longer
  • It’s perfect for many small animals
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient assembly and folding
  • It’s smooth, thus offering comfortable use
  • Easy attachment to the cage
  • It is accompanied with some unbeatable gifts

What we didn’t like:-

  • It’s rectangle in shape hence utilizes a larger space

Rely2016 Small Animal Pet Triangle Potty

Here’s is a small animal accessory that aims to help you create more space within your pet’s cage for other activities like exercising.

It’s a litter box that will also reduce the amount of time that your lovely guinea pig takes to learn how to use a potty.

The guinea pig litter box is specifically designed for very small animals to enhance their comfort level while answering their calls of nature.

It won’t be a good idea if you buy this accessory for an adult rabbit or a super large rat, but it’s ideal for their young ones.

What we liked:-

  • It’s strong since it’s made from a durable plastic material
  • It’s accompanied with hooks for easy attachment
  • The litter box has holes where you can fit in the hooks during attachment
  • The cage becomes easy to clean
  • It consumes a smaller space
  • It puts the tray litter in place securely

What we didn’t like:-

  • Not ideal for slightly large animals

Vivian Small Animal Toilet

This name shouldn’t scare you that the accessory is meant only for female pets. No! The name is actually for the manufacturer, so you should feel free to explore it, and you deem it fit, you can take it home for your male pet too.

In truth, several small animal litter boxes of today feature the same construction of this product.

It’s because most pet owners find satisfaction with items that are small and easy to clean, thus creating more time for other engagements.

140 Reviews

What we liked:-

  • It protects the floor from spillage
  • Its shape enables it to conserve space
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s made of a sturdy plastic material
  • Available in many assorted colors
  • Ideal for several other small animals like hamsters and baby rabbits

What we didn’t like:-

  • The colors come randomly
  • Only excellent for very small pets

Vass Ness Small Animal Litter Pan

The manufacturer’s attention was fixed on helping kittens, but the overall result ended up becoming beneficial to many small animals.

Your guinea pig is one beneficiary of this amazing creation that was intended for the young cats.

Even from the look, you can see how it appears smooth, so owners can be sure that they won’t spend all their time cleaning it.

It’s smoothness texture equally makes it an odor-resistant plastic litter box, which will eliminate stinking smell in your pet’s cage.


What we liked:-

  • Available in six distinct sizes
  • Odor and stain resistant
  • It’s super smooth for a comfortable use
  • Easy to clean
  • The pet finds it easy to enter and exit

What we didn’t like:-

  • It has no features to help fix in a cage

RUBYHOME Litter Bedding Box

This product features some adorable design that keeps your pet’s feet from getting into the messes.

That feature alone is a guarantee that the cage will remain cleans most of the time, and hence reducing your routine duty.

There’s also a design of locks that ensures that the guinea pig litter box stays in one location without tilting when your pet is using it.

The customer care of this product is highly responsive and will reply to you within 24 hours in case you’re facing any challenge.

What we liked:-

  • The pet’s feet stay clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • It conserves the space
  • Dedicated customer care service
  • Also great for other small animals
  • It keeps messes from pouring on the floor

What we didn’t like:-

  • It isn’t recommended for very small pets

OMEM Small Animal Bedding Litter Box

OMEM is also another manufacturer that has shown consistency when it comes to the construction of pet products.

The company is in a mission to ensure that the pet’s environment stays clean for the comfort of the little creatures that we keep.

The decorations on this guinea pig litter box alone are enough to entice your pet to use it more often hence maintaining proper hygiene in the cage.

Besides, the decorations add beauty for a product, which is only available inconspicuous and attractive colors.

No products found.

Calpalmy Large Litter Box

This is a guinea pig litter box that has deviated from the common construction design that many companies use these days.

The design is rectangular, and it has a drawer at the base to save the involving task of removing the entire litter box from the cage whenever your pet messes.

It isn’t only the construction that is unique; the litter box is large and can accommodate even the slightly larger animals.

How about the bonus of quality pads that the buyers of this product obtain upon their purchase?

What we liked:-

  • It comes with bonus pads to maintain a higher standard of hygiene
  • It’s great for nearly every small animal
  • It’s made of a non-toxic plastic material
  • The special drawer relieves from removing the litter box form the cage every now and then

What we didn’t like:-

  • It consumes large space in your pet’s cage

Mkono Litter Box for Guinea Pigs and Hamsters

If you go to East Africa, you’ll realize that mkono is a Kiswahili word meaning ‘hands,’ and this product is also proving to be handy to its users.

That doesn’t mean that this great guinea pig litter box was constructed in East Africa.

The maintenance of this product is easy since its surface does not stick hence making both the cleaning and overall use convenient.

Even though the design is usual, you can trust this product to protect the feet of your pet from getting into contact with the mess.

No products found.

Kathson Litter Box for Adult Guinea Pigs and Ferrets

The support to the weight of an adult animal is one thing that this guinea pig litter box is promising, given that it has six points of reinforcement.

The product has an iron mesh of regular size that can allow all your pet’s waste to pass into the box.

Another convenience that this construction brings is that it’s easy to clean.

All you have to do is to remove the top board from the box, and then clean water and a mild soap will need just your effort to complete the cheap deal.

What we liked:-

  • Convenient cleaning
  • The base is scratch-proof
  • Ideal for slightly large pets
  • Your pet’s feet are protected from the stinking mess
  • It comes with a can for cleaning
  • It’s strong to carry the weight of the pet

What we didn’t like:-

  • It consumes much space
  • Mainly ideal for adult pets

Zconmotarich Small Animal Litter Box

This one of the rare guinea pig litter boxes that has a drawer to enable you to damp your pet’s waste without necessarily removing the kit from the cage.

It’s an ideal litter box for pet parents who don’t want to see the feet of their lovely animals come into contact with the waste.

The design is simple, and it promises easy cleaning and other maintenance.

What we liked:-

  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for various small animals
  • It offers convenience in maintenance
  • The construction involves sturdy material for long life

What we didn’t like:-

  • It’s large hence taking much space

POPETPOP Small Animal Toilet

No manufacturer wants to be left behind in the production of accessories that makes our pet’s habitat to remain clean and manageable.

POPETPOP is also throwing its weight after constructing this inspiring guinea pig litter box that ensures that messes and your pet’s feet are in different boundaries.

The designer had the immense intension of granting pet owners an accessory that would aid them in potty-training the animals they love.

It’s a product that will not only serve your guinea pigs, but it will also render services to other small pets like rabbits and ferrets effectively.

No products found.

Amakunft Large Rabbit Litter Box

One of the most perfect guinea pig litter boxes that feature visible creativity meant to make your work easy.

This product has a drawer underneath that makes it easy to remove the waste and dump them for the cage to remain clean.

The plastic material in use is durable and can control offensive odor from coming out.

Reinforcement of the base makes this product sustain the weight of your pet effectively.

Besides, the guinea pig litter box has features that lock it to the cage, preventing it from overturning.

What we didn’t like:-

  • It’s made of durable plastic material
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Perfect for numerous small animals
  • The locks are playing an important role in ensuring that the kit doesn’t overturn
  • Available in many colors

What we didn’t like:-

  • Effective with already potty-trained pets

FAQs on Guinea Pig Litter Box

With various considerations in our minds, we were capable of coming up with amazing products from Amazon.

We care about helping you keep time, so we mainly identified litter boxes, which both easy to use and clean.

Besides, the products we have reviewed here are made of durable materials to prevent you from becoming a frequent buyer, thereby saving you more money.

It’s another fantastic moment to share with you your feedback on questions that are related to the use of guinea pig litter box to grant your pet a clean home.

We have sampled a few queries with their answers, but we are still open to help you find various remedies that your worthy friend may need.

What do I use for guinea pig litter boxes?

Making guinea pig litter boxes with only the help of your hand can be challenging, even if you have some skills in craftworks.

It’s because the construction of these litter boxes normally requires plastic and iron mesh that need some factory input.

A person can still construct a wooden guinea pig litter box from the confines of his/her home, but the eventual product may become too heavy for a cage.

Materials that are usually needed for making these litter boxes are quality plastic, wire mesh, and iron mesh.

How to clean the guinea pig litter box?

Eliminating entirely the smell that comes from poo and pee of rodent is something next to impossibility; what you can do is to try to minimize the odor so that your pet can feel comfortable in the cage.

These simple steps are what you require if the hygiene of your pet’s habitat matters to you;

  • Empty the content of the litter box in the right disposal area
  • Use a small amount to remove the remnant of waste on the container
  • With clean water and detergent or a mild soap, scrub the box gently for some minutes
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Allow the litter box to dry for a few minutes
  • Clean also the cage and disinfect the content
  • Reassemble the litter box in readiness for the next use

NB: Ensure that you wear gloves and other protective clothes while carrying out this assignment. Thorough cleaning is recommended at least once a week, but simple daily cleaning is also necessary.

How to set up a guinea pig litter box?

There are no specific means of setting up a guinea pig litter box since accessories are made in different designs.

Besides, there are other products that come already assemble and ready for use.

After buying a guinea pig litter box, you’ll find a manual guiding you on the best steps that you should follow to fix the litter box.

The steps are mainly simple but might be a little longer when you want to attach the accessory on the cage.

Will guinea pigs use a litter tray? 

Litter trays play an instrumental role when it comes to the protection of the floor from the spillage of stinking messes.

It’s the litter tray that holds the litter box in position, preventing it from pouring its content on the floor of the cage.

Do guinea pigs need a litter box?

Without any doubt, there are no alternative means of ensuring that your pet lives in an environment that irritates them.

Guinea pig litter boxes are a must-have accessory that remains a pivotal item for realizing the good health of these wonderful animals and also to keep them from the path of diseases and infections.

What do we put in a guinea pig litter box? 

For the absorption of urine and other waste materials, you’ll need a pellet to put on the litter box.

Newspaper pellets and hay are preferred for the role, but experts warn against using sawdust materials, which can contribute to cardiac issues on your pets.

It’s the wish of every pet enthusiast to keep the surrounding of their lovely animals as tidy as their ability can allow.

Failure to maintain the requisite sanitation standard, our pets’ home to begin to produce an offensive smell that our noses cannot withstand, and the irritation that they cause your pet is also unbearable.


The importance of litter box can never be underestimated for any animal, guinea pigs shouldn’t be an exemption to this essential accessory.

The article has unraveled numerous roles that guinea pig litter boxes play in ensuring that our adorable pets remain healthy throughout.

We have always found it our duty to advise and inform you of the best products that can bring meaning to your pets.

In our reviews, we give you both cons and pros so that you can make your own decision in the best interest of your lovely pet.

As pet enthusiasts, we have discovered that quality pet products exist on Amazon, where you can make your order, at the same time, obtain warranties whenever you find fault with whatever you’ve bought.

Each of the products that we have reviewed has its specific link to lead you to Amazon where you can see more features and specifications.

What are you waiting for in order to make your pet’s environment habitable?

Take your time and go through all the products and ensure that your pet is separated from the stinking messes.

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